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Using Vlookup With Duplicate Data

Message board virgin here, but I need help with an excel issue so excuse me if I don't follow protocol.

I'm using vlookup to return the salesperson by serial number, but run into a problem when my criteria has a duplicate value, but my answers does not.

Here's my example:

Serial#, Salesperson
123 Bill
456 Bob
456 Suzy
789 Bob

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Vlookup And Duplicate
I want to check with the vlookup function and some other form of either index or other function where if I check (enter an ID) an ITEM ID and then it will tell me how many different products have been assigned to that ID ITEM. In some cases the ITEM ID has only used One Product, whereas other ITEM ID's have used muliple products.

I have attached an example of what I am trying to achive (its possible the same ITEM ID could have several products used against it.

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Vlookup With Duplicate Id & Interval
I have a template whereby it show agent hourly performance. I unable to use vlookup formula because duplicate id with different interval. If I select id 1977 it will auto update agent performance it the table according to the interval.

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Vlookup - Pick Last Of Duplicate Entries
Writing this workbook in 2007, but it will be used in 2003. Have searched but can't find answer to this. I have a 5-column (A to E) table array and I'm using VLOOKUP in several other cells to return values in col2, 3, 4 & 5 with my lookup value being col 1. However, col 1 will contain numbers which occur more than once. How can I get VLOOKUP (or something else?) to pick the last occurence (lowest row) and use that one? Also, the array will be sorted - smallest to largest - as the rows go down - how will the SORT work on duplicate entries? I'd like, if possible, for the entry made most recently to be the lowest of the duplicate entries so that VLOOKUP (or whatever) will pick that one to use. Will any kind of SORT do that?

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Displaying And Summing Data With Duplicate Data Fields
I am trying to do is when a user enters in a GL (a 4 digit number) from the list (tab 2) I want it to appear in the summary box below. However the same GL number can be used multiple times so I will have duplicates. The data entered above will always change there is over 200 possiblities the user can enter. So I don't want the data to be specific it will populate based on what is entered by the user.

Can this even be done?????

Say if the user entered:

Column C Column G
4606 $20.00
4606 $20.00
2134 $15.00
2301 $35.00
4606 $100.00

The data in the GL and currency column in the summary box would appear as the following:

Column C Column G
2134 $15.00
2301 $35.00
4606 $140.00

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Double VLookup (vlookup The Same Data From 2 Different Sheets)
I'm currently trying to vlookup the same data from 2 different sheets. Here is the code i've tried.

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Delete Duplicate Data ...
I'm a first timer here an I'm hving a problem with data. I have 3 sheets in a workbook, I want to transfer all the data to one sheet. I have 3 columns labelled Number, Name, & Sales, on each sheet some of the numbers and names are the same and I want to be able to match them up and put the sales from each sheet into a new column, so the final sheet will have 5 columns in total, if the numbers and names don"t match I just want to add those to the bottom of the matched ones.

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Data Shift Down And Duplicate?
I have a spreadsheet that has 3 columns. Out of which only 2 are in use.

I have attached an xls for your convenience.

The Date column is in play and Test column are in play.

Basically I want to know if there is a way, where I can

shift a value down and duplicate (in the Test column)


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Sorting Duplicate Data
I have an excel spreadsheet containing alot of data which looks something like this:

Material Plant

As you can see, one material can exist in more than one plant.

What I want to do is to seperate the materials into 'blocks' (with a blank row) so that they exist seperatly. (I can then easily total up someother value in column C). Example:

Material Plant

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IF Formula For Duplicate Data
I have a list of items which I want to return the number of sheets in stock at the end of the month which uses a lookup.

My problem is though is that products can appear on the list more than once, therefore I need an IF formula which if it’s a duplicate (other than the first instance) I need it to appear as zero.

I have attached a spreadsheet which may be clearer than above.

Your notice on the spreadsheet the same product appears in 4 difference racks however I only need it to show once the total sold and total receipted. I have shaded in grey the desired result.

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Finding Duplicate Data
I have a set of data which are deal numbers

So week 1 i could have



Then next week i would get another list of deals


Is there a formula i can use which well tell me if a new deal has been entered in the following week.

