Array Formula To Match Closest Dates Based On Another Criteria

Jul 18, 2012

I am trying to run an array formula to match two dates on two seperate sheets as close together based on another cell. Below is what I currently have on some made up values. I am entering it as an array and ideally I would like it to run down the cells changing the reference A2 depending on which cell it is then to then enter this into a macro.

The formula I am currently using is:


Sheet 1 (Named: Main)



[Code] ....

Sheet 2 (Named: Trees)



[Code] .....

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Find Closest Match Based On Two Criteria

May 12, 2009

I have a sheet of pump test results, placed in rows, where the test rig is set at a specific speeds and flow and it records pressure. At each stage of the test a number of snapshots will be taken (Usually between 3-5 at each stage), so I have 3-5 rows of very similar data. I only need to use the best row from the selection available, so I am hoping to find a formula or code (Don't care which) that can look at the results and select the row of readings where the speed AND the flow are closest to the targetted data.

For example: In cells G6:G8 I have flow result values 0.129, 0.151, 0.156 and in H6:H8 I have speed result values 72.536, 71.82, 72.13. These are actuals. In cell N6 I have the target speed (75) and in O6 I have flow target (0.15), but these could be moved anywhere to suit really. What I was hoping to do, but am struggling big time, was to just flag up the row of readings where these two values are closest to the targets by placing a check mark in column L:L which I have formatted in monotype sorts and would like to place a "4" (Which gives me a check mark) on the 'best' row. From that I can do more with some simple IF statements.

Is this feasible, or am I trying to do something beyond Excels capability, it is certainly beyond mine at the moment. I was looking at the check mark method, but that is not essential, so if anyone has any suggestions on an alternative means of identifying the best row of data, that might make it easier to do, then I am listening.

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Hlookup Against Multiple Array Display Closest Match

Jan 4, 2013

I used a Fuzzy lookup to match the data that was shared between my two tables. I was able to run 3 different Fuzzy attempts to increase my accuracy because the source data had a lot of spelling errors and such.

Now I am at a point where I need to analyze the 3 possible Fuzzy matches. I am kinda stumped on the best route to do this and thought that an approximate match Hlookup would be the best route but I can't seem to get it to work.

Here is a pic of my table:[URL]

I am trying to match the cell outlined in red against the 3 cells outlined in green, when the best suited match is found I need to copy the green cell and the orange adjacent cells to it's left and right (ID# and Similarity). It would be best if the match threshold was in the low 90% range.

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Extracting Data Based On Multiple Criteria - Index Match Array?

Jan 2, 2013

I have sheet full of data containing results of multiple tests on various equipment.The sheet contains many columns of data but below are the specifc criteria i want to use to extract the data. As maintenance is carried out regularly the list is always growing. I want to create a dashboard summary of the "Machines" which i will colour using condition formatting. I will list the machines in the columns and would like the rows below each machine to be populated with the results.

Column 1 Lists the various factories
Column 2 Lists the Machine
Column 3 Lists the Part
Column 4 Lists the result.

Results can either be "ok", "warning", "Alert" only

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Percentage Based On Closest Match Of Scale

Mar 20, 2008

I'm looking for a solution that could automatically return a value from a predefined named range depending on a given value. eg. I have 3 discount groups:

1) Discount A
Above quantity 5 = 3%
Above quantity 10 = 4%
Above quantity 15 = 5%
Else = 0%

2) Discount B
Above quantity 30 = 2%
Above quantity 60 = 9%
Else = 0%

3) Discount C
Above quantity 15 = 5%
Else = 0%

I have assigned all products to the various groups using vlookup. All discountgroups are named ranges (respectively DISCOUNT A, DISCOUNT B, ...)
ALL OF THE ABOVE IS DONE. How can I make excel look into a named range and return the correct percentage depending on the quantity that is written elsewhere (Keep in mind, most discount groups have a different amount of applied scales as you can see above). So far I can make it look into the correct named range and return a value when a quantity is exactly the same as the minimum quantity. The 'between' or scale functionality ... I have no idea how to work that out within a named range, whilest keep on looking for next scale if condition is not met.

