Sort Each Time The Stats Are Modified

Jan 30, 2007

I have used the "sort" function on many occasion, and I am now stumped as to why it wont work

I have a table with 9 columns: Team, Games played, Games won, Games tied, games lost, goas for, goals against, diff and points.

Each of the collums and rows have different calculators in them.

I want to sort each time the stats are modified, to show who is is first place, second etc. Thus the sort is by Points first, then Diff.

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Excel 2007 :: Sort All XLS Files In Folder By Modified Date?

Jul 24, 2012

I'm trying to sort all .xls files in a folder by modified date. I want most recent at top because then I will be cycling through and using the most recent version of files that have similar names.

Excel 2007.

The code I have so far is this:

Sub autolink()
Dim folderPath As String
Dim FileName As String
Dim wb As Workbook


But I need something before it sort the folder by the modified (or better creation date) because there are several files with similar names. I know know, I could put a date in the file name and look for that but I don't control the naming of the files.

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Displaying Last Modified Date And Time Of File In A Cell

Jul 11, 2009

How can display the last modified date and time of my excel file in a particular cell - Say in cell E1.

This is the same value that we get when we Right Click excel file->Properties->General and look at the label "Modified".

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Code To Update Cell With Current Date And Time When Other Cells Are Modified

Mar 11, 2014

I needed a code that would input the current date and time in the cells in column N whenever changes were made to any cells in the row from columns A to M. For example, if I change a name in cell 6D, then cell 6N would automatically change to the current date and time.

I found a useful code on a forum (maybe here, don't know for certain) and modified it to suit my needs (see below). I am however now getting a debugging error suggesting that the second line that reads "Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()" is causing an error.

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Excel 2013 :: Separate Time From Date To Sort Time Frames Over Multiple Days?

Jun 17, 2014

I have a time column (A) that when looked in the cell only shows AM & PM times, but the cell itself (not showing) contains dates too, keeping me from be able to do a sheet wide sort of time or time frame occurrences.

Can I do some thing to sort these cells with their corresponding rows based on time only disregarding dates?

I am trying sort out all rows that in column (A) is time equal to or greater than 4:00 PM OR even maybe sort all rows that column (A) shows a time between 4:00 PM & 7:00 PM. The date in the cell is the problem, I think. Excel 2013

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VBA Code To Sort Data - Run-time Error When No Data To Sort

Mar 4, 2010

I havet he following code which sorts data. If there is no data to sort I keep on getting a run time error. Could I add something to my code to prevent the run-time error, as sometime there won't be any data to sort. The code runs when I switch to the worksheet in question.

Sub SortMeetings()
Dim iCTR As Integer
Dim yCTR As Integer
Dim zCTR As Integer

zCTR = 11
For iCTR = 12 To 23
For yCTR = 1 To 10
If Len(Range("D" & iCTR).Offset(0, yCTR)) 0 Then
Range("AA" & zCTR).Value = Format(Range("D" & iCTR).Offset(0, yCTR), "HH:MM") & " " & Range("D" & iCTR).Value
zCTR = zCTR + 1
End If
Next yCTR
Next iCTR
Range("AA11:AA" & zCTR).Select
Selection.Sort Key1:=Range("AA11"), Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlGuess, _
OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _
End Sub

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Dart Stats Sheet

Jan 20, 2009

I am captain of a Dart Team in 2 different leagues. I have a excel spreadsheet that does some calculation for me (Wins, Losses, Percentage) when I manually enter the numbers. I have just created a workbook with multiple worksheets for each week of the season, including playoffs, and a sheet for overall and print. I want to be able to input the data for each week and have it auto calculate on the overall page and auto populate the print page. The overall page will have all the stats, wins singles games, wins doubles games and wins 3 man games, along with percentage in each category. I am pretty sure I can accomplish this task. The problems I am having is:

1. Adding wins and losses based on player number, I have one cell with a players number and I will put a 1 or 0 in that cell based on a win or loss. Off to the side I have the player roster with card numbers and a win column and loss column. I would like excel to see the 1 or 0 in the main column and add the appropriate to the roster column, calculating total for the night. Then adding that to the overall page.

