VLookup For Combined Text And Number Value On Linked Worksheet

Dec 8, 2013

I am trying to return the value (date) of a construction schedule by searching for a specific construction activity ID number. Is there a method I can use which incorporates a text search so that as the schedule grows (cell locations shift down) the lookup function still follows the unique activity ID?

Below is a sample of row of the ID I must search for, and the date I must return (on a separate excel file):


Activity ID
Start Date
End Date

Supporting Walls to UPTS Slab 3

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Vlookup & Max Combined

Jun 28, 2006

I have a formula that uses the max function/formula (I am not sure of the terminology) to summarise the maximum value contained within a cumulative list of monthly expenditure in cells F12 to F60 (i.e MAX(Cashflow!F12:F60)) of a very old sheet I am working on, I was wondering if it was possible to have a cell that displays the profiled expenditure which is displayed in column E adjacent to the cell containing the maximum expenditure.

I have tried using the vlookup formula however combing formulas!

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VLookup Combined With Count / Sum Function

Jul 12, 2014

I am attempting to create a vlookup formula that will count or sum a series of data so that I can pull it over into a summary sheet on a report. The vlookup formula that I am using is

=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP($A34,'Jan 14'!$N$2:$AF$36,12,FALSE)),0,VLOOKUP($A34,'Jan 14'!$N$2:$AF$36,12,FALSE))

It seems to be working I just cant figure out how to incorporate the count or sum function into it where I need it.

Test Sample File.xlsx

I have attached a sample of the file I am working with.

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Combined VLOOKUP With A Date Range SUMIF From Pivot Table Data?

Feb 13, 2014

I have a report I am attempting to populate with data from a pivot table in another worksheet. Column A holds all the reference numbers (primary key), column B contains various start dates, and I want column C to contain all the payments made since the start date for each reference number.

The source data is a pivot table with Row = Reference number, column = transaction date, values = transaction amounts. This is an extremely large table, as I'm processing data from almost 1,200 cases, which each have around 20 payments spread over the last year, on completely random days. What I would like to do is build a formula in my report which looks up the records for the reference number from column A, and then adds up all the payments which have been made after the date in column B (and ignore any payments in the table which are before that date).

And to make things more complicated:

if an error is generated, it needs to return as 0, not #N/AThe report has the dates in UK format dd/mm/yyyy, but the pivot table has the dates in SQL format: yyyy-mm-ddThe pivot table is connected to a SQL database via ODBC and has to refresh every time it is opened.


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Sorting Combined Number And Data

Apr 20, 2012

How to correctly sort data when it contains both text and numbers.

This is what is currently happening


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VLookup #N/A! When Number Seen As Text

Jul 28, 2006

If I use Vlookup to find something when:
Lookup Value is formatted as General and
Lookup Array is formatted as Text
Excel will find the thing I'm looking for.

If I use Vlookup to find something when:
Lookup Value is formatted as Text and
Lookup Array is formatted as General
Excel will NOT find the thing I'm looking for.

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Vlookup With Cell Instead Of A Number It's Text

Jul 13, 2006

i want to do a vlookup but the column i'm looking up is text instead of a number? i tried it and it doesn't work or is there some limitation with the character being only 16 max

column a


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Fill Userform Textboxes With Text Combined From Multiple Cells

Jun 24, 2008

I am taking a range of cells (C22:D67) on several sheets ( same cells on each sheet) 4 sheets in total, each range appears in it's own text box on the single user form.

- I would like to know if there is an easier way of doing this, and can I leave out the cells without anything in them?

The code I am using at the moment is..

Private Sub cmdSeeNotes_Click()

Sheets("Core").Activate ....

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Text Or Number Formatting For VLOOKUP To Work?

Aug 4, 2012

My problem is that my VLOOKUP formula will not return any data when it doesn't like the format of the data it's looking up.

Example: I have a spreadsheet that displays revenues earned by assets.Every month I export a table of data from an accounting software program with (a) asset numbers, (b) invoice date, and (c) monthly revenues.Then I copy the data into Tab 2 of my spreadsheet.On Tab 1 of the spreadsheet there is a table that lists Assets 100 through 120. Column A has all the asset numbers.Each month it varies as to which assets earned revenue and which one's did not. Usually between 10 and 15 assets earn revenue in any given month and about 5 do not earn revenue.On Tab 1 there is a column with VLOOKUP formulas that looks up the asset number in column A of Tab 1 and points to Tab 2 where the data that was exported from the accounting software program is located.Let's say that in July 2012 that Asset 1001 earned $35,000.On certain months, the VLOOKUP formula looks over to tab 2 and "returns" the $35,000 revenue with no problem.On other months, it will not return anything, apparently it does not like the formatting and does not "recognize" the asset number.

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Vlookup On Only Part Of A Text/number String

May 5, 2009

I am trying to reference a Name of a place from an order number. To illustrate, University Park, IL can have an order # of 6598641373. The only thing is, all I need to reference is the first four digits, 6598. The other worksheet does not have city and state names, they only have the order #s.

