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Calculate An Average Daily Expense Cell

I've set up a simple spreadsheet to keep track of my food expenses every month. The first column is for the date, the second is for the daily total expenses and then the next three columns are where I add the data which is then calculated into the daily total column.

I also have a total at the bottom for the entire month. Now what I want to do is I want to also have underneath the grand total, a cell which keeps track of my average daily expenses. Basically I want to divide the total expenses by the number of days which I've entered data. Now normally this would be fine but because I've applied the formula to all the cells in the expense column, it automatically lists every day as "0" rather than leaving it blank. So when it does the average calculation it's dividing my total by 30 days rather than by only the 7 days I have data for.

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Calculate Daily Average Of The Several Variables
I'm working on a time series dataset with a time step of 15 minutes. I need to calculate daily average of the several variables. So let column "A" be the "date-time" column, let column "B" be the "variable column" and column "C" be the "average column", I need a function that calculated in C1 cell the average of B1 to B95 cells, in C2 cell the average of B96 to B190 cells, in C3 cell the average of B191 to B285 etc.

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Categorized Daily Expense To Monthly Basis
While I was working my daily expense I come up with this issue. I do eat outside while I am on work. Sometimes I go to Pizza, sometime I go to mexican etc etc. The common between them is word FOOD. I would like to modify the formula suggested by Ron Coderre


See the attached file to get more idea of my question. Then I would Like to Highlight Entire Rows which contains a Specific text.

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Daily Average Formula
I need to count the daily average of a task to a week ending number.
I need to see the current average after each day during the week. Example – Mon = 2, Tues = 4 AVERAGE is 3 – Wed = 2 AVERAGE IS NOW 2.6…and so on averaging out after each day is added.

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Average Daily Values
I have a table of data covering the last 9 months based on values automatically collated from 15 minute intevals.
The date/time is in column A (01/01/2009 00:00) with the data collected in column D.

My wish is to get the average daily data from column D and I am slowly losing my head!!!

Is there anyway of getting a formula to auto-average the daily values bearing in mind there are currently 96 daily entries.

I have tried converting the first 5 digits of column A to numeric (i.e. 31894 for 01/01) then trying to write a formula saying =average(D1:D24577,if(range="31894",1)).

I can now see a simpler way but am so confused after an hour or so of trying.

Each day has 96 readings so I need an auto adding formula. average column cell A would say =average(D1:D96).

Is there are way to have the cell below auto-update itself to look at the next 96 values and so on and so forth?

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Average Formula On Daily Basis
How to go about fixing my spreadsheet so I am not having to manually update it each is my forumla I am currently using...=(AVERAGE($D$2:$AH$2)-C5)*AI5...basically i need the cell below in D2 to change as every day a new day rolls off..for example the following day I need this formula to be =(AVERAGE($E$2:$AH$2)-C5)*AI5 just that day I need to use an If/then statement? if so how?

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Average Daily Data By Month
I have a workbook with two sheets - DATA and SUMMARY.
DATA has two columns - date and data_value. Data will be added to this sheet on a regular basis

SUMMARY has two columns - month and average

In the column for average I would like a formula to calculate the average of data_value for each month without having to manually determine the range for the particular month.

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Formula For Average Daily Balance
Am trying without success to create a formula to calculate average daily balance from a ledger that has a variable amount of entries per month. The variability of # of entries has me stumped. For example:

date, amount
1/1/2005, 10
1/5/2005, 1
1/10/2005, 4.65
1/18/2005, 7
1/22/2005, 20

Aver Daily Bal = 23.78. and I can get this easily manually, but I'd like a more automated solution. I'm trying a sumproduct angle, to no avail.

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Summarize Daily Data Into Weekly Average
I have two time series which span several years. The first series measures stock levels on every Friday (52 values a year). The second series measures the price level every weekday (260 values a year).

