Validation Formula For Letters

Oct 12, 2007

I am trying to validate a Grid Location, example: 22AX21321232

How do i validate letters in the formula?

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Data Validation :: Letters Followed By Numbers

Sep 4, 2009

I currently have cell B3 in a worksheet - able to except 2 data entries.

The user should enter either OPQ or BOT followed by numbers. How do i ensure that they only enter OPQ (O - Letter Not Number) followed by numbers, or BOT (O - Letter Not Number) followed by numbers.

i.e. OPQ87654321 NOT 0PQ87654321 or BOT12345678 NOT B0T12345678. The information has to be entered manually and not via drop down list as each number is unique to the OPQ or BOT.

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Data Validation Letters And Numbers

Apr 4, 2013

I want to create data validation so that the first 2 digits=PS and the next 4 digits will be numbers. I have tried a few things but I cant get anything to work?

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Data Validation To Exclude Letters But Allow Numbers Beginning With Zeros

Nov 8, 2008

I am using Excel 07 with Vista, and creating a spreadsheet in which users will be inputting a record into every row.

There is a row that requires a number to be entered, where some of the numbers will begin with 0 or 00 or even 0000. I want to make sure no-one incorrectly enters a letter, however with data validation set to whole numbers, it formats the cell to change an entry of "005667" into just "5667". There is no set length for the field.

The only way to have "005667" is the change the column to text, but then obviously that defeats the whole purpose!

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Formula Used With Numbers And Letters

Jan 23, 2014

I am a school teacher trying to adjust my tracking sheet to calculate pupils levels. I am looking for 2 potential formulas that will do the following.

1 - In cell AE I would like to generate a formula that will take the data entered in cells J:5, L:5, N:5, P:5, R:5, T:5, V:5, X:5, Z:5, AB:5 and AD:5 and give an average level.

2 - In cell AH is it possible to generate a formula that will calculate how many levels of progress the pupils are making - In other words I need Cell I to be calculated against cell J to see how much progress the pupils are making - for example if in cell I:5, a pupil is was given a 3a, and then in cell J:5 is given a 4b, they will have made 2 sub levels of progress. As well as this, can that progress then be averaged out across cells I:5, K:5, L:5, M:5, O:5, Q:5, S:5, U:5, W:5, Y:5, AA:5 and AC:5 to give an overall number of of levels of progress? An then..... can I colour co-ordinate the cell so that if the pupils are making 3 or more sub levels of progress it turns green, 2 sub levels orange and 1 sub level red?

Levels work like this

5a and so on

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How To Use A SUM Array Formula That Ignores Letters

Feb 15, 2014

I have two array formula's, one to count hours, the other to count days. Both are based on: type of worker, day of week, and week number. The problem is if I use a "V" or "T" for vacation or training, then the array formula will not work. Currently I leave the field blank if they are not working, but it would be nice to see whether they are on vacation or training. Is there a way i can have my cake and eat it too?

Counting Days

Counting Hours

Here is a breakdown of what each of the ranges mean:

$E$5:$MN$50 is the area which the hours are forecasted$B$5:$B$50 is the column for which type of worker (Electrician, Pipefitter, etc)$D56 is the specific type of worker we are counting for$E$3:$MN$3 is a row with all the week days ("Fri, Sat, Sun...)F$54 is the specific day we are counting for$E$2:$MN$2 is a row with all the week numbers$E$67 is the specific week number we are counting for

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Formula To Add Letters With Numeric Values

Oct 29, 2008

formula to add letters but with a numeric value. this is for a schdule sheet. where w would equal 7.5 and x would be 0.

i am using this
reads the w and adds up ok but need to be able to put w for work and x for off days and still add the total hours

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IF Formula - Numbers And Letters And NOT Other Characters

Aug 18, 2008

Looking to create a Formula (not Code):


1. NOT Between 8 and 20 characters OR
2. NOT contain at least 2 numbers OR
3. NOT contain at least 2 letters OR
4. contain characters (e.g. punctuation) which are neither numbers or letters


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Removing Two Letters From A String Of Letters And Numbers

Jul 29, 2014

i have a list of 2000 fields which have the same format IE "AB10014"

I need to remove the "AB" from every field and leave the #.

Besides putting a space and running text to columns I'm not sure how.

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Macro For Creating Letters To UPPER Letters

Dec 7, 2009

I have words in cell range (i.e. A1:A1000) and I want them to became upper letters.

Excel forum to EXCEL FORUM

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Remove Letters From A Column Containing Both Numbers And Letters

Jul 24, 2012

I have a column of cells, some blank, some containing just numbers, some containing just letters, some containing numbers preceded by the the letter 'p'




In the cells containing the number preceded by the 'p' - i would like to remove the 'p' leaving just the number, with all other cells remaining unchanged.

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Creating Complicated Formula With Letters And Number

Apr 8, 2014

I have been trying to create a formula that will save me DAYS of messing around at work.

