Formula In Cell Show Blank If Zero

Jun 4, 2009

I have a spreadsheet which imports data from worksheets week 1, 2 etc to a monthly summary.
Is there any way I can show a cell as blank if the return equals 0?

I'm sure the resolution is probably simple but then so am I.

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Formula To Show A Blank Cell When A SUM = Zero

Oct 29, 2009

On my spreadsheet i have 4 columns which are in currency format. The 5th column (total) adds the 4 up which currently looks like this - =SUM(BG44:BG45) this shows 0.00 in the 5th column.

What i need is a formula in the 5th column (total) so that when it adds up the 4 previous columns if the sum = 0.00 then the total column should show a blank cell.

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Display/Show Blank Cell Via IF Formula/Function

Sep 27, 2006

The following are on a sheet:

A1 = 5700
B1 = 235
C1 = 17:14
D1 = 5922
$E$1 = 09:01
$F$1= 3

$E$1 and $F$1 are (the only) absolutes/constants.

A2 contains the following:


This translates as:


The result is a variable/number (235), "d" or a blank cell ("").

This formula is in a column and works fine where there are numbers in corresponding cells. The problem arises with corresponding cells which appear blank (show no values) but contain references to other cells: they result in a "d" when nothing should be displayed.

So while a corresponding blank cell is correct if it shows no values, it gives me this problem - I don't want "d" or anything.

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If Cell Is Blank Then Show Value Of 1

Mar 26, 2009

I have a page that shows staffing levels. If the member of staff is in work then I have to enter a value of 1 on each member so I can calculate the number of staff present. If they are on leave or similar then I enter a text value such as AL which discounts then from the total staff.

Is there a way to have the default value of 1 in a range of cells if the cell is blank automatically? Can this be done via VB?

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Cell To Show Blank

Oct 15, 2005

I have a formula =MAX(0,37.5-M9) and I need the cell to show blank if the
answer is 0. What can I change?

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Get N/A Not To Show When Cell Is Blank?

May 7, 2014

How do I get the N/A not to show when the cell is blank with this


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Show Zero Value Instead Of Blank Cell

Dec 19, 2008

This is my formula. =IF(SUM(P5:P9)=0,"",SUM(P5:P9)

When P5 & P6 = 0 and P7 through P9 are blank, nothing populates for the answer. How do I make the answer = 0, when some 0,s are present in the equation?

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How To Show A Message If A Cell In A Row Is Blank

Nov 19, 2012

I am new to excel vba. I want to show a pop-up message when user tries to save the workbook keeping cell(1,3) blank.

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IF A Cell Is Not Having Data Show It As Blank

Dec 10, 2008

there is data going to excel from database. The data is something like jan to dec sales and in a arbitrary fashion. now if there wont be data availble for say month of july then nothing will be there.

Now i need to nicely formulate data from jan feb ..Dec and in same order in another cells. Now for empty cells data after formualting it is coming as #N/A. and by this i am getting a same thing in the application where this excel sheet is being used. So for eliminating it i need to use 'if' such that if it is undefined or NULL then blank should be there in the formulated cell.

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Need Cell To Show Blank Instead Of FALSE

Oct 7, 2011

I have three formula in a spreadsheet, all of which should return a number (which they do) or show blank. However, two of the formula return 'FALSE'. The formula are as follows:

1 Which returns a number or 'FALSE'

=IF(A15="2",(""),IF('Doorset schedule'!N20="l",(""),IF('Doorset schedule'!AY20="l",(""),
IF('Doorset schedule'!AZ20="l",(""),IF('Doorset schedule'!BA20="l",(""),IF('Doorset schedule'!BB20="l",(""),
IF('Doorset schedule'!BC20="l",(""),IF('Doorset schedule'!CN20="l",(""),IF('Doorset schedule'!S20="l",(3),
IF('Doorset schedule'!T20="l",(6),IF('Doorset schedule'!U20="l",(6),IF('Doorset schedule'!W20="l",(4)))))))))))))

2 Which returns a number or remains blank (ie works OK)

=IF(A15="2",(""),IF('Doorset schedule'!N20="l",(""),IF('Doorset schedule'!AW20="l",(""),IF('Doorset schedule'!AX20="l",(""),
IF('Doorset schedule'!CN20="l",(""),IF(AND('Doorset schedule'!AY20="",
'Doorset schedule'!AZ20="",'Doorset schedule'!BA20="",'Doorset schedule'!BB20="",
'Doorset schedule'!BC20=""),(""),IF(AND('Doorset schedule'!S20="l",'Doorset schedule'!