I'd like to condense the daily data in to a weekly average, can I do this easily? For example, I could manually use the Weeknum function to calculate the week number of each daily price data, then find the average daily price for each week, thus giving me 52 values which I can compare to the weekly stock series. Is there an automatic, fast way of doing this? Alternatively, I'd be happy to settle with a monthly average. Is this possible via macro's or does VBA need to be used?

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Average Based On Criteria :: Count Daily Usage
I need to monitor the average daily usage of a liquid tank for a customer. We fill this tank every few weeks. The formula I am looking for would ignore the fills and just count the daily usage.

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How To Calculate Daily Compound Interest
I am trying to set up my excel to calculate daily compound interest.

The amount is 10,000 at 0.75% per day for 6 months.

I have tried several different things with no success -

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Calculate Daily Interest Rate
Some years ago I came across a formulae to calculate Daily Interest on a Building Society Savings account in the UK. I have used this since but find my calculations never work out the same as my BS, although to my advantage! It is =B3*B4/360*DAYS360(B5,B6,TRUE) Where:

B4=Interest Rate
B5=Starting Date
B6=Finishing Date

For some reason the formulae uses 360/year and not 365/year. Using both still gives wrong answer.

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Formula To Calculate Average Of Every Other Cell
I have a row of data starting in cell E4 that could, theoretically, go to the far right end of the spreadsheet. I need to enter a formula in cell D4 that calculates the average of every other cell in this row, starting with E4, that is E4,G4,I4,K4...

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SUMIF To Calculate Daily Gains/losses
I currently have a profit/loss spreadsheet where I use a SUMIF to calculate daily gains/losses.

=SUMIF('Daily Sheet'!B:B,B377,'Daily Sheet'!H:H)

Basically, on the 'Daily Sheet' page when a sale is made I write it in a row. Each sale gets its own row. One of the column's has the date. (Column B) Column H has the respective gain or loss for that sale/purchase. B377 in this case contains the date 18-Nov. (B360 to B389 has Nov 1 through Nov 30) So this cell will calculate all the gains and losses in column H for each sale/purchase entry I have for that day. Some days I have 30 rows, others only 2 or 3, so this works great.

My problem now is that my rows have gotten much more complicated and detailed, and now I'd like to be able to only sum column H:H if it meets TWO criteria. (I'd like to add in Column C that specifies the type of sale or purchase being made, which is R, T or S for my purposes.) So I'd like to somehow write a sumif that only adds up the sales for 18-Nov AND sale type R.

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Calculate Monthly Standard Deviation From Daily Data
I've daily data of a stock indices returns and I would like to calculate the monthly standard deviation. Currently, I'm using the following worksheet functions: =STDEVP(C2:C20)*SQRT(COUNT(C2:C20))

However, the range changes from month to month, which makes the process of calculating the monthly standard deviation to be quite tedious if I've about 10 years worth of data. I assume I could somehow substitute the range with a dynamic range, but I'm struggling to come up with the correct formulation that would do that.

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How To Calculate Camp Meals Statement Based Only Daily Sheet
I have around 250 Employees Camp Meals Statements. Each day we prepare a Excell Sheet and enter the details file attached for easy reference Im manually calculating the Totals in each sheet if emp takes meals we marked as Y otherwise N based on that i want the total meals daily. One more thing Base on employeed code i want the monthly statement in another sheet same file attached..

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Calculate Average If Condition Met
I have two columns of data. Column B is age column C is gender. I want to calculate average male age and average female age. Suggestions?

57 f
53 f
47 m
40 f
42 m

Average female age is ___
Average male age is ___

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Calculate The Average Time
I need to find the average time it takes students to take exams . I use the following formula =text(end time - start time, "h:mm"). I am able to calculate the amount of time it takes a student to take the exam. Now I need a formula to calculate the average time students take to complete a test. I have over 80 times i need to average. Whenever i try a formula I keep getting 0.

