Assistance Required For IF And AVERAGE Functions

May 1, 2006

the scenario is a spreadsheet for adding call centre operators evaluations (1 being worst and 5 being best) from the clients. in the spreadsheet, i need to create a function to add a quick evaluation based on the operators score from the client

so if the score is 4 or higher it would read "good - improving"

and if it is less than 4 "poor - improving"

i think this is just a simple IF question...but i have forgotten how to do it

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VBA - IF Functions And VLookups Assistance

Aug 4, 2009

The will eventually end in a series of pivottables. I am currently at the step where I need to add vlookups. This is for an inventory management report that averages 20,000 rows and 20 columns of data. I add a few columns (using vlookups) to increase visibilty to the operations dept.

The first thing I need help with is creating the VBA language for using a vlookup table from another workbook that pastes the vlookup formula every cell to the bottom of the data

Then I need to utilize an IF formula for one column that says IF c2 is blank use vlookup-formula1, and IF it is not blank use vlookup-formula2, and then paste at every cell all the way down.

I hope someone can help, and I hope I didn't write too much to where everyone will skip pver this thread.

I am currently to this state, and ready to continue.
' OHR1 Macro
' Macro recorded 7/22/2009 by iahopbxm
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+o
' Sort and Add column Headers
Selection.ColumnWidth = 9.43...........

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Need Assistance With Average Calculation Formula

Jun 15, 2007

I get a "#value" error message when I utilize the formula noted below. I seperated it into distinct sections so that it is easier to view. Basically, what the formula is doing is determining whether if two values are the same, then take the absolute difference of the average of other values ,excluding one of the previously noted values, and compare that difference to a different parameter. If the difference does not exceed the parameter, then calculate the difference; otherwise the ending result is zero. Pls. note that the error seems to occur when I input the fifth section into the formula.







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Conditional Formula Assistance (default To "training Required" Rather Than The Value It Would Give)

Oct 28, 2009

=ROUND(SUMIF($C$26:$C$106,D126, $F$26:$F$106)/COUNTIF($C$26:$C$106, D126), 0). the formula is from a sheet which is used as like a questioning/ skills matrix.

The reference of d126 is a category eg: complaint handling and there might be 4 questions on complaint handling each of the answers being displayed as a number between the cells f26-106. If any of these individual cell results are equal to 0 or 1 then i want the overall answer for the formula to default to "training required" rather than the value it would give.

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Conditional Average From Two Address Functions

Jun 26, 2008

I'm trying to calculate a monthly average from a set of daily values in a separate sheet. I managed to use some nifty code to return the address of the first value in the month, and the address of the last value in the month.

I tried to create an AVERAGE formula to compute the average between these two looked up address and I'm getting various errors, including #DIV/0 which doesn't make sense to me. Here is the summary of the code I'm using, in generic terms.

Formula to lookup first address in month:

Formula to lookup last address in month:
=ADDRESS(MATCH( DATE(YEAR(A57),MONTH(A57)+1,0),'Sheet2'!$A$1:$A$2000,0),12,4,TRUE,"Sheet2"))

Average formula (not working):


A57 is the cell in Sheet1 containing the relevant month, for example in this case it is 4/1/2008 (displayed as Apr-2008). Column A in Sheet2 contains the daily dates. Column 12 in Sheet2 contains the relevant data that I want to average.

I've tested the two address lookup formulas and they are working fine. I assume I'm missing some sort of small conversion such that the average formula is not reading the ADDRESS formulas as addresses.

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Floating Range For Excel Functions - Calculating Stdev And Average

Jan 22, 2014

I need to calculate a Stdev and Average based on a specific range. However, my range is not constant in the time. For instance, today I may need to calculate these functions based on 30 numbers, but tomorrow on 25 or 15 or 50...

Is there a way to automate this process by changing the number of data points to include in the range in one single cell and avoid manually adjusting the range in accordance with needed data points?

In other words, I would like to change the value, let's say in Cell A1 from 30 to 50 and then Excel would re-calculate the StDev and Average based on 50 data points and not 30. Is that possible?