So in the above AHJ and AIG would be new deals

(i would simply copy the deals and put them in Column A and B and the formula to go in column c)

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Deleting Duplicate Data
I have a spreadsheet in which invoices are listed. Some of these invoices have been cancelled with a negative invoice, so I want to match the negative invoice to the corresponding positive invoice so that accurate averages of all the data can be attained.

RefSurnameNameMonthTimesheet Rate PHValue

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Duplicate Data Highlight
I need a code please that will look in Column C in every workbook (excluding the sheets “Blank”, “Orders”, “Summary” and “Archive”) and then it will highlight duplicates in Red and Bold.

I found the following code but I need it so it looks on every page excluding the ones mentioned above.

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Duplicate Data In Column
Bit of a tricky one this, I have two spreadsheets both with data I need to merge the two and only keep data which is present in both sheets. Each row has a unique identifier. I have copied the sheets into one spready and sorted the data, I thought there might be some kind of edit go to function but cannot find it.

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Identify Duplicate Data
I now need to look through 4524 rows (columns A,B,C) and identify any duplicates based on column A. After all duplicate data has been identified, I would like to delete out all non duplicates. I searched previous posts, but couldn't find anything that worked for me.

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Sum Duplicate Data Without Doubling Up
i have is a worksheet, columns A thru J. Column B has names in it, Column F has dollar amounts. i need to create a macro to find the duplicate entries in column B, add them in column F (which would overwrite the existing amount) and then delete all the duplicates. all of the columns between A and J contain data. i was able to do this on an totally different sheet using columns A and D. but i did not have other data in the sheet. it's been a long time since i completed this other sheet and i need a refresher course in vba.

Sub finddups()
Dim Sh As Worksheet
Dim LastRow As Long
Dim Rng As Range
Set Sh = Worksheets(1)
LastRow = Sh.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row
With Sh.Range("A1:A" & LastRow).Offset(0, 4)
.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF( COUNTIF(R1C[-4]:RC[-4],RC[-4])>1,"""",SUMIF(R1C[-4]:R[" & LastRow & "]C[-4],RC[-4],R1C[-1]:R[" & LastRow & "]C[-1]))"
.Value = .Value
End With

i need to convert this old macro to work with my new sheet. since the underlying ideas are the same i think it should work. however i am unable to get it right. i always end up deleting all my data.

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Count & Delete Duplicate Data
macro that takes the number data and if it is the same number as in the previous row(s) just delete the extra number(s). It also needs to put in a factor in the next column of how many times the number was the same. For example:

Number Factor
5.67 1
5.70 1
5.77 1
5.77 1
5.77 1
5.77 1

Would become

Number Factor
5.67 1
5.70 1
5.77 4

I tried to make this question as clear as possible.

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Delete Duplicate And Merge Data In One Row
I have a new project that needs macro code. Your help is very much appreciated. We have a spreadsheet with duplicate accounts meaning two or three rows with the same account but different information. We want to use only one row for one account and move the new data from the same account to one row only to the right and delete the duplicates. Can someone please help me with this?I read so many post and I tried some of them but it only delete the duplicate row and not copying the new data from that row to one row only. Also, the other code I tried was retaining only the current or old data. Actually, to elaborate more, I want to get the new data in each cell of the same account in multiple row and move it in one row to the right only and delete the duplicate in that same account.

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Consolidate Duplicate Data And Then Delete
Here is a sample Excel sheet I have:

I have over 1,200 rows with duplicate data(sometims 3-4 times) that is filled in some columns and empty in others.

I would like to consolidate the data and then delete the duplicates without loosing any data.

Is there a way to do this? I have Office 2007. I can't just use the Duplicate finder cause that just deletes everything right away.

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Macro Delete Duplicate Data
I have an Excel Workbook with a Paid sheet and an Outstanding sheet both sheets have a File Number column.

I would like to create a macro that looks through the Outstanding sheet and if the File Number from the Outstanding sheet is also in the Paid sheet can the entire row be deleted from the Outstanding sheet.

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Highlight Duplicate Data In A Column
I need some thing that will highligt duplicate entries in column a

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Macro To Remove Duplicate Data
i have the following sample data in which there maybe duplicates in each row, i need a code that will remove the duplicates.