2. The print page, I want a easy to read page that displays each players, wins and losses for each category described earlier and averages through each week displayed nicely to distribute each week. Would I have to export that page to word? I want to display wins and losses as 14-7 without it calculating it.

If someone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome. I can do simple stuff in excel, never had to do anything like this before, wanted to do it for a while and just didn't know where to start. What formulas to look up, not familiar enough with the nomenclature to look for the correct functions to accomplish this task, or if it's even possible.

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Looking Up Sports Stats From Web Data

Jun 22, 2009

I have many spreadsheets with sports stats. I pulled the information from the web. So on one page I have the stats. The next page I want to be able to type the teams name and have excel pull out all the stats I want. Makes it easy to compare teams stats that are playing each other. Is this possible I tried to use most of the lookup functions but I just cant figure this out.

I will attach the sheets.

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Low And High Numbers With Stats

Jun 6, 2009

I seem to find myself stuff on this project yet again, JBeaucaire was able to help me to get this far im hoping you will be able to help me with the next step of this project
The doc iv attached is able to give me the differnece between low and high numbers with this example low numbers being between 1-18 and 19 36 high numbers and 0 being a break if u test the project u will understand im now trying to create a pattern of 3s were im abe to get stat hits on for example the patterns of 3s are the following(numbers) low,low,low-low,low,high-low,high,high-low,high,low every time I type in the numbers 3 times in a row on the 3rd one I want it to show as a hit(success) if the 3 numbers I type in are not a hit like high,high,high I want it to show me a miss if it is a pattern I want it to show a if theres a 0 it must rest like from 0miss,4hits,o breaks to 0miss,0hits,1break and so forth im also wondering if at another part of the form it can keep the total stats like iv added In the doc

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Automatically Update Stats From Web

Sep 17, 2013

Is there a way to automatically update football stats from a website. I want to update many different stats each week of player and team performances. Can I specify a website to go to update the info and prefer to do it each Tuesday. Let me know if more details are needed.

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Fiscal Year Stats

May 2, 2007

I have a spreadsheet full to the gills of patient information. I have a separate sheet with information from the first spreadsheet like counts of a certain type of tests or diagnosis codes using a 'countif' function. This is based on all the info in that first sheet. I want to make a second sheet with the same basic setup, but only from the patients who visited during this fiscal year. Is there a code I can use to make this happen?

Let's say the date of the visit is in column A and the test type is in column N. The code I'm already using is =COUNTIF(Info!N:N,"*TestName*") How do I get this to return results only if the date of visit was within the fiscal year?

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Building Stats From Pivot Table

Jan 10, 2014

I am new to pivot tables and charts and to build.... I heard that the best is to use pivot tables but no clue how to do it I have tried but no luck....

How can I see the following information in chart?

-Non con close out time by person- so who is failing to close out on time in this case is completion date
-Frequency of reports by area/ shift
-Number of reports by month, split into critical/major/minor
-Main reasons for reports so trend of type of record

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Formula For Stats Table In Percentages?

Aug 25, 2014

I use a workbook that records data centered around course referrals.

The workbook also has a stats page. It records Instructor stats but needs to be in the form mostly of percentages.

In Column D within the page Stats I need the cells to show the total number of "YES" that each Instructor has achieved from their number of pupils in the Sheet Data.

Column E and F in Stats need to show the percentage of Yes and No of each Instructor from Column D in the Sheet Data.

Column G In Stats needs to show the number in total of Referrals made by Indivisual Instructors taken from Sheet Data.

Columns H,I and J in Stats need to show the percentage of referrals to OBT,Kaya and HWal made by the Individual Instructors taken from Sheet Data.