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Vlookup Will Not Find Text When A Number Is In The Cell

Mar 14, 2007

I am using VLOOKUP to match Account names in two tables.

If the names are made up of letters or letters+numbers the names match.

If the account names are purely numbers the names do not match.

All names are formatted as text.

I have tried using TRIM, numbers still do not match.

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Error On Linked Cells That Have OFFSET And VLOOKUP Formulas

Aug 7, 2012

Read about the Dfunctions and SUMIFS/COUNTIFS not working between linked objects and think my error is the same.

SYMPTOMS: Formulas wont work unless linked workbooks are open. Once open they work and as soon as the sheet is altered after they are closed, they links break.

My formula =OFFSET(('Linked Workbook'!$A$1),0,VLOOKUP(Range,RangeData,2,0)-1) or go to workbook and bring back a certain amount of cells to the right of A$1$ based on a lookup formula in the Main open workbook.

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Vlookup Formula And Function To Combined With Another Formula?

Oct 22, 2013

i have two excel files which are data and master..both files will be use for salary calculating.. the vlookup formula will be use in master files for dragging the salary data from Data files..the formula as follow VLOOKUP(B4:B225,'D:Salary[Data.xls]AUG'!A$1:F$65536,6,FALSE))

the vlookup working fine to me.. but my problems is i want the data to be auto calculated when they have same value in two columns.. or if the name is similar/match in two columns (one for salary and another one for overtime), the salary should be auto calculated.

Data files will contain of these:
a:Employee ID
b:employee name
c:Employee salary/Overtime

Master files will contain of these:
a:Employee ID
b:Emplyee Name
c:Employee Nett Salary (that will be dragging from Data files)

is there any formula that i can used to combined with my vlookup formula?

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Formula For Linked Worksheet Last Row

Oct 15, 2013

I am trying to find the last row of worksheet "A", return the value, then in Worksheet "B", reference Worksheet "A" Column J - last row. It gives me an error for the formula. I don't know if I am close to the solution, or way off. Here is my code:

Dim LastRow As Long
Sheets("NICMap31 Data").Select 'goes to worksheet A
LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Offset(1).Row 'finds the last row of worksheet A
Sheets("NIC MAP Data Table").Select 'returns to worksheet B
ActiveCell.formula = "='NICMap31 Data'!(J & LastRow - 1)" 'link to worksheet A with this formula.

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ComboBox On Worksheet Linked To A Cell?

Feb 10, 2014

I have a worksheet, and I want to place a combobox in a cell, but being able to add values not on the corresponding list. Done almost everything, but cannot find a way to use the position of the cell, so I can dinamicly place a combobox. Ex.- place a combo in a cell, then after you get the value, delete the combo and put it in the cell bellow, etc. In order to do this I need the position of the cell: left, right, height, width.

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Replicating A Linked Excel Worksheet?

Mar 20, 2014

I have this excel template which i am working on and its a bit kind of complex linking several sheets together.

My problem now is in the Junior STUDENTS INPUT.xls

the 2nd term report has to be replicated 150 times following the patter of the one already done linking all necessary cells as the first one,

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Find Worksheet In Linked Workbook

Mar 13, 2007

I have several Workbooks, say BookA, BookB, BookC (or more). Let BookB and BookC be linked to BookA. I dont know the actual names of the Workbooks though as the user may change those any time. Let BookA have several Worksheets, one named SheetA1. Let BookC have several Worksheets, one named SheetC1. Now when a specific cell in SheetA1 changes, I want to set the value for a specific cell in SheetC1 (using Worksheet_Change for SheetA1). How can I get at the actual name of that cell in SheetC1? I did imagine to loop through all the Worksheets in all linked Workbooks till I find one named SheetC1, but somehow I cant manage the right syntax for that.

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Assign A Number Value To Text Within Worksheet

Sep 10, 2009

I need to count the number of times a value appears in a row and assign a number that tells which occurence of the text it is.
For example

Name Address
Jim 123 Smith Street
Jane 123 Smith Street
Bob 543 Apple Street
Mary 543 Apple Street

I would like a way to insert a column that puts a 1 next to Jim and a 2 next to Jane, a 1 next to Bob and a 2 next to Mary and so on.
Ultimately, I want to sort the list and delete all the twos, thus deleting the duplicate address entry.

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Multiple Applications Combined Into One Part Number With A List Of Applications In One Cell

Nov 28, 2013

If the admins or you would like to change or recommend a change, I am trying to figure out what the code would look like for cells B22:B28. I need it to count the number of occurrences of the part number in A4:A17 and then combine the applications from the corresponding cells in column F (F4:F170 into a single cell (B22:B28).

On sheet 2 I would manually copy/paste the list of part #s from sheet 1 and remove duplicates. The add the formula that I can't figure out into column 2.

