3 Variable Data Tables?

May 24, 2007

I have recently discovered the "data table" tool on Excel and have found it to be extremely useful for sensitivity analysis. The Excel help describes how one can create 1 and 2 variable data tables. Now I would like to create a data table using three variables, however. (I would like to vary three different variables and see what effect they have on one formula.) Is this possible with Excel? Can pivot tables be used this way?

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Use Variable To Name New Worksheets And Pivot Tables I.e. Day 1 Through 7

Jun 27, 2006

I am usually able to find the answers to any questions I have by searching the forum or internet. Unfortunately I ran into one that I am not even sure is possible at this time. I have 7 macros like the following. One for each day up to 7. The macros create four pivot tables on the page. I wanted to find out if I could combine it into one macro using variables. Unfortunately every attempt I have made results in an error.

Sub Day1Table1()
Sheets.Add. Name = "Day 1 Tables"
LastRow = Sheets("All Data").Range("R65536").End(xlUp).Row
ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Add(SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:= _
"'Day 1'!R1C1:R" & LastRow & "C18").CreatePivotTable TableDestination:= _
"'Day 1 Tables'!R1C1", TableName:="Day 1 Service Alarms" _
, DefaultVersion:=xlPivotTableVersion10
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Day 1 Service Alarms").AddFields RowFields:="Service"
With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Day 1 Service Alarms").PivotFields("Service")
.Orientation = xlDataField
.Caption = "Number of Alarms"
End With..............................

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Excel 2010 :: Creating Multiple Tables In VBA And Referring To Newly Created Tables?

Jul 1, 2013

Using Excel 2010. I'm writing a macro that sets up a workbook to be used for estimating at the beginning of a project. In the code I need to create multiple tables (formerly known as "lists") in the workbook. Then later in the code I need to refer back to those newly created tables. Currently, the code that creates the table is part of a loop that creates the table on many different worksheets. The problem of course, is that I have to name the Table, and then it won't create a table of the same name on the next sheet. Then, later in the code, I need to make adjustments to the table that was just created before looping to the next sheet.

Is there a way to create a table without giving it a constant name? Or by giving it a name that builds off of other info in the sheet? For example, I would be good with the naming the table after the sheet name: "Sheet1_Table" or such.

Sub Auto_Open()
Dim sht As Worksheet
If Range("A1") = 1 Then


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Filter Data Into Groups That Contain A Common Data Point Using Pivot Tables?

Apr 30, 2013

I want to use a Pivot table to filter data to show just the studies that contain patients from the 'South' area?

As per example below I want to be able to see all the patients in all areas but only for studies that have patients from the south. I put together an array formula that works well for small tables but is too much with one one my sheets that contains 200,000 rows.

Before filtering:

Study ID
Study Short Title
Study Patient ID



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Condensing Tables Of Data

Feb 18, 2009

Let's assume, starting at A1, that i have table (8c x 30r)
and lets assume that in each of the columns i have 5 cells filled in with data at random.
What is the best way for me to produce a list of the data in each of the columns without having to go in and delete out all the blanks myself? I.e. i want to reproduce the table but without any of the cells which do not have any data in.

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How To Consolidate Data In Two Tables

Jan 25, 2012

I have been trying to find a way to consolidate data in two tables, but can't seem to locate a good response. I have been toying with EXACT, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, and SUMPRODUCT, but none seem to work for my issue.

Two Files - Call them acrendo.xlsx and office.xlsx

Both have a single sheet and contain first name, last name, and date columns. Office also has other information that I'm trying to merge into the corresponding row of acrendo.

Basically, I am trying to take the combined first name, last name, and date column from a row in acrendo as a single record, look for an exact match in office, and if it finds one, return the corresponding values in Coumns D, E, F back to acrendo. Someone suggested using the following sumproduct formula:


This always returns a value of 0, even if there is data in the matching row to be copied over.

One small complicating matter is that there may be duplicate entries in office (i.e. one row in acrendo may match to four rows in office). I can cleanse that if necessary, or preferably, if multiple matches are found, it would simply insert the additional rows into the acrendo file.

