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Adding Commas To List Of Names

How do I add a comma to a list of names all in one column? The full name is in one cell.

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Adding Commas To The End Of A Word
1. In a single column I have a list of random words e.g in column A, I have 1000 words going vertically down, in columns 1 down to a 1000. I would like to know how I can add a comma to the end of each word automatically?

2. In column A I have a list of 2,609 words going vertically down (the amount of words could be any random amount - even and odd numbers). In column A for the first 20 words I would like to automatically put the words "GROUP 001" in Column B next to the first 20 words in column A, thus the words "GROUP 001" would be repeated 20 times in column B.

For the next 20 words in line in Column A, I would like to put the words "GROUP 002" in Column B, thus the words "GROUP 002" would be repeated 20 times in column B. In this example there are 2,609 words so 2,609 divided by 20 = 130.45, so there would be GROUP 001 to GROUP 131 in column B.

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Separate Names From Dates & Commas In Cell
I have a file with list of names in the attched file.They are not in the same format coming from the source in my company. I need only the names in the separete column without the dates and the commas. The text is not in the same format. Looking at the data, can someone help me make a formula to separate only the names from the the entry.

the data is huge and it takes lots of hours to clean this data.

I am attachign the excel file for reference.

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Lookup & Combine Names Seperated With Commas

Column A | Column B
Joe | Client A
Joe | Client B
Paul | Client X
Sue | Client A
Sue | Client X

Column C | Column D
Joe | Client A, Client B
Paul | Client X
Sue | Client A, Client X

I believe it would be very similar to the code that I was provided inCombine Multiple Related Rows Into One. I tried to adapt it to my current need, but was unsuccessful due to my very limited knowledge of vba.

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Read Qualifying Column Names And Paste, Separated By Commas, In Designated Cell
I am in need of a macro that will scan a worksheet row by row, noting the column names (found in I2 to AQ2) in a specific horizontal span of cells (I to AQ) that hold (any) data. The macro will then paste these column names in a designated cell on each corresponding row (always found in column F), separating the column names with commas.

I am trying to do this for multiple worksheets containing ~100 rows - the example attached is just a quick demo of what I'm hoping to achieve. Also, these worksheets are contained in one big workbook, so ideally I'd like to be able to run the macro once and have it apply to every sheet in that workbook (they all have the same layout - the only big difference is the number of rows). If the Total Scenes part at the bottom of the sheet is problematic in getting this to work, it's fine to remove it.

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Create A List Of Unique Names From A List Of Multiple Names
I have a database output file where one of the columns contains managers names, often more than once. I want to apply an autofilter on manager name and then copy the result to another sheet or sheets. My criteria for the autofilter is a variable pointing to a list of names that at present I maintain by hand; a for-each-next loop then cycles through the names.

What I would like to do, before running the autofilter code, is to create the list of names via code. This would then automatically pickup names that are missing.

The code I have so far is below:

Public Sub find_managers()
Dim managers1 As Range
Dim names1 As Range
Dim n1 As Variant
Dim n2 As Variant

In my mind it should check the names in the unique list against the imported list and add any missing names.

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Adding Data From Multiple Columns Into One, Data Seperated By Commas
Using =A7&","&B7 to add data from two columns into one, separated by a comma. What about multiple columns, still separated by a comma? See Example in attachment.

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Looking Names In A List With Names Written Differently And With Duplicates
I am using Excel 2003 and Windows XP.

I have been given a list of my firm’s target clients (in excel) and an opportunities report (exported into excel) from our CRM system, which lists all the opportunities (i.e. opportunities to sell/provide products/services) that have been created for each client. Some of the column headings in the opportunities report are as follows:

Client; Opportunity ID; Opportunity Name; Opportunity Description; Created by; Date Created etc.

What I need to do is lookup each client, from the target clients listing, in the opportunities report to see whether an opportunity has been created; and if so, return the row of values (i.e. the Opportunity ID; Opportunity Name; Opportunity Description; Created by; Date Created) for that client. The result will be placed next to the name of the client in the target client worksheet.