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Ranking Assistance

Oct 13, 2009

i was looking for some assistance in regards to a formula i have used for ranking. i have attached a sample spreadsheet of what i have done so far but struggling to work something so thot id try here.

(Sample WB) Currently i have managed to rank in accordance to column E but as i have alot of 0% i would like to be able to rank the 0% in accordance to the number of work done (column C).

For example i have 62 0% answers and Username Q has actioned 316 jobs with 0 Failures so should be ranked 1st as he has the highest number of jobs.

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Dec 3, 2006

Is it possible if 0 cells are filled with the word “out” in a column D7 thru D15 In work sheet team matches. To run a macro that will look up a column in another sheet A2 to A10 in work sheet Random Picks. And fill column D7 to D15 In sheet team matches with the contents of them cells.

If 1 cell is filled with the word “out” in a column D7 thru D15 In work sheet team matches. To run a macro that will look up a column in another sheet B2 to B9 in work sheet Random Picks. And fill column D7 to D14 In sheet team matches with the contents of them cells.

If 2 cells are filled with the word “out” in a column D7 thru D15 In work sheet team matches. To run a macro that will look up a column in another sheet C2 to C8 in work sheet Random Picks. And fill column D7 to D13 In sheet team matches with the contents of them cells.

If 3 cells are filled with the word “out” in a column D7 thru D15 In work sheet team matches. To run a macro that will look up a column in another sheet D2 to D7 in work sheet Random Picks. And fill column D7 to D12 In sheet team matches with the contents of them cells.

If 4 cells are filled with the word “out” in a column D7 thru D15 In work sheet team matches. To run a macro that will look up a column in another sheet E2 to E6 in work sheet Random Picks. And fill column D7 to D11 In sheet team matches with the contents of them cells.

If 5 cells are filled with the word “out” in a column D7 thru D15 In work sheet team matches. To run a macro that will look up a column in another sheet F2 to F5 in work sheet Random Picks. And fill column D7 to D10 In sheet team matches with the contents of them cells.

If 6 cells are filled with the word “out” in a column D7 thru D15 In work sheet team matches. To run a macro that will look up a column in another sheet G2 to G4 in work sheet Random Picks. And fill column D7 to D10 In sheet team matches with the contents of them cells.

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For Each Next Loop W/ Formula Assistance

Apr 12, 2007

I only grasp the basics of loops and not any experience w/ formulas in VBA to date.

For each item in col "I" run this formula (the cell references are relative)
=RIGHT(I6,LEN(I6)-FIND(" ",I6))

I am only at this point so far:

Sub ItemName()
Dim wb As Workbook
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim i As Integer
Dim LRow As Long

Set ws = Workbooks("TGSItemRecordCreatorMaster.xls").Worksheets("Record Creator")
LRow = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, 9).End(xlUp).Row

For i = 6 To LRow
=RIGHT(I6,LEN(I6)-FIND(" ",I6))

End Sub
The basic function of the loop is to Delete the first term of each cell in the range including the first space.

Enjoi Barletta Deck

Resulting in:

Barletta Deck

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Assistance With Budget Expenditure Forecasting

Jun 19, 2008

I am trying to use excel to forecast budget expenditure for the fiscal year, using actuals from months past + unknown (future months).

I have this formula in cell G2: =IF((worksheet A!G70>0),F2,IF((B2

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Nested IF/And Condition Formula Assistance

Aug 4, 2009

Current Formula

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School Project - Message Box Assistance

Jun 13, 2006

Im doing a year nine maths project and need a little help with excel. This is my first time using macros/VBA. I have been playing around and have figured out a few things. I was asked to produce a game using excel, i am doing a kind of "racing" game with betting, i have the racing and most of the betting all working fine. I need to know how to get a message box to appear when the total of a cell reaches 0.

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Assistance With Creating A Specific Macro Using VBA Code

Dec 8, 2008

I was wondering if someone could help me generate a Macro to do the following:

I have a sheet with the following characteristics.

