Warning Pops Up Telling The User That A Data Is Subject To Deletion

Aug 13, 2007

When I delete a worksheet, via code, a warning pops up telling the user that a data is subject to deletion.

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Show Warning For Row Deletion

Dec 11, 2007

I need to test whether one or more rows are about to be deleted in a worksheet.

Users delete rows to edit a worksheet, which affects other columns. I need an opportunity to warn them before the delete occurs.

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User Form That Pops Up When I Enter Y In Cells

Oct 14, 2009

What I am after is a user form that pops up when I enter Y in cells in Column L which displays the contents of the cells in that row e.g. if I enter Y in cell L2 a user form would pop up displaying the contents of cells A2 to M2

The A2 to M2 column headers are:-

First Name
Address line 1
Address line 2
Address line 3
Address line 4
Address line 5
Post code

The user form can be Read only i.e. I do not need to edit the cells (although that would be good) as it will be used as a source document to input into another application, however, a Print button to print the form would be beneficial. The only other button required would be a Close Form option.

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End User See The Warning Enable Macros

Sep 10, 2009

I have a couple spreadsheet Excel 2003 that I have to Email, I use a few macros with these spreadsheets. The Macros are kept in my personal workbook. When I Email these sheets does the end user see the warning enable macros or do they just see the sheet as is. I am mailing the whole workbook but macros are in my personal workbook. If they see the warning is it possible for me to Email so they will not have to contend with that?

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Warning Message Needed For User Who (X) Out Of Certain Form

Oct 31, 2012

I am attempting to have a pop message display when users of a certain form "X" out of the form. Below is what I came up with but it does not seem to be working:

Private Sub IntroUpdate_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
Call MsgBox("User closed the program before any formulas were updated.", vbExclamation, ".: ALERT: FM Program Tabs :.")
End Sub

Currently the above is in the code section of the form (titled: IntroUpdate).

Also if the form unloads I do not want the message displayed - only in the event that a user "X" out of the specific form titled: IntroUpdate).

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Zero Pops In When One Cell Has Data

Feb 8, 2012

Measurement in cell A2 need to be with range and C2 also needs to be in range. I need the result E2 to be an ABS value of A2-C2 and if either are blank to show as a blank. Issue is a zero pops in when one cell has data.

In the pass/fail cell is a formula to see if its in range and comes back with pass fail.

Thk 1: 0.095" - 0.105"Pass / FailThk 2: 0.095" - 0.105"Pass / FailParallelism: ≤ 0.0005" 0

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Prevent Loss Of Data - Error Message Pops Up

Sep 11, 2013

What is this error message that is popping up when I try to insert a blank row of cells?

"To prevent possible loss of data, Excel cannot shift nonblank cells off of the worksheet. Select another location in which to insert new cells, or delete data from the end of your worksheet.

If you do not have data in cells that can be shifted off the worksheet, you can reset which cells Excel considers nonblank. To do this, press CTRL + End to locate the last nonblank cell on the worksheet. Delete this cell and all cells between it and the last row and column of your data then save."

This excel document we have has LARGE amounts of data

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Telling Listbox To Stop When A Certain Condition Is Met?

Feb 6, 2013

i have the following code which pulls the names from a range i need it to stop when the cell value below the last name is empty , the code i have is as follows :

With Sheets("count page")
Me.ListBox1.List = _
.Range("b2", .Range("b" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).Resize(, 1).Value

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MsgBox Telling You Worksheet Is Currently Open

Feb 11, 2008

How do I create a msgbox that tells me that the worksheet is currently open? I dont mean opening the worksheet and the msgbox popping up upon opening but I need the msgbox to show when the page is currently open?

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Move Data From One Sheet To Another Subject To Condition

Jan 19, 2014

I have a simple sheet with a list of costs (small version attacheds as there are 430 items on full list) when i enter "Y" in the move to invoice column I would like the description, multiple and cost details copied to invoice sheet. The added complication for me is that if for example when there is a requirement for multiples of that cost to be added to the invoice.

