Collect Data From All 8 Sheets Into 1 Sheet Using Tables

Jun 9, 2014

I have an excel file that contains around 8 sheets, each have a table that contains data. I want 2 master sheets that can automatically update itself if i enter data in any 1 of the 8 sheets.

master sheet 1 = summarized sheet that contains lesser columns with only major details.
master sheet 2 = contains all columns of all the 8 sheets.

the 8 sheets have unique names and i want those names to be in a drop down list in master sheet (summarized ) so i can select which ever sheet i want summary from.

Also i used tables for filtering data as i find it easier to track records from filter.

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Formula / Function To Collect Data From Multiple Sheets And Store Data In One Sheet?

Dec 17, 2013

- I have total of 13 sheets in a workbook - 12 sheets represent 12 months with data; 13th sheet is single sheet in which i would like to get complete overview of 12 months

- each of 12 sheets has actually sales results for multiple products with following data: internal code, manufacturer part number, name, and qty sold in that month

- situation is that some products have been phased out during the year and some were introduced so each sheet is slightly different in terms of in which row certain product is located

What i would like to achive is to make 13th sheet (whole year overview) do the following:
- there is a list of all the products in it, each product has unique internal code - this code (from each line) should be used to find that code in each monthly sheet, then find its monthly sales value (copy it) and paste it in sheet 13 in cell that represents this product and particular month.

In other words i would like to see for each product what was monthly sales throughout this year, but avoid manually filling in qty for each product per month.

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Collect Data From Different Sheet

Aug 13, 2009

I am trying to use VBA to copy data (Invoice Process information from a few different excel worksheets and paste it all onto one master sheet). There are probably 10 sheets and each sheet will contain varying rows but a fixed numbers of columns. One sheet may have 20 rows the next 50 then next 75 and so on.

Batch# PO# Invoice serial# Process details Skip reasons Processed/Skipped

With a formula, I donít know how to read each page and paste into a master sheet.

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Converting Two Tables In Different Sheets Into (Pivot?) Table In Another Sheet

May 27, 2014

I have a portfolio of 23 funds and I need to calculate IRR for each one every month.

The problem is that I have dispersed information for each fund.

For instance in sheet CashCallsBD I have a table with the funds cash calls. This table has a first column with the Fund Name then other column with the cash call date, another column with the cash call value. This table may have other columns. One fund may have several cash calls.

In sheet DividendosBD there is a table with some columns that refer to cash distribution movements. The main columns relevant for this case are Fund Name, Date and finally Cash Distribution (signed in red in the attached document)

And then my problem: In order to calculate IRR for each fund I need to create a table (for each fund) that merges and sorts the information of CashCallsBD, Dividendos BD and present market value for each fund and then apply the XIRR function. For each fund this sorted table would have at least 2 columns (date and values).

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Shortcut For Entering Massive Tables Pulling Data From Multiple Sheets

Jun 16, 2014

I've already entered a variation of the formula below into 180 different columns. The only variation is where worksheet 322 is referenced. Each column references a different worksheet.


I have at least four other tables to build of the same size, and they're each going to use this same formula with an additional IF formula housed around it. Ideally I would be able to copy the table, then run find/replace, where I could substitute = with =IF(new formula, and then run find/replace a second time and sub ))) with ))),more new formula). The problem of course is in between those steps lies a formula error preventing me from running the second step. The only alternative I can think of is to build the new formula, copy it into a word document, and run find/replace 180 times to tailor the formula for each column. That's what I did to build the first table.

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Make Three Tables Using Three Different Data Sources In Sheet?

Oct 22, 2013

I want to take the values in Column U, attach the names in Column A, and rank from Highest to Lowest

Then I want to do the same with Column V/Column A

And then again with Column W/Column A

And then create 3 tables within the document that display the top 5 in each category.

It's already done, but by hand. Is there a way to automatically set this up?

See A27-A32 for what I want done automatically

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Copy Data To Another Sheet With Multiple Tables

Jan 29, 2012

I have one sheet with 25 tables in it, And i want to extract the whole row from this sheet to another sheet based on values ( Office1, Office2, Office3, Office4 ) if appeared in thrid column "C".

- the 25 tables created on the 1st sheet to be in the other sheets as formatted as well.
- once "Office1" appeared in the original sheet in the 1st table, Action : copy the whole row to sheet named "Office1"at the top row in the first table.
- once "office1" appeared again in the original sheet in the 1st table, Action: copy the whole row to sheet named "Office1"at the 2nd top row in the first table.
- once "office1" appeared again in the original sheet in the 2nd table, Action: copy the whole row to sheet named "Office1"at the top row in the 2nd table.
- and so on, the same with other 3 remains sheet.