Column A, rows 8-15 contain headers
Column A, rows 17-24 contain headers
Column A, rows 26-40 contain headers
Column B to CV, row 6 may or may not contain an "X"
Column B to CV, rows 8-15 & 17-24 & 26-40 may or may not contain the various data

I need a macro which does the following on the press of a button located somewhere on the sheet:
Generate a .TXT file in the folder C:Test with the name "Test_YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS_Full.txt" which uses the system time and date to fill in the values In the TXT file the following data should be created: ....

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Debug Assistance - Auto Date Entry

Apr 3, 2007

i try to lock cells in the area the VBA code affects. My goal is to actually have affected cells by this VBA code lock immediately after anything is entered in the affected cells. Area needing Debugging is in the If - Else portion. My worksheet will be protected.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim LLoop As Integer
Dim LTargetRange1 As String
Dim LDestRange1 As String
LLoop = 10
While LLoop <= 1000
'Link column B to A
LTargetRange1 = "B" & CStr(LLoop)
LDestRange1 = "A" & CStr(LLoop)
If Not Intersect(Range(LTargetRange1), Target) Is Nothing Then
If Len(Range(LTargetRange1).Value) > 0 Then
Range(LDestRange1).Value = Date
Range(LDestRange1).Value = Null
End If
End If
LLoop = LLoop + 1
End Sub

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Mouse Scroll WITHIN A Data Validation List &amp; Option Macro Assistance

Jan 7, 2010

I'm trying to do a few things actually. I am somewhat a newb at programming, although I do understand how C++ and the coding works within Excel. To me, it's like the English language...knowing all of the vocabulary and formatting it right is important. If I don't know the vocabulary, I don't know what options I have.

This tool is being used in the call center I work in. It is to help eliminate repititious information used to notate accounts. I have attached a picture of what the tool looks like so you can have a better idea of what I'm working with. Here are a list of things I'm trying to do which I have searched and not found answers to:

1. I am trying to use a middle mouse scroll to scroll through validation list. This list information is located on a different locked tab. Basically, I have a few rows where a drop down selection can be made and it would be easier to scroll rather than manually moving the slider within the validation list.

2. As you can see, this "tool" an employee and I have created has many buttons. What I would like to do is to be able to click a button on the right and have it "stack" text within a single cell. In other words, if I click the button once, the text may be entered into the "actions taken" cell. If I click another button, I can have the option (or maybe a little "+" next to the button) to add this button's information to the end of the information already entered within the "actions taken" box. I've tried recording and using the keyboard and selecting "end" and then having the text added, but it didn't work. I've seen "loop" VBA code, but I don't want something to repeat, I want it to stack in the cell when clicked manually.

I'm sure there is a way to make the tool much better using VBA code and not use Excel, but I don't have an extensive knowledge of Excel to do something like that. I'm a very fast learner and understand how the coding works, so if you have an idea which may help, and you understand what I'm trying to do here, please provide your .02.

Basically, it's used so the Customer's name and phone number are entered manually, and then just about everything else is automated by the use of the buttons on the right. If I could get the 2 above options to work, it'd be perfect. I just figured out I could eliminate screen flicker and hide the macros working by using:

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IF Formula Assistance: Formula That Looks At 2 Adjacent Cells

Feb 2, 2009

I need to create a formula that looks at 2 adjacent cells. If both cells show 'YES' then I need the 3 cell to show 'YES'. If either/both of the 2 adjacent cells are blank then the third needs to be blank.

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Functions Compared With VBA Functions

Mar 14, 2008

I am aware of the following topic in the VBA Help file:

"Using Microsoft Excel Worksheet Functions in Visual Basic
You can use most Microsoft Excel worksheet functions in your Visual Basic statements. To see a list of the worksheet functions you can use, see List of Worksheet Functions Available to Visual Basic.

Note Some worksheet functions aren’t useful in Visual Basic. For example, the Concatenate function isn’t needed because in Visual Basic you can use the & operator to join multiple text values."