[Code] ......

3 Which returns a number or 'FALSE'

=IF('Doorset schedule'!$CW20="N",(" "),IF('Doorset schedule'!$CX20="1",("1"),
IF('Doorset schedule'!$CY20="2",("2"),IF('Doorset schedule'!$CZ20="4",("4")))))

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Show Blank If Another Cell Meets Condition

Oct 19, 2007

I have 5 cells on a sheet. When one has an X in it the other 4 go blank. It so I can keep track of who has ownership of a job.

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Show Text If Adjacent Cell Is Not Blank

Aug 8, 2008

I am looking for a piece of code that I can use.

Basically if cell A2 is non blank then I want cell C2 to display My Text. I want to do this for every cell down to about A250.

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Basic IF Function. Return Cell Value Or Show Blank

Mar 13, 2008

For example if I were to take the data in cells d3($358), d4($321), d5($130), d6($82) and skip a cell to now make the same data into cells d3, d5, d7, d9. Next, the data in cells f3, f4, f5, f6 would be merge into the blank cells of d4, d6, d8, d10.

The final result would look like column B. I have over two years of sales data in two separate columns that I need to merged into one column. Is there easier way without a simple cut and paste one cell at a time as this would take an enormous amount of time to complete? Im not that good with VBA codes so a formula works good, but if VBA is the way to go then tell how to enter it on my worksheet.

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Leaving Blank Cells Blank In Dragging Formula Combining Different Formulas In One Cell?

Aug 2, 2014

I can't modify my formula to leave blank cells blank when dragging it down, Also, I've got two formulas that i need to combine. Please view the comments I've put in cells E4, F2,F3,H2 and I2 to understand clearly what am seeking. See the attached worksheet.

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Show Contents Of Cell If Cell Next To It Is Not Blank?

Jun 28, 2012

I have a column of dates in column E1:E100.
E1 = 25/06/2012
E2 = 02/07/2012
E3 = 09/07/2012

In column F1:F100 I will insert "Y" in the one of the blank cells next to one of the date cells in column E1:E100.

In cell B1 I want to reference where the cell in column F is "Y" then use respective date in column E.


If i have "Y" in cell F1 then in B1 I want to show E1 (25/06/2012).
If i have "Y" in cell F2 then in B1 I want to show E2 (02/07/2012).
If i have "Y" in cell F3 then in B1 I want to show E3 (09/07/2012).

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IF Blank Or If Not Blank Function That Works With Adjacent Cell With Formula In It?

Aug 12, 2014

I have one column that contains an If statement formula and would like the next column to then work off of the first column (i.e. if that 1st column returns a value then then adjacent column uses that result).

What is happening now is that it is returning #value (because I guess technically the cell isn't blank?)

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Excel 2010 :: Check If Cell Not Blank Upon Saving Or Closing And Color Code To Show Blanks

Aug 30, 2012

Looking forward VBA coding for:

If input is entered into column C (range C2:C100), then row cells for columns D, E ,F, H or I must NOT be blank upon save.
Could be that one or more of these row cells are left blank by mistake.

An error msg pops up upon attempting to save, stops the save and colors each cell yellow that needs info entered into.

Using Excel 2010.

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Results Show Results Of Formula, But Should Be Blank

Jul 27, 2006

I am trying to create formula that will show overtime worked in a given day. The code I am using is a simple one ([ cell - 8], for hours worked). The problem is when the time cells are blank/not used it shows a -8 in the cell. what I need to do to create a code that will eliminate the -8 from showing. The cell its self is taking the result from another cell with a formula and then subtracting 8 from the result of the formula in the other cell.