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Formula To Return Closest Match

May 30, 2014

I am trying to find a closest match for a given value comparing to values in a chart. I got it to work..but it will only return a closest value that less than it. I need it to also look "up", and return a value higher than it if it is closer. I have attached the worksheet. The vlookup part is for choosing which row to use, based on the value in B1. The column index portion of the vlookup is where the trouble lies....I am comparing the value found it B2 to chose the column...and that column should be the closest value...but like I said before, it will only return a lower value. The formula is in cell B11 (Correction Factor). it SHOULD return 1.26....instead, its giving me 1.18. (200 is closer to 192 than 175 is)

temp press exp.xlsx

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Array Formula Based On Multiple Criteria

Jul 20, 2006

I am creating a summary page to analyse my golf scores. I have come to a dead end when looking at the Par statistics. Does anyone fancy a challenge and try to fill in some of the blanks on the summary tab. I am trying to use array formulas based on multiple criteria. for instance under the Best Par 3 section, it would look at all the Par 3's for whichever golfer is selected and then return the lowest number.

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Array Formula To Return Multiple Values Based On Various Criteria?

Dec 19, 2013

I can manage an array formula that returns a value based on a criteria. Simple. But I want to add in an additional couple of criteria. Now I'm stuck....

My sheet looks at a manually entered postcode, finds out what region this is in, and returns a list of postcode I have defined as being in that region. (So the postcode WF1 3JY would return a region of Yorkshire, and list postcodes of WF, BD, L, etc)

I also have a list of engineers, with a column for their home postcode.I want to be able to list all the engineers from my list whose home postcode matches any of the values on the already created list from the postcode and region entered. So far I have this, which finds me all the engineers for just one postcode area.

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Converting 3x10 Array To A 1X30 Array To Run A Match Formula

Apr 7, 2009

Say I have 3 columns of data: A1:C10 and I want to run a Match() function on them all together to see if I get a match any one those cells, say the value of have in X1.

Since, Match only allows a One-Column lookup array.. is there a way to "concatenate" or "append" the 3 columns together within a formula so now I would be looking to Match in an array that is 1 column * 30 rows?

Basically want to convert =Match(X1,A1:C10,0) to =Match(X1,A1:A30,0) without moving around the raw data in the sheet.

And I want to avoid doing an AND or OR formula that uses 3 separate MATCH() for each column.

I have a hunch that the MMULT or MMULT/TRANSPOSE functions are involved, but can't seem to get it right.

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Array Match Formula Fails But Simple Match Works?

Feb 5, 2014

In sheet 1, I have

Col A Col B
John Sedgwy - R

In sheet 2, I have the following names

Col A Col B
Peter Walker
John Sedgwicky

When I did an array match -> ={MATCH(1,(TRIM($a2)=Sheet2!$A$1:$A$2)*(left(b2,5)&"*"=Sheet2!$b$1:$b$2),0)}

gave me an error but when I did an individual match to both John and Sedgw, it works.

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Index Match Array Multiple Criteria?

Jun 22, 2014

with a multiple criteria index match array!

I have attached an example where I need to bring back a result matching 4 specific criteria, but I cannot seem to get it to work at all!

I have attached an example dataset with the formula that I was trying to get right (and failing miserably!!)

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Match Upper Closest Value Using Index-Match

Jan 15, 2013

I couldn't resolve the formula of Index-Match for getting the values that matches the following criteria

1) Match the "Category" of Table 1 to Table 2

2) Match the "value" of Table 1 to Table 2, if value is not present in Table 2 take the upper closest value.

Once the above conditions are met, Take the Result from Table 2

Table 1 is for Input and Table 2 is for Database.

Please note that Data in Table 2 should not be sorted in any way. I tried to use the -1 option of the Match function for upper closest value but it didn't work out.

Have a look at the file attached : IndexMatchUpperClosestValue_AlongwithExactMatch.xlsx

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Index Match Array New Formula Not Array?

Nov 6, 2013

Is there anyway to recreate this formula w/o it being an array ?

