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Adding Date And Time Fields

From an outside source, a date is brought into one cell, and time is brought into another. Is there a way to combine them into one cell with the format of m/d/yyyy h:mm?

I tried concatenate, but that did not work.

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Skip Weekends Adding Time To Date & Time
I need a formula to add just the time to ' date and time', ignoring weekends.


Fri 24-Aug-07 10:52 is the date and time

28:48:00 is the time

If I add the time to 'date and time', result is coming as Sat 25-Aug-07 15:40

But it should come as Mon 27-Aug-07 15:40 (hence ignoring weekend)

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Adding Time And Date When Saving WB.
See the attachment. When the macro runs. The workbook is saved in a folder with a new serial number. That is fine but I need to debugging the code. Since I need to save the WB name with the time and date to be also picked and named when saving. Refer to cell B1.

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Adding X Hours To Date & Time
I have a problem concatenating time in excel if it is of Date + Time format..
What formula do I use to just add the time by, say, 3 hours? I'll need to use, say cell B2, which will add 3 hours to it.. What formula do I use?

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Adding An Updated/revised Date/time On The End Of Row.
I am trying to record the date with time on a pre set cell of a row, in which the cell will show the most current updated date/time once any change is made within the same row, regardless which cell on the row. Is there any code for VBA you can suggest?

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Adding Time To A Date Excluding Weekends And Holidays
I've been reading up on Excel's date and time functions and can't really figure out the best way of doing this.

I have a total amount of time that a machine should take to finish a task. I'd like to enter a date and time into a cell (Start Date) and have another cell return the date and time that the machine should be done with the task excluding weekends, and holidays (End Date). This would be based on a certain number of "working hours" (hours in the workday minus break periods) that would be calculated in another cell.

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Adding Years, Days, Months To Date/time Format
I have some cells which must be in the format 15/06/2007 15:25

I then need to add either days, months or years onto it.

Say the above date/time is in cell A1, when I do =YEAR(A1)+5 it displays 2012 if I choose the general cell format, but when I select the same cell format (date time) it comes out as 04/07/1905 00:00

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Adding Time: Adding Individual Cells Works, But SUM Doesn't
I have a column of times: e.g. 10:03:00 and I would like to add them all up.

=A1+A2 works fine.

=sum(A1:A10) does not.

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Trying To Capture Point In Time Data In New Fields Each Day
Trying to capture data from specific fields (which are populated with live data collected elsewhere) into new fields based on date. Ex:

A1 - A4 have "totals" derived from an external source, and the fluctuate daily.

I want to take today's totals and drop them into D1 - D4. Tomorrow, I want totals dumped into E1 - E4, the next day they go into F 1- F4, and so on... in other words, I'm tracking daily totals over time.

I've started with a macro that I would attach to BeforeSave as follows--

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Date/Time Formula: Pick Up A Date With Time Entry On A Worksheet And Place It Into A TextBox On A UserForm
I am attempting to pick up a date with time entry on a worksheet and place it into a TextBox on a UserForm. Format on the sheet is mm/dd/yyyy h:mm AM/PM. The UserForm is placing the value as mm/dd/yyyy 12:00 AM. here is the

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
If Not Range("dDate").Value = "" Then
TextBox2.Value = Range("dDate").Value
TextBox2.Text = Format(DateValue(TextBox2.Text), "mm/dd/yy h:mm AM/PM")
TextBox2.Value = ""
End If
End Sub

"dDate" is the named range where the date is sitting. The format is also set on the TextBox2 exit event. Can anyone see why only the date portion is being transfered with the default 12:00 AM for no time component of the value?

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Adding A Time Offset Based On Time Of Day
I am replicating a Matlab program which calculates tide levels at different times of day. I need to replicate it in excel to speed up data analysis and I am nearly there.

what happens is I need to apply a time offset to the time of high tide at port a based on the time of day, so if it is:

between 00:00 and 06:00 the high tide at port b is 81.6 minutes after the peak at port a
between 06:00 and 12:00 the high tide at port b is 74.56 minutes after the peak at port a
between 12:00 and 18:00 the high tide at port b is 81.75 minutes after the peak at port a
between 06:00 and 12:00 the high tide at port b is 79minutes after the peak at port a

I tried this formula, where CO2 has the time/date of the high tide at port a:

The problem is the high tide on 07/01/2005 07:45 is read as 38359.32 rather than 0.32 - is there any easy way to tell excel I'm only interested in the time not the date? I have this spreadsheet setup now to do all the other bits required and i is just the timing that is a problem.

