VLookup - Find Duplicate Accounts And Get Count?

Apr 24, 2012

I have a workbook where i am trying to find duplicate accounts. I need to get a count of these duplicate accounts and i need to find the accounts as well. One last thing the workbook covers an entire year and i would like a formula that will cover the 12 sheets to provide the results.

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Assigning Accounts Using VLOOKUP?

Aug 30, 2012

I have two spreadsheets, one named Tracker, the second named Data. Data is a central database spreadsheet with account #s and Tracker pulls information from it. A team is assigned an account based on the last two #s of the account #, called term digits.

Goal: A VLOOKUP to where if a column equals the term digit range (example, any accounts ending in 00 to 09), it will pull the account # from Data to Tracker.

That part is easy, the tricky part I'm having issues with is that I need it to do the search mentioned above AND search for account #s that end in 60.

So: search for 00 to 09 and 60, pull the account # from Data to Tracker once found.

Edit: Term Digit is on column B and the account # is on column A - both in the Data spreadsheet

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Count Number Of Customer Accounts In A Report

Feb 18, 2014

I'm looking to count the number of customer accounts in a report based on the branch number. I generally need to know, how many accounts has been opened per each branch without double counting the same account number (as it happens that the report may have duplicate number.

finally I need to know the sub total showing the total per branch and subtotal of all branches together.

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Find Duplicate Values And Count Them Only Once?

Jan 18, 2012

formula to find duplicates and count only on instance of them.

image below:

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As you could see on column A i have several entries,some of them duplicated. In column B i have a formula to check weather the value on column A is duplicated or Not. From this values i want to count only one instance of duplicated entries. I want to have one instance of Oscar to be counted as original and regardless the number of duplicates i want to count only 1. i want this not only for Oscar but for all the duplicates with more than 1 duplicate result.

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Find All The Accounts That Have A Loyal Relationship With A Rep And Separate Them

Feb 19, 2010

I'm trying to find customer loyalty by rep. So I need to find all the accounts that have a loyal relationship with a rep and separate them. All the other reps that sold to those companies are removed. Then I need to find the accounts that still did business with us from year to year, but not with the same rep. Any not loyal accounts are also removed.

The ultimate goal is a pivot table that shows reps on the vertical axis, years on the horizontal axis, with the data being total number of accounts per rep per year. All of the 2008 accounts will be counted, and of the 2009 accounts, only those that were loyal - retained either by the same or a different rep - will be totaled. For this purpose there is no difference between accounts retained either by the same or a different rep, they will be added together. So a rep may have had 10 accounts they sold to in 2008, and of those 10, 5 bought again in 2009, and the rep also picked up 1 account that bought from another rep in 2008. So the rep's totals would be 10 for 2008, and 6 for 2009. I've attached an example workbook to show you what I mean. A "1" in the 2008 or 2009 column indicates the account bought something that year.

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Count Duplicate Rows And Produce Count #

Jul 21, 2008

I have a spreadsheet of over 15,000 lines of student information, sorted by student number. I want to count the number of rows which have a duplicate student number, up to 15 duplicates in a row, and show the total number of duplicates in a Separate Column. I.e.

Column 1 Column 2
Row 1 - 200101 3
Row 2 - 200101
Row 3 - 200101
Row 4 - 200102 2
Row 5 - 200102
Row 6 - 200103 1

I've been trying to use a Countif formula, but I found I had to use so many ANDs and ORs that the formula became too long. I don't know how to use programming code, only formulas in Excel. Is there an easier solution using some type of SUMPRODUCT code?

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Vlookup And Duplicate

Jun 17, 2009

I want to check with the vlookup function and some other form of either index or other function where if I check (enter an ID) an ITEM ID and then it will tell me how many different products have been assigned to that ID ITEM. In some cases the ITEM ID has only used One Product, whereas other ITEM ID's have used muliple products.

I have attached an example of what I am trying to achive (its possible the same ITEM ID could have several products used against it.

