Calculate Players Ranking Based On Their Weight Categories And Attempts Total?

Jan 31, 2014

I am trying to calculate players ranking based on their weight categories and attempts total, e.g. Category (50kg, 69kg etc..) Rank should be calculated automatically the highest total value of cat. 50kg is 1st second highest is 2nd etc. However, if tow players or more within the same Category have scored same point ranking will be calculated based on Body Weight less comes first and if both have similar weight calculation will be based on Start # first player comes first etc..

Start #
Body Weight
Total Point

Player #1
Team #1

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Calculate The Total Weight Of Any Letter

Oct 18, 2009

I cut alphabet letters out of MDF. I need to calculate the total weight of any letter.
I have a program that will give me the area of any shape. In the picture below I have started with the letter “A”. B7 is the over all area. D7 is the small triangle. G7 is the total area minus the triangle D7. H7 is the thickness and I7 is the total volume.

The weight of my MDF I have set at is 850kg cubic meter. That’s set in A3.

I need the total weight of the letter in J7 to be in grams.
The idea is, I put in the areas and set the thickness and it gives me the total weight.

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SumIf: Check The Total Budgeted Amount Based On The Values I Enter On The Categories Sheet

Dec 18, 2009

I have included my budget so helpers can see it. I am trying creating a formula on mini-dashboard on A8 (Under the total budgeted amount) that will check the total budgeted amount based on the values I enter on the categories sheet. Of course it will be controlled using the drop down menu on A2 on mini-dashboard. I thought I had this working with a sumif function but it seems to have quit working.

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Add Each Players Total From Each Course They Played

May 28, 2009

I have a column that adds the total points for each Golfer at each Golf Course. (Column AI)
I've added another column that I want to add the total points for each Golfer from each Course played. (Column AJ)

How can this be done so that it adds each players total points for each Course Played? There could be more Courses as well.
Would I use a: (=IF(Course=Courses,Vlookup(Course,B2:B65536),35,False) with a Sum???

Below is how it would look shown in RED:

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZAAABACADAEAFAGAHAIAJ2DateGolf CourseIDTeam IDNameHCP123456789OUT101112131415161718INTotal ScoreNet ScoreStable ford PointsFront Holes WonBack Holes WonTotal Holes WonTeam ScoreTeam NetTeam Stable ford PointsCourse Stable ford Points324-MayRiverview0001001Player 13066666666654666666666541087829000108782943424-MayRiverview0002002Player 2195454534443844444444436745552101745552104524-MayRiverview0003003Player 330666666666545555555554599693800099693858624-MayRiverview0004004Player 416444444444365555555554581654200081654280725-MayEagle Bend0005001Player 11878666666657666666666541119314000111931443825-MayEagle Bend0006002Player 2334666555554755554454441885552000885552104925-MayEagle Bend0007003Player 316666666555515666666665310488200001048820581025-MayEagle Bend0008004Player 413444444545385555555544482693800082693880

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Calculate Ranking Based On Results Of 2 Columns

Nov 4, 2008

I have a speadsheet that has a table containing scores of audits, in the last 3 columns of the tabe I have the two totals (columns AC and AD)

In Column "AF" I wish to show where they will rank based on the results, first I need to rank via the result of column AD and if that is the same as another result use column AC to determine where they rank.

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Ranking Greater Than "0": Able To Rank Players Only If They Meet Or Exceed A Specific Number Of Rounds

May 26, 2009

I want to be able to rank players only if they meet or exceed a specific number of rounds. I have been able to get close but I would like to have the ranking start at "1" instead of "0" (see sheet).

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Running Total Of Weight Loss & Percentage

Mar 15, 2008

I was wanting to put it on a spreadsheet. Probably a pretty easy deal, but I don't know the formula to use. this is what I want: Joes start weight 200 minus week ones weight, then the original 200 minus week 2's weight and so on till week 8. I want to keep a running total of weight lost in pounds as well as percentage.