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Calculate Average Using Non-consecutive Columns
I have data in 3 different columns (A, C, and E) to name a few. I want to average each of these columns, but if any of them include zero values, I want to exclude that from my calculation.


Column A = 10
Column B = 0
Column C = 3

Right now, my "average" formula, is showing the average as 4.33. (average a5, b5, c5)

The real average I'm looking for is 6.5. What is the best way to setup my formula?

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Calculate The Average Difference Between Columns
I am trying to determine the average reduction amount of appraised property values. I have two columns in my spreadsheet. Column H has appraised value of property. Column I has the accepted value of the property. Sometimes the accepted value is the same as the appraised value, sometimes it is reduced, and sometimes it is rejected.

I want to be able to find the average reduction amount when the accepted value is less than the appraised value and is not rejected.

Column H always shows a numerical value (i.e. $250,000), but Column I may have a numerical value or show "rejected".

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Calculate The Average Of The Previous 12 Months
I'm trying to make a formula that will calculate the average of the previous 12months. The goal is to tie the formula to a reference cell that contains a date. Each time the date is changed by a user the calculation will be updated accordingly. Here is the CSE formula that I thought would work:


I've also attached a sample file to illustrate the problem. The 'range' portion ($C$5,(COUNT(C5:$C$53)-1)[/b]of the Offset function was setup simply to get the 12 months which preceeded the reference date.

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Calculate Average Over Variable Range
I'd like to calculate an average over a variable range. In col.A there are grades from A4:A21. In col.C there are the values for the start row of the range and in col.D the values for the end row of the range.

For instance the value in C4=4 and D4=9. In cell F4 I want the average calculated over A4:A9. Value in C5=10 and D5=15. In cell F5 I want the average calculated over A10:A15.

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Calculate An Average As Data Is Entered?
I'm using Excel 2003. I have about 190 rows that I use on any given day to enter start times & end times. I calculate the difference in Column E. Is there a formula that will calculate the average time as I enter them in the rows? Some days may have only 100 entries, other days may have as many as 190. I don't want to keep adjusting the average formula for column E.

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Calculate Average In Pivot Table
With Pivot Tables, there is the ability to add Grand Totals to Rows or Columns, but I want to add Averages to the end of the row instead. Can this be done? I have tried Calculated Fields but can't get the right result. Auto Merged Post;Hi again,

After I posted this I found another similar post, where the answer was that the "Average" calculation has to be done outside the pivot table, ie. there seems to be no way the pivot will give averages for rows, only grand totals.

If this is the case then I will have to work around it.... I was hoping it could be done within the pivot because I have graphs linking to the pivot and they all go spak when I update the pivot with different data. The number of columns will change all the time, meaning the average will need to be reworked. Just trying to save time!

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Calculate Average Where All Numbers Equal X
I have done is created an Officer Evaluation Form in Word for my Police Chief and the Scores for the different observations are: N/A, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. If for example there are 4 observations and one of the observations is "N/A" for not applicable or not observed and the rest are all 5's I want the formula to ignore the field(s) with the N/A and still come up with an average of 5. The way I have it set up now which is: =AVERAGE(KOW1,KOW2,KOW3,KOW4) it comes up with an average of 3 when I put a N/A in field KOW1 and all 5's in KOW2-KOW4.

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Formula To Calculate Average/wtd Avg On A Subset Of A List
I will do my best to explain but just in case I have attached a worksheet to make things easier. I have a list of a few thousand products with data on each product. When I run through a series of cuts, I get a subset list and want to be able to calculated a weighted average by somehow saying to do a weighted average (and/or count, and/or average, etc.) on the characteristics of only the products in the subset.

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Summary Different Day Expense
I am trying to summary my differentday food data. i want to add total in SUmmary table.

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Calculate Average Based On Matching Values From Two Worksheets
Worksheet 1

I am calculating group averages for the following performers - very good, good, average, low, very low - for a series of factors.