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Using VLookup On Duplicate Values To Get Sum Of Both

Feb 11, 2013

I am currently busy with a material tracking sheet. The sheet tracks all the material from fabrication to being released from painters.

My problem is that in a summary sheet that I created, I used vlookup to get the exact value of the item number that was released.

Focus on Item # 043-06016

example summary.jpg

[Code] .....

This formula only gets the first value and not the 2nd value that was also released so that in my summary sheet i can get 2

example released items.jpg

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VLookup With Duplicate Data

Jan 27, 2012

I have a table simmilar to this:

Reptile Dog Red
Reptile Tiger Purple
Mammal Tiger Stripes
Mammal Tiger Spots
Mammal Racoon Black
Mammal Cat Plaid
Mammal Dog Brown
Mammal Dog Purple
Reptile Dog Red
Reptile Tiger Purple
Tree Dog Orange
Tree Pine Green

I would like to use this data to populate within a seperate worksheet that reads:

Mammal, Tiger, Stripes
Mammal, Tiger, Spots
Mammal, Dog, Brown
Mammal, Dog, Purple

Essentially pulling all of one duplicate item within a column. The problem I ran into is when I run a vlookup within the entire table, it gave me duplicates.

Basically, it gave me...
Mammal, Tiger, Stripes
Mammal, Tiger, Stripes
Mammal, Tiger, Stripes
Mammal Tiger Spots

I know this is because of the array, just forwarding to the next item, and rerunning the lookup... since Mammal is not at the top... it has to wait till the array gets to the area of "mammal".

How do I create the list, so it will not create the duplicates... like in the example I gave.

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VLookup With Duplicate Values

Apr 12, 2012

I have an interesting problem where I am trying to display a list of top ten ranked items and I have multiple items tying for a rank, creating two or more values for one rank.

I have a table that shows the ranking, numbers 1 to 10. I'm using a vlookup formula to find the rank and return the corresponding name from my data table.

The problem I have is there are two that are tied for 3rd place, so I have two ranking at three. The current table looks something like this:

1 Warren
2 Stan
3 Mike
4 #N/A
5 Dan

I can change my table so that the numbers on the left are dynamic so it will display the number 3 twice if there are multiples of the same ranking, but when I do my lookup I'm still stuck.

Is there a way to return the second "3" on the lookup? Or is there a better way to solve the issue?

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Vlookup With Duplicate Id & Interval

Oct 16, 2008

I have a template whereby it show agent hourly performance. I unable to use vlookup formula because duplicate id with different interval. If I select id 1977 it will auto update agent performance it the table according to the interval.

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Using Vlookup With Duplicate Data

Nov 25, 2009

Message board virgin here, but I need help with an excel issue so excuse me if I don't follow protocol.

I'm using vlookup to return the salesperson by serial number, but run into a problem when my criteria has a duplicate value, but my answers does not.

Here's my example:

Serial#, Salesperson
123 Bill
456 Bob
456 Suzy
789 Bob

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Hyperlinks And VLookup: VLookup To Find EMail And Web Addresses

Oct 5, 2009

I have a sheet using VLookup to find EMail and Web addresses. I can get the address to show up but not as an active URL address. Is it possible to have the address "active" so I can click on it and activate the EMail or Web Site?

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Vlookup - Pick Last Of Duplicate Entries

Jan 15, 2010

Writing this workbook in 2007, but it will be used in 2003. Have searched but can't find answer to this. I have a 5-column (A to E) table array and I'm using VLOOKUP in several other cells to return values in col2, 3, 4 & 5 with my lookup value being col 1. However, col 1 will contain numbers which occur more than once. How can I get VLOOKUP (or something else?) to pick the last occurence (lowest row) and use that one? Also, the array will be sorted - smallest to largest - as the rows go down - how will the SORT work on duplicate entries? I'd like, if possible, for the entry made most recently to be the lowest of the duplicate entries so that VLOOKUP (or whatever) will pick that one to use. Will any kind of SORT do that?

