Automatically Change Numeric Entries To New Values

Aug 31, 2007

for a column the user will enter a numeric 1 and it will return a specfic dollar amount, example enter 1 to return 4.79

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Automatically Update Autofilter For Change In Numeric Fields

Jul 1, 2009

I'm trying to use " autofilter". I put the code as
Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel. Range)

so it'll update by itself. My criteria are on row 5 and all my data is below row 7. Row 7 contains the headers.
This all works fine for text-fields. My question is if someone can get it working with numbered fields?

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Automatically Updating Numeric Values In Textbox

Jan 15, 2007

In the userform I have several textboxes with default values. There are five text boxes that the user can modify and three whose values I want calculated based on the values of the five modified. This is how I initialized the userform :

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
A_BB_and_HBP.Value = Worksheets(5). Cells(2, 35).Value
A_H.Value = Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 36).Value + Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 37).Value + Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 38).Value + Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 39)
A_2b.Value = Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 37).Value
A_3b.Value = Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 38).Value
A_HR.Value = Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 39).Value

Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 41).Value = A_BB_and_HBP.Value
Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 42).Value = A_H.Value
Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 43).Value = A_2b.Value
Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 44).Value = A_3b.Value
Worksheets(5).Cells(2, 45).Value = A_HR.Value
A_AVG.Value = CStr(CSng(A_H.Value) / (130 - CSng(A_BB_and_HBP)))
End Sub

Then I have :....................

When the user changes A_H, A_AVG remains at its default value.

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Excel 2010 :: Automatically Change Text Entries To Set Number ID / VBA?

Jul 24, 2014

Basically I first want to be able define around 100 variables such as:

Dog = 1
Cat = 2
Mouse = 3

And so on. The reason being my final data needs to be the numbers for it's purpose but because there are so many I can't possibly remember them all to just type out 23 | 44 | 76 | 2 etc. What I would like to then happen is that whenever I type out the words in a cell it's automatically replaced with the number ID.

So typing in


would automatically result in


In those cells when I hit enter or at the end in one go. Is this at all possible in Excel 2010?

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Change Value Of Combobox And Automatically Change Values Of Other Comboboxes

Aug 13, 2012

I'm coding a userform where there are some comboxes which are popolated by values coming from Sheet2. Up to now I work it out (maybe its not elegant but it works).

Now I would like that when the user selects one combobox the values of the other comboboxes are set accordingly to the grid in Sheet2.

Please download the XLS file at: [URL]....

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Change Automatically When I Put In Certain Values

Oct 2, 2008

I want the value in cell D12 to change automatically when I put in certain values. If I type in "Weather" I want the cell to change to say "WOW". If I type in "Bell Run" I want it to change to say "BR".

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Validate Numeric Entries

May 13, 2014

I need to determine if excel cell contains any character except number If it contains any character then place 1 in adjacent cell for example, otherwise 0

Column                 A                     B                           
150 000           1                           
150000            0                           
150,000           1                           
150.000            1                           
150000 kzt       1                           
150000kzt        1

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Round Up Numeric TextBox Entries

Sep 30, 2006

in the timber industry stock lengths for timber start at .900 then go up in .300 mm incriments.

how can i have userform textbox2 return a result as below:

if textbox1 = 2.701 or 2850 or 2.999

textbox2 = 3.000.

if textbox1 = 3.001 or 3.256 or 3.299

textbox2 would = 3.300

so on and so on

i could write a heap of if formulas but i would need every combination from .900 to 6.600

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Automatically Copy Formula Range On Change & Paste Values

Oct 27, 2008

I want to automate the following steps when cell A8:A11 changes in sheet "InfoAA":

(1) clear contents and formats of cells A1:A4 in sheet "InfoBB"
(2) copy cells A8:A11 of sheet "InfoAA" (which are formulas) and past it as text in cells A1:A4 of sheet "InfoBB".
(3) then automatically run a recorded macro named "BoldFirstName"

See attachment.