Also, is there a way to go through the acrendo file and check for duplicate records and delete them (e.g. if there is the same last name, first name, and date, delete the duplicates).

Can't do this manually as I have acrendo has almost 18,000 rows and office has almost 10,000 rows.

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Merging Data From 2 Tables?

Jan 12, 2014

I am trying to merge data from 2 tables into a master sheet. Column goes like this 1 = customer ID, 2 = allocated number, 3 = age

The first table has around 2000 entries and 2nd table has about 1000, and they both contain some overlapping entries. I wonder if there is a simple way to go around this rather than manually looking at each individual entries as I will be more tables to fit in later on.

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Compare Data In Different Tables

Jan 21, 2008

I need to check data from two tables(A and B). They are supposed to match each other and my job is to check if there's error in it. Each row contains several criteria, and all criteria need to be matched. I need to give a report on the info that

1) contains in table A but not in B
2) contains in table B but not in A
3) contains in A and B but some of these criteria do not match..

I have basic knowledge of VBA. Forget to say, they are in different order. And even after sorted, the name may still unmatch with each other, so can not use formular like "=Sheet1!A1=Sheet2!A1"


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Doing CountIFs Off Of Pivot Tables Data?

Apr 16, 2013

I have a pivot table i created to pull in data in a tabular format so i can have all of my data fileds listed in a columns. On another page I am doing a dashboard that is using Countifs to pull in data to my report. What I am running into is the countifs are only working when i filter my pivot table to a certain value that matches, otherwise it will not pull the counts in..

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Using Data Tables For Calculating Net Present Value?

Dec 22, 2013

I have to use data tables to calculate Net Present Value (NPV) by altering specific variables.

How to use the data tables function under the what-if analysis.

My sheet and calculations are all set up

But for the life of me i cant figure out how im going to tell excel that im changing for example wage costs and not fixed assets when trying to asses the NPV.

Ive done it manually by altering the figures on the Inputs and Data Sheet.

My NPV calculation is on the Workings and calculations sheet.

The data tables i have done manually are on the Inputs and Data sheet.

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Array Extracting Data From Tables

Oct 17, 2009

I've encountered is the spreadsheet attached. Basically I am trying to create a "complex" array (at least it's complex for me lol) to basically extract some values from tables and put them in one together. The array I thought would work is on the table with BRIGHT YELLOW BACKGROUND, whereas the table that could do the same work but more "manually" is with a RED border around it. I know I can do it manually as the red border table shows, but I've been trying all day to make it work with a complex array.

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Frequency In Large Data Tables

Nov 11, 2009

I need to find the most frequent number for each name in a large datatable, eg. Name1=12.

ColumnA / ColumnB
Name1 / 12
Name1 / 11
Name1 / 12
Name2 / 100
Name2 / 105
Name2 / 105
Name2 / 98
Name3 / 14
Name3 / 14
Name3 / 2
NameX / ..

Since Pivot tabels cant do the trick as far as I know, i'm clueless of how to proceed.

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Tables Feeding Data Into Further Table

Jan 10, 2013

I need to put together a number of worksheets, each worksheet is to record project information that's happening at our production sites and all the tables are uniform in design. There also needs to be one 'master sheet' in which all the information added on the lower sheets is automatically added.

So basically I need to have four tables on separate sheets that feed information in to one table on a further sheet.

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Links To Data Tables Do Not Update?

Aug 30, 2013

I'm having a problem with data tables. Actually, not with data tables, but links to data tables. Calculation is set to be automatic and values within data tables update alright, but links to those values do no update. So you may have a certain value in one cell within a data table, for example cell B5, and a different value in another cell which is just a link to cell B5.

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Creating Table From Data From Several Other Tables

Jan 10, 2014

My family owns a Fast Casual Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean Restaurant. I'm taking charge of making it as profitable as can be! Our plates are different combinations of kebabs, rice, Falafels, Gyros, salad, platters. So theirs tons of combinations.

I am Dead serious about knowing REAL plate costs:

I spent days entering price data, weighing meat, produce, calculating usable yields. I then built "component builders" using data validation drop-downs, and Index + Match functions to construct the costs of the recipe items,standard base items and side items. So I now know How much a skewer of Marinated Kebab Costs me, and all the Components that go into building a plate.

