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Auto Populate Text In Cell

here is a formula i would like in cell D20 (might not be a formula out there,maybe more code)
if cell C20= "S" then text in Cell D20= "SHOP" (then will be able to type after "SHOP")

if cell C20="F" then text in Cell D20="Field" (then will be able to type after "Field")

I have many facters (15 to be exact) that I would like to do this in the range of D20:D38

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Auto Fill: Populate A Cell With A Date
Need formula for populate a cell with a date. I have a workbook with 5 sheets (mon, tues, wed, thur, fri) and I'd like to type a date on mondays sheet so all the other sheets follow on the date ie:

Noverber 1st 2008 is typed into sheet 1: A1, sheet 2 automatically displays November 2nd 2008, sheet 3 displays November 3rd, etc..

I know it's basic progression, but I'm not sure how to do it with date/text...

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Auto Populate Cell With Static Date As Another Cell Is Populated
I have used the following =IF(ISBLANK(Q6),"",(NOW())) & =IF(ISBLANK(Q6),"",(Today())),
but when the excel file is closed and opened the date changes to now or today. How can I make the date stay and not change?

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Macro - Auto Populate The Data, Based On The Previous Cell Values
the post 5 for the actual issue. This being my first post could not update it correctly. I have put my views int he 5th post which will be more clear.

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Text From One Cell Populate To Another
I am attempting to copy Text from one cell and populate to another, e.g.

A1 = Excellent
A2 =
A3 = Good
A4 = Bad

If i type ='Sheet 1'!A1 in the cell on my second sheet it populates fine, however i need to be able to ignore blank cells as well

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Offset Cell To Populate The Text Box
How can I make this statement take the value from the Offset cell to populate the text box and not take the value from the text box to popluate the Offset Cell?

With txtBoarded
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1) = .Value
End With
This code is in the user form initialize code.

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Auto Populate Tab
Is it possible to create a macro which adds a new sheet and names the tab from a cell value somewhere?

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Auto Populate Address
on Sheet 2, I have a very long list of names and addresses. What I am trying to do, is to have the correct address auto populate in Cell B253, depending on which name I type into Cell B252.

The formula has to be able to determine which name is typed in cell B252, i.e., John A Doe, and then auto populate his address in cell B253.

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Auto-populate Corresponding Cells With Each
I have a database in the form of a spreadsheet with the following column headings:
A=DATE (3 letter abbreviation for the month...jan, feb, mar, etc)
F=Contract number

Is there a formula that I can enter in another worksheet (which is being used as a report), that will "grab" the monthly data for all entries for a given month (i.e. "mar"), and auto-populate corresponding cells with each?

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Auto Populate Cells
I have a workbook with three sheets:

'Activity' 'Expenses' and 'Income'

On the 'Activity' sheet I:
select the date,
select the description, and
select the category (dependent on the description using indirect)
and enter a value. ($ dollar amount)

How do I make the entered values appear automatically :

- on the correct Sheet for the Description - 'EXPENSES' or 'INCOME'

- in the correct columns (matching) the category

- and in the correct row (matching) the date,

- "add to" - if a value already exists in the cell (more than one transaction on a date)

after they have been hand entered on the 'Activity' sheet?

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Sumproduct: Auto Populate
The first tab I have a summary sheet which I want to auto populate with a sumproduct function, the second tab is where the dates and values are I wish to sum the value if itís returned in January. I had a go to try sum the entire range see below but itís not working

=SUMPRODUCT(--('Alex Guest - Scotland'!$G$19:$G$1048576>=1/1/2009),--('Alex Guest - Scotland'!$G$19:$G$1048576<=3/1/2009),--('Alex Guest - Scotland'!$H$19:$H$1048576))

The ultimate goal I am trying to achieve is if there is a date in January in the date returned column and the php column does not contain a value I want it to sum in the summary sheet in January. Hopefully if anyone can advise that would be great then I can look at the formula and try workout to sum only if there is a value in the php column in January

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How To Auto Populate A Formula
My macro runs, and it inserts a cell, but in order to record data on a summary page, I need a formula to auto populate, and I've tried having the macro copy/paste and I've tried ActiveCell.Formula...and nothing seems to be working. The formula needs to go into Cell B3.