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Keep Cell Blank If Referencing Cell Within IF Formula Is Blank

Jul 28, 2014

My workbook is for financial planning but I'm attempting to streamline an input page (name, birthdate, etc) that will be referenced throughout the entire workbook to trigger automatic calculations (present value, education calculations, etc).

The cell in the input page is a birthdate - which when populated will trigger a cell on a different worksheet to calculate the respective age using this formula:

=IF(MONTH(TODAY())>MONTH('Input Page'!B30),YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR('Input Page'!B30), IF(AND(MONTH(TODAY())=MONTH('Input Page'!B30),DAY(TODAY())>=DAY('Input Page'!B30)),
YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR('Input Page'!B30),(YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR('Input Page'!B30))-1))

The problem is if there is nothing written in the birthdate cell then the age cell will automatically calculate 114 (reference photo below). Ideally I'd like that cell to be blank if nothing is in the birthdate cell on the input worksheet. I'm assuming since I'm using an IF formula to calculate the age already then I'll need to use a macro to to an "ignore".

[URL] ...........

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Show The Formula In Cell

Aug 23, 2009

I'm trying this code but its not showing the formula in cell Z1, what am i doing wrong here ??

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Create If Then Formula That Show Value Of Cell In E8?

Jan 29, 2014

I am trying to create an "if,then" formula that shows:

if cell E8 is greater than 171, then i'd like cell E9 to show the value of cell in E8.

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Show Below That Formula Cell In Two Rows

Feb 10, 2010

in my document column "L" have some formulas,it's like this.
i need to make that formula to two's like this.
that two part need show below that formula cell in two rows.

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Formula To Show File Name In Cell

Jun 23, 2008

I am trying to get my cell to match the name of the file. I am aware of the following formula: =MID(CELL("filename"),SEARCH("[",CELL("filename"))+1,SEARCH("]",CELL("filename"))-SEARCH("[",CELL("filename"))-5)

This does return what I want, but members of my team often have several sheets open within one Excel window. The formula returns the most recently opened file within the window rather than the name of that particular file. This then distorts my results sheet as it ends up with the name of the most recent file opened rather than the person's name (which is what the file is called)

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Formula To Show (not Add) Values Of Different Cells In One Cell?

Jun 8, 2014

For example: C4=5,C5=18, and C6=7.

I want A1 to show 4,5,18,7 (the values of cells C4 to C6).

I believe I have done this before, about 10+ years ago.

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Copied Formula Show In Cell Not Results

Oct 24, 2006

I have copy 65'000 formula text cells from a software and paste it to excel. But, the formula in cell is not activated. In order to activate the cell formula, I have to click on each individu cell and press enter to active it. But i got
65'000 rows of the similar cells. So, what is the quick way to all the text formula at the same time.

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Formula To Show Formula From Another Cell?

Jan 14, 2014

does such a formula exist? I regularly Change a formula in cell C1. To Show my working I would like to have The formula from C1 written next to it as an equation.

Example: B1 | C1
=Text"updated from formula in C1 automatically" | =x+y*A2

Summarised, is there a formula to Display the formula written in another cell?

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Excel 2010 :: Formula To Show Data Of More Than 3 Cell?

Aug 7, 2014

(Excel 2010). I have 3 cell that contain data. What I need is to compare the 3 cell and return the data that has different value into 1 new cell.

I have attach an example : test.xlsx‎

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Formula To Show Combine Answer And Text In 1 Cell From 2 Different

Oct 27, 2009

i need t oknow if i can have text added into 1 cell with having a formula with a answer in it as well,,,i have attached a sheet with better examples of what i mean.

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Show Blank Not Show 0

Oct 31, 2008

i use function countif "aa" in range A2:F2 COUNTIF(A2:E2,"aa")how i can do, if i do not need 0 to show when it not found "aa". i want it show blank

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Formula To Create Blank Cell Based On Dollar Amount In Another Cell?

Jan 7, 2014

Ok, basically C3 is a dollar amount. The default total for C3 is $0.00. If C3 is $0.00 then this formula cell will display a blank cell. If there is any other amount in C3 then the formula C3-C2 will run.

I tried this but it's not working:


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