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Summary Report Using VB Code

I have a report that I need to summarize, here is some sample data.

Dealer CodeParticipantModules

Desired results would be column A Dealer Code, Column B Particpant, Column C a summary of Modules taken, Column D a count of Modules

F23CH Rob Masson 10,7W,8,9 4
F32c5 John Coutts 16,17,21 3
F32C8 Scott Plakholm 7,7s,7w,8 4

Is there a easy fix using VB code? The report is usually between 1500 lines and 2000.

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Summary Report
I'm working on some homework for a CIS class, that is pretty straight forward...except I don't know how to make a summary report in excel.

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Summary Report Of Workbooks
I have been asked to create grand summary workbook that basically copy and paste from a few workbooks in different folders location in a network drive in this grand summary. The sheet to copy from these other workbooks is named as "summary" and the location and filenames are as follow:

P:Section 1RegisterNorth.xls,
P:Section 2RegisterSouth.xls,

The data can be found from A7 to R7 downwards in the "Summary" sheet tab in each of the workbook above.

The data are updated every week and as such I hope to have a macro create to first clear the old data and update the new data.

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Statistical Summary Report
columns A,B and C contain the details of each event(race).Column d is the runners in each event and column E a score for each runner. I need to add 5 extra columns with the total score for each event,the maximum for each event,the average for each event,the meadian for each event and the standard deviation for each event. I need all cells filled. see attached spreadsheet. I will have thousands of events.

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Summary Report By Heading
I have the following example:

Math Science Biology
A Dave Pete John
B Mary Cate Dave
C Jack Dave Bob

How can I have excel give me all the subjects as well as classes that Dave teaches ie. Math(A), Biology(C) and Science(B)

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Generate Summary Report From Range
I have a spreadsheet of website stats showing the number of visitors to all the domains and aliases we use for company websites. Each domain or alias has its own unique row of data. The data is in the order of most visitors. I have attached a simplified and anonymised example of the data in worksheet "stats". In real life this sheet runs to several hundred rows.

As you can see if look at the worksheet "domain key", each of our websites has more than one domain or alias pointing at it - these are reported separately by our stats package.

What I want to do is find an easily sustainable way of generating a summary report each month, such as you can see on the worksheet summary, which will give a total number of vistors for each site calculated from the visitors to the various adresses each site uses.

What I have done so far is use a very long SUMIF function, e.g. to find all visitors to the FR site the function reads:

=SUMIF(stats!A2:A16, "", B2:B16)+SUMIF(stats!A2:A16, "", B2:B16)

This looks OK in the example above but in the real data we have in some cases over a dozen domains pointing to one site and its very messy and hard to maintain.

What I would prefer to do is something that would use a range of data for the criteria rather than a specified string e.g.:

=SUMIF(stats!A2:A16, domain_key!C2:C16, B2:B16)

Obviously the straight SUMIF function won't do this. The advantage to this approach is that it would make the ongoing management of which domains are counted for each country a lot simpler as I could just edit the data in the domain_key sheet rather than having update the functions.

Some issues to be aware of are:
The order of data will change each month so youcan't guarantee that each address will be in the same row every monthThere isn't a pattern to the addresses that would allow you to use any kind of wildcard, e.g. you can't say all addresses containing "companyname" are the UK site and all addresses using othername are the French site. Similarly, you can't say all the french site addresses end in .fr - some countries use .com

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Summary Report Of Multiple Sheets
I have a project that is quickly growing out of control.

I workbook made up of 14 worksheets. Oct - Sep, Summary and main.

I have been entering all my data in main, which is A - AB. Various types of data, dates, dollars, names, etc. I have been trying to sort the 'main' worksheet into the separate months based on a date in column B.

For example if the date in column B is 1 Aug, I would like the entire row copied to Aug 07 worksheet. Then in Aug 07 worksheet is the formulas to calculate the data needed for Summary page.

Pretty simple, except I cannot get it to do that. I have tried to pivot, auto sort, and a few various VBAs to no avail. One of my Googles turned up this site and many pointers have been found and are close, but most are focused on combining. The workbook is a tad over 1mb so I did not post it yet, but can if needed.