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Automatically Numbering Entries

Nov 13, 2013

In my self built spreadsheet I have a column of 33 cells in which I enter a E1 or E2 etc ref for expenses. Because they are already listed, ie. postage, repairs, rent etc they are not in consecutive order. I want to put an E (letter E) in any of the cells and have a 1 (number1) show up and then wherever the next E is entered then a 2 and so forth so I don't have to keep looking up and down to make sure which number is next and to avoid errors. I can then copy this formula to the other 51 weeks of the year in my spreadsheet. I cannot work out a formula for this.

Portion example.xlsx

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Automatically Erase The First Two Entries

Mar 5, 2006

This Sheet contains over 120 000 rows of data.
One thing that is present in the data, that is very important, are
dates, which denote when an amendment to a users details have been
made, and therefore, some users have multiple entries.
I would like to be able to automatically delete all but the last update of each user. ie :

10/06/99 ; Fred Bloggs
31/02/01 ; Fred Bloggs
02/03/02 ; Fred Bloggs

I would like to be able to automatically erase the first two entries,
leaving only the last. Unfortunately, while I am familiar with
Formulas and charts and such, this falls outside of my level of

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Formula To Automatically Isolate Last Three Entries?

Dec 22, 2012

Currently in Column B for all the rows I have a basic math formula which adds the last three entries for that row and divides them by 3. Currently, I constantly am needing to readjust the formula to include the correct columns for each row every time a new column entry is added. I am looking to set it up so it automatically sets the formula to read the last 3 entries without having to manually adjust the formula to D+E+F= to E+F+G= ect... when a new entry is added.

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Automatically Update Cell From New Row Entries

May 31, 2006

I have a worksheet(A) with rows of data associated to a date that gets a new row of data points once a month. On the second worksheet(B) I have two columns, one (Current Month) to show the data in the newest row (transposed), and one (Previous Month) to show the data in the row above it (from the previous month)(also transposed). Is there any way to get the columns in worksheet B to automatically read the newest row of data from worksheet A into column Current Month and automatically update the column Previous Month with the row above it?

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Automatically Number Table Entries

Oct 13, 2007

How do I automatically generate an Entry Number for each entry in a table?

I have a sheet to build up a database of information and a Userform for the data to be input through. Each time the user selects to create a new entry with the userform I'd like to be able to automatically provide a number (i.e. Entry 1 of 12) in the Entry Number field which will then be transfered back to the sheet.

In addition, if an entry is deleted from the sheet the entry numbers beneath the deleted entry will need to update.

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Change Numeric Constants In Column To Zeros

Oct 13, 2009

I have the following code

Call LastCell_Example(LastCell)
lastrow = Cells(Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp).row
Set Datarange = ActiveSheet.Range("B1:" & LastCell)
' Set to 0 all cells that contain constants, but ONLY those that are numeric
Datarange.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants, xlNumbers) = 0

lastcell_example contains

Dim rng As Range

' Use all cells on the sheet
Set rng = Sheets("Courtage").Cells

' Find the last cell
LastCell = Last(3, rng)

' Select from A1 till the last cell in Rng
With rng.Parent
.Range("A1", LastCell).Select
End With

When I run the code above, I don't understand the fact that the first rows in the sheet AFTER "Courtage" are also being changed to zero.

Obviously, I'm not limiting my datarange correctly, but could someone explain what I need to do to limit the changed data to ONLY the current sheet.

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How To Change Value Automatically If Change Products From Dropdown List

Jul 11, 2014

I want to change value if i change products from drop down list.....

For more information please find attached file: Book.xlsx‎

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Automatically Copy Formula From A Cell When New Entries Added To Excel Database

Mar 16, 2014

I am trying to get VBA code in Excel to copy formula in specific cells to copy the cell below when an entry is added to a database.

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How To Add Alpha Numeric Values

Mar 5, 2014

In a column I have data like 2W, 2BM, 4W, 6BM, 10W and 15BM. Question is how can I total all W and all BM. Total for W = 2W + 4W+10W = 16W and total for BM = 2BM +6BM +15BM = 23BM.

What formula should I used to get totals

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How Do I Replace Numeric Values Only

Jan 20, 2009

When using the replace rule in Excel, you can use "?" to represent a standard variable, e.g. if you had the text "Bottle 100g", and you set the replace rule as "?g", it would delete the "g" and the four characters before it, leaving you with "Bottle".