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Auto-Populate Cells In A Table
I have my projection formulas that use the date and age to estimate production on each farm. Basically the age is calculated first and then the production rate is estimated. I have been trying to figure out if, instead of having a formula in each cell, can I use VBA to populate the ages and then the production.

Here is an example:


FarmAge8/22/09Age8/29/09Age9/5/09Age9/12/09Age9/19/09Age9/26/09Age10/3/09Farm 1
34181351813617937179381793917940177Farm 2
All the functions I have created work, I just can't have the worksheet auto-calculate due to the total number of cells with functions. Calculating the worksheet takes approx 1 min...

I should be able to adjust any code to the ranges needed, but this example shows the basic layout.

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Auto-populate Userform From Course List
Some Background info:
This is my first post! I am a total novice when it comes to VBA in Excel (but I'm a fast learner!), so please bear with me if my question is either obvious or easy (or if this is a question that's been asked 14980213 times already). I have some programming experience, but all in C or C++, not in VBA--this makes the project challenging. I also have to hand this off in a few months and trust that it'll never break, ever--more challenging.

I'm trying to make a Participant Tracking System for some workshops we offer. The intent is to make a userform so that an administrator can input all the information for the participant in question. One important question on the form is which course the participant intends to take; the snag is that the current list may change over time.

The Spreadsheet is set up with Course headings starting at R8C8, and continuing across for all 16 courses we currently offer. The data for the participant is entered into Rows 1-7, and the date they completed the course in the appropriate column for that course. There are some formulas in Rows 1-7, the important one here counts up the number of classes currently offered.

So, below is the code i'm trying to use, at least to start. I am making a combobox that has all of the available classes.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

Dim ClassList() As String

'R5C6 contains a formula that calculates the number of classes offered. The value is currently 16
Redim ClassList(R5C6)

iCount = 0
y = 8

Do While iCount > R5C6
'R8C8 is where the class list begins.
'It continues horizontally along the rows for the 16 titles offered.
ClassList(iCount) = ActiveCell
y = y + 1
iCount = iCount + 1

With ClassListBox
.List = ClassList
.ListIndex = -1
End With

End Sub

I used to have a line that replaced the following chunk.

ClassList(iCount) = ActiveCell

It read

ClassList(iCount) = R8Cy

and did nothing for me at all.

When I initialize the userform, I get a blank combobox. It doesn't do what I want it to do, but that's probably because I'm telling it to do something weird.

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Auto Populate The Number Of Units
i have been trying to write an Excel sheet in 2007
that can be given a random amount of (money) and show
me the best way to spend it.

Name - Power - Cost
1 - 10 - 20
2 - 20 - 40
3 - 40 - 80
4 - 80 - 160
5 - 160 - 320
6 - 320 - 640

So i have 40K to spend, i want to eneter 40000 into a box and it
will auto populate the number of units i can buy, always setting the weapon
#6 as the priority.

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VBA Code To Auto Populate Different Cells
I am trying to add some code that will auto populate cells based on entries and list selections. In the attached spreadsheet, when information is added to cells in column 'A', the date should auto populate the cells in column 'C'. When a status of "Complete" is selected from the dropdown box in cell 'B', the date should auto populate in the cell in column "D".

The code partially works in that it will auto populate columns "C" and "D", but the code errors out every time and I have to cancel the error to continue to the next entry.

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Auto Populate Multiple Dropdown Boxes
I have 3 dropdown boxes I created using the control toolbox which pull corresponding information from 3 different columns. I would like to be able to format them so that upon data entry in the first dropdown box, the subsequent two boxes auto populate with the corresponding data. Currently I have to select the information for each dropdown box manually.

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Tabs Name To Auto Populate From A Specific Cells Contents?
Is it possible for the tab name to auto populate from a specific cells contents?

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Code To Auto Populate A Relative Formula Into A Column
I have a report that I run off a database and extract to Excel.