I have a couple of problems. Initially I tried to use the VLOOKUP function to lookup the client name in the opportunities report and return the Opportunity ID (I then planned to use the same formula to return values from the other columns); however, as the client names in the target client listing were not always written the same way as they were in the opportunities report, the formula often returned #N/A. The formula I used was

=VLOOKUP(A8,'Opportunities Report'!A2:F51,2,FALSE)

So for example, the first client that I was looking up was written as “ABC Ltd” but in the opportunities report it was written as “ABC Limited”.

My second problem was that for some clients, there were multiple opportunities listed in the opportunities report. Where this was the case, there was a separate row (repeating the client name in the first column) for each opportunity created. I think that was messing up my VLOOKUP formula as well.

Is there a way to look up the client name, from the target client listing, in the opportunities report even if it’s slightly different and return the row of values for each opportunity created for that client on a separate row?

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Replace Bad Names From A List Of Good Names
create a script that will replace the names in column A on sheet1 from a Master sheet in the same workbook?

The problem is that different users are entering data on sheet1 col A in different ways example someone may enter Johnc or John C Or John What I want is for something to run down col A on sheet1 and look for the like name on the master sheet if the name matches then do nothing but if the name is like another name on the master sheet then replace the name if they are almost alike.

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Adding Cell Names
I have name some random names as name1, name2.... name5

to add these cells, the formula is not working


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Finding Names And Adding Data
Is it possible, and does anyone know the formula to find someones name and add the data to the right of it? Example

A1 John B1 32:26:00 C1 500
A2 Bill B2 23:45:44 C2 452 D2 John E2 36:45:11 F2 520

I have many names and they are scattered throughout the sheet. I know how to add them if the are in a single column but not if they are scattered.

In my summary I would have the names ...

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Adding Data From Specific Names
I have a sheet that has the same employee names several times in different orders in the same column with data to the right of it. Example


I need the peices and hours total for each name on another sheet. So I would have John on my sheet and would need to to grab and add the info from B2 & B6 into one cell (since it is the same person). I can always drag the info over for hours once I find a way to do this for the pieces I would think. The problem is that I don't want to add in B1 & B2 for John because those numbers are not a part of the total.

So is there a way or formula for one cell to look at the entire sheet and everytime it sees the name john to add the information one column over and one cell down and then give a total?

I may be able to do some formatting and have all the info I need directly to the right. So I would have (A1) John, (B1) Data, (C1) Data. The issue would be a cell finding the name, taking the information directly to the right of it and adding it as many times as the name is found on the sheet.

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Adding Month Names Not Numbers
I have this macro (below) which produces the the date on a file name when I update it every month. However, I would like it to show a different version of the date and in a different location.

At present it produces the following (example):


What I would like is:

Ice_Cream_Report_Month_Feb07 (or even Feb-07 would be fine)


Option Explicit

Private Sub ComboBox2_Change()

End Sub

Private Sub ComboBox3_Change()

End Sub

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Adding Values Against Unique Names
I have a spreadsheet with a series of names in a column and respective dollar values in a separate column. I would like a formula to automatically total the value spent against a particular name (without having to enter the name as a value each time).


John Doe 3.89
John Doe 1.27
John Doe 0.98
Amy Smith 1.56
Amy Smith 2.29
Amy Smith 1.11
Alex Brown 0.67
Alex Brown 4.56
Alex Brown 8.87

I would like a formula to automatically populate a column, spreasheet, etc as follows:

John Doe 6.14
Amith Smith 4.96
Alex Brown 14.10

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Copying A List Of Data To List Of Range Names
I do not have any code for this as I am unsure if it is possible. I have a list of range names in a column (A) that refer to different sheets and in an adjacent column (B) I have a list of data. Is it possible to write VBA code that will allow me to copy each value in column B to the corresponding cell in the workbook that relates to the range name in column A.

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List Names, InputBox, Check If Name Is On The List
I have an excel sheet with 30 names in column A and I'm asked to do the following:
Write a procedure – a sub – that uses an input box to ask for a name. The procedure should then scan through the names in the list to search for the name and make a message box to state “X is not in the group” or “X is in the group”, where X is the name from the input box. HINT: You can make a variable “found” that starts with the value 0 and gets the value 1 if the name is found in the list.

