Automatic Update In Other Sheets: Need Some Changes To The Existing Code

Aug 29, 2008

I have already got an anwer for this long back from this site. The code was writted by Mr. Krishnakumar
the thread is here :[url]

i need some changes to be made in this code. The existing code creates and updates the details in the sheets automatically from the master data. I just need the sum of Column I in all the sheets after the last row of Column I.

selecting all the sheets and typing the formula in I column is not possible because, the last row in Column I is different in all the sheets.
In sheet 1, the last row of Column I is Row 15, in sheet 2 Row150 is the last row.
I guess something could be done in macros.

follwing is the existing

Sub TestIt()
Dim sWS As Worksheet
Dim Sellers As Range, Seller As Range
Dim lRow As Long, fRow As Integer
Dim CopyRng As Range, ws As Worksheet

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Automatic Update From Multiple Sheets To Master Sheet

Apr 7, 2011

I have multiple sheets all of which are identical except for the number of rows containing data. I have been trying to create a macro to update these sheets into one 'Master' sheet but I'm having great difficulties due to me needing to leave Column A and Row 1 blank.

I have uploaded example data of what I am after, sheets 2 - 6 need to be automatically updated to the 'Master' sheet when the macro is run.

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Update Existing Code To Include Two More Fields Of Info

Jun 6, 2014

I have some existing code which I did not write, nor do I have the expertise to update. The macro code takes multi rows of data for one person and "flips" the output to be one record per person with columns of data.

The source data looks like this sorted by teacher, Term and Period (columns H and I are the new ones added; the code currently looks through column G only)A

Faculty Name


I just want to add column H and I data to the period course listings by term. So instead of "Term: TM#", just have the display indicate Termcode: Tally/SectSize.... such as (example): "TM1: 20/30"

My Code is as follows:

Option Explicit
Dim wsSource As Worksheet
Dim wsTarget As Worksheet


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Running Code On SharePoint Linked Worksheet To Update Existing And Future Data

Aug 8, 2012

I inherited a spreadsheet to manage that is linked to a SharePoint table.

It is trying to populate a date that a certain "Tier" is selected (1, 2, 3, or 4).

It works great if I manually type in the tiers, but does not run on existing data (about 400 records) or lines that are updated and new via the SharePoint list.

How can I have this run on all of the existing lines and anything added or changed in the future from the list?

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("AD2:AD10000")) Is Nothing Then
Application.EnableEvents = False

[Code] ....

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Automatic Code To Manipulate Other Sheets?

Jun 18, 2014

I have a macro that gets activated as soon as i select the sheet which the macro is situated in. This is not so great because if i am bringing something from the clipboard the automatic macro erases what i have copied and therefore i cannot paste anything. I can make the automatic macro run from a different sheet. Here's how:


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Compare Two Sheets And Update Prices Based On Item Code?

Jul 16, 2014

I have a price list from my supplier with the new prices.

I then have my Accounting software where I need to update the cost and retail prices. The problem I have is the Accounting software has allocated it`s own Unique ID for each item. So in order for me to bulk import this I need to keep this unique ID with the Actual Product ID together otherwise it will duplicate the product.

Here is a example

Sheet to be updated (Cost and Retail only) from PRICE LIST SHEET
Uneque ID


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VBA Automatic Default Colour Change To Red Or Green On Existing Workbook?

Mar 7, 2014

I am looking for a vba where by the default colour of the font for new text typed in any cell of a workbook change to green or red and the default black automatic becomes secondary. The existing text in the workbook in its existing font colour must not change i.e stays in black or red.

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Automatic Update ...

Apr 12, 2007

I want to the "No. of times taken out" column to automatically update if the status is "Borrowed".

So, say book had been borrowed 13 times, and the Book is borrowed again, I want the "No of times taken out" to change from 13 to 14.