And I'm aware of how to call Excel funcitons from within VBA; e.g., answer = Application.WorksheetFunction.Min(myRange)

However, not only are some Excel functions not useful; the fact is they cannot be used because VBA has a native function that does exactly the same thing and you have to use that native VBA function to achieve your goal. It is these overlapping functions that I am especially interested in. I want to know what I should use directly in VBA and what I need to go to Excel for.

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Average Column Of Cells But Ignore Errors And Return Average Of Numbers That Are There

Jun 14, 2013

E11 through E24 contains numbers and a few errors (#N/A) that need to persist (the errors need to show).

E10 needs to show the average of the numbers that are in E11 through E24, and just ignore the errors.

I have many columns like that - where the errors need to show and I need to show an average of the number/values that do appear, ignoring the errors.

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Average And Vlookup: Average The Grades With Appropriate Names

Dec 9, 2008

i have two columns...a and b (a w/ names, and b w/grades). then i have the table lookup with names and grades all mixed up for many rows. i want to be able to average the grades with appropriate names.

=average(vlookup(name, table, column, false))?? i don't get it to work and how can i specify the grade to average?

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Listing Required

Jun 17, 2009

I have been given a worksheet which has 5000 rows spread along 13 columns.
There are about 200 cells that I am interested in from this sheet, these cells being the subtotals of the cells above them.

I have extracted the individual cells containing the subtotal values to a new, empty column but they are spread down this column with blank cells in between.

Is there a function / formula to get rid of the 4800 blank cells so that the data I need is compressed into a stack of 200 cells all filled with data?

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Object Required

Sep 27, 2007

i am having alittle trouble with this line of coding.

With ActiveWorkbook
.Sheets("Hidden Data").Cells(rngFound.Row, 9) = Sheets("Data").Range("L18")
.Sheets("Hidden Data").Cells(rngFound.Row, 12) = Sheets("Data").Range("l20")
.Sheets("Hidden Data").Cells(rngFound.Row, 15) = Sheets("Data").Range("l22")
.Sheets("Hidden Data").Cells(rngFound.Row, 18) = Sheets("Data").Range("l24")
.Sheets("Hidden Data").Cells(rngFound.Row, 21) = Sheets("Data").Range("l26")
.Sheets("Hidden Data").Cells(rngFound.Row, 24) = Sheets("Data").Range("l28")
End With

with the line "Sheets("Hidden Data").cells(rngfound.row, 9) = sheets("data").range("l18")" the error messages states Object Required, but i am not sure what this is trying to say.

any idea's or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

at the top of the coding i have listed "Public rngFound"

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Only Print What Is Required

Nov 13, 2009

I am creating a training matrix that will be used in a number of locations. Some only have a few staff members whilst others have lots. I want each location to print a list on a formatted sheet but I want to set it up so that the locations with fewer people don't end up with lots of blank lines.

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Set Objects To Nothing. Required Or Not

Dec 21, 2007

Why should I set objects to nothing (ie clear them) just before ending a sub routine? Doesn't excel dump the variables after the sub is finished running?


Dim ws As worksheet

Then at the end...

Set ws = Nothing

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Worksheet.function Average Returning Error "Unable To Get The Average Property Of The WorksheetFunction Class"

Jan 23, 2007

TotHCInv.Value = WorksheetFunction. Sum(KRInv, PBLInv, CRInv, PVInv)
If i >= 34 Then CPSCtphRMA.Value = WorksheetFunction.Average("G" & (i - 30) & ":G" & i)

The first line runs properly, but the second line bugs out with the error message "Unable to get the Average property of the WorksheetFunction class". I can simply do the math, but I thought that using the worksheet function would be easier than summing and dividing. I'm curious, though, as to why I can't seem to use the Average function.

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How To Get A Minimum Average And A Maximum Average

May 23, 2014

Can I get a minimum average and a maximum average, I have a worksheet with days of supply for 100 stores with about 100-200 products each, the dos resides in column D.

I was going to create a summary page and reference column d.