However, if I have lots of replace rules to make in a file, and I only want to eliminate the numerical values before a letter, how do I go about doing this?

For example, if I had the text "Dog food 10g", and I made a replace rule "??g", it would leave me with " food ". What I would really need, is a way of taking away the numeric values before the "g", which would give me "Dog food".

Therefore, is there a unique identifier for numeric and/or text values?

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Padding Numeric Values With 0's

Feb 3, 2010

I need a left side padding for numeric values to keep them in 4 digits
ie 1 becomes 0001, 25 becomes 0025 and 345 becomes 0345. Following is the custom number format I tried and it fails.


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Read Numeric Values VBA

Aug 13, 2012

I have the following code and I am really confused to, why its not reading numeric values from the code below:

Sub MG08Aug32()
Dim Rng As Range
Dim Dn As Range
Dim n As Integer
Dim Num As String
Set Rng = Range(Range("E2"), Range("E" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))


I desire the following output below:





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Cell Values Not Numeric?

May 7, 2013

I have the following issue:


The above formula does not return any value and it simply appears as it is keyed. Cell AR85 has 5. I know it is something to with this cell, but I cannot fix it. In fact the whole Column AR has these values downloaded. I tried "text to columns" but it still doesn't work.

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Macro Does Not Run With Numeric Values

Jun 9, 2007

The Macro below will not combine numeric values Just Text. I get a Type Mismatch Error When I open It. I need for this macro to run with Numeric Values 1,2,3,etc.

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Creating A Chart Using Non Numeric Values

May 20, 2014

I'm trying to show learner progress during our half term collections but the values we track are similar to that below


When I attempt to make a chart in the normal format it doesn't recognise the value.

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Extracting Numeric Values From String

Jan 5, 2005

My colleague has a problem where he needs to Extract numbers from alphanumberic strings. Here is the formula he is using:


It works if alphabetic and numbers are clustered together such as scs987
It works if alphabetic and numbers are not clustered together such as scs987dtg

Problem: It does not work when numbers are not clustered together such as scs987dtg1234

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Convert Alphabets To Numeric Values

Jul 4, 2014

Is it possible to convert :

Nine Hundred Sixty Three Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty One
Eight Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Eight
Eight Hundred Twenty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Four
Eight Hundred Twenty Six Thousand One Hundred Eighty Nine
Nine Hundred Three Thousand Nine Hundred Six

to numeric...


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Formula To Add Letters With Numeric Values

Oct 29, 2008

formula to add letters but with a numeric value. this is for a schdule sheet. where w would equal 7.5 and x would be 0.

i am using this
reads the w and adds up ok but need to be able to put w for work and x for off days and still add the total hours

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Sum Numeric Values That Include Units

Oct 23, 2009

I have lists of room areas in metres squared, I extract the web based lists to excel: for example.

10.56 m2
14.23 m2
21.34 m2

How do i calculate the total of these amounts?
Is there a formular to remove the "m2"?

I have tried using =SUBSTITUTE(A1,"m2","") which deletes the "m2" from the cell, but then I can't use =SUM(A1:A3) as this totals the 3 cells as 0.

If i use =SUM(A1+A2+A3) the total is correct, but I have over 3000 cells in one column to add together.

Is there a formula or something to remove all instances of "m2" or "m3" from the whole sheet or another way i can calculate the totals.

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Alter Numeric Values By Size

Nov 12, 2009

I'm currently trying to create a rota timesheet which automatically takes shift patterns and deducts for unpaid breaks.

Basically if a shift is less than 4.5 hours long then no break is deducted
If the shift length is 4.5 - 6.5 hours then 15 mins are deducted
If the shift is longer than 6.5 hours then 30 mins are deducted.

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Numeric Values Not Being Recognize On Password

Nov 27, 2008

The problem I currently have is all numeric values only are not being recognized on my password column. I have tried changing the cell formats but still problem still there. The program work if an alphanumeric value is declared as password. However if you simply indicate plain numeric values only as password, it returns incorrect values, it like it doesn;t recognize all numeric values. Also how can I make 0000 as a declared password? when I place 0000 on my password column, only one zero value is being displayed instead of four another thing if I happen to place 0123 only 123 is being displayed.

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