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Automatic Update Data

Dec 7, 2008

Not sure my subject is matching to my problem. This is my first Thread. I work in excel sheet to tracking meters and am and my boss updating this sheet. This sheet we have in server drive so we both can share. The problem is I need some formula to update automatically whoever updates last in sign column. E.g. Computer id, or something. I attached sheet for more clarification.

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Automatic Refresh / Update

Mar 25, 2013

I have 2 excel tables that are frequently edited on a laptop and saved to a Dropbox folder. What I would like to do is have a second computer that will have these tables open and constantly updates (periodically or when changes are made). This computer and monitor will serve as a display in a common area (think of it kind of like a flight tracker).

What I have tried: I have tried to enable the Shared Workbook with a refresh of 5 minutes but the display computer is not showing the changes. I would like to make it refresh every minute if a periodic refresh is possible.

Note: It is my understanding that if you reopen the file, the data will update so maybe there is a way to have the file reopen every few minutes? I was able to successfully test this method; If I am able to automate this process without the two excel sheets changing the window positions (using a Workspace file perhaps) it would be perfect.

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Automatic Update The Data

Aug 10, 2009

i have in sheet1, where the client key in the data, and sheet2 where i have to give the latest data to my manager. i tried with isblank and sort but in vain.. attaching the sheet.

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Automatic Update Of Workbook

Jan 13, 2012

What I'd like to have is one workbook, that 2 people can open and both people will see all changes that happen to the workbook.

As an example, there would be a Player 1 sheet and a Player 2 sheet. When you open the workbook you choose which Player you are and then it defaults to your sheet. You can then place your ships and start the game.

Each player would take it in turns to guess a square on the opponents board and then this selection would be sent to the other players sheet and updated automatically.

Most of it I think is quite easy to do - the only tough part being the updating process. Could I do it as 2 workbooks one for each player, (password protected to stop cheating!) and then when a move is made both workbooks are closed, the change is made and saved and the workbooks are re-opened?

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Automatic Monthly Update

Dec 28, 2006

I have a workseeht that consist of 13 tabs. This is what i am trying to do:

Each tab is for a month in 2007. The main tab is formated to show a recap of each month. So when the Janruary tab has been completed the main recap page should pull data from its tab. Then once the february tab has been completed the main recap tab should now show the data from this tab, and so on and so on.

I am currently updating the data manually by refrencing the new tab in the main tab formulas. I hope there is an easier way for me to get this data without manually inputing formulas every month.

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Automatic Menu Update

May 25, 2007

I have a custom menu bar. Here is a part of the menu code. The SubMenu Items are various pipelines that am analysing. In a year time the user may add a pipeline. Is there any way to have a code to update this menu bar based on a changed list of ipelines?

Sub SetMenu()
Set NewMenuBar = CommandBars.Add(MenuBar:=True)
With NewMenuBar
. Name = "QRA"
.Visible = True
End With
' Copy the File menu from Worksheet Menu bar
CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar").Visible = False
' Add a new menu
Set NewMenu = NewMenuBar.Controls.Add(Type:=msoControlPopup, Before:= _

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Automatic Update Of Data In Other Spreadsheet

Apr 24, 2009

I want to automatically update data from one spreadsheet to ther one i am novice to vb programming

here are two file plzzz help me out --sheet 1--sheet(data of sheet one to be copied into)
and is there any way that the data copied also gets saved the in that spreadsheet as next time data in sheet 1 is updated!

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Automatic Update Of Data If Changes Made

Jul 1, 2014

The workbook I have has a tab for Master List of Transactions - there is data in columns A through J. In column E, when a year is entered, the data in columns A through D is copied to a tab for the specific year entered in column E. When the data from columns A through D is copied to the specific year's tab, it does not change anymore. If the information is changed at all on the Master tab, the macro does not currently work to automatically update the information on the specific year's tab but I would like it to. Is this possible?

Here is the macro I currently have:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
' Code goes in the Worksheet specific module
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Dim rng As Range
Dim row_copy As Integer

[Code] ......