Worksheet 2

Contains the same factors with the values for which Im trying to work out the average. Each factor has a performance rating above it, either very good, good, average, low, very low.

I need a formula which will match the performance rating from worksheet 1 (I3, J3, K3, L3, M3) to worksheet 2 and then calculate the averages of each factors based on those matches.

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Formula To Calculate Average Number Of Rebills Per Client
I need help with a formula to calculate average number of rebills per client.

I don't know how to get excel to add the number of unique client in a given row. Example

Column A
Client 1
Client 1
Client 1
Client 2
Client 2
Client 2
Client 3
Client 4
Client 4
Client 4
Client 4
Client 5

Formula needs to calculate number of Unique clients. In this case, the answer is 5, but how can I get excel to calculate for me?

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How Do I Create A Running Average That Will Only Calculate The Averages In % Each Month
I need to do the following and can't figure it out. How do I create a running average that will only calculate the averages in % each month. Example: Opt 1 for Jan, Feb, Mar =1 each= 3 total = 100%; OPt 2 for Jan, Feb, Mar =1,0,1= 2 = 66%; Opt 3 for Jan, Feb, Mar = 0, 0, 1 = 1 total = 33%. My problems is I want monthly running average that shows the yearly percentage up to date but only for the months there is a value 1 or 0. How can this be done because the way I have it now, those % are being divided by 12 and that isn't the correct %

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Calculate The Average Of A Range If It Meets A Certain Text Criteria
I want to calculate the average of a range...if it meets a certain text criteria.

For example, if the product is a "Course", then take the average of pages all those courses together.

ProductNumber of PagesExam316Course46Exam232Course32Exam245Course53Exam155Course246Exam118Course154Exam82Course434Exam80Average # of Pages for Courses = Average # of Pages for Exams =

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Formula In / With Dropdown: Calculate The Average %age In The Attached Spreadsheet
Need formula to calculate the average %age in the attached spreadsheet. I would like to enter a score between 1 and 4, but with 1 = 10%, 2 = 25%, 3 = 80% and 4 = 100%. The score in the cell must still show as between 1 and 4 but the total must be an average of the relevant %ages. i.e. if scores are recorded as 1, 2, 3, 4, then the total average % will be (10%+25%+80%+100%)/4 = 53.75%. I'm not sure whether this should be in the Validation or in the Total cell.

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Calculate Average Based On Item Chosen From List
My attached files contains stock returns for companies. Each sheet contains the returns over a 5 year period for a certain stock, with the ticker symbol of the stock used as the sheet name. I want to write a sub that presents the user with a user form. This user form should have an OK and Cancel buttons, and it should have a list box with a list of all stocks. The user should be allowed to choose only one stock in the list. The sub should then display a message box that reports the average monthly return for the selected stock.

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UserForm For An Expense Report
I have an expense report with one row labeled as "Auto", and 7 columns labeled with Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc. I'd like to double-click a cell within that row and have a userform (or something else) pop up with 2 spots for data entry: "Personal" and "Company". A user would enter dollar amounts in one or both fields. After they're finished, I would like the total of what they entered to populate the cell that was double-clicked, but still have that breakdown available or even be able to change it by re-double-clicking the cell. Is that even possible?

To add complication, at the end of the row are two additional columns that total personal and company expenses. I'd have to have all personal expense amounts sum together in its column, as well as all company expenses sum together in the other column.

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Expense Account Lookup
The expense account we work with involves several currencies due to the international nature of the business. With that, each row must show the currency involved and the formula used from one line to the next makes it repeat the currency until changed i.e. if cell B22 has a date entered then Cell H22 will reflect the currency from Cell H21 =IF(B22="","",H21). If Cell H21 showed CDA for Canadian currency then H22 would also become CDA. Once changed manually then all cells below will now reflect the new currency until changed again.