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File Names :: File Renaming Each With The Names I Have On Another List
I have a task I would like some assistance with…

I have a work book that I have to copy over 70 times for over 70 work locations. As you can see, this will require different file names for each location.

I would like some have help with a code that I can use. If possialbe I like a code that will make copies of the file renaming each with the names I have on another list. Is this feasible?

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Only List Names That Don't Have A Value Next To Them
With the following list on Sheet1, on Sheet2 I want list only the Names that don't have a value next to them:

Abigail 6
Alina 24
Andrew 5

That sounds so easy to explain, but I am baffled as to how you can do it with a standard if function without getting the following type of result (this list could be up to 200 names - I only want ones that don't have a populated field next to them):

Aaron True
Alexander True
Allan True

Can this be done with a groovy IF and INDEX formula, or is VBA (of which I have very limited skills) the only way to go?

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Finding Names Within A List
I am creating an interactive tool in Excel.

One of the Fields is "Employee Name"

I created a validation list that includes the names "Mary, Joe, Michael, and David"

When I plug in the name "Mary" I want to pick out her qualifications from a list I have created on a separate worksheet.




I want Excel to have the ability to find the name "Mary" from those three lists and reply back to me with the headers of either Lunch, Car, and/or Passport based on the lists Mary appears in. I want this to change depending on the Employee Name and I pick and the lists they appear in.

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List Unique Names
I have a column of names in Column D

I need code to list these names in column G

when I hit a button.

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List Of Object Names
I am trying to rename a text box, but it doesn't let me. The naming convention is fine, as it works with others. But it thinks that name is taken or something. So how can I see the names of all objects on a sheet?

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Add Names That Are Checked On The List
In the Attendance Sheet (file attached), I have a list of all students. I like to add students who attend (with "X" marks) each subject onto Sheet "All Records). Date, time, location, instructor, subject to be added respectivley and in accumulate to the Sheet "All Records". I remember I did this before but I can't now.

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List Names Ranges
peice of code which can look down a column, which contains named ranges, and output all the named ranges to a Listbox, and doesnt add the normal text also in the column?

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Take The First Letter From The 1st, 2nd, 3rd Names Of The List
I have a few names in the range A2:A11 and the exercise asks: Fill in the cell B19 with a temporary software name. Using the appropriate function, compose such name as follow: take the first letter from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd names of the list; take the third letter from the 4th, 5th, 6th names of the list; take the last letter from the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th names of the list. Moreover, the software name must be in capital letters.

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Add A Comma To A List Of Names?
I have 1 column of people (LASTNAME FIRSTNAME). I was looking for a way to add a comma after the last name instead of just a space. i.e LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME. Is this possible?

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List Folders With Certain Names
way of returning a list of folders that contain a user defined search string in their name. Eg., return all the folders within a directory/directories that have "x365" in the name.

I am searching through a list of over 6000 folders that are sitting in four different directories.

The following is the code i've come up with so far that creates an array called aFoundList containing all the folders that match my search string.

Sub TryOpenFolder_LoopingMethod()
Dim FSO As Scripting.FileSystemObject
Dim oFolder As Scripting.Folder
Dim vSubDir As Variant
Dim vSearchDir As Variant

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List All Worksheet Names
Is there a way in VBA to get a list of all worksheet names in a workbook?

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Adding Items To A List Box
I have the following code used to add items of expired IDs in a listBox,, it actually works well for adding the ID type, but it doesn't add the details of the expired ID completely .. It adds only the details of the last expired ID (I think the code overwrites the details)

I hope that my problem is clear for all,

Can you please find me a solution for that?

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Adding Name To A List - Alphabetically
I have a spreadsheet with names in column A. These names are sorted alphabetically. I want to add a new name automatically and it shoudl appear at the right position, alphabetically. I wrote the below code, based on the ASCII number of the beginning letter of the name. This does indeed identify approximately where to place the new name. But it's far from easy and I doubt it's efficient.

This is the code I produced thus far....the short version...