How to automatically update the year tabs for changes on the Master List of Transactions tab.

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Automatic Update Formula When Row Inserted

Apr 18, 2007

In my "example" I have references in Summary!D23:E32 which take data from Input!B36:U36. Is it possible to automatically update these formulae if a row is inserted eg above my row 37? The formula in D23 should then change from =OFFSET(B37,-1,0) to =OFFSET(B38,-1,0) and so on. I would like this to occur wherever I insert a row.
I am using this code, but it inserts rows consecutively from the top only.

Sub InsertVolRow()
Dim iRow As Long, iColumn As Long
On Error Goto Exit_Error
iRow = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(" Total", Range("A:A"), 0)
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown
iColumn = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match("Total", Range("2:2"), 0)
Cells(iRow - 1, 1).Select
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range(Cells(iRow - 1, 1), Cells(iRow, 1)),

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Text Box After Update Property Not Allow To Delete Existing Populated Value

May 14, 2014

I have a text box in a USERFORM .Have the following code associated with the text box. (which perform basic arithmetic.... e.g. If engineers wanna key in 39+137, instead of 176.)

[Code] .....

When I run the userform, the userform’s INITIALIZE procedure populates the textbox with value from a cell in the spreadsheet. When I delete the value completely , it gives error almost instantaneously:

Error is "Could not set the value property. Type Mismatch".

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Automatic Chart Update With New Data Entry

Apr 12, 2006

I've been updating all the charts manually each time I update the entries in the worksheet which charts are created from in the same workbook. Is there any way (eg. by use of macros or VBA) that I can have all the charts updated automatically when data ranges are updated each time?

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Automatic Chart That Use Formula Result To Update Without Login

Jul 18, 2014

I want have a chart that use Formula result to update automatically. I know there is some vb methods to do this but my job is different and that ways work when values enter manually but i need a way that use formula result to update and don't make chart as long as existing values. I attached a sample of i need and i did explanation on it. The Salesman's are enter to column A by a VB and Their values of cost or earning are enter by a formula.

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Automatic Chart Title Update From Filtered Criteria

May 2, 2008

I am having difficulty figuring out how to get my chart title to automatically update when my chart changes via filtered criteria. I can get it to change by clicking the title bar on the chart, but would like the title to automatically update as soon as I select new criteria and the chart changes.

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Update Logic In Attached Macro To Include Condition To Check Data Not Existing

Mar 17, 2013

I have attached excel with the logic I am using, but I have a problem and needed logic to update to make sure it is not inserting same data (duplicate data).

Please update the logic so that if it is having same data in sheet 3 it should not insert or delete duplicate.

Public Sub CopyData()
Dim ws As Worksheet, bi As Byte, vData(1 To 9), bi1 As Byte, vData1(1 To 9), bi2 As Byte, vData2(1 To 9), bi3 As Byte, vData3(1 To 9), bi4 As Byte, vData4(1 To 9)
Set ws = Sheets("Sheet2")
For bi = 1 To 9

[Code] .........

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Automatic Link Update WITHOUT Prompt When File Opened Not Working (XL2003)

Jul 6, 2006

Despite setting the "Edit/Links/Startup Prompt/Don't display the alert and update links" option numerous times, my workbook still prompts me to update links every time I open it. The option seems to be set okay (it is preset whenever I go into the "Edit/Links/Startup Prompt" dialog), but it doesn't seem to affect the workbook's startup behaviour. The workbook contains a ComboBox control that is initialized with customer names from another workbook, which is included in the References for this main workbook.

I am using Excel 2003 (from Office Pro 2003) under Windows XP (SP1). I believe this used to work without the prompt when I was working on this app last fall (I'm not sure, as my memory of specific behaviours back that far is fuzzy). However, it has been persistently prompting ever since I started working on this app again this spring/summer. Was there perhaps a bad fix to Office 2003 (that I automatically applied) that broke this feature?