Using the lookup function we collect the individual amounts of each currency and run totals at the bottom. Therefore, if there were three entries in SGD (Singapore Dollars) and two entries in EUR (European Euros) etc. that each row will do a lookup by the three letter currency code and collect the sum of each currency. SGD could repeat later again and when changed manually will be included in the lookup.

At the present we are entering the three digit codes manually i.e. SGD. What we would like to do is automatically have the bottom be able to pickup the currency change when a new currency is entered on the individual rows on the top part of the expense sheet. So if Cells H21:H23 were SGD and Cells H24:H25 were ERU that Cell A58 would show SGD and cell A59 would somehow be able to grab the ERU etc. One of the same currencies may repeat itself and the lookup will capture the additional totals but SGD would only show once.

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Payment Expense Spreadsheet With Gst
I used erecord the other day to do my activity statement for the first time (I have just started a home based business which has not yet started trading but I had to send the BAS for the purchases that I had made for the business) and it was quite easy to use and you can send it electronically to the ATO which saves a lot of hassle particularly as I am very not accountancy litterate. However I am trying to develop an expenses/payment spreadsheet similar in function to erecord but that allows me to categorise the inputs.

My headers are:
Cbookref = (drop down validation box) similar to a chart of account #
Category = ie - advertising accounting fees etc.. uses a look up function with cbook ref to populate field
Description .........................

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Calculate The Weighted Average Of The Win Rate Based On Volume Of Calls
I have 3 sets of data for two different groups:

Group 1 - Inbound
- Total volume
- Gross adds
- Win rate (gross adds/total volume)

Group 2 - Outbound
- Total volume
- Gross adds
- Win rate (gross adds/total volume)

I need to calculate the weighted average of the win rate based on volume of calls. Is there any way to do that?

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Calculate A 30-day Moving Average Based On The Last X Number Of Entries And Date
I have a worksheet that has all weekday dates in column 1 and values in column 2. I want to create a 30-day moving average based on the last (non-zero) value in the column 2.

Since every month has a different amount of days, I want it to search the date that has the last value (since I don't get a chance to update it daily) and go back thirsty days from that date and give an average of all the column 2 values skipping and values that are null or zero.

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Creating Personal Expense Tracking Form
I'm trying to make a spreadsheet that will track my expenses. What happens is I enter in my daily expenses in a "Notes" worksheet. This includes the date, whether it's a debit/credit, and what category is it (rent, tuition, entertainment, work income etc). It looks like this

Date - - - - - - Debit - - - Credit - - - Category
4-May-06........................$30 ..........Dining out

Then I have another worksheet called "Expense outline" which pretty much sums all expenses in each category and displays a summary. So it would show how much I have spent in total on each category for each month. Looks something like this

Dining out..........$100

So what I did for the Entertainment summary for the month of May was, I used a SUMIF(column of categories, "Entertainment", column of credits). This will look for the category name "Entertainment" in my "notes" worksheet, and sums the corresponding amount from the credit row. The problem is, I also want to include it so that it will automatically differentiate between the different months. Right now, when I'm choosing the column of categories for May, I select only the cells in the month of may when I'm choosing my column of categories and credits.

For example:....................

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Calculate The Average Of A Group Cells In One Column Based On The Condition Of Another Column
I'm trying to figure out if there is a formula I could use that will calculate the average of a group cells in one column based on the condition of another column. It's hard to explain, so I will show an example. All the data is on a one worksheet and I'm trying to show totals and averages on another worksheet. Location, Days

17, 4
17, 3
17, 5
26, 4
26, 8
26, 10
26, 7

On a different worksheet I would want to know what the average days are for each location. So is there a formula that I could use that will look at column A for a specified location number and then average all the days in column B for that location? I'm using Excel 2003 and have tried using the Average(if) but with no success.

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Using Offset From Latest Month To Calculate 3-month Average Within A Range
I have a spreadsheet that has columns of monthly values for three years of financial data and where the values for the latest month are added to the last column. Months that have not been completed will have a zero value (e.g. Jul-09).