It has 3 fields: Title; FirstName; LastName. For example sake lets say they are in columns A, B, C. Now in D I have a fieldname of FullName and in D2 onwards the formula: =A2&" "&B2&" "&C2.

Now I currently manually type the formula and drag it down to the same row as the last entry in the first 3 columns so that I get the full title in one cell.

I wanted to know how I could enter the the formula above in column D so that it automatically does this for me?

I tried to record a Macro as a test for column D setting the field name in D1 and the formula in D2 and got the following:

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VB Case - Button In A Spreadsheet That Auto Populate's Certain Cells With This Script
I have a button in a spreadsheet that auto populate's certain cells with this script very simple.

Sub Bundle_8230()
[C242] = "HP NC8230"
[C243] = "Deluxe Laptop Bag"
[C244] = "Travel Battery"
[C245] = "Mouse"
[C246] = "Keyboard"
[C247] = "Port Replicator"
[D242] = "1"
[D243] = "1"
[D244] = "1"
[D245] = "1"
[D246] = "1"
[D247] = "1"

End Sub

What i would need is a script so that it doesn't look at those specific cells
but a range of cells and every time the button is clicked it will fall into the first empty cells.

So example when button is clicked
Case 1 if cells C242 has something look at cell C243
If cell C243 has something look at cell C244
If cell C244 has nothing then enter data that goes with that button.
I have around 6 to 7 different buttons.

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VLOOKUP To Auto-populate A Description From An Entered Part Number
I am trying to use VLOOKUP to auto-populate a description from an entered part number. After checking up on how to do this in several different places I applied this formula to the relevant cell but all that it returns is #N/A.

I am very confused as all seems to be correct, but I am new to this and I am sure I am missing something silly. :P

On entering a part number into cell C13 on sheet 'Stores Receipt' it should search and find that number in column A on sheet 'Product List', it should then return the adjacent description from column B on sheet 'Product List' and show this in cell C17 on sheet 'Stores Receipt'.... Sounds simple hey! :D

The formula used is:

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Auto-link To Another Worksheet When Text Is Entered In Cell
setting up a worksheet that forces a link to another worksheet when text is entered.

For instance, I will have several columns in the first worksheet (Sheet 1). For each entry, a tally ("X") will be added under the applicable columns. Most of the column headings are pretty straightforward. To keep things uncluttered, I want one of the columns to have an auto-link (?) feature so that when the user adds an X in this one column (we'll call it Column D), the user will then be auto-linked to another worksheet (Sheet 2) in the workbook. Sheet 2 will have room for more information regarding Column D, Sheet 1.

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Auto-populate Data To A Master Worksheet From Other Sheets In A Shared Workbook
I have never really used VBA and so am completely stuck at this problem. I need to create a macro which auto-populates a master worksheet from the individual user sheets in a shared workbook. Sheet 1 is the master sheet "Team Stats". There will be an undetermined number of individual worksheets to accomodate new staff. Each worksheet will be identical, using columns A-I with row 1 having the headings:

Date, Name, Reference, Value, Price, Age, Purchased?, Destination, Add. Products (the last 3 columns will have a drop-down list which will be used to enter data into the cell). There will be a varying number of rows in each of the individual sheets. If possible I would like the macro to run every time data is entered into one of the individual worksheets. If this is not then it would be fien to update every time the workbook is opened.

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To Populate Three Columns With Text Based On Text Of Another Column
I am having a trouble in Excel sheet.My column A has a drop down list with text- possible, not possible, not required.Based on the text, i need to populate texts in columns B, C and D.

For example

Column A drop down selected is "possible"
then B coulmn should automatically populate "1-3"
C should populate with "3-5"
D should be "5-7"

I am using MS excel 2007.