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Remove Subject Data Based On Criteria

Mar 17, 2014

editing a datafile. I have a spreadsheet (Sheet2) that looks like this (Start Date is entered in J2 in Sheet 1 and End Date in J3 in Sheet1):

Date & TimePatient IDResultLevel
13/02/2014 14:1818.5>=4 AND <=15
13/02/2014 14:1027.8>=4 AND <=15
13/02/2014 02:231122.5>20
13/02/2014 06:191116>15 AND <=20
13/02/2014 10:081110.2>=4 AND <=15
13/02/2014 14:111113.4>=4 AND <=15
13/02/2014 17:541112.9>=4 AND <=15


I need to find the maximum and minimum value for each subject. If the min>4 and max<10 and the subject does not have a value on either the last date (J3 in Sheet 1) or the date before that (J2 in Sheet 1 - 1), I need all of their data removed from the spreadsheet.

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Re-Number Data On Deletion

Jan 24, 2008

What I have is a list of members in excel 2007. The first column has a member number. Starting with 1 and ending with the last member. Sometimes I must delete a member and this causes a missing number. What I would like is a simple command in excel that I can not find that would change all these numbers so there is no longer the missing number. I.E. 1 through the end of the list. A re-number command.

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Data Validation Warning Message

Apr 17, 2007

When I use list validation with name (Data validation List. Inseret name difine) and then trying to write manualy a differnt value (not from the relevant list) I am not being warned like I get when I choose a list . And then even when I have a list or a Name If I copy a diffrent value I am not being warned.

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Warning Comment Shown Next To Data

Aug 15, 2007

I'm writing an IF statement referring to a cell that contains the character "C" and comparing it to a blank cell, and it's returning True, while it should be returning false because they're not the same.

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Excel 2003 :: VBA Macro For Data Movement / Deletion

Jun 10, 2014

So essentially I need a VBA Macro code for Excel 2003 that can take raw data that is input every month via a text document and move it to the next sheet in the workbook. This data is essentially broken down by a "platform" in the raw data section ("P") with monthly totals for each month but it is broken down by platform in total which goes in descending monthly order on the "dat" tabs (which is the final place for the data).

So what needs to happen is the data for the last two years must go from the "P" tab to the "PDat" tab under the correct platform and the correct spot for the newest month. The data that is input each month is in the same format month to month, just starting two rows down from the last month.

At the end of two years, the oldest year of data must be deleted and the other data moved up to the vacant area so that the sheet never grows too large (i.e., at the end of this year 2012 will be deleted and all the data will need to get moved up).

Attached is a sample data workbook.

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How To Suppress Macro Search-replace Warning When No Data Found

Dec 29, 2011

I have written a macro to convert data from a report exported from Salesforce.com to a format that is acceptable for upload to our website. One of the necessary conversions is to convert values from a Boolean value to a Y/N value. I wrote a macro with a series of search-replace commands such as this:

'replace 0s and 1s in "Direct Billing" column with appropriate data
Selection.Replace What:="0", Replacement:="N", LookAt:=xlPart, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False, _
This code generates a warning when no "0" values are found:

"Microsoft Office Excel cannot find any data to replace. Check if your search formatting and criteria are defined correctly. If you are sure that matching data exists in this workbook, it may be on a protected sheet. Excel cannot replace data on a protected worksheet."

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Prevent The User From Saving The Data Input From The User Form If Any Of Those Three Fields Is Left Blank

Feb 9, 2010

I have a user form that has a combo box "City" two text boxes one called "Flight" and the other "Date". What I'm trying to do is to prevent the user from saving the data input from the user form if any of those three fields is left blank. The code that I have so far checks all of the required fields, if any are left blank a message notifys which field(s) is left blank and return the focus back to that field. But the rest of code also fires.

What I really need is either to stop the code if any fields are blank and return the focus back to the blank field, the user completes the field(s) and clicks the save again, or better yet, pause the code until all the required fields are completed and then complete the save. (There is actually another 200+ lines of code in this sub, but I deleted it to keep the post a little shorter.)

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Add Dropdown That Pops Up Only When Certain Answer Is Given?

Nov 20, 2013

I would like to add a drop down that pops up only when a certain answer is given in a previous cell. For instance, if the user picks "Single Door" in cell E2, then in cell E6, I would like a box to pop up that says "HL/HR?" so that in cell E7, they have a drop down & can select either HL or HR. But, if they pick anything other than "Single Door" in cell E2, I don't want a box to pop up in cell E6 to prompt them to do anything else.

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Checkbox Pops Up Msgbox

Jul 25, 2007

Does anyone know how to use a form checkbox that adds the true/false values to a cell to activate a msgbox when the cell value changes?