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Create Summary Report Of Table
I use a specific report on a daily basis which is attached here. Is it possible that that report is generated automatically in the same sequence of rows once the data is updated in another sheet. I am not good in VBA so looking some built in function. I have tried the pivot but all the formatting and design of the report is changed. use the Template wizard with data tracking is used is the above exercise is possible. Is there any other better methord is available in excel. Is there any good web site availble to learn these things.

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Summary Report By Month Of Traders
Not sure if this is possible. From the attached spreadsheet (reduced to only 2 worksheets), i'm trying to create a formula that will find how much an individual trader made for the month (worksheets 1-31 being a month). The problem is a trader will not be at the same stall everyday and may pay by either cash or cheque.

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Summary Report Of Dynamic Table Data
I am interested in finding vba code that I can enter as an add-on for a weekly training report that I receive.

An example of the weekly report is attached. A Computer based training program populates the reporting tool with the date that the course was completed. Each week a report is generated as attached with the dates completed filled in the matrix.

The goal is to: Report the total percentage of training completed. I would like to be able to run a vba add-in that will determine what rows have entries. Perform a countA on the date fields. Sum the counta's and populate a cell with the % complete. In one simple touch of a button or keyboard function that can be ran each week without editing the code. These reports are filtered by department and the size of the matrix change all the time.

The hang up I am having is making the code dymanic enough to figure out what cells are filled and calculate and populate by that factor.

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Summary Report Of Shares Bought And Sold
A worksheet called "purchases" contains the list of shares purchased during the period 1.4.5 to 31.3.8. It has four columns :

1. Date
2. Name of the share (name is repeated for every new purchase as it is entered in a new row and is totally independent of the earlier entry of purchase)
3. Qty
4. Sale price

Likewise there is a sheet for sales also. I want to do the following:

a) Find out all the records showing purchases of a particular share and add them up (both quantity and value). And thus, make a list of shares showing aggregate purchase of each share during the entire year. Likewise, I want to do this for sales also.

b) For every share that has been sold within one year after its purchase, apply 20% tax on the profit earned on sale of such share.

Additional information: If 100 shares of A Ltd are purchased on 1.4.5 and 200 shares on 1.5.5 then during the sale of 150 shares of A Ltd on 2.4.6, 100 shares purchased on 1.4.5 and 50 shares purchased on 1.5.5 shall be deemed to have been sold.

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Summary Report Sheet From Data Table
I'm going to try to explain this as accurately as possible. This is my first post, and I'm seriously struggling with VBA, but i'm confident that someone out ther will have done this before.

I have a single workbook which has a single datasheet, and further sheets representing different months of the year.

Sheet 1 ("Data") contains the following columns and data:

DateStart MileageEnd MileageBusiness TripBusiness Mileage
01/05/2008013 get 13
03/05/200826100 euro 74
04/05/2008100113 adf 13
07/05/20081131238 alex begg1125
09/05/200812511288 service 37

I then have a series of Summary sheets which are supposed to summarise the data on this single data sheetl. But this is where I have issues.

Basically, from the list of data above (running from 1st may 2008 - 31st December 2008), I want to pull out, per month all of the trips in that month. So for May (shown above) I need the date, business trip name, and the business mileage where the business trip name <> "".

To compound the issue, the columns that these are moving into are columns 1, 2 and 6 in the summary spreadsheet.

I have used some example code from cpearsons website to give me a list of nonblank cells in the Business Trip column, and this has worked, but I can't pull the other two columns out effectively.

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Summary Timesheet Report From 52 Weekly Sheets
i have daily time sheets that make up a week and have 52 sheets for each week...there are contract numbers and contract ticket numbers that i want to use as criteria to sum the total hours of each day and export the data to a sheet that will keep a running total of all hours booked to those contract number and contract ticket number over the coarse of the year as i fill out the weekly time sheets.

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Subtotal Rows & Summary Report Of Dynamic Table
writing a VBA to convert a set of data in sheet 1 to one in sheet 2(I am enclosing that as a Excel document"Test -Original").I have described what needs to be done ( step by step ) below.

Develop a macro
1. I have a report from SAP BW, the original format of which is in sheet 1.I need to develop a macro using VBA and need the report with the format in sheet 2.