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Sum Each Order On Another New Coloum Which I Will Create Called Total Weight

Sep 17, 2009

Hi Guys,
im really stuck and could use one of your expertise.

i have an excel spreadsheet with 65,000 lines of data

i have 9 Coloums in the the file
Despatch DateCustomerDseqOrderLineItemPost CodeVol m3Gross Kg
13/02/09jason00002029095R055TR4 8QQ0.1099280.3313/02/09jason00002034741R043TR4 8QQ0.31621218.313/02/09jason00002034742R064TR4 8QQ0.8793673213/02/09jason00002034743R045TR4 8QQ0.94863684.9
i need a line here to sum it before the next order starts?
13/02/09jason200002033141A157WD18 7QX0.02832113/02/09jason200002033142A096WD18 7QX1.609288213/02/09jason200002033143A125EJAWD18 7QX0.849646.813/02/09jason200002033144A09JJAWD18 7QX0.13732102.8

im trying to create a formula that will sum each order on another new coloum which i will create called total weight

i need it to search the date then the customer name then the gross kg and total them up as there is multiple orders

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Total Categories Of Expenses Spreadsheet

Feb 8, 2014

I have a small online business and am slowly learning Excel to keep my records. I looked at Quickbooks and I think that it just a little too complicated for my needs, besides I like excel better.

The spreadsheet I want to make is how can I summarize the different categories, shipping, travel, EVSE, Wire, or whatever I come up with in the future from a daily expense spreadsheet. I guess the summary should be on another page.

I also guess I can make up a total also of the companies I buy from...

I've attached a beginning daily expense spreadsheet with some entries.2014 costs.xlsx

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How To Find Percentage Of Total For All The Items In Different Categories

Dec 17, 2013

Formula that can calculate % of total for individual items. For example,

Item NoCategorySales% of total

I need to find out each item % of total per their own category. For example item 1234 should equal 150/(Total Bed) to get % of total per category and item 1547 should equal 52/(Total of mattress)

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To Calculate That Loss Or Gain As A Percentage Of Their Original Weight

May 1, 2009

I run a slimming club and would like to use Excel to keep records of members weights, losses, gains etc. What I would like to do is enter their starting weight into a cell then each week when they are weighed enter a loss or gain in an adjacent cell. I would then like Excel to calculate that loss or gain as a percentage of their original weight. Is this possible?

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List Expenses By Categories Dropdown And Then Total Of Each Category?

Mar 11, 2014

I'm working on making a monthly expense report with 2 sheets; the first sheet would include each individual expense and the expense would placed in a certain category. The second worksheet would be a summary of the total expenses for each category.

I would like column A to be a drop down menu:

Column A: Expense type (Stationery, Kitchen, Maintenance, etc..)

Column B: Amount

This would continue for as many rows as i need

Then on a different worksheet it would add each item based on its category and give a total for each category.

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Calculate Quantities Based On Set Total

Dec 22, 2007

I have three values. The Quantity of items, the cost per items and the cost for the entire order. In some instances I want to give my clients items for free so I need to lower the cost per item in order to keep the entire order cost the same.

In order to ensure we are on the same page let's use the following associations:
Y = Quantity
X = Cost Per Item
Z = Order Total

So essentially I need a formula that will automatically calculate the cost per item (X) when more Quantity (Y) is added in order to keep the order total (Z) the same.

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Calculate Colum Total Based On Formula

Dec 8, 2009

I would like to have something that looks like a running total, but isn't.

I have in a colomn 'rate' and after that a column for each month in a year.
I would like to have at the bottom a total cost, so rate x hours.
have a look at the picture.

is there a formula for this?
$10 2,02,01,0
$12 2,03,00,0
$10 3,02,05,0
$15 4,02,53,0

total cost $134,0 $113,5 $105

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Calculate Total Pay Based On Sliding Percentage Scale

May 20, 2008

I am trying to set up a spreadsheet where all the sales manager will have to do is input the number of cars sold to determine what the total amount of commission will be for a salesperson. I have something set up so far, but need the spread sheet to do an if/then type thing where it will search the table, and produce the dollar amount for the number of cars sold based on the scale and the number in the # cars sold cell.