I've now built a "Plate Builder" (See Pic) to create the EVERY combination available at our restaurant. So when I'm done filling in all the builders, I'll have a whole lot of tables. I'd like to pull the name and plate cost from each table and create a big table organized by whether its eat in or take out. How do I do it.

TL;DR: Need to create a table that pulls data from several other tables....

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Editing Refreshable Data Tables From Web

Dec 4, 2013

I have multiple data tables that are linked to a site. My issue is that there are breaks in the data every 15 cells with a row that shows the column categories. I locked my top row so I don't need the recurring column categories at all, but when I delete them and refresh the data they reappear.

How to delete these rows? Could I possibly run a macro that deletes the rows upon hitting refresh? Or is there a simpler way?

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Pivot Tables - External Data

Mar 10, 2014

I have a VBA code that goes to a specific Folder, grabs data from an Excel file, and then puts (data) in another Excel file (template with VBA) file as "Raw Data" tab.

Then my VBA refreshes 30+ Pivots from that "Raw Data" tab.

Now "Raw Data" is stored together with 20+ Pivots in one Excel file.

Challenge: Is there a way to keep my "Raw Data" in the external Excel file and simply refresh my Pivots by only "pointing"/linking that source?

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Arrange Data In 16x9 Tables

Apr 4, 2009

I have 2 columns of data:
Column A is SKU #
Column B is Bin Capacity

I would like to take each SKU and its corresponding bin cap and arrange them into a 16 column and 9 row table on another sheet.

For example A1, B1, A2, and B2 of the old sheet, should become A1, B1, C1, D1 of the new sheet. Also I need there to be a line gap between each table.

Anyone know how to do this?

This is what I got so far:

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Tables - Formulas To Pull Data From

Oct 18, 2009

I have a Excel Table that will be sorted/identified by the first column of every row. In the Table, there are numerous columns calculating values for each unique item across the row. This will be a large inventory table. The calculations will adjust based on a unit value of 1, and if the unit value is changed calculations go through the rows

I want to accomplish several things:

1) Pull data to another portion of the sheet based on,
a) Selecting a unique item that comes from a drop down list based on unique item identifier in the table
b) pull values related to the unique item and put in cells near the drop down list (I tried an =if function but did not have any luck
=IF(G1=ZillaRac[Item Name],ZillaRac[MSRP],"MSRP Not Calculated") but it resulted in #value!

2) If possible by selecting my unique identifier, insert a unit multiplier that would go into the Excel Table and adjust the values calculated in the table to be brought back up to the cells in part 1.

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Updating Data By Merging 2 Tables?

May 8, 2013

Here is what i want:

It's something like updating data by merging 2 tables. New names adding in end of table but peoples who has new mails need to be changed. Clear explanation in attached image.

People 1 and People 2 are same persons in both tables.

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Input Data Looking Up Other Tables - 3 Variables?

May 24, 2014

How can Excel input automatically the "total price" in the first table after I enter "type", "width" and "height" and looking up the other reference tables (below). The referenced tables will have fixed width and height but in the input table will be entered any number within the minimum and maximum range. So the idea is to get the price of the closest highest combination of "width" and "height" on the referenced tables and apply the price:

Input table (I will input "type" by drop down menu, and width and height)

total price


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Prevent Data Tables Calculating

Aug 20, 2008

I have a file with numerous data tables that slows down the file significantly due to it's large size. I would like to set the calculation method to Manual, but also be able to manually turn the tables on and off so that they don't slow the file down when I hit F9 to calc. Is there a formula or method to accomplish this? BTW, I can't use VBA.

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Lookup Data Across Multiple Tables

Jul 31, 2006

I want to a macro or a function that can search for the value which corresponds to a cell and copy it to another cell. please refer to the attachment for more detail.