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Create New Sheet For Each Row Of Another Sheet Auto Populate Data.
i have a sheet called 'sample database'. it consists of 56 columns, each with a specific title in row 1. i.e. name, surname, mobile_number, and so on.
from row 2 onwards the data has been populated for roughly 200 rows.

i have another 'Capture Sheet' which has the same titles as 'Sample database' except it's in a different format. its a printable form that is given to new employees when they start. once they have completed it it gets captured into the 'Sample Database' sheet.

my wifes boss now wants 1 new sheet for each row in the 'sample database' sheet based on the format/layout of the 'capture form'.
how can i get the 'capture form' to auto populate the data from the 'sample database' sheet and create a new sheet for each row?
i know this is possible i just dont know how to do it.

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Static Date Stamp: Add A Date Stamp That Will Populate A Field When Text Is Entered Into Another Cell
How can I add a date stamp that will populate a field when text is entered into another cell but will not change every time I re-open the sheet. I have been using =if(B4="",NOW()) which changes each time though and as soon as text is entered it disappears. I want to capture the actual date that someone enters text into a cell and save that date in another cell???

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How To Populate A Text Box In A Form
I have created a form (example attached)

In this form when Lot ID is typed in and hit enter to go to next box, I like to search that lot ID in 'Processing" sheet and populate with corresponding date in the next text box. I hope someone can help me on this.

In real time the "processing" data is in a different workbook and sometimes is not available to the operators.

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Auto-populate Cells With Data From Other Cells
My sheet goes from monday to friday on the coulombs. On the rows i have various data sections for each day. I would like the data on the last day (any day after monday) that there is data for a sheet to input that data into the monday slot when the "master date" is changed on the cheese sheet. The idea here being that the script will take the last entered data for a given sheet, and put it into the monday coulomb on the same sheet when the date is changed. This is kind of hard to explain so if you need clarification let me know. Attached is the sheet i'm working with.

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Auto Populate Data After Sorting The Data
I need to have cell data on sheet 1 to populate cells / rows on sheet 2 when the data is sorted on Sheet 1.

So let me explain: I have workloads on each row in Sheet 1. Column A has a list of people that I assign to each workload. After assigning a name in Column A to each row, I sort Column A by the user to print out only their workloads.

Currently, we have a paper worksheet where they manually write in their workload. I have replicated this worksheet on Sheet 2 and was wondering if I could use the data in Sheet 1 after being sorted by user, to populate the worksheet on Sheet 2 ?

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Populate Two Text Boxes Based On A Combo Box Selection
I want to populate the values of two textboxes that we will call TextBox5 and TextBox6 from columns W and X of a spreadsheet called "PowerAnalysis" when a selection is made form ComboBox5.

The ComboBox5 works perfectly now. I just need it to populate the other two text boxes.

All the data resides in the same row on the same sheet of PowerAnalysis when the selection is made in ComboBox5.

I hope I have been able to give a clear picture of what I am wanting to do.

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Populate Listbox & Text Boxes From Data In Sheet
I have a userform with a multi select listbox and 7 textboxes and a sheet with all the data on called "Metdata"

See "Metadata" sheet data below:

I want to:

1. Populate the Listbox1 with the data from column A, which starting at cell A3 and down until cell/row is blank. In the example "Metadata" sheet below I only two rows are present but that will increase to 200+ rows.

listbox1 = data from column A starting A3.

2. When the user selects a single item in the listbox1, I want the 6 textboxes to be populated with the data from the other columns related to the row selected as follows:

textbox1 = column B - starting cell B3
textbox2 = column C - starting cell B3
textbox3 = column D - starting cell B3
textbox4 = column E - starting cell B3
textbox5 = column F - starting cell B3
textbox6 = column G - starting cell B3

Every time the user changes the item selected in the listbox1, I want the textboxes to be populated with the data from the corresponding row selected.

3. When the user selects more that one item from the listbox I want all the textboxes to be locked = true and textbox7 = "Multiple files Selected"

Obviously when a single selection is made from listbox1 that all textboxes are unlocked for use....