I've tried conditional sum, IF, goal seek, and all kinds of stuff to no avail. The spreadsheet is attached.

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Create A Spreadsheet That Will Calculate Total Money Spent And Total Savings?

Mar 5, 2014

I need to set up an easy to use spread sheet for my office. It needs to be able to calculate the running total spent of fuel, as well as include any discounts we get and then calculate our total savings.So basically, total spent and total saved.

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Calculate Who Appears In The Lowest 25% Of The Entire Ranking

May 11, 2009

What I am doing is taking the below info which is only a portion of what I am really using but I need to calculate who appears in the lowest 25% of the entire ranking but also if they were there for both months... is this possible cause I cant seem to figure this out?

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Shipping Charge Calculator Based Upon Weight To A Worksheet

Apr 15, 2008

I’m trying to add a shipping charge calculator based upon weight to a worksheet. I was trying to do with with VLOOKUP (my first attempted use of this) so I created a second worksheet called ‘Shipping’ which has the weights in column A (Weight) and the corresponding shipping cost in column B (Price). Up to 70 pounds, column A increases in two-pound increments (A2 through A36, 2 through 70 lbs); from 70 through 150 pounds, the increases are in five-pound increments (A36 through A52, 70 through 150 lbs). The total weight to be shipped is derived from SUM(D2:D30), located on the first worksheet called ‘Order’ in cell D32. In cell E32 I have entered this formula: VLOOKUP(D32,Shipping!A2:B52,2).

My problem is if Order!D32 returns something like 4.5, the value for four pounds is the result, while the six-pound charge should be the result. If I round this value up to 5.0, 5.5 or even 5.9, I get the same result.

I know I’m not supposed to guess at what I need to do, but these are my thoughts: 1) I need to modify the VLOOKUP formula to select the next higher value, i.e., so the 6 lb charge is selected for E32 when D32 contains 4.5 lbs, or the 85 lb charge is selected for E32 when D32 contains 82 lbs, 2) I need to add a ROUNDUP function to the SUM formula; this would need to round up to the next even number up to 70 lbs and then in increments of five above 70 lbs. I don’t know if either approach is correct, and in any case, I couldn’t figure out the syntax for either of these.
I’ve attached a sample spreadsheet, Shipping_Charge.xls.

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Managing Categories Based On 2 Variables And A Chart.

Aug 18, 2009

I have a list of about 700 guys with their names, ages and a coolness factor between 1 and 10. I have different categories that I want them to fit into based on their age and "coolness". The charts at the top of the sheet I've uploaded. Ages are on the top and their coolness rating is on the side. So for instance if somebody is 27 and has a coolness of 6 they would be lumped in the World category. How do I create an IF command that would automatically list what category they're in based on age and coolness?

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Summing Values Based On Multiple Categories

Jul 22, 2014

I am trying to create an inventory control system that keeps tracks of what's in bins based on additions and subtractions to the bin. I am hoping to generate a summary output of bin contents based on the transaction list. I know how to do this using pivot tables, but am looking for a VBA or excel function solution since I will have hundreds of bins and thousands of transactions.

Bin number
Product Code



[Code] ......

I want to have the following table auto generated.

Product Code
Sum Quantity



[Code] .......

I'm using an array formula right now, but it is proving to be extremely slow.

=IF(ISERROR(INDEX('Harvest Generator'!$E:$I,SMALL(IF(LEFT('Harvest Generator'!$E:$E,LEN('Harvest Generator'!$E:$E))=LEFT(B$3,LEN(B$3)),ROW('Harvest Generator'!$E:$E)),ROW(1:1)),B$2)),"",INDEX('Harvest Generator'!$E:$I,SMALL(IF(LEFT('Harvest Generator'!$E:$E,LEN('Harvest Generator'!$E:$E))=LEFT(B$3,LEN(B$3)),ROW('Harvest Generator'!$E:$E)),ROW(1:1)),B$2))

Where Harvest Generator is the sheet where my table is on.