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Creating Tables Correctly To Get Data

Aug 12, 2006

I've attached what I've done so far. I'm trying to figure out a way to capture everything. For instance, instead of using separate boxes for the different groups, isn't there a way that I can put the # Registered, # Attendance, % Attendance, % Didn't Attend, Units Didn't Attend, and list the different units, and different groups. I'd like it to be sort of like the very last box where I have the different sessions and the different groups in there, but I'm not sure where I could add the # Registered, # Attendance, % Attendance, % Didn't Attend, Units Didn't Attend, because the last box only formulates the percent attendance for each session by the different groups. I need it to also formulate the # Registered, # Attendance, % Attendance, % Didn't Attend, Units Didn't Attend. Is there a way this can be done without using separate boxes for each group.

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Collect Data From All 8 Sheets Into 1 Sheet Using Tables

Jun 9, 2014

I have an excel file that contains around 8 sheets, each have a table that contains data. I want 2 master sheets that can automatically update itself if i enter data in any 1 of the 8 sheets.

master sheet 1 = summarized sheet that contains lesser columns with only major details.
master sheet 2 = contains all columns of all the 8 sheets.

the 8 sheets have unique names and i want those names to be in a drop down list in master sheet (summarized ) so i can select which ever sheet i want summary from.

Also i used tables for filtering data as i find it easier to track records from filter.

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Finding Missing Data Using Arrays And 2 Tables

Aug 25, 2014

Any easy way to retrieve data from another table using an array formula.

I have two files that I am using that contain 2 sets of data with columns for name, address, city, and state. The red highlighted data needs be used to find the blue data first column, which is a possible name for the company found from the red data. The issue is that the blue data is larger and has rows of data that will not be found in the other table.

I have the spreadsheet attached. I attempted to use an if/and statement :
but found out that it does not work with arrays and only found the first address by default.

How would I set up a formula to retrieve the possible names using criteria from the blue data such as if the address and city match, then input that company name?

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Using Data Tables When There Are MULTIPLE Things That Can Change

Dec 22, 2013

I have to use data tables to calculate Net Present Value (NPV) by altering specific variables.

My NPV is the result of a series of calculations to ultimately arrive at a cash flow figure and then apply the WACC (average cost of capital)

I understand how to use data tables But for the life of me i cant figure out how im going to tell excel that im changing for example wage costs and not fixed assets when trying to asses the NPV sensitivity

My sheet and calculations are all set up

I've done it manually by altering the figures on the Inputs and Data Sheet.

My NPV calculation is on the Workings and calculations sheet.

The data tables i have done manually are on the Inputs and Data sheet.

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Make Three Tables Using Three Different Data Sources In Sheet?

Oct 22, 2013

I want to take the values in Column U, attach the names in Column A, and rank from Highest to Lowest

Then I want to do the same with Column V/Column A

And then again with Column W/Column A

And then create 3 tables within the document that display the top 5 in each category.

It's already done, but by hand. Is there a way to automatically set this up?

See A27-A32 for what I want done automatically

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Pivot Tables 2007 - Selection Data

Dec 29, 2009

I have the following code and I can't work out how to fix it. What i want is for the macro to create the pivot table from the "used range" in a worksheet but I want it to be formatted as a 2007 pivot table. The reason I say this I because I have some 2003 code which works very well which is where the idea of this come from but it doesn't seem to work here. I have highlighted the problem in orange, I know the rest of the code works because when I replace the orange bit with

"Raw Data!R28868:C33"
it works.

Sub CreatPivot()
Dim wksdata As Worksheet
Dim rngdata As Range
Dim wksdest As Worksheet
Dim pvtTable As PivotTable
Set wksdata = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Raw Data")
Set rngdata = wksdata.UsedRange.........................

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How To Access ISeries Data Through Pivot Tables

Oct 28, 2011

I'm trying to access ISeries data through Excel pivot tables.

Two weird issues, one is preventing what I'm trying to do.

1. After I set library list and saw my list of files, I didn't see ALL the files in the library, just some of them. Where are my missing files?

2. I found the file I needed and selected it. The file has 15 fields. When I got my field list in my pivot table, there were only 13 fields, and one field I need is missing. I noticed the missing fields are my packed numeric fields.

Is that a limitation of Excel, that it can't pull in packed numeric fields, or is there some way to get those fields without changing the file field definitions on the iSeries?

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