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Field To Populate NETWORKDAYS But Also To Populate Alternatives If Fields Are Blank!
i have two fields with dates - one field A1 for date authorised (for a data request) and one field B1 for date actioned (data request)

i need a formula to populate in C1 the following:

if A1 is blank then C1 is 'not actioned'
if B1 is blank then C1 is 'not complete'
if both contain dates then C1 to calculate the number of working days between the dates eg. A1 10.08.09, B1 11.08.09...C1 = 1 working day

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Populate A Cell Based On Conditions Of Other Cells W/out Putting A Formula In The Cell
Is there a way to make a cell populate certain text based on conditions of other cells without putting the formula in the cell you want to populate. So that someone could type other text into the cell if the conditions were not met?

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Auto Populating A Text Box
i have a form that in excel using the Active X Controls thanks from the help on this board the form is working a great and praised by peers for the simplicity and design.

Anyway i would now like to add some code that will auto populate certain text boxes with information held on the PC?

The information is held on the PC so info like Environ$("USERNAME") etc.... what i would like is when the user opens the form these fields are populated with this information..

I have had a go but still cannot get it to work... Here is my attempt

Private Sub staffno_Change()
staffno.Text = Environ$("USERNAME") 'Users Staff ID
End Sub

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Auto-formatting A Text String.
I have a cell containing a post code (U.K). For example CF678JU however I need it to be formatted to show CF67 8JU. Is there a quick option of setting a formatting rule to add the space instead of me going into each cell and changing... (there's thousands of them!!!)

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Changing Auto-shape Text Vba
This it possible to change an auto-shape text say Rectangle 200 based on what cell is selected. For Example Peps: -If i select cells(3,3) then the text in Rectangle 200 will change to Hello!!!, but if i select cells (3,4) then the text will change to Bye Bye!!! Do you understand me babes

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Auto Expand Row When Typing Lenthy Text
I am trying to have a form that people can fill in and I know it would be far better to use Word for this purpose but it looks so much better in Excel format. The problem is I have merged about 10 cells in a row and copied this format down a few rows.

Now although I have set the 'Text Wrap' option the rows will not auto expand unti to accodate all the text unless I do a ALT-ENTER combo. The problem is anyone using this spreadsheet to complete the form may not know how to use this feature.

Is there anyway Excel can expand automatically or do I need some sort of Macro based in the Worksheet that will automatically adjust the row if the text is too long to fit?

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Auto Shapes Name, Text, Postition & Properties
Im assigning some codes to certain autoshapes. I have a few hundred autoshapes to assign this code to. Whats the best way to determine the name of the autoshape?

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Populate Cell Using VB

It uses DDE to talk to a program called MetaTrader and this places 'Live' price quotes in that cell.

1.User selects currency pair in Cell C4
2.I need code to place a formula in Cell F4 constructed as follows:

=MT4|BID!cell c4m

I have been trying to get this work for weeks now but with no joy
Whatever i try to do - it only places the above as TEXT in that cell, even if i open a new sheet and cells are set to General format, however - when i type the above code in a cell - i have no problems and start getting price data straight away.

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Getting One Cell To Populate Another
I want to do, if possible is have the daily sheets pull some of their data automatically from the monthly sheet as soon as it is entered.

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How Can I Duplicate Or Populate The Cell Below With What Is Above It
If I have several entries similar to this:

CollectionsDates and Amounts
Errors in Payment Arrangement
Errors with Cut In

CollectionsDates and Amounts
CollectionsErrors in Payment Arrangement
CollectionsErrors with Cut In

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Cell To Automatically Populate
i am working on a spreadsheet that includes a large amount of statistical numbers / records. one part includes a win / loss column and the very next column i am entering the final score for each game. to max this easier to comprehend, there are only 3 columns. 1st column lists my opponent, the 2nd lists, with just a red L for loss, or a green W for win, and the 3rd column has the final score. (my score is always first, regardless of whether i won or lost the game.)