{=IF(C3="","",IFERROR(INDEX('Master List'!$B$1:$B$2000,MATCH(TRUE,ISNUMBER(SEARCH('Master List'!$A$1:$A$2000,C3)),0)),"ADD TO MASTER"))}

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Add To Dates Based On Criteria & Flag Overdue Dates

Dec 31, 2006

I have a very large Excel spreadsheet that is generated through an Oracle application at least once a month at work. I would like some code (either a worksheet function or a VBA) to check and report the following. If the frequency in column C is "Monthly" or "Weekly" just go to the next row. If the frequency in column C is "Annual", add 183 days to the date in column B; if it is "Semi-Annual", add 92 days to date in column B; if it is "Quarterly" , add 46 days to the date in column B; if the frequency in column C is "2-Year", add 365 days to the date in column B. Once the check has been made; I need the new total or date that was calculated checked against the date the report is being run (system clock date). If the date or total days is less than today, a new worksheet, titled "Late" needs to contain that row of data. If the date or total days is greater than today's date, just go on to the next row. I've attached an example worksheet.

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MATCH For Multiple Criteria While Ignoring Empty Array Cells

Nov 11, 2009

I'm working with a large amount of data (A21:BZ1503) and I'm trying to identify unique situations where any pre-defined combination of multiple columns in one row is flagged by producing a pre-defined value. For example:

I have my pre-defined criteria in worksheet 'X' hidden in my workbook -- note that there are many blank cells.

Worksheet 'X'ABCDE1Dept.CourseInst.Adj.2AGSM1.23MATH101Professor1.44ENGL1051.65ENGLProfessor1.86ETST1002

On worksheet 'A' the various users enter data -- each row is a unique group with data entered into the columns -- again note a cell can be blank:

Worksheet 'A'ABCDE1Dept.CourseInst.Adj.2AGSM110Professor3ETST2204ENGL108Professor5ENGL105Lecturer6MATH101Lecturer..............................

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Lookup Closest Value Non-array

Feb 12, 2008

The formula you see below works great. It will lookup to the closest value that matches the criteria.


Here is the problem when I try to expand the range I get a zero.


Is there anyway we could overcome this?

I know I could use a formula array for this, but I would like to know if this could be done in a non-array formula ....

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Closest Match

Jan 29, 2010

I have about 10000 datas in column A which are items' description.

Now I have an Item description in B2 & I want the closest match in C2 with B2 from Column A.

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Lookup Closest Match

Nov 3, 2006

I am looking for a fourmla to return a value in a column next to the closest value. Yes, this would normally be a vlookup example however in my application the numbers will not match exact as such in an client lookup application. I need to find the closest value to the value compared in the range and return the value to the right of it.

I have made up a small table attached with comparing what vlookup gives me and what I am looking for.


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Find Closest Match To A Given Value

May 6, 2009

In the attached sheet, I am using !Staff times columns N and O to nominate a mid point break time relevant to the start,lunch break and finish times of a shift.

What I would like to do is match the result to the closest time from !Race Times Column D (highlighted green). So if for example the mid point of the shift is 10:37 (as in !Staff Times cell N23), it actually comes back with the !Race Times result of 10:35 which is the closest actual race.

Ideally I would like it to look both sides of the midpoint time until it came to the closest match, rather than always looking at an earlier time, or always a later time (eg the cell N79 has a value of 11:36, however the 2 race times are 11:35 and 11:40. Preference is it shows 11:35). If however the N79 result was 11:38 or 11:39, I would prefer it went to 11:40).

However if this is not possible then picking the next time in either direction will do.

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VLOOKUP To Closest Match

Jun 17, 2009

I've got a vlookup function driven by the result of a simple equation.

=IF(C36="","---",VLOOKUP(C18/C39,'Engine & Configuration'!D1:G24,2,TRUE))

The issue I have is that I want the result to return the CLOSEST match, not an exact or rounded up match. For example, is my "C18/C39" equation returns a value of 1.000039, I want it to match with "1" in the array and not with 1.25. The FALSE option will not work because exact matches will be very rare.

The values in the array are not whole numbers, so I don't believe a ROUNDUP type code will help.