The following just gives me the min, I want the min average if possible:

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Grade Point Average Using AVERAGE IF AND

Sep 1, 2006

I am attempting to calculate Grade point averages for my students for all classes. There are 5 columns of grades to be considered. I frist assign values of 0-5 to the grades then average the points. My problem is that I want the AVERAGE to ignore the zero but it calculates it as well. (I enter a 0 if I have no grade for that class.) I have tried the{ } to make it an array formula but this also did not work. Here is what I have, can anyone help?

=SUM(AVERAGE(IF(AND(L2>89,L2<100),5,IF(AND(L2<90,L2>79),4,IF(AND(L2>69,L2<80),3,IF(AND(L2<70,L2>59), 2,IF(AND(L2>0,L2<60),1,0))))),IF(AND(T2>89,T2<100),5,IF(AND(T2<90,T2>79),4,IF(AND(T2>69,T2<80),3,IF( AND(T2<70,T2>59),2,IF(AND(T2>0,T2<60),1,0))))),IF(AND(AB2>89,AB2<100),5,IF(AND(AB2<90,AB2>79),4,IF(A ND(AB2>69,AB2<80),3,IF(AND(AB2<70,AB2>59),2,IF(AND(AB2>0,AB2<60),1,0))))),IF(AND(AJ2>89,AJ2<100),5,I F(AND(AJ2<90,AJ2>79),4,IF(AND(AJ2>69,AJ2<80),3,IF(AND(AJ2<70,AJ2>59),2,IF(AND(AJ2>0,AJ2<60),1,0))))) ,IF(AND(AR2>89,AR2<100),5,IF(AND(AR2<90,AR2>79),4,IF(AND(AR2>69,AR2<80),3,IF(AND(AR2<70,AR2>59),2,IF (AND(AR2>0,AR2<60),1,0)))))),-1)

I know it is huge. The syntax is correct. It calculates the average, but always for all 5 columns. It will not ignore a 0 in a column.

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Formula =AVERAGE(B16:L16) To Give The Average

Jan 7, 2008

I'm using the formula =AVERAGE(B16:L16) to give me the average.

However I have a couple of problems with this. Firstly I would like to exclude the value zero from the average. Secondly to also ignore the lowest and highest values.

Example, if the values in the cells are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 then the current result shows 5, by ignoring the 0 and lowest value 1 and highest value 10 the average should be 4.5.

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Avoiding Average Of An Average: Times

Oct 11, 2006

Ok, I for some reason just cant wrap my head around this. I need to to get the average time per call of two rows, but they are based on how many calls taken.

so in one column i have 50168 calls taken at 4:21 seconds per call. and in the next row i have 597 calls taken at 5:20 per call. I need to see what the new average will be with them combined, and I need it to display in m:ss form.

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VLookup :: Last Row And Get The Required Numeric Value

Dec 28, 2009

I have two columns E, F in excel. Rows are dynamic. In the sense that sometimes only 2 rows appear or sometimes newer rows appear......

Now I want to lookup the last row and get the required numeric value. I have written the following formula to get the result. =VLOOKUP(CONCATENATE("E",SUM(COUNTA(E2:E16),1)),E2:F16,2). It returns value 60. But when I add 2 new rows.

7 F 70
8 J 90

It should return 90. But it is still showing up 60. when i checked CONCATENATE("E",SUM(COUNTA(E2:E16),1)). it is returning 'E8' correctly. But VLOOKUP unable to return correct value.

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How To Get Required Records Only From A Worksheet

Apr 21, 2013

I have a worksheet with a header row.the data is from B2:B25.I have to accomplish two things.

i)I want to get only 8 records (viz record nos-5,6,11,12,17,18,23,24)from the entire worksheet.serial numbers are shown only for illustration purpose.i want to eliminate all other records from the worksheet.then i will get the records from seriel numbers 1-8 as shown in E2:E9.

(2)I want the content of row3 to come up in C2 and then row3 should be deleted. now the content of row4 should come up to C3 and then row4 should be should continue.the result will be 4 records as shown in G2:H5

See the attached sample file.


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