2. I need a “Results “row after every Bill to Party in column A as below(screen shot 1.doc):

The number of customers is dynamic keeps changing every month

4. Nothing needs to be done to column.SAP BW will not overwrite the format and the data in column G.Hence leave it as it is.

5. Calculate the number of Sales document numbers for each customer and put the value of 1 for every value. If it is blank it should not be counted and put the value of 0 for those rows. (Shown below) Display the sum of the number of sales document numbers in the results row for column H

6. In the column I, put the value of 1 if the difference column (column G) is 0 and put the value of 0 if the value in the difference column (column G) is any value apart from sum the value in the results row for each customer and display the summation value in the results row under column I

7. Compute the percentage which is the values in (column I/Column J)*100 .This should be done only for the results row

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Copy Data From Weekly Report To Monthly Report
How do you create a macro to copy the information from my weekly reports to a monthly report and be able to update automatically. If you had 4 worksheets (for each week of the month) and 1 mastersheet for the whole month in a workbook. All titles are the same and If you needed to copy all the data that is in the columns, say, A through I, starting with row 4 to however many rows are in a given week. The reports can be made up of numicerial values, text and dates. Let me know if more information is needed or an example worksheet.

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Report Structure (create A Report Either By Using Or Without Using VBA)
find the attached Example file. I need to create a report either by using or without using VBA.

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Summary Tab
i need a macro that can copy info from all tabs (30 tabs) (B1:ZZ500) and put them into a sumamry tab.

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Database Summary
in summarizing my data set. specifically, I have names of organizations listed in once column and in one of the others I have status of organization (open, closed), number of transactions and volume of transaction by months for each organization. In a summary sheet I need a formula that would look up for a specific organization in the long data base and match it with its status and count the number of "opened"(or "closed") organizations matching that specific name as well as sum the total volume of transactions for that specific organization. If I stated my request unclearly i can explain it better or attach a excel sheet.

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Summary Different Day Expense
I am trying to summary my differentday food data. i want to add total in SUmmary table.

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Summary Sum By Week
I have a huge data set, lets say
Wk1 Wk2 ...... WkN
Area1 Type1 Pdt1 Val1
Area2 Type2 Pdt2 Val2
Area3 Type1 Pdt3 Val3
.... ... ...
.... ... ...
AreaN Type1 PdtN

I have to prepare a subset for this table, lets say for Area1, for Weeks 2 to 5 and Products 2 & 3. I need a formula that can pull in the values by looking at area, type, product and weeks.

I believe match and index can possibly solve this. However I just cann't set it right.

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Summary Table In Vba
I am trying to populate values in a summary table using Vba. Details as per attachment.

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Create Summary Sheet
I have a sheet in my workbook named Summary, from this I would like to run a macro that cycles through every sheet except "Summary" & "Variables" & "Cash" and puts the sheet name in E5:down and cell AH30 from every sheet in F5:down.

I know it's possible, but I'm not sure how to set up the loop.

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Summary Fields With Filters?
I'm creating a spreadsheet with data I've exported from a survey.

My data begins column headings on row 10 and spans across several columns. I've applied filters to the headings.

Above column 10 I have some summary data using the countif and counta functions. Is there away to have my summary fields change as I apply my filters to the main body of data in different ways?

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Summary Sheet In Userform
i had created a userform with data in Sheet1. what i want is to display the whole summary in a form using the worksheet function.The form need to display the amount and count of the expenses in the range(Sheet1) from the values in the combobox.i m unable to find out where i m getting it wrong. hope i had made the code 90%correct. Pls help me. One more thing is there any other form in which i can display the summary dynamically on selecting different items from the combo box. i mean can i show it in a new form.

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Summary On A Sheet With Specified Variables
I have not had to do too many complicated formulas or macros but i could definately use some help on this. If it would be easier to email this workbook to someone, i am more than willing... please be gentle...

I am trying to create a worksheet in my workbook that lists all of the rows from several sheets with the following variables.