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Lookup Closest Match

Nov 3, 2006

I am looking for a fourmla to return a value in a column next to the closest value. Yes, this would normally be a vlookup example however in my application the numbers will not match exact as such in an client lookup application. I need to find the closest value to the value compared in the range and return the value to the right of it. I have made up a small table attached with comparing what vlookup gives me and what I am looking for.

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Array Match Formula

Jan 21, 2009

I have the following array formula that identifies the first number in the column I:


This formula works fine however I was hoping to expand the range to the entire column. I thought (obviously incorrectly) that the following formula would work:


Instead of getting the same result as the first formula, I am getting "#N/A".

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Vlookup Returning The Closest Match Down

Dec 8, 2009

I'm using vlookup to get a price for a unit of measure and it passes the value of the lesser not the greater. Is there anyway to get vlookup to pick the closest match as the greater value not the lesser one?

For example:
1000 units costs $8,000
4000 units cost $23,000
12000 units cost $68,000

If someone wants to buy 2500 units, I'd like the vlookup to pass the price based on 4000 units, but it passes 8,000 the value on 1000 units.

Can I use vlookup to give me the result of the greater unit not the lesser?

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VLOOKUP Closest Match Not Close Enough

Dec 13, 2005

I'm comparing one string array with another using VLOOKUP. About half
the list matches exactly if I use FALSE in the Range_Lookup. On the
items that don't match I used TRUE in the Range_Lookup but found it
doesn't get the closest match. See example:

Test Table Array

Lookup Value = AAACCCCC

VLOOKUP returns 1st item in Table (AAABBBCCC) ????????????

Of course item 2 (AAACCCCCC) is the better match but VLOOKUP doesn't
see it that way.

Does anyone know of a way around this problem? Maybe a character by
character match function that returns the item that matchs the most
number of correct characters?

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Searching On Dropdowns For Closest Match

Feb 6, 2012

Is there a way to set up drop downs so that you can type in the drop down box and it searches for the closest match?

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Closest Match: Unsorted Data

Oct 26, 2006

problem is the data I receive does not always have the same time stamps


next time maybe


What I was doing originially in my userform was allowing form the user to input the starting time (without having to know the exact time) example 22:00. This works but the problem is when they enter the approximate end time 3:00. Without sorting the data how do I get the ending time to match the approximate time if the time doesn't exist in the data. I was using the Match function and the defined data range with 1 (i.e. Match(value, range, 0)). This works for the starting time but not the stop time since the data is not in ascending order.

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ABS Function And Named Array Formulas To Find Closest Value?

Feb 5, 2012

I am really struggling with the following formula:


I am trying to find the cell in the named row "Ann_TaylorRegularBust" that is closest to the input bust size in cell B4. This formula works when I use actual range instead of the named array.

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Array Formula With Sumif And Between Dates

Jan 15, 2010

I've hit a major brick wall and hoping someone will be able to help! I've written an array formula to replace a pivot table (long story) anyway, they now want to be able to filter the data by date (between two dates) i'm using the current formula:

{=SUM(IF('SAP Data Current'!$A$2:$A$39802='Payment Block by Ac. Clerk Cal'!$B$84,IF('SAP Data Current'!$I$2:$I$39802='Payment Block by Ac. Clerk Cal'!$C101,IF('SAP Data Current'!$B$2:$B$39802='Payment Block by Ac. Clerk Cal'!S$2,'SAP Data Current'!$AA$2:$AA$39802,0),0),0))}

I know I need to put it at the beginning, but not sure how! I have the following formula for between dates:


but then this isn't working right either!

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Formula: Comparing Dates (array)

Mar 8, 2007

I have a simple formula to compare dates but it isn't working. I am missing something obvious. Any help is appreciated:


Current_Date = today()
BB64 = an array that is a feed from a streaming quote company: =ILX|Q!'f,Date' .

When I format this cell it looks exactly like Current_Date, but is displays "Previous". Somehow it is not doing an apples to apples comparison even though the values lookthe same.

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Find Closest Match Unsorted Data

Jun 26, 2008

I am wondering if it is possible to search a column full of assorted values which is unsorted, and then return the closest value.

I have written a previous thread which was similar, but misleading, i feel this thread is more to the point.

Currently i use this code, but it only finds the closest highest value if the data is sorted in ascending order.

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