Automatic Consolidation Of Data From Multiple Sheets?

Jul 23, 2014

I have data that varies in string length across sheets but I would like to consolidate it based on name. Ideally, a pivot table would make sense to me but I have never used one across sheets (if it's even possible). I've attached a sample sheet I'm working with. This is very simplified, but assume that the shaded, gray fields are locked. Essentially, this is simulating that is getting pulled from software.

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Consolidation Of Data From Multiple Worksheets

Dec 20, 2013

Consolidation of data from multiple worksheets of a workbook in a different workbook.

The, to be copied ranges are static at column B, E & AB. However, the data is required to be copied below each other for each sheet. Also the name of sheet is required to be assigned to every copied data in consolidated file...

Suppose i have 5 sheets with data... then in the consolidated sheet i need name of "sheet1" to be assigned to all the copied records and so on for all the sheets...

Sub trial()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim Wb As Workbook
Dim path As String

[Code] ........

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Automatic Update From Multiple Sheets To Master Sheet

Apr 7, 2011

I have multiple sheets all of which are identical except for the number of rows containing data. I have been trying to create a macro to update these sheets into one 'Master' sheet but I'm having great difficulties due to me needing to leave Column A and Row 1 blank.

I have uploaded example data of what I am after, sheets 2 - 6 need to be automatically updated to the 'Master' sheet when the macro is run.

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Pivot Table Using Multiple Consolidation Ranges

Dec 19, 2013

I have 3 tabs in my spreadsheet that I want to combine in a Pivot Table. All 3 tabs have the exact same headings in Columns A-J. I want to create a pivot table to pull in all the data from the 3 tabs while using the Current Column headings to create the pivot table. But the pivot table wizard is only giving me "ROW" and "COLUMN" which does not allow any flexibility to create the table the way I want and move the various column data around.

Is there a better way to Pivot Table data from the separate tabs? My data on each tab is changed weekly and I was hoping to just update the pivot table when the data changed..

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Multiple Worksheet Consolidation With Inconsistent Layouts

Jun 28, 2006

I'm attempting to consolidate 3 columns of data that is a varying number of rows in length (a range of 0-1000 roughly) for 53 different worksheets (1 per week of the year, named '1' , '2', etc.). All three columns on each page are the same length. What I want to do is consolidate all the data onto one worksheet 3 columns wide and X rows long (so one week's range of data after the other, but it doesn't have to be in any specific order). I am looking mainly for code because that seems to me like the best option at this point unless someone can provide a viable alternative.

What I've tried:
I've tried on a smaller scale, 5 worksheets, naming the ranges using the OFFSET function to create a dynamic range and then trying to paste one right after the other with no luck getting it to paste such a large range. Going along with that I chopped and dropped some code from another online source (forum? tutorial? I don't remember) and modified it to consolidate the 5 named ranges, however, the code does not really seem feasible for 53 named ranges. Loops seem reasonable, but I couldn't come up with an easy way to cycle through the worksheet names and named ranges.

I only have a few hours worth of VBA tinkering so I'm sort of lacking, but I have other coding experience so the structures and concepts are familiar just the syntax and finer points are greek to me. I sadly don't yet have the time to sit and learn VBA either.

If there's an easy way to put a few loops in or you think it should loop through and copy each cell rather messing around with ranges then go for it.

Here's what the code looks like after I modified it: ....

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Consolidation Sheet Without Any Duplicate - Lookup Multiple Values

Sep 18, 2013

I have a list of ID's but in the same list there are duplicates, then I have my consolidation sheet without any duplicates, my issue is that I need to have the contents of a different column for each of the ID's.

Data sheet example

Column A (ID) | Column D (Result)

1111 first
2222 other
1111 second
3333 another test
2222 other two's
1111 third

Consolidation sheet

Column A (ID) | Incident 1 | Incident 2 | Incident 3

1111 first second third
2222 other other two's
3333 another test

Is there any formula/vba which could perform something similar?

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Data Consolidation And Sorting

May 15, 2014

I have A spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet contains 8 worksheets, of which I am only concerned with 7 as the 8th merely presents a graph.