1. data from the worksheets named January through December
2. containing a dollar value greater than $0.00 in columns F or G
3. and column I is blank

To display on a worksheet named "Backlog"

It would be pasting this data to A6

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Create Summary Workbook
I need a macro that will copy and paste the data from the range below from every file in a directory with each file in the directory on a new row. My goal is to build a database with the information in the files in the directory. I will need to be able to put the directory in the code at a later time as it has not be set up yet. it will be on the local computer and not on a network share.....

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Create A Summary List?
I have a list of unsorted codes in A1:A30. There are a total of only 5 unique codes represented, but most of the codes occur several times.

I'd like to produce a summary list in A35:A40 of each of the 5 codes represented in the range above.

Is there a formula that can be copied and pasted into A35:A40 that will search A1:A30 and return one of each code, or can this only be done using a macro?

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Weekday Summary Table
I have a list of dates in Column A, with a list of associated values in Column B. I'd like to create a small summary table that will give a count of the dates in Column A and a sum of the values in Column B, broken into a bucket for each day of the week.

I know how to create this table using a short macro that would loop through the list of dates, but if possible I'd like to calculate the values using worksheet formulas so that
I don't have to run the macro each time another set of data is added to the list.

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Summary List From Worksheets
I am using excel to create an equipment list for a job. The equipment broken down into several categories spread over 8 work sheets in the same workbook. Each worksheet has a quantity column in A and Equipment Item in Column B. Each job doesn’t require all the equipment at one time so as I need a piece of equipment for the job I am working on I place a quantity (column A) next to the Equipment Item (B).

My Problem is that I want to create a Final equipment list in a new work sheet and I am finding it hard to create a formula which will look at each of the 8 worksheets and when it finds a number not a blank in the quantity column A to the carry both the Quantity A and Equipment Item B data into the Final equipment list worksheet. Once it has done this carry on scanning through the worksheet to find the next item thus compiling the final list.

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Summary Of SUMPRODUCT Data
For instance, in travels.xls a table in the 'data' sheet lists destinations versus people and the data of travel.

What i'd like is to assign a macro that would have a breakdown of the number of travels per destination that month. Where there is no travel that month, that destination is omitted.

I can work out how to use SUMPRODUCT to produce the number of trips per destination within that month, but stuck as to how to get it to display it using a macro.

Should I use a loop to loop through all destinations, copy that information to the separate sheet and then another loop to delete destinations with zero trips?

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Charts - Workbook Of An AR Summary
I have this workbook of an AR summary.

I would like Charts in there that pull from 'Sheet 1' and what i am trying to achieve is the chart always shows the most current data, as the data is entered weekly. Is it possible to have the graph constantly showing the data that is the most current?

The X & Y are

Total AR
10/22/06 10/29/06 ect.. 13 weeks of most recent data.

There are about 15 different graphs, and it is time consuming to have to go into each one of them and update all the series.

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Specific Worksheet Summary
I browsed through existing threads and other sites and didn't find this exact scenario. I'm sorry if this type of question is common, but I wouldn't know. I appreciate any help and thanks for trying and offering your 2 cents!

OK. What I have is a table with over 20 columns that I use to sort and AutoFilter the 200+ rows of data. Several of the columns use Data Validation which require data to be from lists. Conditional formatting is used very often throughout the sheet.

Now, I want to have a second worksheet that will be almost identical to the original, but only accept rows that have certain values (let's say 3 of the 8 possible values) a specific column. These values are text values that appear in a list, and the column uses Data Validation to accept values only from that list. This second worksheet should be like if I Autofiltered the original table by check-marking 3 of the 8 available filter options for that column, but I need this specific 'view' of the data for certain purposes and my own reference.

In a perfect world, this second sheet would automatically mirror the original sheet's changes... But I don't know if that's possible? Although Excel is a very flexible and powerful tool, flexibility is relative once your tastes in data organization become more and more specific! Please let me know if any of this is impossible, so I'll stop trying to figure out how, haha.

Even if it won't 'automatically' mirror the original, I still would like to view the information in this way!

Also, I am very good with formulas and finding my way around Excel's features, but I'm not very experienced with the VBA programming or custom macro-writing.

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Creating A Summary Worksheet
Is there a way to populate a summary worksheet with the details of 4 other
worksheets, all of which have the same number of columns (A:J with the labels
on row 5) yet have different numbers of rows (each sheet will have a
different number of rows with the data beginning on row 6 in each sheet).