So from this

Date hearder Row is J1


To this


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Combining Rows With Duplicate Data
I need to combine rows with that have the same column A value into one row. The duplication will be no more than 3 (ie 3 As, 2 Bs, 3 Cs, 1 D etc). I am looking for one of two options. 1) Ideally I'd like to be able to take 2 columns and turn them into up to 4 columns total. 2)Alternately, I can format the data to be in the correct columns to start, but will still need to merge the duplicate rows. The data can have any number of rows to start.

I've found something close, but it puts the new column data into ascending number order, which won't work for me because I need it to be in the specific order I input.(It also put all the data into one column, which I don't mind because I can do text to columns, but the order was the bugger.)

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Identifying Duplicate Data Between Workbooks
I am looking for the easiest way to find duplicate Work Order numbers that exist in 2 separate Workbooks. EX. Workbook 1 Sheet one contains the numbers 1-100 in A1:A100
Workbook 2 Sheet one contains X amount of the numbers between 1-100 located.

somewhere in A:A. For arguments sake let's assume those numbers are 3,6,33,87,99.
What would the formula be to return the values that are in both of the workbooks?

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Find & Highlight Duplicate Data
see attached sheet. Column A has File Name. Need to highlight the duplicate data as you can see there is 2 duplicate data which i have manually highted ( C19 is duplicate of C12, C83 is duplicate of C84).

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Duplicate Headings Down Each Data Group
I am trying to copy/paste header data into corresponding rows. A1 and A2 have the header information and need to be placed in the corresponding rows under columns A and B. I have been doing this manually and it is very time consuming since there are roughly 2000 rows. I believe a macro can accomplish this task but unsure how to create it. I was also unable to find any similar threads. I have attached a sample workbook. The original tab has the imported information and the Finished tab has what I would like the data to look like.

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Find Duplicate Data And Delete Row
compare and find exact matches b/w the data in columns J and K in the attached csv file. I would simply like all rows with exact matches to be hidden. I can simply change any code to reflect something like


later if necessary.

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Combining Duplicate Records Data
In my sheet I have it search for duplicate records and give those records the same id. Is there anyway to combine data into one record. For example, I have a person with a value in column Points1, on another row a value in column Points2, and another row a value in column Points3. I want take those values from the duplicate records and put them all in one record. I've attached a sample.

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Delete Duplicate Rows :: Duplicate Company Names
I have a spreadsheet with 3300 rows. In column A there is a list of company names and in column H there is a corresponding Sales Rep name.Column A has many duplicate company names. I would like to run a macro that will find the a company name and then delete all the rest of the rows that contain that same company name.

Attached is a sample of that spreadsheet.

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Delete Duplicate Cells Or Rows With A Duplicate Cell
I feel as though I have spent enough time searching the previous posts to ask this question.

I have a 4 column sheet, column B has many cells with identical data. I want to delete all the rows that that have duplicate data in column B.

COLUMN A= Car Makers
COLUMN B= Models of cars
COLUMN C= color
COLUMN D= owner

I want to end up with rows that each contain unique info in COLUMN B.

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Mark Duplicate Values :: Insert Word Duplicate Next To Row
I am using the following macro to insert the word "Duplicate" in the first blank column next to a duplicate row. My data is sorted by the first column. Data Example:

12345 a
11111 b
23123 b

Here is the macro I am using and it does not work. It marks the first duplicate it finds then goes into an infinite loop. Any Idea where I went wrong?

Sub MarkDupes()
x = ActiveCell.Row
y = x + 1
Do While Cells(x, 1).Value <> ""
Do While Cells(y, 1).Value <> ""
If (Cells(x, 1).Value = Cells(y, 1).Value) Then
Cells(y, 3).Formula = "Duplicate"
y = y + 1
End If
x = x + 1
y = x + 1
End Sub

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Duplicate Names, Combining Data Across Columns
I am waaaaay in over my head here. I've not done any scripting/macro/vb/whatnot work in Excel, but I'm staring down a potential all-night project manually merging data.