Finally in Stats, Columns K,L and M need to show the percentages for each Instructor of their Leave Reason again Taken from Sheet Data.

Usually there are several hundred entries and at the moment I do this manually with a calculator.

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Being Able To Type A Code And Search Stats

Mar 20, 2009

i made another thread about this but this one is more detailed.

all my questions are in the attachment excel thing, on the main page.

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Stats Page Querrying Data

Aug 24, 2009

I having trouble trying to find the right formula to display statistics onto a 'Stats' page for my horse racing results from each month.

On the Stats page I have a summary of each month where I can view winners loosers, profit and loss, and the different types of racing (eg Flat and Jumps,Sprint, Non-Sprint).

For January I have two rows on a column for Sprints and Non-Sprints here I want to diplays the results (selections,won,lost) for each. The infomation on the January is all in date order and sprint races and non-sprints are all mingled in together. How do I display the infomation for sprints and non-sprints seperately on my stats page??

layout so far: (how it should be)

Stats page

Sprints | 2 | 1 | 0 | 1
Non-Sprints | 3 | 1 | 2 | 0
Jumps | 1 | 0 | 1 | 0

January Page

Sprint |placed
NoneSprt |won
Jumps |lost
NoneSprt |lost
NoneSprt |lost
Sprint |won

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Querying Baseball Stats From Espn

Apr 16, 2007

I'm struggling to find a way to index data in an array that meets certain matching criteria. I am looking for an employee's rate on a given day by searching a database that lists the dates that an employee's rate was changed. I was hoping to solve it with a crafty index and match array formula but have been unable to find something that works so far. I have attached a simplified example of what I am trying to do.

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Running And Copying Descriptive Stats Values

Jan 4, 2010

What I would like to do is for each worksheet run "descriptive statistics" in data analysis on the data in column Q, which varies in length, and then copy the "mean, median, SD, and skewness" in the results down columns T:W to the last row based off of a count in Column Q. Finally, calculate the "zscore" in column S based off of the formula in cell S2 in the attached workbook.

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Sort Items According To Time Parameters

Jul 29, 2008

I need a formula to pick cells that are at LEAST half an hour apart and then displayed in the next columns ?

I have done this manually as an example....

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Sorting Macro :: Taking Time To Sort

Apr 11, 2007

I'm using the excel built in function to sort columns with my macro. However since my columns have 64,000 entries it takes a while for the computer to sort it.

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The Sort Reference Is Not Valid - Run Time Error

Oct 13, 2008

I used the vba recorder to get the code and didn't change one thing, and now I am getting an error when i click on the command button to execute the code.


Run time error 1004
The sort reference is not valid. Make sure that it's within the data you want to sort, and the first Sort By Box isn't the same or blank.

Row 1 = column headings

row 2 is the first set of data, *****, however, most of the data in the column is blank. There are only 2 options, (Yes) or blank, and I am trying to sort the sheet so all the (Yes) appear at the top

when i did the macro recorder, it seemed to work.

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Sort Macro: Run-time Error 1004

Oct 25, 2006

I have created a macro which sorts 4 columns of data in asceding order numerically. I have assigned this macro to a button so that when the button is clicked, the columns of data are sorted.

Unfortunately when the button is pressed i get a vba run-time error 1004. I havent a clue how to resolve this. I recorded the macro useing the excel recorder function as opposed to typing it out manually.

The code created is given below. If i click debug when the error pops up, the code referring to column f:f is highlighted yellow.

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Run Time Error 1004 During Sort Method

Jun 9, 2007

I encounter a runtime error '1004' if the "Invoices" sheet is not selected when I run this procedure. The last line of the code is one which is highlighted when I debug.