Is it possible to do without running a macro so that the summary sheet will
look to be automatically populated with as many rows as there are on sheet
number 1, then look to be populated with as many rows as there are on sheet
number 2, etc.

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Making A Summary Sheet
I need to make a "aummary" or a pod sheet? what I need to do is make a page that will automatically tally up new information I put into new work sheets. right now I have 5 work sheets and the totals I need totaled are in different row #'s on each sheet. How can I do this so it will add the numbers automatically?

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Summary Of Names By Date
I am trying to prepare a time and attendance system for our warehouse.

I have a download of clocking in and clocking out times.

I want to look up the times based on the person name and the week commencing date.

I want to create a main summary sheet which will have two combo boxes, one for names and one for weeks so that when these are changed they update the times.

I would like this done in VBA because when the times are updated I want them to appear as values and not formulas.

Also, the data range will be large (approx 13000 lines for 15 weeks data) so the code needs to be efficient enough as to not make the file too big.

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Create A Summary Sheet ..
I have a spreadsheet which details an employee number, name, event type and no events as shown in attachment. (SHEET1). I would like to be able to create a summary sheet in the same workbook which will search through the list of usernames and produce a summary for each user.(SHEET2). The number of users varies in sheet1 so I would need to handle this dynamically.

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Create A Summary Sheet
My brother created an invoice for his company using excel; it's s typical invoice:

Name, Date, Invoice# Total, Tax, etc. He would like to have all of the mentioned information transfer to a summary sheet as he has between 30 and 60 per quarter. The problem is that they are not in a workbook. So each invoice is it's own .xls file. This can be time consuming if he had to open and copy from each sheet.

Is there a way to copy the info to a summary sheet?

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Order Summary Page
I have created an orderform in excel. it is 8 pages and has a numerous amount of products on it. i want to make a 9th page that is an order summary page.

I want to be able to have the customer put quantites in the spreadsheet and then that item, id code, and quantity will display on the 9th page.

here i my file

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Summary Count By Condition
I need to calculate the lookup value that have more than one...

I want to hav a simple analysis on likert scale

I hav students from 3 (or more) institute (A,B,C). 3 survey questions...

How to calculate how many students form each institute that score 1/2/3/4/5 (base on the likert scale, maybe up to 10) for every single question (in my sample worksheet, i named it as Item1, Item2, Item3 as a sample questionaire)

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Multiple Rows Into One Summary Row
I have a sheet that has a few companies but gets "duplicating" because they have different transaction dates of when amounts came in. How do I put that into one row?

Attatched is a sample xls file On sheet1 I have my current situation ans on Sheet2 I am showing what I want, I find it difficult to do it or maybe it is simple?

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Summary Of Data Without Zero / Null
eg.: productlist + order amount + sum

Sheet: Masterdata
Column A: Productname
Column B: Product price
Column C: Product quantity
Column D: Total (=B*C 'obviously)

Sheet: Summary = All rows of Masterdata WHERE Product quantity Is Not Null (<>0) starting from row 5 in the summary sheet. note that if a value in quantity has been reset in the Masterdata, the Summary has to be updated. I do not want to use an advanced filter because the whole workbook needs to act like a portable template for various users which once in a while gets updated using external connection with a ms access database. ( Import of access report). I have no idea whether a copy function or customized pivottable (does not works because too much data), ... would do the trick.

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Summary Layout & Totals
I have a new system which I am creating a list to give to my customers of all the products that I carry. I have to run the file for each customer as i have to quote for contracts, so a product price can vary between customers. I have attaced an file with how the products are exported and how they look. The problem is that the products are exported in the sheet "Price Listing" but I want them to look like the layout in sheet "Final Looks". I have only included a sample of products as there are hundreds of products and about 10 department hierarchys.

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Keep Data Summary Always Visible
I have a spreadsheet, whereby I have a list of items that grows regularly, but also have a brief summary of items, however I would like the summary to float, so that it always appears on screen, and I don't have to hunt for it on the spreadsheet.