What I am trying to achieve is to have a sequence of numbers as follows:

BNA01A01 to BNA01A09 then have it change to BNA01B01 to BNA01B09.

This needs to be repeated for all letters to BNA01I09.

Then this sequence needs to be repeated to BNA12.

The last thing is for me to be able to change the formula in order to implement the same sequence on a separate sheet for BNB01A01 - BNB12I09 to BNL01A01 - BNL12I09

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Formula That Finds Matching Last Name Then Looks To Match First 3 Letters Of First Name

May 21, 2014

In Column A I have first names, In column B I have last Names, in column C I have id letters,
Column D another list of First Names And In Column E I have another list of Last Names

So what I need to do in F2 is Look at the name Last name in E2 (Lets say its Smith) then look down the Last names In Column B when you find a match look at the First name on the same row to see if the first 3 letters are the same as the first 3 letters in D2 if they are then put the id that's in cell C into F2 if not ""

I've been trying for hours but no luck, also if you do manage to do it can you tell me how you get it to look at the first 3 letters and how I could change that to 4?

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Applying Numerical Values To Letters In Formula

Feb 28, 2007

I'm putting together an Environment Threat Assessment for work and want to automate as much of it as I can to alleviate the amount of time ppl have to spend putting values in. My main problem is I have three very important columns: Likelihood, Success Rating and Risk Rating. Likelihood and Success Rating values will be selected from the following:

VL - Very Low
L - Low
M - Medium
H - High
VH - Very High
Each of these is given a value: VL = 1, L = 2, M = 3, H = 4, VH = 5.
The Risk Rating is the result of multiplying the Likelihood and Success Rating. So a Likelihood of Medium and a Success Rating of Low will give a Risk Rating of 6. Therefore, the cells on my spreadsheet would look like this:

Likelihood Success Rating Risk Rating
M L 6
The issue is I want a couple of things to occur. Firstly I want keep the values in my Likelihood and Success Rating cells as letters (ie. VL, H, VH etc) rather than numbers, while still generating a number result in the Risk Rating cells. Secondly I'd like to be able to change the colour of the Risk Rating cell to reflect the number it gets assigned. For example Green for < 8, Amber for 9 14 and Red for 15 25. I've been trying to do this with array formulas and am basically going around in circles with no success.

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Lookup Formula Started Returning Wrong Letters

Jul 17, 2013

I am using the formula: LOOKUP(A1,{"S","M","L","XL"},{"S","M","L","XL"}) on a cell containing: EF-2147.(S) so that it will return a S [or M, L etc. if it were .(M),.(L)] but it just keeps returning #N/A. I tried putting in "(S)" etc. in the lookup formula but it then started returning the wrong letters.

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Question With Writing A Formula That Can Pick Out Words With 3 Letters

Jan 8, 2009

I have a question with picking out certain word in the column. I am trying to write a formula that would allow me to pick out names that has first 3 alphabetical letters from the columns. The column has a lot of different names, but the one that I would want my automation to pick out is similar to this, C, AR, AA-103, BG-2056, HJE-1100, etc. However, in the same column, I have other words like elevtar, hsvte, lvnrm, etc. that I do not want my formula to pick out.

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Formula To Assign Letters To Digits And Repeatedly Sum To Single Digit

Feb 26, 2011

I need creating a tool for numerology.

Every alphabet from a to z has a number associated with it.

A = 1, b 2 , c = 3 etc

Numeric Values for Each Numeral


I can either use excel or access or write this.

Example 1 , r = 2 , I = 1, L = 3. .
If I write RIL in column 1 , column 2 should say 213 and column 3 should add 2+1+3 and display 7.

Example 2:
Col 1 = Infosys Ltd
Col 2 should say 1587313 344
Col 3 = 1 + 5 + 8+ 7+ 3+1+3 3+4+4 = 39 , 3+ 9 = 12 , add 1+2 = 3

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How To Seperate Small Letters And Big Letters

Mar 9, 2009

how can I seperate small and big letters from one collumn, example:


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Column Letters- VBA Command To Get The Letters

Nov 17, 2009

Is there a VBA command to get the letters, instead of the numbers, of the column of a selected cell?

I have to letter a list whihc means setting up a loop using character codes.

I may have to go into double letters so I am working on how I would set up the loop for if and when it gets past 90 and starts on double letters. so far the highest is the letter "U"

of course the easiest would be to pick up a column value as a letter

NT values do not get a number

A_____ _____NT###
D____ _______NT####

i am guessing the loop might involve some arithmetic test between the count and the character set 65-90. or maybe a mod thing.

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Letter Validation (prevents The Letters "I" Or "O")

Apr 9, 2009

i go to film school and i have created an excel spreadsheet to manage our shot list paperwork. in one column is the shot number (it's called the shot number, but letters are used instead.) i have applied a validation formula to the cells in that column (B9:B35) that prevents the letters "I" or "O" being entered (because I and O look like 1's and 0's, and therefore is not a "valid" shot number) prompting an error if the user does enter I or O. However, my formula doesn't work. right now i have =LEFT(B9:B35)= "A" which means that any text entered that begins with A will be accepted and other text will return an error. I want it so only the letters I or O return an error, and other letters don't prompt any error.