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How To Apply Categories Based On Partial Text Match Like Vlookup

Jan 17, 2013

I do PPC work and you can export query data from Adwords with Column A being the actual search query. Then column B - E are impressions, clicks, cost & conversions (from each query). In this example, cell A1 might be running shoes, cell A2 might be walking shoes, cell A3 is running pants, and cell A4 is baseball pants. I want to add a new column (F) that does product category groupings based on partial text matches in column A. For example, anything that includes the text string shoe or shoes should be labeled as shoes in column F. Similarly, all queries that contain the characters pant would be listed as product category pants in column F.

Currently I do this manually by conditional formatting on column A for contains text and then color the cells. Then I sort by cell colors. Then I manually type in the product category into F for each color block in A. Needless to say, this is slow and manual.

What I would prefer is to have a master table (like a vlookup) on sheet 2 where column A is the list of partial text matches and column B is the product category to be returned if that the partial text in sheet 2 column A is found in the query list on sheet 1 column A. This way, on sheet 2 I could have cell A1 sneaker, cell A2 shoe, cell B1 shoes, cell B2 shoes, etc to manage the correlation between text strings and product category groupings.

Basically I want a formula to put in the cells on sheet 1 in column F that searches all of column A on sheet 1, looking for partial text matches from column A on sheet 2 and returning corresponding product category in column B on sheet 2.

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Avg # Attempts Before Failure

Mar 25, 2009

Trying to calculate average successful attempts before failure. Have several hundred data points (1=success, 0=failure). A1:A10 = 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0

Cell A11 should calculate average attempts between failures for the whole range A1:A10.

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Update Based On Ranking

Jan 16, 2009

I have a customer spread sheet that uses a “Ranking” to establish the next “Contact Date” based on the “Ranking” and the “Last Contact Date”.

An example is – a “Customer” with an A “Ranking” would be contacted 21 days after the “Last Contact Date”, with a B “Ranking”, 28 days after the “Last Contact Date” etc.

Is there any way that the “Next Contact Date” can be automatically up dated when the “Ranking” is changed and there are multiple rankings (A, B,C, D etc)

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Ranking Based On Criteria

Feb 27, 2014

I have a table that has multiple products and price points in it and I would like to add a field that ranks the products by price but for only against that product.

Product Price

Result needed is the Rank only by product based on Price




[Code] ........

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Ranking Based On Two Columns?

Jun 18, 2014

i would like to rank one table based on two columns, for example world cup group table to be ranked based on points but if two teams have the same no of points, then use goals scored column to break tie between them.

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Delete Workbook After 3 Attempts

Jan 24, 2008

Now that the code is configured to do what I want, can someone assist me in adding a code that will delete the expired file after the third attempt of the user trying to open an expired file.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim StartTime#, CurrentTime#

Const TrialPeriod# = 1 '< 1 days trial

Const ObscurePath$ = "C:"
Const ObscureFile$ = "LBFileLog.Log"

If Dir(ObscurePath & ObscureFile) = Empty Then
StartTime = Format(Now, "#0.#########0")
Open ObscurePath & ObscureFile For Output As #1
Print #1, StartTime....................................

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Limit Password Attempts

Jan 25, 2008

I have a code the requires user to enter a password when prompted, but i like to limit the user from attempting to enter a password to "x" amount of times.

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Password: Count Attempts

Nov 19, 2006

I notice i could not get into the Vb script password for the excel file given by royUk. May i know what's the password to open it? I need to see it urgently as i am rushing for my current project.

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Ranking Values And Ranking Duplicates The Same Rank

Mar 30, 2014

Ranking values and ranking duplicates the same rank I'm looking to rank a group of numbers that will possibly have duplicate numbers that I want to show as a tie but have no break in the rankings.


The ranking I am looking for is:

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Ranking Based On Input Selection

Nov 22, 2013

I have a input selection, when i keyin XYZ, the data under column XYZ should be ranked in ascending order. If i select ABC then it should rank ABC data in ascending order.



Rank the column by selectionXYZABC

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