The first 6 worksheets all contain raw data exported from BMC Remedy indicating the names of users who logged incidents to have their passwords reset or their AD Accounts unlocked over a 6 month period, hence 6 worksheets (per month basis).

The 7th worksheet contains raw data from another application known as FIM (A MS based interface which allows users to reset their own passwords) indicating all users who are registered to utilize this functionality.

The goal of my exercise is to consolidate the data and sort it to such an extent where I can ascertain which users phoned the service desk to log an incident for a password reset, even though they are registered to do it themselves via FIM ... I have been going through the list manually and it took me 10 solid hours to go through 265 ... ... ... ... I have 3'900 to go through!

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Consolidation Of Data From Different Worksheets

Sep 8, 2008

consolidating all data from different worksheets. I have use the consolidation function in excel but the result is not what to appear.

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Result using consolidate

Expected result

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Consolidation Of Workbooks To Single Workbook When Data Is More Than 66k Lines

Aug 24, 2012

I have around 21 excel files in a particular folder all the files column headings are same and but number of line differ from 0 to 50K. Overall all 21 files will have more then 2 Lakhs lines.

i require a code which consolidate the all 21 files in to single workbook. if first sheet in full then data should copy to next sheet, so on. I also require file name in the first column of destination file when files are being copied.

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How To Perform Consolidation Of Data And Sort Through Dropdown Menus

Nov 5, 2013

On the spreadsheet there is 31 days (a separate worksheet per day).

at the bottom of each sheet there is the case notes for that day. I would like all that information collating on the last sheet of the workbook (named Cases).

I would like to be able to sort through that data with the use of some drop down menus.

All i need to sort is the Brand and if the case is open/closed.

what to do so I can try myself or using the attached spreadsheet be able to sort this problem out. If you choose to use the spreadsheet to meet the requirements

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Data Consolidation - Sum Up The Labor Hours By Work Order?

Mar 6, 2014

It is data for a time study to compute labor hours. I have managed to group everything together per "work order" and "Employee ID". I am trying to sum up the labor hours by work order. I know it sounds simple but I do have another question. Once the total hours are set. Are they still available in the same format when put in a Pivot Table?

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Select Multiple Sheets And If Value In Cell Is True Then Copy Values In All Sheets And Hardcode Data

Feb 26, 2012

I have a workbook that updates from external source and creates sheets depending on a cell range.

I have put tab 1 and tab 0 on either end of where the new sheets will be inputted, will never know how many sheets

What i need to happen is if someone fills in "complete" in A7 in my "summary" sheet then the values in row 6 in all the other sheets get hardcoded. This needs to happen from A7 down to A26, so A8 = complete then copy row 7 etc
This is what i have so far

I get compile error here ........Sheets(ArrSh(1)).Activate

Also need it to work for all the other rows.

Sub hardcode()
'Sheets("Summary"). Select
If Range("a7") = "complete" Then
Sheets(Array("1", "0")).Select

[Code] ......

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Automatic Date In Following Sheets

Jul 23, 2007

I have a week in sheet1. For eg.

01/07/07 in A1, 02/07/07 in B1 ....... 07/07/07 in G1.

Now in sheet2 I want to continue 08/07/07 in A1 ..... 14/07/07 in G1 and so on and so forth in following worksheets.

How can I automatically obtain the dates in corresponding columns in the following worksheets?

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Automatic Code To Manipulate Other Sheets?

Jun 18, 2014

I have a macro that gets activated as soon as i select the sheet which the macro is situated in. This is not so great because if i am bringing something from the clipboard the automatic macro erases what i have copied and therefore i cannot paste anything. I can make the automatic macro run from a different sheet. Here's how:


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Grabbing Data With Multiple Criteria Across Multiple Sheets

Jun 24, 2014

I've attached a sample sheet to this message.

What I'm trying to do is grab data from the raw data sheet and paste it into the master sheet based off of certain criteria. I want to list any accounts that are not correct.

For example, I want to look through the Raw Data sheet, find the account that contains campaigns which are not correct, and then list the name of the account on the Master sheet. I only need the account name listed once on the Master sheet.

Sample Data.xlsx‎

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Automatic Selection Of Parts Of Lists To Other Sheets

Mar 25, 2013

I was wondering if there is an easy function that would copy only some part of a list as if like I select a category.