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Sorting Sheet That References Data From Other Sheets (Google Sheets)

Jan 25, 2014

[URL] ....

I want to sort the Inventory Checklist sheet based on Column D but it gives me nothing but references errors.

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Collect Data From Different Computers

Dec 30, 2006

I bought 32 laptops out of my own moeny (used) to get my 5th grade students into the 21st century. I have several programs working on these laptops which output data in text and xls files. I would like to either:

1. Poll the files on each workstation at the end of the day and bring the data into excel (I have worked in VBA). Computers are named Comp01 to Comp33.

2. Better: have the workstations save the files to my NAS device so they are on one hard drive.

I would like to keep it simple (I'm a teacher not a good programmer.) Is the "Import External Data" the way to go for the text files? Can a macro go out and loop through the 32 laptops using that or some other add-in?

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Macro To Collect Data

Jul 26, 2008

I have a workbook with multiple worksheets and would like to use a macro to do the following:
1. get data from cells: c2, m29, n29 & o29 in individual worksheet
2. enter in summary sheet
3. do the same for next worksheet and put info on next row

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Collect Data From Files

Jun 1, 2008

I have 2 excel files(X and Y), and I would like to collect data from file X to file Y.
In file X, I have a products prices lists that I got from my supplier. It look like that:

Rows of A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H start from 1 to 400
In file Y, I have 1 column and it looks like that:

The calculation I would like to do is:

pass in each ROW of Coulmn A in file Y and search if there is the same MODEL NUMBER (TEXT OR NUMBER) in file X at ROWS C,G (The DESCRIPTION (TEXT)) for example:

If in file Y Column A1 = FG45673 (MODEL NUMBER ) the macro will look in file X in Columns C,G to see if it finds this MODEL NUMBER. It can find text like: "3 pcs of FG45673 " so it means it find it !
THEN the MACRO should copy from the price Columns D or H to Column B of file Y.

In other words to collect the products prices from file X according to their model number field and to copy it to the same MODEL NUMBER of file Y.

in file X there are 2 lists of products prices as you can understand from my info.

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Collect The Data From Other Web Pages

Dec 29, 2009

I've been trying to familiarize myself with MS Excel's Web Query function (MS Excel 2007) in order to collect statistics from a baseball game.

Here is this particular page I'd like to start pulling certain data from:

I can get the first page of data easily, the first 50 or so players and their stats, but I cannot get anything from the other pages (which are accessed by the 'next button') nor can I get the defensive stats of any player (accessed by clicking the button labeled "defensive stats"). When I look at the page source I see that regardless of the page I'm viewing, excel only pulls data from the original page.

How can I collect the data from these other pages?

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Collect Data Out Listing Xls To Own Workbook

May 13, 2009

we log all customer communication on a daily spreadsheets a report. Multiple projects are listed on that one sheet every day. Is there a way to extract project related communication to a individual project log adding the date from the daily report to the log. The goal is to generate for each project a log will have the daily (or any) communication for one project from the daily report. either adding a work sheet via project name or a separate file. Also is there is a new project a new project log should be created.

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Conditionally Collect Data In One Cell?

Nov 13, 2008

I'm trying to make a spreadsheet that looks up values for a number of individuals and if they meet certain criteria they are collected in a box.

It is for a class of children's test results. I would like to be able to write the results each child got across the page (names at side, headings across top). If a child gets, say, level 2a in his test, his name appears in a cell elsewhere. I can do this with an 'IF' statement... Thing is I want to collect all the children who got that level in the other cell. The cell might end up with 10 or 12 names in it as a result of their scores being looked up. I would have cells for all of the levels, so the children can be automatically grouped together by attainment.

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Collect Data And Place In Text File

Mar 26, 2008

please annotate the code to explain the workings and how it all fits together,

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Collect Data From 4 Similar Spreadsheets And Rank Them In Fifth Spreadsheet?

Sep 24, 2013

i am trying to do collect data from 4 different spread sheets (they all consists of the same columns but they do not have the same amount of rows) and rank them based upon one of the columns in a fifth spreadsheet. in the fifth sheet i also want to display all of the information found in the four sheets, see simplified example below. Is this possible? and how do i do it? when i googles it i only found ways to do it using macro but i know nothing about macros..