Here's what I have:

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Finding Duplicate Data And Merging Cells
What I have is a massive table of data (15k+ entries), which consists of 4 different tables merged together. I have a lot of duplicate entries. However, most of these entries have information in one or another columns that its duplicate does not.

What I need to do is:

Identify the duplicate entries (by part number, which is one of the columns).

Merge the duplicate entries. In the merging process, I need to carry information over, taking data that is currently in 2 or more rows and merging it into one row.

Here's an example:

column1 column2 column3 column4
row1 a . . d
row2 . b
row3 . . c

needs to turn into:

column1 column2 column3 column4
row1 a b c d

If I'm not explaining this well, I will do my best to clarify. My main question is, is there any way to automate this process (even partially)

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Special Highlight Duplicate Data Macro
I am looking for a macro to highlight duplicate data in Col A.

I have googled etc, and found quite a few, but some were slowish, some didn't work, some did.

The best I have found so far is this 1. I believe this was posted by Richard Schollar

Sub ColorDupes()
Dim v As Variant, r As Range, i As Long, j As Long
Set r = Selection
v = r.Value
For i = 1 To UBound(v, 1)
For j = 1 To UBound(v, 2)
If Not IsEmpty(v(i, j)) Then
If Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf(r, v(i, j)) > 1 Then r(i, j).Interior.ColorIndex = 3
End If
Next j
Next i
End Sub

This seems to run fine and be quite quick providing I highlight the column first.
What I'm looking for is a pop up window to also show me some data relating to the duplicates. I usually work with large lists and would like the macro to say how many duplicates it found from how many rows of data.

It is a very handy macro, and is very short on the coding side I notice compared to all the others I found (Which is Good?), I'm no coder

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Move Data & Duplicate Current Sheet
I have only recently started to learn VBA and have been putting it to practice in creating userforms to help people at my work to be able to timetable more quickly.

I have realised however that in many cases the basic code that I have been using could often be improved. However in the sections below I have not been able to work this out for myself. This needs to be done as after a large number of worksheets exists excel gradually gets slower and slower when running the macros.

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Show No Duplicate Data In A Specific Rows
I require a formula that will show unique data in a specific rows or cells. Here are the data:

Raw Data
Row 1 A
Row 2 A
Row 3 B
Row 4 C
Row 5 C

The result should look like this (Note that the unique data are displayed in rows 6 to 8:

Row 6 A
Row 7 B
Row 8 C

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Select Column And Delete Row Where Data Is Duplicate
I've got this macro which works well, but I have to edit it to change the column I want to check for dupes. I don't mind doing that, but now I have to share the macro with someone who is not comfortable changing the references in the code every time they run it.

As it is it checks column G:G (7) for dupes and deletes the row. Good.
I'd like for it to do the same thing, but for whatever column the active cell is in.

I can use this:
Col = ActiveCell.Column
in place of the "7" in the With Range part
but I don't know how to replace the "G1:G".

Sub DeleteDuplicatesColumnG()
With Application
.ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False

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Creating A List Excluding Duplicate Data
In A1 to A10 I have numbers 1 through 10.

In B1 to B10 I have some of the numbers listed from column A, but not all, and in no particular order.

In column C, I would like to list only numbers from A that are not listed in B.

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Data Validation List & No Duplicate Entries
I have a spreadsheet that needs to have a validation drop down list in three cells in every row (D, E, F). There are three items in the list, say, "One", "Two" and "Three".

My only problem is that there can only be one entry of "One" in each row.

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Concatenating Data From Multiple Duplicate Records
I have an excel spreadsheet that should have one record for each artifact in a museum collection. The problem is that the museum has consolidated this information from several different sources into one spreadsheet and now there are many duplicate records. They want all the duplicate records removed so that there is just one record for each artifact, BUT there may be different pieces of information in each of the duplicate records. So I want to do the following:

- sort records based on Accession Number (column A)
- find duplicate Accession Number records
- determine which fields (columns) within a duplicate record are unique and concatenate those entries into one master record for each Accession Number
- delete the duplicate Accession Number records

In the attached sample sheet, for Accession Number 66-1-100, we have 6 duplicate records. In the columns, we have information which in some of the records is duplicated, in some it is unique and in some it is missing completely. The museum wants just one master record for each Accession Number and they want all the data from the duplicate records concatenated into one and all the duplicates and blanks discarded.