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Exclude Blank Date Fields For Vaildation
I am using the standard validation from the tool bar. What I am trying to do is in
check the date in a cell and if the new date is Greater and or equal to another date in another cell. The problem is I am having is when the cell that I am checking for a date is Blank the validation does not work and one can put in a date. I tried unchecking the "Ingore Blank"

Spreadsheet example attached.

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Adding Hours To Time To Get New Time
I have a started time of say 8am from cell B3. I want to know what time it will be when I add a full number (hours) from another cell. For example A3+B4 where A3 is 8:00 A.M. and B4 is 4.04. I'm looking to get the a result of 12:04 P.M.

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Subtract A Static Date And Time From The Current Date And Time
I have a column of values resulting from subtracting a static date and time from the current date and time.

This means it is constantly updating, which makes it impossible to sort.

All my work depends on sorting those values, though.

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Convert Date & Time As Text To Real Date & Time
I have 04/02/08 12:00:01 AM (mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss AM/PM) in text format in a cell. I need to convert this to date/time custom format as given above so that I can make comparisons with NOW() output.

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Date/time Macro: Inserts The Current Date And Time In The Selected Cell Regardless Of Where That Cell Is
What is the code i need to use to assign a macro to a command button which inserts the current date and time in the selected cell regardless of where that cell is?

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Converting Date:Time Text To Date:Time Value
I'm trying to write a VBA code for converting the date/time as text to a date/time value.

The scenario is, I have three different types of text :

I could have the code working fine with the first two types, but not the last one.

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Format Date & Time To Show Day, Date & Time
I have a sheet with a list of dates in it that I wish to format to show the day as well as date and time. I am trying to do this automatically with a macro, below is the before and the desired after.

Format - dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm
Appearance - 29/03/2009 00:30

Format - ddd dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm
Appearance - Sun 29/03/2009 00:30

This works fine when I format the cells manually, but when I try to format them via macro '29/03/2009 00:30' becomes 'Sun 29/03/2009 12:30' which is obviously a totally different time! Has anyone got ay idea why it might be doing this?

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Adding Time :: 01:54 +00:58
I have read alot of the online instruction on how to correct what i am doing, and its not working!!!! Im getting so frustrated. I have a column of time in hh:mm format. There are 130 entries that i need added. The sum keeps coming up as 19:44 which i KNOW is incorrect because when i review the hours alone they are more then that. How does excel handle, lets say 01:54 +00:58.

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Adding Time Over A Range
I need to add times of employess over a 2 week schedule.I have used a string variable to select the rows and columns as employees change.How do i add the times in this case.Sample code is below:

j = 12
k = 20
For i = 16 To 276

row_str = "A" & i & ":B" & i



Application.CutCopyMode = False
Windows("Report.xls").Activate ...................

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Adding And Subtracting Time
I have the formula in my spreadsheet to compute time. It works only if the time in B1 is greater then the time in A1. I would to know if there is a formula to compute time with either negative or postive answer. For example if a carrier was set to load their papers at 12:02pm and ended up loading early at 11:50am I would like the result in C1 to be -12 or (12).

Currently I am using the formula: =HOUR(B1-A1)*6+MINUTE(B1-A1). Like I said, it is all good until someone loads early and then I get a "#NUM!"

Are there any other formula's that I can use or is there a simple modification to the formula I am using?

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Adding Time Values
I'll admit that the database I'm currently working on is not a vital on - it's my CD collection but I do use it as a testbed for spreadsheets at work so please bear with me!

I'm trying to add running times of CDs together, but of course can't simply use SUM as it will assume the values are base 10

I've got some extra columns in to separate the minutes and seconds, then for totals to divide the seconds by 60, add the result to the total minutes and finally add the remainder of seconds to this but........

is it possible format a cell so it won't allow erroneous time entries (ie, if I tried to put in 45:65 it would reject it?)

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Adding Time Function
I want to add two times together.

14:00 (time) + 03:42 (duration) = 17:42

Is there vba code to be able to do this or an excel function?
I have tried searching but strangely couldnt find anything?