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Count Duplicate Code

Feb 19, 2009

I found this code in a search of this forum. I am trying to understand how it works. The red section is what I'm having trouble with.

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Count Duplicate Cells Only Once

Aug 16, 2006

I have attached a spreadsheet where I need the cells B2 to B8 to return the number of Y/P's (in column D) by Unit (in column E). There are duplicate entries in column D, however, if entry is duplicated, it is only to be counted once. Is there a formula to be able to do this? I don't know anything about VBA so would prefer a formula if possible.

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Count Of Duplicate Entries

Sep 14, 2006

there are unique entries like AU0896 etc. that are repeated in my list.
my job is to find how many unique entries there are and add the count at the end so, basically if there are 6 AU0896 entries, then I must create a AU08966 value.

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(UDF) MACRO To VLookup Duplicate Values To Columns

Apr 13, 2013

I need a User Defined Function (UDF) to Vlookup duplicate values in separate Columns.

I can't use an Array function as the data is huge and it takes lot of time to calculate.

I have attached a Input and the desired output in the file attached.


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Get Correct Value Using Vlookup Formula In Duplicate Look Up Values?

Mar 4, 2014

How to get correct value using vlookup formula in duplicate look up values.

Here i mentioned a eg;


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How To Count Duplicate Text In A Column

Feb 4, 2012

how to count how many times a word or text is displayed in a column.

Say this is Column A Can any formula be used to tell me that T1409 was duplicated 3 times and T1527 was used 2 times. The rest of the numbers only triggered once so I dont care for those numbers. I only want T1409 and T1527 to pop up and tell me how many times it was used.


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Count & Delete Duplicate Data

May 30, 2007

macro that takes the number data and if it is the same number as in the previous row(s) just delete the extra number(s). It also needs to put in a factor in the next column of how many times the number was the same. For example:

Number Factor
5.67 1
5.70 1
5.77 1
5.77 1
5.77 1
5.77 1

Would become

Number Factor
5.67 1
5.70 1
5.77 4

I tried to make this question as clear as possible.

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Merge Duplicate Entries For Count Or Sum

Jan 16, 2008

I often need to merge multiple occurences of data (such as account numbers or names) and to sum or count the values associated with each invividual instance (eg cost or number of entries). Data can often be thousands of rows and varies every time. For example:

Col A Col B
Ken 5.9
Ken 12.6
Brian 5.5
John 6.4
Fred 9.9
Fred 11.6
Fred 2.0

I need to be left with either a sum

Ken 18.5
Brian 5.5..............

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Aging Accounts

Dec 9, 2008

I'm trying to create an aging accounts table from transaction data. I am tracking loans. Here's the layout of the data that I have. Positive entries mean that a new loan was taken out. Negative entries mean that a loan payment was made.: ...

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Removing Duplicate Information In Same Cell After Performing VLookup?

Apr 8, 2014

I have used a vlookup code from a past post (Vlookup multiple values in one cell) in VBA and successfully retrieved my information to one cell.

However, I would now like to remove any duplicates in this cell; preferably while running the same code.

--vlookup code
Public Function mVLOOKUP(mlookup_value As Range, mtable_array As Range, mcol_index_num As Long)
Dim r As Range


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Duplicate Values For VLookup - How To Receive Data Back

May 23, 2014

I have a situation where I have about 20000 lines to populate and looking for a quicker alternative. I have duplicate numerical values in the lookup_value. I want the same number to appear for all lookup_value's but there is only one instance of that value on the other sheet I am searching. My table looks like this:




Column A Column B

50058459 1234
68594523 9876
58965214 3456

I want my output of vlookup to look like this

Column A Column B

50058459 1234
50058459 1234
50058459 1234
50058459 1234
68594523 9876
68594523 9876
68594523 9876
58965214 3456

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Count Duplicate Rows Then Delete Duplicates