What I've done so far:............

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Macro To Insert A Line And Duplicate Data
Worksheet excel with multiple lines and colums. I need a macro to automatically insert a new Line where the cursor is located, and duplicate data from previous cells: let say cursor is located L10, macro will insert L11, and duplicate L10 -C1 data to L11 -C1. I have a macro that does this function, but the Line insertion is always at the same line.May be the macro should "read" first the cursor position, Lx and then move down +1 line prior to duplicate the data.

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Sum Duplicate Values Then Delete Duplicate Rows
I have 4 columns in my spreadsheet. I am trying to find any duplicates that may exist in Col A, sum values in Col D, then delete the entire row. So far my sheet before I run my vba code is this.

Col A

Col D

After my code is run, I need for my spreadsheet to look like this
Col A

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Add Duplicate Values For Multiple Columns From Unique Data..
i would like to paste multiple duplicate values from unique values. Is there any way to do it in excel??


Table 1:

A4_HUMAN 944
A4_HUMAN 755

Unique table


I wanted to add new column with these values for table 1 including duplicates. this is sample data and i wanted to replace thousands of this type.

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Delete Duplicate Rows Using Data In Column A As Criteria
I have a spreadsheet that has thousands of rows of data with maybe 6 columns.

I would like to remove the duplicate rows but the problem I am facing is that I would like to use column A as the criteria.

There are some duplicates in column A but the issue is that the data in column B, C, D, etc may not be the same for each duplicate.

Easier to see in this image:

So A1 is the same as A6
A1 has data in B1 and C1, no data in D1
A6 has data in B1, C1 and D1

I need to delete either row A1 or row A6, it is irrelevant which row it is but one of them has to go.

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Concat Rows Based On Duplicate Data & Delete
I need to concatenate and de-dupe. I want to find dupes, concatenate a column, and the delete the duplicate columns--all while maintaining data from other populated columns.

Here is the some example data:

#| Type | Name
1 | A | Bob
1 | B | Bob
1 | C | Bob
2 | B | Sally
2 | E | Sally
3 | A | Bill
3 | C | Bill
4 | E | Nancy

The result should look like:

# | Type | Name
1 | A, B, C | Bob
2 | B, E | Sally
3 | A, C | Bill
4 | E | Nancy

I am using Excel 2003.

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Data Validation To Work When A Duplicate Value Is Pasted Into A Column
I have to enter patient's SSN's into my database. The fastest and most error free way to do this is simply copy the SSN from the electronic chart and paste into the appropriate cell in the database. I don't want duplicates. So, I need the database to alert me when I paste in a duplicate SSN. I know you can set data validation to do prohibit duplicates by using a formula. In the attached spreadsheet the SSN is in column B, so:

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Duplicate Entries For Single Data Points Sets
I am using old macro code in excel written several years ago. I am trying to educate myself to update and improve the macros I am using but not making much progress. This macro is used to record data from a DDE link to a Data Acquisition System. The D-AQ system sends the data points to r5c3:r5c9 typically. The macro then records the data points in those cells to the next row in sequence on a specific time interval. However, the macro is recording duplicate entries for each set of data points. Sometimes just two, but has been as many as four duplicates. I have a remove duplicates macro to run, after the fact, but preventing them from occurring in the first place is the goal. I included the application.wait method at 10 second intervals after the application .OnTime method, but it isn't preventing the duplicates.

Dim delta_time As Date
Dim Count As Integer
Dim n_rows As Integer
Dim start_row As Integer
Dim col_mov As Integer

Sub initialize_button_set()
start_row = 7
Count = 0
n_rows = Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(1, 2).Value
delta_time = Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(2, 2).Value
Application.OnTime Now + delta_time, "get_data"
Rem Worksheets("sheet1").Buttons.Add 275, 0, 72, 36
Worksheets("sheet1").Buttons.Caption = "STOP"
Worksheets("sheet1").Buttons.OnAction = "Halt"
End Sub...........................