Let me elaborate. As in a previous post i have a list of apartments and a set of categories (locations, tube stations, number rooms, distance to tube stations, etc).

I want to get all the items that are the same from a category and post them automaticly on another sheet to single them out, for instance all of them that are on Liverpool Street station or all of them that have 2 rooms.

Is there a simple way to do this or do I have to get a macro to read my whole list? I ask cause I am continuasly updating the list and don't want to recreate the formula all the time.

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Automatic Copy Of Values From One Sheet To Other Sheets

Aug 9, 2013

I am trying to make some sheets with football teams from one championship and their results. For example i will have a match between TeamA vs. TeamB that will end 0-0. I will enter this value in the sheet for the TeamA results but normally this value will also be found in the results sheet of TeamB.

My question is, how can i make excel copy this value once i enter it for TeamA in the results sheet for TeamB.

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Automatic Search/Copy/Paste Between Sheets, How?

Mar 13, 2009

I would like Excel to do the following and have no idea how to write the instructions. The function is as follows:

From a general information sheet (sheet #1), XCEL looks at a cell to determine if that cell holds "A" or "B" (will be a word, and choice will be previously fixed by a dropdown menu). It then looks at another cell in the same row to determine if it equals 0 or 1.
If the cell holds A, and the other cell holds 0, XCEL copies the row from the general information sheet onto sheet #2 of the same workbook.

If the cell holds B and the other cell holds 0, XCEL copies the row from the general information sheet onto sheet #3 of the same workbook.

After XCEL has copied a row, it inputs a 1 in a final cell of that row so it will not copy that row again.

On sheet #2 and sheet #3, XCEL begins (and copies to) the first open row in column A (by moving there after performing its last copy function or by checking column A until it finds a cell = 0), so that each new copy function begins in an open row.

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Automatic Update In Other Sheets: Need Some Changes To The Existing Code

Aug 29, 2008

I have already got an anwer for this long back from this site. The code was writted by Mr. Krishnakumar
the thread is here :[url]

i need some changes to be made in this code. The existing code creates and updates the details in the sheets automatically from the master data. I just need the sum of Column I in all the sheets after the last row of Column I.

selecting all the sheets and typing the formula in I column is not possible because, the last row in Column I is different in all the sheets.
In sheet 1, the last row of Column I is Row 15, in sheet 2 Row150 is the last row.
I guess something could be done in macros.

follwing is the existing
Sub TestIt()
Dim sWS As Worksheet
Dim Sellers As Range, Seller As Range
Dim lRow As Long, fRow As Integer
Dim CopyRng As Range, ws As Worksheet

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Disable Automatic Absolute References When Linking To External Sheets?

May 30, 2014

Would be a massive time saver but can't find anything here or on Google on how to do this.

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Formula / Function To Collect Data From Multiple Sheets And Store Data In One Sheet?

Dec 17, 2013

- I have total of 13 sheets in a workbook - 12 sheets represent 12 months with data; 13th sheet is single sheet in which i would like to get complete overview of 12 months

- each of 12 sheets has actually sales results for multiple products with following data: internal code, manufacturer part number, name, and qty sold in that month

- situation is that some products have been phased out during the year and some were introduced so each sheet is slightly different in terms of in which row certain product is located

What i would like to achive is to make 13th sheet (whole year overview) do the following:
- there is a list of all the products in it, each product has unique internal code - this code (from each line) should be used to find that code in each monthly sheet, then find its monthly sales value (copy it) and paste it in sheet 13 in cell that represents this product and particular month.

In other words i would like to see for each product what was monthly sales throughout this year, but avoid manually filling in qty for each product per month.

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Sum Data From Multiple Sheets

Feb 12, 2010

I have workbook with 12 worksheets (sample show only Jan and Feb sheets) from which I want to summary data onto a single Summary (see tab on worksheet) sheet. Each worksheet has three sections: Income, Expense, and Spending. From each of these sections I want to summarize data from columns: Description, Amount and Date.

For example, from Income section of all worksheets, I want Excel to look at the Descriptions column and total the Amounts for all items with the same description, that fall between two dates. Then Excel look at Expense section Description column and total the Amounts for all items with the same description, that fall between two dates. Then do the same for the Spending section.