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2002 Code V 97 Code: Add A Small Workbook Open Event Code Which Works For Me But Debugs For The Others
I use excel 2002 but some of my office are on 97, i want to add a small workbook open event code which works for me but debugs for the others?? The code is basically, go to a tab, on that tab and that range sort..

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Cracked Vb Code: Prevent People From Accesing The Code I Protected The Code Blocking It From Visualization
I've developed a little software using Excel Macros & VB. To prevent people from accesing the code I protected the code blocking it from visualization. It seems not enough as an acquaintance of a friend cracked it in 25 minutes. Or so he says. So I'd like to know if there is a better way to protect the font code.

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VBA Sum (summary Will Appear At The Bottom Of The Sheet With A Total )
I have a worksheet which contains details of a storage rack. I would like to be able to identify lines which have identical values in columns B, C and D then take the value in column E and add it to all other occurances when B, C and D are identical. A summary will appear at the bottom of the sheet with a total next to it.

The full list is 600 rows in length....

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Trouble With Compiling 2 Ranges Into A Summary
I have looked all over the place but nothing seems to work for me.
In detail, I have a quote book i made with two sheets for different types of items on them. For example:

Sheet 1 is for wooden items, and sheet 2 is for metal items.
So after i enter all the items on sheet one and sheet two, I want to be able to combine all the items from both sheets into one summary sheet that i can send to the customer.

I tried consolidate, and messed around with pivot tabels but it didnt seem to be what i'm looking for.

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Get Value From All Worksheets Enter On Summary Sheet
I have a workbook that has various number of worksheets at any time. Each worksheet has data about current employees. We can have anywhere between 20 and 50 employees at a time. When we get a new employee, we take the "template" worksheet, copy it, and rename it with the employee name. We also have a summary sheet. On the summary sheet we have the employee name in column "A" and the hire date in column "B"

Each employee sheet is set up the same since we use the template. So the employee name is in cell "A6" and the date is in "I6".

Is there a macro I can use that will update the summary page every time a worksheet is added or removed? I don't want the macro to run on its own - I want to make sure we can manually run it (after we are done entering data into the new sheet).

So, basically, what I want to do is to search for all worksheets except "template" and "summary" and take the value in cells "A6" and "I6" and paste it in the "summary" sheet in cells "A3" and "B3" respectively, and then the next values from the next sheet into "A4" and "B4" and so on and so on.

I have been experimenting with code all day, and started just trying to get the employee names copied over (cell A6) and can't do it so I haven't even tried the hire date yet (cell I6). I have tried probably 15 different codes but I guess I do not know what I am doing. The latest code I tried is....

FirstCell = Worksheets("Summary").Range("A3")
For Each Worksheet In Sheets
If Worksheet.Name "Summary" Then
ActiveSheet.Range("A6").Copy Destination:=Worksheets("Summary").Range(FirstCell + 1, 0)
End If
Next Worksheet
End Sub

It would be cool too if after all the values have been pasted into the "summary" sheet if I could sort alphabetically, but I don't want to push my luck.

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Creating A Summary Based On Criteria
I am trying to create a summary of values based on some criteria. Here it goes, I have a list of number under a column ex 6299, 6399, 6118, 6124, 6411. I would like to create a summary table that would add all of the values associated with 6100's, 6200's etc... that are in an adjacent column. Ex. A1 is 6124 b1 is 100.00. I have tried different ways to use sumif, dsum and if but i am missing the part where the formula sees the column where the number is located then figures out if they are 6100, 6200 and so forth so it can then determine whether to add the adjacent column value. I woulld like for it to be one formula instead of two.

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Creating Written Summary In 2002
I am creating a financial summary on a worksheet and I want to be able to write up a summary about each category. Is there a way that I could write text on my worksheet and create a parameter where my text could go to the next line such as a word document?

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Automatically Updating Summary Sheet
I have tabs ranging from RA to DW
Also a summary sheet. As of now i have manually copied data from each tab onto summary sheet
Is there a way to automate the summary sheet so that when i enter data in each tab it gets updated automatically in summary sheet as well

Flexibility needed is:

If row is added in any sheet from RA to DW then the same should be created in summary
IF a resource is added in any tab then the same should be added in Summary.
Similary for delete too

Overall i should be able to update summary automatically when i update the tabs.

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