Sub ProcessData()
Dim aiOldRows() As Integer, aiNewRows() As Integer ' Arrays of new/old rows
Dim rngRaw As Range 'Data entry area
Dim rngInvoices As Range 'Invoices range
Dim rngOpenPoint As Range 'Top-left corner of data entry area
Set rngOpenPoint = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Data Entry").Range("a3")
Set rngRaw = Range(rngOpenPoint, rngOpenPoint.End(xlDown).End(xlToRight))
FindNew aiOldRows, aiNewRows, rngRaw
InvoiceSequence aiOldRows, rngRaw
Set rngInvoices = Range(ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Invoices").Range("A2"), _
rngInvoices.Sort Key1:=Range("M2"), Order1:=xlAscending
End Sub

You'll notice that there are two other procedures (FindNew & InvoiceSequence) being called by this procedure. I don't think those have anything to do with the error, but I can provide the code for those if needed. Oh, and one other secondary question. To declare the ranges rngRaw & rngInvoices I pick the top-left cell of the data and then do:.....................

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Time Version For Data Sort - Tenths Of The Hour

Mar 5, 2014

I am working on a set of data that has a two week time period and specific times of events throughout each day. The dates and times are in separate columns and the time is in 24 hour format HH:MM. I am trying to count the number of occurrences in tenths of the hour or six minute increments, so 1-6 would equal .1 - 7-12 would equal .2 and so on - I really would remove the decimal and just express the value as 1-10. I am then just trying to do a count of the number of occurences for each hour and each day to see where the occurences are grouping. I will then graph this result to see where the clusters occur

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Sort Failure In Code: Run-time Error '1004'

May 9, 2008

This piece of code runs perfectly on its own but when called at the end of another code it fails and I haven't a clue why. The reference wsTmp is dim'd globally and defined in the main component where it is simply - worksheets("somename")

Run-time error '1004':

The sort reference is not valid. Make sure that it's within the data you want to sort, and the first Sort By box isn't the same or blank.

Private Sub FinalSort()

wsTmp.Cells.Sort Key1:=Range("D2"), Order1:=xlAscending, Key2:=Range("A2") _
, Order2:=xlAscending, Key3:=Range("K2"), Order3:=xlAscending, Header:= _
xlGuess, OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _
DataOption1:=xlSortNormal, DataOption2:=xlSortNormal, DataOption3:= _
End Sub

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Modified By According To Each Cell

Jan 12, 2012

I wonder if is posible to discover following:

Who modified the cell from various users.

After that how many cells from xls fiile were modified by one user and how many by another user.

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Get Last Modified Date?

Feb 10, 2012

I have an excel spreadsheet with multiple file names (including file path) listed in a column. I have to update other files using these 'underlying' files. So each cell has the file path and file name (i.e. Q:FolderFile Name.xls). I would like to have the adjacent cells indicate the last modified date for each file. This saves me time from looking for the last modified date manually across different folders in my servers to see if the 'underlying' file has been updated, which I would need in order to update my other files.

So this function would be something like "get last modified date based on file path". I will need step by step instructions as I am not very familiar with VBA.


1 Q:Folder1File name1.xls 2/10/2012
2 X:Folder2File name2.xls 12/1/2011

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MSG Box - Date Modified

Feb 23, 2010

I am sure this is easy but i cant for the life of me find the code for this:

I am trying to have a MSG Box popup after opening a file and it displays the date the current file was last modified with an "OK" button on it to close the box.

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Last Modified Date

May 13, 2006

I have a number of excel files in a directory that require me to take action after a file has been saved. What I want to do is create a macro that will look to each file and retrieve its 'modified date', then put that into a spreadsheet. What would be ideal is to create a User Defined Function to look at the last modified date of a file in the cell next to it (I have the files names in a spreadsheet as a hyperlink).

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Can This Code Be Modified To Run Faster

May 30, 2009

way to bring more efficiency in this code.

I need to run this code on 100,000 rows every week and this takes hours to finish.

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VBA Modified To Capitalize First Letter

Aug 4, 2008

i found this VBA but i need it to change it for more columns not just column 3 ("C") i also need D F G J T W. how can this formula be modified?

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