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Validation And Formula Combined?

Jan 13, 2010

I have a Yes/No list that I use in two cells for data validation:

Cell A1 has the Yes/No list for data validation.

Cell A10 has the Yes/No list for data validation.

I want A10 to become No if the user selects "No" in the A1 pull-down list.

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Data Validation/Formula

Jul 3, 2008

I have a workbook with two tabs, the first tab "Query" is an Access query that pulls in call data from our phone systems. The second tab "Report" is a userform/report. This will be used by numerous people and has to be as userfriendly as possibly. Because our clients want the data sent this way I don't have a lot of room in changing the report itself.

Let me paint the picture, I have it so the user is able to select the month from a validation list I created in B1, when the month is selected is autopopulates each work day of that month in cells A13:A35. There are several (28 total) reports from different phone lines we have. So I have another validation list in cell B3 that has the name of each report we have. So in theory the user should select the month and report and the information will fill in and they can print that specific report off. The issue is this. I had used the formula =SUMPRODUCT(--(Query!A5:A25004=Report!A13),--(Query!B5:B25004=Aban_08),Query!E5:E25004). I'm trying to find total calls for specific lines for specific dates. The "Report" tab has information from January to current with all 80 different call lines (all named differently such as CDN_5700, CDN_5701). One report such as "Aban_08" actually pulls information from several call lines which is bringing me to my issue, I need one tab for the report, and be able to have the user select the different report, but each report pulls from multiple call line names. Again, I need (for instance) B13 (cell A13 is the date June 2) to pull all calls from the report tab for the date of June 2 with (for example) the names "CDN_5700","CDN_5701","CDN_5702".

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Formula For Data Validation

Apr 20, 2009

iam looking for formula to display the condtion result .

i have spec in col B and tolerance in col C and col D ( +ve & -ve tolerance respectively) from col E to I ,observed reading data & col j for results.

i want to check the value of col E to I for B C D value n if entire 5 values are within spec then display "0" in subsequesnt col J else display "1"
OBSERVEDRESULTS.L.NOSPEC`+TOLERANCE`- TOLERANCE123451250.20.2262525.225.425.22100.20.2350.20.2450.20.25510.20.2

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Data Validation And List With Formula?

Jun 29, 2014

I am trying to make a simple planning sheet.

I have a workbook with 2 sheets.

1.sheet contains Columns : DayDateTimeClassTeacherCovered

2. sheet contains the availability of teachers. so all columns start with a date and the rows contain the name.

A row therefore looks like this.



My issue: The 1.sheet has a column Teacher, now in this column I want to have a drop down list. (E2, E3, E4, E5 ... etc..) This list is depended on the date which is in column B.

Essentially I want the list to look up date in its row go to the second sheet and give me all the possible names in it. That is all.

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Data Validation - Formula Creation..

Feb 11, 2009

I would like the individual cells of C1 and D1 to allow me to input values up to 100. The tricky part is that if D1 equals 100 I would like C1 to be less than 100 and vice versa, if C1 equals 100 then D1 should equal less than 100.

Ex. C1 = 100 & D1 = 10

This should never happen: C1 = 100 & D1 = 100. I would also like an error box to show when either of the cell values exceed 100.

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Formula Based On Validation List

Aug 17, 2009

I have a drop down validation list on sheet A that refers to my list on sheet B. I would like to formulate a cell on sheet C to give a value from a cell on sheet D based on which item is chosen from the validation list.

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Getting Formula For Variable Data Validation

Dec 18, 2012

want to get a formula where I can get the details of City if searched Brand wise and details of brand city wise. I also want option to search say five city names at once and get the brands available in all those cities. I have updated a excel with some dummy data.

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Edit Data Validation Formula From Vba

Jan 14, 2010

I have a cell that uses list type data validation. I need to be able to update the list of allowable values via a macro and would greatly prefer not using a range in excel.

I've been able to create the string that I want as the formula but cannot change the formula. I'm not very familiar with this aspect of excel macros (data validation)

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Validation Lists As A Result Of An IF Formula

Apr 23, 2007

is it possible to first make an IF check on a cell and then as one of the results (true or false) to give the cell a Validation List?

So for instance if the IF will come out true, the Cell would just diplay some text and if the IF will come out false, the user will be able to choose something from a Validation Drop-down List?

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Offset Formula In Data Validation

Jul 16, 2006

How do I hardcode the Offset function? Right now I am placing the offset formula in Validation from the Data menu toolbar.

Also, I have two columns "Expense" and "Income" used for offset. Expense has 11 selections for the listbox, and Income has only 3. When I choose income from the dropdown in column B, I get way too many blank selections in the dropdown just because It doesnt contain as many items as Expense. How can I re-code adn hardcode the formula so I have only few blanks for my selection.

I have attached a copy "data validation test" to help make things more clear.

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