The descriptions who's Amounts to be totaled cannot pre-exist on the summary sheet, so I need Excel to fine each unique description, list it once on summary sheet, then calculate the total. Ive attached a sample file. The SUMMAY EXAMPLE sheet is what I would like the result to look like on SUMMARY sheet, but Im open to a different layout.

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Add New Row After Last Row With Data On Multiple Sheets

Jul 16, 2014

I have an excel sheet with multiple tabs (Master, Sheet2, Sheet3, etc.). The Master sheet has a list of all current employee names in Column A and I want to add a Button to the sheet that will produce a message box to add a new name to the end of this list and after the last row of data on each subsequent tab (Sheet2, Sheet3, etc.). The problem I'm encountering is that the code I have requires me to select a cell and is just inserting a new row with the data on each sheet at the same point, so if I have row 14 selected the new entry is created at row 14 on each tab...

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Pull Data From Multiple Sheets

Jun 4, 2014

I'm working on a sheet trying to keep track on which client is working with which employee. The first sheet shows tracking for the year and each additional sheet is the month. Basically the Yearly sheet is there so I can quickly control+f "client name" and see which employee he or she is working with.

I attached a simple version of the workbook but basically it basically looks like this: Yearly sheet - Row 1 is the employees name, Row 2 is the month, and the rows after that are the clients name until it gets to the next month. January sheet - cell A1 says client, Cell B1 says employee. I'm inputing the clients in column A and the employee in column B and using this formula for the Yearly sheet (starting in row 3) =IF(January!$B2=Yearly!A$1,January!$A2,"")

This is working for what it's supposed to do, but it's not pretty and leaves a lot of of blank cells. Is there a simpler way of doing this?


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Summarising Data From Multiple Sheets

Apr 21, 2009

I have a to do list on excel which spans 5 separate sheets (all within one file). I have given each item a priorty number e.g. 1, 2 or 3. I wanted to summarise on the first sheet how many priority 1s, 2s, 3s I have.

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Macro For Data In Multiple Sheets?

Mar 21, 2014

I want to consolidate the various employees' salaries of all months in a sheet. I enter salaries in different sheets month-wise and in each sheet, department-wise. Some employees get commission in various departments. Now, I need to see the details of an employee by giving his name. I should get month-wise his salary, commission and department in which he get commission, across all the sheets.

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Copy Data From Multiple Sheets

Aug 26, 2009

I am using the following code to copy data from multiple tabs to a summary tab - it is only supposed to copy the data in the rows if the cells in Column A have data in them, its working, but for some reason it is copying the data in columns Y and Z for four extra rows even though there is no data in column A for those rows.

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Userform Data To Multiple Sheets

Nov 17, 2009

I have created this with text, command & list boxes with a view to creating an asset register.

So the options i have are premises, hardware, software & fixtures. I have tested so that these go onto 1 sheet ( at the moment all additions go to premises) but i require for it to go to there respective sheets i.e. a sheet for each asset.

But, due to inexperience with userforms and VB i don't know how to do this.

Also, how can i get a sequential number coming up for each asset on their respective sheets

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Multiple Sheets Data To Table

Aug 4, 2012

I have the following (same fields) data in multiple sheets (named P1, P2 etc).

Would like to get the result as a table, based on the sheet name and the cell reference in that sheet.

P1 (Sheet Name)
row A B C
4 Data1 x
5 Data2 y
6 Data3 z

P2 (Sheet Name)
row A B C
4 Data1 a
5 Data2 b
6 Data3 c

New Sheet (Intended format of the result, based on the A3, A4 and B1, B2, B3 values)

row A B C D
1 Field Position B4 B5 B6
2 Sheet Name Data1 Data2 Data3
3 P1 x y z
4 P2 a b c

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Copying Data From Multiple Sheets?

Dec 1, 2012

Im looking for a way to copy all rows with data in them from row 3 to the last row with data to another worksheet. I would like to copy the data from ALL worksheets in the workbook apart from one called Grade Boundaries.

All the sheets have the same layout. I simply want to produce a sheet with the data from all sheets in one place.

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