John W 23-10
Paul L 17-25
Terri W 10-7

This is what i'm searching for: (and the easiest way possible b/c i'm not familiar with macros / visual basic, etc.) ... Once i enter the score: ##-##, I would like the "F" (final outcome) cell to automatically populate either a bold red L for a loss, or a bold green W for a win. My scores are almost never 3 digits, so they would almost always be ##-##. if u need me to provide more info,

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Populate A UserForm- According To The Row The Cell
I have some textboxs and some comboboxs, on a user form I want them to populate according to the row the cell is selected on.


cell c15 is selected,

UserForm1 Textbox2 populates with value of A15
UserForm1 Textbox1 populates with value of D15
UserForm1 Combobox2 populates with value of F15

And is the user changes a value I need it to update the cell.

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Vlookup To Populate A Cell
I am trying to use vlookup to populate a cell. My lookup cell is a string of text. My refernce table contains a list of words that I want populated if it is contained in the text cell. THe results I am getting is #name


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Populate Cell With Computer Id
is it possible to populate a worksheets cell on opening a workbook with the idenification of the computer opening the workbook?

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Create UserForm TextBox At Run-Time & Auto Size To Fit Text
I have a user form on which I need to create a textbox every time the user clicks a button. There are too many to create them all in advance and make them visible when needed. The sample attached, from this forum, is good, except, the numbers in the text box just scroll along and I need to see all the text typed into my textboxes. I would like the textboxes to be multiline, wordwrap and have them resize according to the amount of text.

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Drop Down Populate Value For Next Empty Cell
I have a spreadsheet that has dropdown feature. I want the value of the drop down to populate the next blank cell.
A1 = drop down menu
A4 = first empty cell

I want the value from the A1 drop down to populate A4, next time it will populate A5.

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Populate Empty Column With Value From A Cell
I need a macro to do something very easy. I have blocks of data in an excel worksheet separated by one column. The First block begins in column B and ends in col G. Next block begins in column H and ends in L.

I'd like to copy the value from the first cell in the start of each block (b1) and paste it in the left column seperating each block (left empty column - a1) all the way down to where the data in that block ends (b60), and do this for the next column. So in the above exmaple it would populate column A (range a1:a60) with the value from cell B1.

The number of columns is the same but the number of rows vary. The value to be copied is always in the first row and first colunm of where a data block begins - so in the case above - b1, h1 etc.

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Populate Neighboring Cell From Drop Down
I have a column that the user can populate the cell from a dropdown box. I need to autopopulate the neighboring cell based on the selection from the first cell dropdown pick. To be exactly precise...picking a '1' or '3' must populate a zero in currency format. Picking a '2' must NOT autopopulate but give the user an option to type in a dollar value.

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Macro To Populate Cell A Or Ignore
I'm in a situation where I need to find a workaround for a circular argument. I've decided that having a macro to run would work rather than have a formula in the cell I want populated.

I need a macro to either completely ignore the contents of A31 or to change A31 based on the contents of B31. Sometimes there's a B32. Sometimes there's a B667. In which case, this would need to work for all cells A31-A667.

If B31 contains CHERRY or PEACH I want A31 to be altered to say TASTY. IF B31 contains SLIME I want A31 to be altered to say NASTY. If B31 does NOT contain, CHERRY, PEACH, or SLIME I need whatever is already in A31 to remain unchanged.
This would need to continue down the rows until there are no more contents in column B.

Best guess:
I like said - I'm awful. All I could come up with is an IF statement that isn't even complete.

that doesn't change the contents of the cell))

But that's something I would have in cell A31 rather than a macro

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Populate Textbox With Last Used Cell In Range
I have a userform with multiple textboxes and comboboxes, the contents of which are saved to a database sheet, each time on a new row. Everything else is now all set but I still need to create a unique id number for each entry. I set the value of the textbox in question to the last cell value in the id column incremented by 1 in the userform_initialize but for some odd reason it doesn't work. However, if I use a direct reference to a cell it does work. Here's my
Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

On Error Resume Next

txtRahtikirja.Value = ""
txtPvm.Value = ""
cboRahti.Value = ""
txtTavVast.Value = ""
txtOsoite1.Value = ""
txtOsoite2.Value = ""
txtKasittelyPvm.Value = ""
txtKasittelija.Value = ""
txtLahettaja1.Value = ""
txtLahettaja2.Value = ""

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