I've tried assigning a macro to the checkbox and uses "If not intersect" in VBA but it doesn't work.

What I'm trying to do is assign a value to cell A1 depending on whether the checkbox assigned to cell A2 is clicked and the value of cell A2 becomes true or false.

Thank you to anyone who can help me out. Auto Merged Post;One more thing to be clearer about my question ... I'm trying to do change the value of cell A1 on click of the checkbox assigned to cell A2, meaning when the value of cell A2 changes.

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Send Email (box That Pops Up To Allow Emails To Be Sent)

Feb 3, 2009

I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of this? There are about 300 emails that are going to be sent out and this comes up every time.

Or if there is a way to only do it once no matter how many emails get sent.

Here is part of the code..

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Press The Delete Button That Pops Up

Apr 28, 2009

During the course of one of my macros running I want it to press the Delete button that pops up? I used to know but can't seem to trip across it. I have attached a screen shot of the Delete button I want to be pressed.

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Attached Message Window Pops Up

Oct 18, 2009

When I run my Excel 2003 macro, the attached message pops up. Is there a way please to modify my macro so that when this Excel message pops up, it automatically selects OK?

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Control Toolbox Pops-Up When UserForm Run

Apr 22, 2008

i've gotta demo an Excel app in a few days and this never really bothered me, but someone recently pointed out that it can get distracting for the Control Toolbox to pop in and out randomly. the form is being built for use by other staff, and i suppose it would also be distracting for them if the toolbox arbitrarily appeared here and there. is there a way to turn it off?

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Excel 2010 :: VBA Editor Pops Up With Shared File

Jul 30, 2014

I have an Excel file in Shared Mode...

Now, when it starts, I have a popup form asking for password for access for it. The problem is that for one person - AND ONLY THAT PERSON - the VBA Editor window opens and she has to press the "Play" button for it to hide and be able to enter the password to access the application.

The editor is not showing on any other computer. All computers are running Excel 2010.

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Looping: Run The First Macro An Error Pops Up Saying That A Variable Within The Loop Is Not Set

Mar 27, 2007

the following code should determine whether the searched value can be found in more than just one row and than enlist certain values from each of those rows in ComboBox4 using a loop. Then I have a second macro which would assign appropriate values from a Sheet to other text boxes whenever one changes the value of the ComboBox4:

Private Sub ComboBox2_Change()
Dim vFind
Dim Firstaddress
Dim rFound As Range
Dim wsName As String
Dim SrchRng As Range
wsName = Me.ComboBox1.Value
With Worksheets(wsName)
vFind = UserForm2.ComboBox2.Value
Set rFound = .Range("B1")
Set SrchRng = .Range("B:B")
Option Explicit
End With...............................

While trying to run the first macro an Error pops up saying that a variable within the loop is not set. I've got no idea how to fix it

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How To Find Name Of Top Student For Each Subject

Aug 17, 2014

I want to find the first topper student in each subject but the formula is not giving correct output.

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Adding Subject To Conditions?

Mar 31, 2014

In cell G2 I have a formula that adds the values in column C that are labelled in column B as either 'Apple' or 'Grape'. This is accomplished in the formula using {'Apple', Grape"}. Is it possible to change the formula so that the {'Apple', Grape"} can be replaced with a reference to a range in which the names to be used in the formula will be listed (for example in J1:J3 in the attached file)?


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Find Max Value Subject To Criteria?

Sep 12, 2012

I have a column of names. Most of these data show multiple times. Another column has values. I'd like to find the maximum value for each name.

This solution might correspond to "=MAX" the way that "=SUMIF" corresponds to "=SUM".

Note: the table has over sixteen thousand rows; some solutions may work technically but not be practical.

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Delete Duplicate Row - But The Row Only Has The Subject That Is The Same

Dec 7, 2004

How can I create a macro for excel to delete rows that have the SAME subject? (delete all duplicates - the price etc on that row may differ but as long as the subject is the same, I was to delete it off)

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Specifying Subject Line In An Email With Xl Att

Apr 21, 2006

I am using the following code to automatically send an attachment to a specific email with a specific subject line.

ActiveWorkbook.SendMail Recipients:="johndoe@yahoo.com", Subject:="General subject"
ActiveWorkbook.Close SaveChanges:=False

Is there a way to reference a specific field in the active workbook as the subject line?

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