Simplified example:

Sheet 1
A 3 W
B 5 X

Sheet 2
C 2 Y
D 7 Z

What i want excel to do
C 7 Z 2
B 5 X 1
A 3 W 1
C 2 Y 2

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To Collect Data From A Darts Team And These Values Reflect

Jul 4, 2006

I am trying to collect data from a darts team and these values reflect
the number of points won in a team game (ranging from 0 - 3). This will
probably be simple for the experts here, so I'll let fly:

I have a table with six names across the top. In the rows below there
will always be two cells that have number values ranging from 0 - 3
while the rest will be blank. Those two numbers however, will always be
the same. I am trying to write a formula that will determine which
columns have values and return a single letter value (first initial)
for each name. Since all the names are different that is not an issue...

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Summarizing Data To Collect Attributes From Multiple Instances

Oct 27, 2013

My company would receive RFQs from potential customers inquiring the availability of different products, and we are trying to summarise these requests to find a trend.

Each product has several attributes, such as descriptions, keywords, manufacturer's code, etc. The RFQs are all different, with each request providing some attributes while missing others. The only reliably uniform attribute is the product number.

I am trying to build a database with the maximum amount of details on each requested product, therefore consolidating the different requests. I already put the source data on the same sheet and sorted the product numbers. I also know how many instances there are for each product number. In other words, my data look like this:

Product number (sorted)
Repeat count
Attribute 1
Attribute 2


[Code] .........

1. The product numbers and repeat count are reliable
2. All the attributes are valid, i.e. as long as one can fill a blank I would take it
3. If none of the instances provide a certain attribute, it is acceptable for it to be left blank

And I am trying to turn it into this:

Product number
Repeat count
Attribute 1
Attribute 2




I already spent a whole day trying to do it with MATCH, OFFSET, VLOOKUP etc to no avail. It seems I would need some kind of VBS with loop and array functionalities that are beyond me.

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Compare Between 2 Tables In 2 Different Sheets

Jun 26, 2014

Macro that compare between 2 tables in 2 different sheets - BOM (Bill Of Materials) compare

And Create a Table with all differences.

Table 1 (sheet1):

000 2 A1
111 3 B1
222 1 C1
333 4 D1

Table 2 (sheet2):

333 3 D1
000 2 A1
111 3 B2
222 1 C1
444 5 E6

Table with all differences (sheet 3):

PartNum (Ver1)PartNum (ver2)QTY (Ver1)QTY (Ver2)Location (Ver1)Location (Ver2)
111 111 3 3 B1 B2
333 333 3 4 D1 D1
Blank 444 Blank 5Blank E6

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Macro To Collect / Vookup Data From Multiple Files To One Master File

Oct 29, 2013

I have approx 11 files in one folder and one master file with same format. 11 files are split user wise and user inuputting the remarks against the invoice in coloum Y and Z in their respective files. I want macro/forumul to collect all the remarks coloum from all users to master files against the respective invoice no.

user file format :

file name temp-1.xlsx

Follow-up Date


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Link Sheets To Access Tables

Jun 28, 2007

Is it possible to somehow link sheets in excel to different tables in Access so when I update the sheets in excel it can automatically update the tables in access?

Doesn't have to be on line but I want to avoid the continous copy paste or exporting and trying to automate this process.

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Make Macro To Bring Tables From Another Sheet To Cover Sheet?

Jul 8, 2014

I am trying to take the tables you will see in the dummy page on the second and third sheet and have them output onto the first sheet based on the parameters of the drop down menus. Is there a way to have a button on the first page that controls a macro to do this?

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Copy / Paste Frequently Changing Data From 4 Sheets Into One Master Data Sheet

Jul 4, 2012

I have a workbook that includes 4 seperate sheets that are used to record time and expenses for 4 members of staff. I want to write a macro to select the data I need from each sheet and colaberate together in a 'data' sheet so I can combine all the info to run time and expense reports per client showing combination of all time and expense incurred from all 4 staff.

I have named cell ranges in each of the 4 time-sheets. I proceed to record a macro, select the first named range, copy and paste into my data sheet, do a control home then control down arrow, then one more down arrow to get to the first blank cell and repeat the process for all four time-sheets.

This works until I add a new line and then the data will only appear for the last time-sheet (last row of data).

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Automatically Populating Tables Between Excel Sheets?

Dec 5, 2011

Sheet one has seperate logs for each item received in January and the reasons they were returned - so if you can imagine ( note / demonstrates column seperation) the following column headings: Date received / item description / approved within 1 day / returned for high risk.