Mar 15, 2009

I have two columns of data, and I need to create a third column to count the number of times that same line appears in the document (and then remove all but the first copy of that line). my data looks as follows (and it is sorted so all duplicate rows appear directly next to each other):

Adam1998 | Jan
Adam1998 | John
Adam1998 | John
Adam1998 | Paul
Adam1998 | Peter
Adam1998 | Peter
Adam1998 | Peter
Adam1999 |John
Adam1999 | Paul

I need this to look as follows:
Adam1998 | Jan | 1
Adam1998 | John | 2
Adam1998 | Paul | 1
Adam1998 | Peter | 3
Adam1999 |John | 1
Adam1999 | Paul | 1

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Duplicate Rows Based On Cell Count?

Nov 3, 2011

a quick macro/VBA project that would allow my to duplicate existing rows based on the count in one of the cells. For example, my data currently looks like this:

DCITEMITEMDESCVENDORCOST ABCSTATUSRCATOHExtended Cost 1st Discount Level 2nd Discount Level CGO6-IAVHORN12/24VDC MINI HORN07697$ 12.69 UA24901$ 12.69 $ 9.99 $ 5.99 CGBK-PR2AEPOXY-ENCAPSULATED RELAY W/ACT20775$ 7.43 SA25203$ 22.29 $ 5.99 $ 3.99 CGSF-SUB901CLEAR 2"SPACER F/STI 910507450$ 7.88 SA25904$ 31.51 $ 5.99 $ 3.99 CG0Q-BLTBWIR21OUT B/W IR BULLET 420TV 3.6M01047$ 66.59 XD31211$ 66.59 $ 49.99 $ 32.99

And I want to duplicate the rows based on the quanity in the OH column (highlighted in yellow) - so that it looks like this:

DCITEMITEMDESCVENDORCOST ABCSTATUSRCATOHExtended Cost 1st Discount Level 2nd Discount Level CGO6-IAVHORN12/24VDC MINI HORN07697$ 12.69 UA24901$ 12.69 $ 9.99 $ 5.99 CGBK-PR2AEPOXY-ENCAPSULATED RELAY W/ACT20775$ 7.43 SA25203$ 22.29 $ 5.99 $ 3.99

[Code] ........

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Remove Duplicate Data For Summary Count?

Aug 30, 2013

I have a tab (All Data) full (column A - S) of daily data, the date is in column A, there's a unique identifier is in column D. The daily data can be repeated multiple days. I need to remove the duplicate data for the unique identifier for the week. I'm having problems with the removal of the duplicate data. This is what I currently have for the weekly (2nd week of the year) data totals:

=COUNTIFS('All Data'!A2:A1100,">"(A2),'All Data'!A2:A1100,"

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Combo Box Listing W/ Duplicate Count And Search

May 20, 2009

I'm trying to make a combo box that lists only unique entries in 2 columns but also has a count in brackets beside the entry. For example:

Apples (8)
Bananas (13)
Grapes (2)

The code I have to populate the box is:

Sub RemoveDuplicates()
Dim AllCells As Range, Cell As Range
Dim NoDupes As New Collection
Dim i As Integer, j As Integer
Dim Swap1, Swap2, Item

Set AllCells = Range("e3:f370")

What can I add to count how many times an entry is listed in my range? Also, the filter works off text from the combo box, how can I remove the counts prior to filtering? Here's what I'm using now to filter:

Private Sub SrchBtn_Click()
Worksheets("sheet1").Range("b1") = ComboBox1.Value
Range("A2:J1000").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterInPlace, CriteriaRange:= _
Range("L1:M3"), Unique:=False
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=-5
Unload Me
End Sub

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Count.if And Vlookup (show The Count Of Records That Belong To Group 1 (C5) With Category 1 Value="1")

Jul 15, 2009

I attached a print srceen of the excel worksheet.

In E5 i want it to show the count of records that belong to group 1 (C5) with category 1 value="1"

In F5 i want it to show the count of records that belong to group 1 (C5) with category 2 value="2"

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