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Calling Non-existing Sheets

Oct 28, 2009

Currently I'm trying to set up a table that referneces sheets that don't yet exist. These sheets will be added by the user or by macro, either one. I want my table to automatically take these pages into account when they're created without having to rewrite my formulas. The problem is that when I make the call to a sheet that's not there, it opens a file open dialogue box and I don't want it to do that. Is there something I can do here about that?

I don't think it's really going to shed any light on the subject, but this is my call (from memory, not copy and paste)

IF(OR(ISERROR('P01'!N2),'P01'!N2 = ""),"",'P01'!N2)

Also, when I enter this formula and the sheet doesn't exist, it automatically reverts to a text field and I have to manually switch it back to general in which case it gives a #REF error (which is just fine).

Also, I'm writing it in Excel 2003, but it completely crashes Excel '97 if I try to open it there, how can I fix this?

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Renaming Multiple Existing Sheets

Mar 7, 2014

I am a teacher who has created a gradebook in Excel. Each class has a student template sheet, individual sheets for each student in the class (maximum 26 students/class) which has the structure of the template and some cell referencing to the template, and a couple of mark-entry sheets and a sheet that shows the progress of all students in the class.

A number of teachers in the school have been using this gradebook and I am constantly looking for ways to make it more user-friendly. Currently, when a new course starts, a teacher opens a blank copy of the file (which has all of the sheets I mentioned above present). To set up a class, the teacher enters the students' names once on the mark entry sheet (called the "Binder Sheet"), and then changes the individual student tabs (right click...rename...) to reflect the names of their students.

I am wondering if there is a way to have the individual sheet tabs (Student 1, Student 2...Student 26) update automatically to match the names that the teacher enters on the Binder Sheet in cells A4:A29.

I would like to be able to embed the update procedure/script into the blank template so that it is user friendly for others.

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Automatic Date In Following Sheets

Jul 23, 2007

I have a week in sheet1. For eg.

01/07/07 in A1, 02/07/07 in B1 ....... 07/07/07 in G1.

Now in sheet2 I want to continue 08/07/07 in A1 ..... 14/07/07 in G1 and so on and so forth in following worksheets.

How can I automatically obtain the dates in corresponding columns in the following worksheets?

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Copy All Sheets To An Existing PowerPoint Template

Apr 2, 2009

I have a Workbook, that I would like to copy over to an existing PowerPoint template.

The order that the sheets are currently in, is the same order I would like the presentation to be.

Can this be done all at once with command button?

see attachment for examples of the Workbook and PowerPoint template

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Merge Multiple Sheets Of Existing Workbook Into One Sheet?

Mar 27, 2014

I want to merge different worksheet of an existing workbook into one by macro .I did not want to repeat the rows label for each worksheet data.Also I want to get at right hand side i.e in G column the data to be extracted for respective worksheet in the merged data.I have enclosed in attachment an expected solution in a sheet name "merged".However the number of worksheet is here only 3 for sample purposes.However,in reality there is more than 3 .

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Trying To Combine Existing Code

Mar 27, 2009

I am trying to combine the 'Mail Range' from this code with the 'Mail to address in A1' from this code and can't make it work. Maybe this is the wrong tactic to take but I have very little knowledge about writing my own code. The ideal solution would make a copy of a a specific range of cells from a specific sheet, mail it to a recipiant (could change based on what is entered in the field) and delete the copy. I will try to attach an example next week.

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Automatic Consolidation Of Data From Multiple Sheets?

Jul 23, 2014

I have data that varies in string length across sheets but I would like to consolidate it based on name. Ideally, a pivot table would make sense to me but I have never used one across sheets (if it's even possible). I've attached a sample sheet I'm working with. This is very simplified, but assume that the shaded, gray fields are locked. Essentially, this is simulating that is getting pulled from software.

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