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Prevent/Remove Duplicate Data From PivotTable Source
I am working pivot tables off of one large excel spreadsheet for my data. I have multiple pivot tables on each of 5 worksheets. The problem is this. Every other week I am sent an updated spreadsheet with the same column names each week which I then copy and paste it into the spreadsheet of the last one. When I refresh the pivot tables, I end up with duplicate field sets. For example, on column in the original data sheet is gender. On the first sheet I went through and renamed the "M"'s and "F"s to be "Male" and "Female" so that it is better looking when printed. Now when i get the new information and copy and paste it to rplace the old, and refresh the pivot tables, I end up with "Male" "Female" AND "M" "F". Now the "Male" and "Female" fields are empty and the "M" and "F" fields have the information. Is this a result of me renaming the fields?

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Formula To Link A Column Of Data Between 2 Worksheets And Duplicate Rows
I'm in need of a formula, or another automated technique, to link a column of data from one worksheet to another. I have an input worksheet that I copy the raw data into that is formatted as follows:

Row 1 12001
Row 2 12004
Row 3 12011
Row 4 12020
Row 5 13050

I need this import sheet to link to an output worksheet that would be updated automatically as new data is entered into the input sheet. However, I need the output sheet to copy the input values a specified # of the times and list them. For example, if the specified # was 3, it would be formatted as follows:

Row 1 12001
Row 2 12001
Row 3 12001
Row 4 12004
Row 5 12004
Row 6 12004
Row 7 12011

I need the formula, or method, to be one that I don't have to continually re-enter as the data changes, as I have thousands of records to do this with. I've tried filling down, but autofill doesn't recognize an accurate trend. Is this something that I can accomplish by combining several fomulas, creating macros, or a combination of the both?

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Merge Duplicate/Similiar Rows Keeping Data In Same Columns
After sorting and filtering rows with in a set range I will have several rows that are almost duplicates. This is normal and expected due to how the workbook is used. Among these rows also will be several single rows that are not duplicates. It is important that I combine any two duplicates into one row. Example:


1 NameA 0XX15930777PS101300PS9

2 NameA0XX15930777PS91200PS10

3 NameX1159XXP555FBX1545PS9

4 NameB0A1234P123PS101263PS9

5 NameB1A1234P123PS90512PS10

What I need is this end result:


1 NameA 0XX15930777PS91200PS10PS101300PS9

2 NameX1159XXP555FBX1545PS9

3 NameB1A1234P123PS90512PS10PS101263PS9

It’s important that the data in each column stay with in that same column. Also of course it needs to be on the same row with the same person (NameA and NameB). The Columns that would determine if it’s a duplicate are D and E –. I would need this to be preformed via macro or some easy way so that others will not have a hard time. It will be on a protected Shared Workbook with Excel 2003. I've enclosed a Sample. How can I sort these or accomplish this and maintain the data where it needs to be?

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VBA To Duplicate Template Worksheet And Populate With Successive Data From Single Column
I've created a single worksheet that is essentially a "dashboard" type of report that displays data for a single employee/person. This worksheet (let's assume it's my "template") contains formulae that is driven by a single lookup cell (in this case, the employee's ID, in cell, for example, A1).

This "dashboard" report (for just one individual) needs to be duplicated for the entire employee population (let's say ~100 people); this employee population is stored as a list in a separate worksheet, in a single column.

Is there a vba solution that will copy my template and populate the cell A1 (of each duplicated template worksheet) with the the employee IDs - of course, it would be ideal if the solution can search in my employee ID list and continue down until there are no more IDs and create the same number of worksheets as there are IDs?

Because the macro is creating numerous worksheets, is it possible to name the worksheets based off of an adjacent value (in the same sheet as the IDs) to each respective ID (I'm thinking of a concatenation of the employees' IDs and names)?

One major wrinkle in this process: the above process would be ideal if the "template" worksheet won't change (i.e. no changes to formatting, no additional data elements, etc.) However, it's likely that the client will want to add/remove/change items/elements to the "template" dashboard. Assuming, at this point, all 100 worksheets for each individual/employee have been created, it would be a huge pain to manually add/remove elements from each sheet. Is there another macro that would delete ALL employee sheets? That way, I can re-modify my single template and just run the original macro to re-create my duplicate sheets (but populated with different IDs) again.

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