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Can Move Source Worksheet Of Linked Charts In PowerPoint

Jun 22, 2014

I have created a powerpoint that has linked charts from excel. Stupidly, I have saved both of these files (powerpoint and excel) on my desktop.

I need to save them on another drive (so they can be accessed by others) but i am worried that if i move the original excel file, it will break the links for the charts in the powerpoint file....

I have over 150 charts so I don't fancy going through and re-pasting each chart.

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Labels In Userform Linked To Cells With Dates In A Worksheet Won't Update Automatically

Jun 2, 2014

I'm working on a workbook to track staffing patterns. I have two userforms included in my workbook. The first userform (userForm2) initiates upon opening the workbook. It's intended to allow the user to enter a date range and an office location for the report. The second userform (userform1) initiates when a command button (Weekly Summary) is clicked. I've linked texts boxes in userForm2 to cells in a hidden worksheet; this is where I'm holding the dates and office location until userform1 is initiated. I also have labels in userform1 linked to the same cells in the hidden worksheet so that when userform1 is initiated the office and date range appear at the top of userform1.

Here's the problem, when I click command button "Weekly Summary" the office location shows up perfectly however, the labels I have linked to cells in the hidden worksheet that contain dates do not update (i.e. they show the dates that were previously in those specific cells. I have to close userform1 and re-open it to get the dates to update.

I need the user to be able to choose a date range and office location when they enter the workbook. Then, I need userform1 to show the date range and office location (without having to open it, close it and re-open it) that the user chose on opening the workbook.

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Converting Linked Workbook Data To Text?

Jul 9, 2014

I have linked two workbooks together but now need to be able to convert that linked data to straight text. I have a v-lookup in the report that needs this to be this way. I do not want to use paste special values because that would defeat the purpose of linking the two pages.

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Running Code On SharePoint Linked Worksheet To Update Existing And Future Data

Aug 8, 2012

I inherited a spreadsheet to manage that is linked to a SharePoint table.

It is trying to populate a date that a certain "Tier" is selected (1, 2, 3, or 4).

It works great if I manually type in the tiers, but does not run on existing data (about 400 records) or lines that are updated and new via the SharePoint list.

How can I have this run on all of the existing lines and anything added or changed in the future from the list?

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("AD2:AD10000")) Is Nothing Then
Application.EnableEvents = False

[Code] ....

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Sort Column With Equal Numbers And Linked Text

Jun 8, 2014

I would like to create a formula that will sort the numbers in column B, there are also equal numbers in this column

The difficult part is that there is text in column A, and is linked to the numbers

So if numbers are sorted the names should be sorted in the same way as well.

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Pull Down Menu Text Selection Linked To Other Cells

Jul 17, 2006

When selecting from a list of text items in a pull down menu in a cell how can you link that change to other cells to effect a change in them. An example would be if the pull down menu was in cell A1 and as a result of the text selected to be shown in A1 resulted in a need for the text in C3 to be changed as well as the formula in cell D3 to be change which will result in a numeric answer in cell D3. Not all of the choices in cell A1 will require that the text and formula be change in cell C3 and D3.

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Sort Dates Linked To Formulas Also Returning Text

Jun 18, 2007

I have a list of football fixtures that I want to pace in date order. The fixtures are however linked to a grid which has the following formula =IF(FIXTURES!C1="","",FIXTURES!C1 )

so that a zero doesn't appear until a result is actually added. Unfortunately when you sort the fixtures into date order the grid still looks at the original square, NOT the moved one appertaining to the fixture.

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Chart Legend Text, Linked To Cell, Not Displaying

Jun 18, 2008

Has anyone ever seen a problem like this? The Legend text is not displaying what is in the cell reference and I cannot figure out why.

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Edit Part Text In DDE Arrays Linked To External Program

Sep 27, 2006

I have a datafeed program that offers multiple DDE link types to retrieve different types of data. After pasting the DDE links into Excel, all works well. However... To modify the links means manually editing upto 12 different array formulas located on different pages then pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter after each to change the data source being analysed.

I found that I can manually copy and paste a few characters into each linked array formula, Ctrl+Shift+Enter but it needs to be by Macro referring to a couple cells (Say A1, A2) containing the variables that alter the data source being linked to.

I need to make a VBA Macro that refers to these two cells containing text, and modify the 12-odd linked array formulas.

eg. {=SUB33|getlocation!'N,pg,9,vp,A,30'}
In this example Linked Array formula, the bolded PG and 9 would be variables pulled from cell A1 and A2.

All other components of the array formulas stay unmodified, it is only the "pg,9" text that needs to change in each linked array.

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Combined Cell Values (Text) In 1 Cell?

Mar 19, 2014

If I have text in B1 (Apples)
And text in C1 (Bananas)

How do I write a formula in cell A1 that will combine the text of both so that it reads 'Apples Bananas' in cell A1?

Everything I can think of gives me errors.

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VLookup For Text And Add Relevant Values If Text Matches In Range

Jun 19, 2014

Check the attachment, i could not make out this using vlookup, how to overcome this problem.


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