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Adding Time :: Formula?
I have data that is exported to an excel spreadsheet from the phone switch for Average ACD time and Average ACW. Example: one cell is value :07:01 and and the next is :00:42.

I want to add the two together to get :07:43 or 07:43 for AHT. I have tried formatting the cell with custom time and time formats, but I get #Value. I believe the ":" at the beginning is not recognized. What formula can I used to get the two cells to sum?

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24 Hour Time Adding
I have a start time in cell A1 (say 9am entered as 900), cell B1 has a time interval (25min), Cell C1 gives total (925). Cell B2 has the next time interval (56min). How do I get cell C2 to give total of 1021 rather than 981? Values in columns B and C continue on down.

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Adding Time Cells Together
1) I am trying to find a way to add together the total number of hours worked from shift start time to the end of the shift start time throughout the week.

2) Add together the total number of hours travelled. again from the start and end times throughout the week...(presumably, if I solve the first problem, it in itself will provide the second solution.!! (Grin)

Where shift start and end times are concerned, the cells are formatted as time, but I want the sheet to produce the results of the total number of hours worked, so that I may cost the hours and make payment. Ie: 62 hours worked = £ at such and such a rate, and 25hrs travel paid at £ different rate.

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Adding Time :: By Hours And Minutes
If i have a start time of 5:00 am and a finishing time of 4:25 pm, what function do i use to get the total time of 11 hours & 25 minutes?

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Adding 10 Minutes To Current Time
In one of the spreadsheets there is a need to have a 'action at' field.

This is the next five minute time slot between 5 and 10 minutes in the future (eg 10.51 -> 11.00 , 1.56 ->2.05 etc)

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Adding Time :: Recognize Format Hh:mm:ss
I am importing from another program into Excel. Anytime I have a time in a column with a 0 in the 2nd hour place it will not add that time in. Example (05:21:32)

A1 10:20:12
A2 05:12:15
A3 10:15:12

Total= 20:35:24

How can I get excel to recognize a time in this format with a zero (05:34:23)?

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Adding Lead Zeros To Time
I'm pasting data from an external source into Excel. The data is in hh:mm:ss format. However, when the source data has zero hours it only displays minutes and seconds preceded by a colon. For example, 5 cells of data in a column might look like this:


I need to run simple calculations on these times, but the cells without an hours value paste into Excel as text format. What are some ways to add a zero before the colon in Excel?

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Adding Time :: Dates Should Get Changed As Well
I am having a 2000 records of date and time in excel (see the below example). My query is I want to add 6 hrs to each Cell and accordingly the Date should get changed for e.g see the B Column after adding 6 hrs the data should look like this. I want an excel formula (don't want VBA Code) ...

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Adding Time Racking Formulas
I want me to track our inbox. All jobs that go into the inbox get logged on a sheet and at the end of the day get transferred to an Excel spreadsheet. They now want to track how long s job sits in the inbox before it's logged out and worked on. Currrently we put a time and date for both logged in and logged out. I've attached below a sample spreadsheet and a brief description as to some restrictions.

Our hours of work is 7AM to 6PM. So we only want to add add up the time the job was in the inbox based on those hours.... ie if a job came in right at 6PM at night and was logged out at 7:05AM in the morning, the total time that job was in the inbox was 5 mins. Same thing applies for the weekends.

I'm suppose to be in charge of creating that part of the spreadsheet.

************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - work time.xls___Running: xl2000 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutB3=
ABCDEFGH1********2*Job*#Time*inDate*inTime*outDate*outTime*spent*in*inbox*3*111:15*AM09/11/062:30*PM09/11/063*hours*&*15*minutes*4*24:25*PM09/11/069:45*AM09/12/064*hours*&*30*minutes*-*overnight*5*34:45*PM09/08/069:35*AM09/11/063*hours*&*50*minutes*-*over*weekend*6********7*hours*of*operation*are*7am*to*6pm***8********9*Explaination*or*#3*from*above….******10*Job*came*in*@*4:45*PM*on*Friday*but*was*not*removed*from*th*inbox*until*9:35*AM*on*Monday*morning.*11*Since*our*hours*of*operation*are*from*7AM*to*6PM,*the*time*that*the*job*was*sitting*in*the*inbox*was*3*hrs*&*50*mins.*12*This*is*figured*out*by*4:45PM*to*6PM*is*1*hr*&*15*mins*and*7AM*to*9:35AM*is*2*hrs*&*35*mins.**1hr,*15*mins*plus*2hrs,*35 *mins*equals*3hrs*&*50*mins*13********Sheet1*
[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name box

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Formula For Adding Military Time
I have four columns. In the first one I want to keep my START time (in format of military time), in the second column I have STOP time, in the THIRD column I have TIME USED in other words it is a DIFFERENCE between STOP and START and I used this formula for that: =B2-A2 and it works.