Option Explicit

Sub mytest()
Dim firstletter As String
Dim secondletter As String
Dim thirdletter As String
Dim firstletter2 As String
Dim secondletter2 As String
Dim thirdletter2 As String
Dim lowestmatch As Long
Dim secondmatch As Long
Dim firstdifference As Long
Dim seconddifference As Long
Dim thirddifference As Long
Dim myrow As Long
Dim lastrow
Dim cell
Dim empname As String

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Email To A List Of Names From Within Worksheet
I currently have a workbook that copies the first sheet and emails it to an individual on the first day of the week.

New requirements are for it to be sent to a list of people.

I am at an impasse on how to proceed due to lack of knowledge. The current code obtains the recipient from Sheet3 D4 and i would like to be able to list down this column for additional emails without restricting this to a set number of cells.

I have searched the forum and have been unable to find what i am after.

I have included a test file to show what i have so far.
We use Outlook 2k3
We use Excel 2k3

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Drop Down List (Does Not Scroll Through All Of The Names)
I am creating an appointment calendar for the local free clinic.
There are over 1300 patients.
I used validation to create a drop down list in each 15 minute time segment of the schedular.

Two questions.
1. It does not scroll through all of the names....leaves the last 100 or so off. When I chose the validation List I chase the entire column. Is there a maximum length for Lists?

2. With that many names, it is a slow scroll. Is there anyway to enter the first letter of the patient name and have the scroll list go to that point on the list?

I usually try to figure these out myself, but the clinic needs the appointment scheduler as soon as possible.

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Get Email Addresses From List Of Names
I have a list of 200 first and last names...column A is first name, column B is last name.

I want to find their e-mail addresses easily...

My company has a website that is a searchable directory. Each person has a profile which contains the person's e-mail address in its own table.

The directory is set up such that when you search for a persons name, you get the following URL:

I am looking for an easy way to do 2 things:
1) combine the first and last name from separate columns into one single column such that it appears as john+doe (include the "+" sign)

2) take the "john+doe" cell value and paste it to the end of the URL

3) run a web query using the updated URL which imports 1 specific table from the person's profile, namely, their e-mail address.

I can successfully run a web query for 1 person manually. However, I am looking for a way to do this more efficiently for a list of 200 names.

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Pulling Random Names From A List
On my excel spreadsheet, I have a list of 14 names in column A (row 1-14).

In a separate cell, I'd like for it to pull a random name from that list. How would I go about doing that?

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List Of Names In Column A And Days Across Row 1
I have a list of names in column A and days across row 1, with a tick where each name is working. I need a formula to be able to count how many names are working a sixth day in each week.

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Dynamic List Of Worksheet Names
Is it possible to have a list in a summary sheet, containing the names of all other worksheets in the workbook, which will automatically update when a worksheet is added or deleted? I use Excel 2003.

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Automate A Web Query Whereby Names On A List
how to automate a web query whereby names on a list in Excel are pasted into a website’s text box search and the returned data is copied into Excel? I have a list of racehorses that I need data for which is available at:

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Macro To List File Names
I have a Macro which will list file names in column A, but it does not include the sub folders. Edit this macro to include sub folders as well.
I also want to display the file path in the column C for ech document displayed in the column A

HTML Sub ListFiles()
Dim objFSO As FileSystemObject
Dim objFol As Folder
Dim objFiles As Files
Dim objFile As File
Set objFSO = New Scripting.FileSystemObject
Set objFol = objFSO.GetFolder("c: est")
Set objFiles = objFol.Files
For Each objFile In objFiles
ActiveCell = objFile.Name
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select

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Show Pop-up List Of Sheet Names
when i open a xls, i would like to Display the Vertical Menu Of Worksheets (at the bottom left of the tab names)

--this worksheet has many sheets and i find this an easy way to navigate...

(also, how can i write a macro--for a user shortcut--to display this--currently, i hover my mouse pointer over the bottom left tab navigation object and right click to bring up the vertical display of sheet names...)

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List File Names From Folder
Need code to open a browser to select a folder and list the files in that folder in excel. I do not want to include sub directories.