On sheet 2: i've got a simplified data table which tells me that in January, there were 10 occurances of items approved within 1 day; and 8 occurances of items returned for high risk.

So sheet 2 looks like this:

01 Jan 2012 / 31 Jan 2012 / approved within 1 day / returned for high risk

I'm trying to get it so that any data input into sheet 1 for January will automatically update these columns in sheet 2.

This is what i've attempted to do:

what is the sum of the "1's" demonstrating occurances of "approved within 1 day" in sheet 1: Sheet1!J15:J179

if the date received in sheet 1 is between 1 Jan 2012 and 31 jan 2012 sheet 2: TODAY(Sheet1!D15:D179>Sheet2!A14
So at the moment i've got:


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Deleting Drill-down Sheets With Pivot Tables

Jul 11, 2006

I've just set up a workbook full of pivot tables linked to an access database. The book will be used by several individuals interested in both the statistics presented in the tables and in the details underlying them. My concern is the accumulation of the extraneous sheets generated by drilling down to details. Is there any code I could use that would delete these sheets as soon as the user leaves them?

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Copy Tables From Multiple Sheets To One Worksheet

Sep 24, 2007

I need, I do not know Visual Basic, so I need something in simple Excel format that I can use before I am able to take the training (upon reading more threads, looks like VBA is just the editor used to create a macro where I can copy and paste in code text from your suggestions? I think I can handle that).

I need to condense multiple tables into one master table, and then perform calculations on those entries. Each table contains three columns, but after being manually pasted -- as I am doing currently -- into the condensed worksheet, there'll be two or three additional columns based on calculations from the entries. The Workbook does currently contain 2 worksheets that do not contain data in this format, so please share code that could exclude those? I am fine with every so often manually applying a formula on the last worksheet that says something like,

look in SH1 A2:C300. If entire row is not blank copy over contents, if blank move on to SH2, etc etc. Since I'm a newbie I imagine there are much more efficient ways to do this. I may be a little shaky on the VBA but surely I can copy and paste.

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Force Focus Back: Pop Up A Userform To Provide Instructions And Collect Some Additional Data From The User

Feb 18, 2009

I'm working on a spreadhseet which has several macros that can take up to 5 minutes to run. When the macro(s) complete, I pop up a userform to provide instructions and collect some additional data from the user.

The "problem" is that when the user moves to another application to do other work, the user form remains hidden behind the active app. I've added some text to the status bar to let the users know the processing is done, but they would like something more obvious - so, is there any way I can force focus back to Excel?

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List Of Names That Needs To Be Identical And Updated In Different Tables Across Sheets

May 2, 2013

I have several sheets with tables that need to contain one identical common column called "product name" while all the other columns are different on each table. The issue is that this list in the "product name" column changes by adding, removing and even name edits and currently I need to edit each every table for each change. How can I only have one uniform list to modify that is represented on all these tables that updates.

I have tried a master list with links but causes issues when a product name row is deleted in the master it does not delete the row in the others as well as adding a new name to the master list requires me to recreate a link in every table which defeats the purpose of it trying to save me time having to modify something different on every table. Also each of these lists are sorted or filtered often which I want to avoid being reflected across all of the other tables and lists.

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Sum Of Totals From Tables Of Varying Size Across Multiple Sheets

Mar 20, 2014

I currently have a problem with suming the costs from tables across multiple sheets where the tables are of varying size.

Each sheet, 'sheet1' to 'sheet10' for simplicity sake, has a simple table consisting of two columns, 'Item' and 'Cost'. Each row contains a certain item and it's respective cost. The bottom of each table then has 'Total' in the item column and the sum of the total costs in the 'Cost' column.

However, each table on each sheet has a varying number of rows. This means on 'sheet1' the total may be in B5 and on 'sheet2' it might be in B7.

I need to sum all the total costs from 'sheet1' to 'sheet10' in a single cell.

I tried using the =SUMIFS formula with a 3D Range but I discovered that you can't use this formula with a 3D Range.

The only solution I could think of is to use a loop that goes through each sheet in turn, searches Column A for 'Total' and then adds the cell next to it to a running total.

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VBA Code For Showing Detail From Pivot Tables Into Different Sheets

Dec 21, 2011

a query as i'm not too good with vba codes but can record macros but not for what i need.

I have got a pivot table which has about 200 rows. In Column A is the provider and in column B is the total number of people.

I now need to create a sheet per provider and the manual way to do is to double-click on the numbers.

Is there a code that would this automatically?

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