Now in the FOURTH column I wish to have the TOTAL TIME added from the THIRD column and this where the problems starts. I used this formula =SUM(C2:C500) and doesn't work correctly.

Let's say I have the following data: ....

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Adding Code To A Userform At Run-time
The ultimate goal is to create a Userform at run-time.

The problem is writing event code for that Userform.

The current situation is:
I have a userform. (Created with the VBE, not at run-time.) There is one command button on that userform. The code module for that userform is this

Option Explicit ...

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Summing Adding Many Time Cells
I have a spreadsheet with many rows of time totals as the following example: Cell 1 - 08:00 AM Cell 2 - 1:00 PM Cell 3 - 5:00. Cell 3 is just the total, and I have no problem with this aspect... However I have two columns of the above format side by side... and the only way I can sum Cell 3 on both columns is something like the following: =sum(c1+c2+c3+f1+f2+f3...etcetcetc. This can end up in a large formula, and I was just wondering if there was a more efficent way? I tried the following but get a #value! error. =SUM(C1:C6)+(G1:G6)

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Adding Worksheet Code During Run-time
A procedure residing in the "ThisWorkbook" module has just added a new worksheet into the active workbook. I now want this same procedure to write a set of code into this new sheet's code module.

Solution 1:
Create a worksheet before run-time that is already set up with the code you want behind it. Then, use this worksheet as a sort of "template" when you want to create a new worksheet as opposed to using the worksheet.add method.

I can use solution 1, but isn't there a way to insert the code on the fly?

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Adding Time :: Number Of Minutes Worked Each Day
I import via copy paste into excel from a timekeeping programme the following time I have worked each day, as an example:

Mon 7h 55m
Tues 6h 30m
Wed 7h 24m

Is there a method of changing this in excel to work out the number of minutes I have worked each day? The timekeeping programme does not let me alter any parameters, so h & m is what I have.

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Adding Text Values Representing Time
The times listed in column A are formatted as text.
When trying to add them using a simple SUM formula (=SUM(A2:A5)), a false result of 0 is returned.
How can we add text values correctly?

Use the SUM and TIMEVALUE functions as shown in the following Array formula:

To apply Array formula:
Select the cell, press

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Run Time Error 1004 When Adding Rows
Run time error 1004 when adding rows. I have the following code, called from a Userform:

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Adding Fixed Time To Group Of Cells
I have a larger data file (120,000+ rows). Each row has one column for date and another for time. Basically, I need to add 6 hours to all time entries, but also change the date accordingly.

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Split Date & Time Cell & Format Time As Hundreth Of Second
I have one column with as many as 50,000 or more rows. The data format for each row/ cell is unique as shown below ( date and time). I wanted to split the data as shown in "Formatted Data" below. Have Tried Text To Column formatting but didn't work right.

Raw Data: Formatted Data (2 cells):
2005/11/02 23:55:15.758 ==> 2005/11/02 23:55:15.758
2005/11/02 23:58:16.698 ==> 2005/11/02 23:58:16.698
2005/11/03 00:07:13.830
2005/11/03 00:10:14.971

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Copy Row If DATE & Time In Cell Is Between Time Span
I have a problem regarding sorting data having date and also time within a single cell.

Example data (I have written it as code to preserve formatting)


12/5/2008 02:072/5/2008 06:0128804833363
22/5/2008 18:012/5/2008 18:0599271297

Column B is start date and time whereas Column C is end date and time.
My aim is to cut and paste the whole row automatically to Sheet2 if the time is within 2AM to 8AM else leave as it is.Also I don't know anything about VBA Script.

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Extract Time From Custom Date And Time Format
I have a file that has the Date and Time combined into one cell. I want to separate the two, and cannot find anywhere on the net to do so!