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How Do I Format List Of Names Formatted Last,first To First Last
ANYONE KNOW, OTHER THAN CUT AND PASTE, A METHOD OF "flip flopping" names in a list, from last, first to first last? (maybe "telling"the list to separate into 2 columns the words separated by the comma, last in one column and first in another). I have a list of 360 names and not looking forward to cut and paste this list.

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Lookup, Match , List Names
I need some assistance on creating a formula that will Match "W1 Sheet" Team number look this number under Schedule Sheet then list names under "W1 Sheet". I have added a simple sheet.

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Create List From Multiple Names
Have a list of aprox 50,000 names. in that list names may repeat themselves multiple times. Is there a way in excel to extrapolate from that list of 50k to display only a single instance of each name in a separate Colum?

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Look For List Of Sheet Names And A Cell
I need a macro that will look for a list of sheet names - like Albany, Houston, Denver - and return the value of a particular cell - like B25 from each sheet and display it in a column of cells on a summary sheet.

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List Range Names In Selection
want a list of the defined names in a selection. So lets say the range is "A1 to G60". I would like the to see a list of each cells name and the associated address.

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Creating New Worksheets From A List Of Names
debugging issues without changing the code dramatically. I think I've basically "got it" but there are a few lines that I think are problematic. I've written notes to highlight my thinking.

Let me give a basic discription of what I'm trying to do: This file lists where a company has offices. I'm want my subroutine to 1) Sort the cities in alphabetical order (this occurs at the end of the code), 2) for each of the cities listed in "AllCities" worksheet, check whether there is a additional corresponding worksheet of the same city name, and if there isn't one, the subroutine would automatically add it, and 3) delete any worksheet of a city name that is NOT found in the listings found in the "AllCities" worksheet.

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Custom List Order Of Names
I Have A List That Is Generated From Another Program Dump Info Into Excell.
This List Has Names In One Colun And Corresponding Values In The Next Column. My Goal: Get The Name And Values To Be Listed In A Specific Order To Be Copied To Another Workbook. Issue: All The Names Do Not Always Get Sent From Original Program. Example:

Person1 Always Needs To Be In Row2
Person 2 Always Needs To Be In Row3
However Person1 May Not Be On The List Today. In Which Case I Need Row2 Blank

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List All Worksheet Names Of Workbook
I am trying to implement this formula in my file: = SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&$H$1:$H$20&"'!A1:A100"),"criteria1",INDIRECT("'"&$H$1:$H$20&"'!B1:B100"))). I have over 35 sheets in this file with different names. Is there a way to export all the sheet names in list format so that I don't have to go back and forth in the file and type the names?

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Adding A New Row To A List When Filter Is Applied
If filtering column C, just showing 'A's, by pressing the add row button, I want to copy the last cell in column C and pasting it in row 73, since it's the next unused cell when the worksheet is unfiltered.

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Data Validation List With Range Names
I have a monthly report showing actuals and budget for current month (or quarter) and year to date. Range names have been created for (1) each month, (2) each quarter and (3) year to date). I'm using the SUMPRODUCT function to extract information by account. For example:


This formula works except I have to replace the "ACT_Jan" each month accordingly. Can a data validation list be created with the range names so that updating this formula monthly can be simplified? For example, changing "ACT_Jan" to "ACT_Feb" with a drop down list.

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Returning A List Of Names Without The Prefixed Number
I have a list of names in say column A, but the names are prefixed with numbers. So, for example you have 2 Peter Jones, 5 Johnny Piper, 10 Andrea, 3 St. Mary's, 13 White etc.

I want to return these list of names in another column say B, but without the prefixed numbers. So, column B will have Peter Jones, Johnny Piper, Andrea, St. Mary's, White etc.

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List Sheet Names From Opened Workbooks
This code loops through all columns in all sheets in all workbooks of a specified directory.

My copy paste to column C in "Loop Folder" works well thanks to this forum especially wigi

I want to paste the file name once in Column A and have it repeat for each new file opened. My code only does this for the first one as I simply can not fathom the coding

In column B I'd like to paste the sheet name once as they get opened.
I am struggling here as well on Sheets.Name coding ....

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