This is the cells format:
d/mm/yyyy h:mm

Cells look like this:
28/05/2008 12:30

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Copy N Paste Time Date/time Format
I have a cell with both date & time "10/9/09 3:15" This is put in the current cell by formula which indexes two dif. cells, Now I am trying to copy this cell and paste into another book but like to have only date. How can I do that? Each time I try it gives me the time value in the pasted cell and I cannot even format it.

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Delete Date & Time Cells Based On Time
I have a large dataset where the first column is date and time i.e. "20/01/2005 03:41:06" and I want to delete certain rows based on the times. I have already tried playing about with macro's but failed fairly spectacularly so far. I have code from someone else to delete cells if the value equals a certain time but this doesn't work as the cell contains the date too.

I have already recorded one macro to reformat the data to as the software return 10 timestamped samples per hour and I want 8 i.e. every three hours so there is constant separation for statistical purposes. Both the macros are shown below so you can see what I have.

Ideally I would like to replace the line - If (r.Cells(n, 1) = TimeValue("22:41:06")) ............ - with one that reads - If (r.Cells(n, 1) CONTAINS TimeValue........ - but I don't know if that is possible? If not is there a way to separate the time from the date into 2 columns and then I can delete rows based on the time column using the code below? .......

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Format Date & Time Cell To Hide Time If 0:00
I have a Excel Dates & Times column where the time is not always used. In these cases the time is 12:00AM. Is there a way to Custom Formats the cell so that the time is only visible if it is not 12:00AM?

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Adding A Colon ( : ) To Convert A Standard Number Into A Time Format
Is there a way to enter a colon into a standard number to create a value that can be formatted into a 24 hour time value? eg a time is listed as 1345 with a general number format, and I want it returned as 13:45 witha custom format of hh:mm. Other than creating a table and using a vlookup function

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Adding The Date....
Is there a wat to have the date refresh itself in a cell when you open the spreadsheet?

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Extract Date/Time To Date And Time
In Cell A1 = 01/12/2008 12:00:00 AM

I am trying to extract in cell A2 = 01/12/2008 and A3 = 12:00:00 AM.

But I will end up having a string of numbers each time I try to right (A1,11).

My end result is I will use the values in A3 if between 12am to 5am, assign a value in A4 as "Night Shift"

A1 = 01/12/2008 12:00:00AM
A2 = 01/12/2008
A3 = 12:00:00Am
A4 = if(And(A3>12,A3<5),"Night Shift","Day Shift")

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Date & Time Minus Date & Time
In B7 i have 10/09/2009 19:30:00. In C7 i have 11/09/2009 21:30:00. What i want is C7-B7 and give the number of hours in between which should be 26 hours. I've used this:

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Remove The Time From A Cell With Date And Time In It?
I have data exported from a defect management tool (that reports all the defects that have been recorded in the defect management system). This data has unique columns for name of originator, defect ID, date originated, priority, etc. The date originated column has the date and time. I want to create a report that tells me how many High, Medium and Low priority defects were created on each date - and I am using a pivot table to do this.

However, because the date column is actually the date and time the defect was reported/recorded, the time element of this is making all the dates unique eg, I have three defects recorded on 29/01/2009, a High priority defect (reported at 29/01/2009 12:23) and two Medium priority defects (reported at 29/01/2009 13:02 and 29/01/2009 13:32). My pivot table is showing each date as a unique date - with a count of 1 against each, whereas I want to see 1 date entry (for 29/01/2009) with a count of 1 against High and 2 against Medium.

I have tried custom formatting the date column to dd/mm/yyyy - which appears to work in the data (but doesn't in the pivot table, because the time stamp is still there, just not visible). I have tried copy and paste special [Values] (on the custom formatted date column) -but the time stamp is still there. I have tried formatting the date column to "General", but this changes the dates to the number format - eg 29/01/2009 12:23 becomes 39842.5166203704.

I have tried inserting a new column and using the =Left function for the first 10 characters of the cell (ie the 29/01/2009), but that gives the first 10 characters of the number form of the date, ie 39842.5166. Basically, without going into every date cell (and I have thousands) and manually deleting all the times, how do I quickly change the date column into just having the date in it (ie how do I strip off the time element)?

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