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Track A Number Of Expense Items Accross 15 Worksheets With Up To 500 Rows Accross 30 + Columns Per Worksheet
I'm looking to use excel to track a number of expense items accross 15 worksheets with up to 500 rows accross 30 + columns per worksheet. Many of the learned people in this forum have helped me get this far, now I need some more assistance - please.

In my speadsheet I have a vlookup formula that returns a value from another worksheet. Here's an example.=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP($D3,Room_Configs!$A$1:$BO$3006,MATCH(M$1,Room_Configs!$1:$1,0),FALSE)),"",VLOOKUP($D3,Room_Configs!$A$1:$BO$3006,MATCH(M$1,Room_Configs!$1:$1,0),FALSE))

This works brilliantly. Now here comes the tricky part. What I'd like to do is append that formula with another one to do a vlookup on a second worksheet.

If both lookups return a value then I'd like the value of the 1st vlookup returned in the cell. If the value of the 1st vlookup is "0", then I'd like the value of the 2nd vlookup returned, and if the 1st and 2nd vlookup values are blank then a "0" is returned.

The name of the 2nd work sheet is "Non_Network_Equip"

Finally, it would be really great if the font colour for values returned from the 2nd vlookup forumla was blue.

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SUM Of Daily Inventory

BUT THIS FORMULA NOT WORK FOR NEW FORMAT OF INVENTROY DATA. I tried to make some change in it to get the result, which is not working well.

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Average Every Nth Cell
what formula can i use to take the average daily excahange rate (and i have a list set up on worksheet) and make it an average weekly exchange rate? So that the formula recognizes data for each week (the weekly data is on a separate worksheet).
attached is an example of the data... trying to go from daily average to weekly average...

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Updating Graph Daily
Im handling a graph, line type, that needs to be updated daily, as daily, another cell in the row will be filled.

Anyone can tell me how I can make it update daily and still only show untill todays data. For instance: today is the 7 of May and I want only to show the evolution from the first of the month to the 7th but tomorrow I want it to automatically show from 1 to the 8th,and so on...

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Calculating Daily Quantities
I have 3 worksheets: Income; Expense; Consolidate.

In the first two sheets i am entering, by dates, quantities that are getting in and out of the warehouse.

My code copies that information in the consolidated sheet.

What I need is to make a code that Calculates the "Daily Quantities" and "Rent", based on quantity in the warehouse, that I am paying each day.

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Store Data Daily
I have a two rows of data one containing names and the other containing corresponding numbers. The names are static and the numbers change on a daily basis. I want to be able to copy the numbers to a static table next to each name on a daily basis (so I can see what the value was a few weeks ago).

Is there anything I can write to do this job?

My thinking was to set a vlookup to grab the data but i'm not sure how this would work because the vlookup would change daily when the numbers change

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Daily Spreadsheet References
I have a spreadsheet that needs to reference another spreadsheet to obtain a daily target figure. Unfortunately the way the system is set up at work, each day of the year has it's own spreadsheet in it's own folder, and the figure I need needs to be updated each day from the corresponding spreadsheet.

At the moment I simply have 366 (a spare unused one for leap years) different formulas to compare dates and return the figure from todays date. The downside here is that it takes excel 50 seconds to open the spreadsheet because of this, so I assume it's checking all of these figures in all those spreadsheets instead of just the one that's true.

so I have =IF(E2=AF2,spreadsheet address,0) Where E2 is todays date and AF2 is a date from a list.

What I'd like is a method to do something similar but with one or two formulas that will simply update the address of the file I need the figure from based on what date it is so that it will only look at one spreadsheet when it opens instead of all 365.

I tried the following:
IF(E$2=AF302,('C:spreadsheets('H:[Punch 2 Spreadsheet.xlsb]Punch 2 Metrics'!Z$28)[UVS Cell WEB.xlsx]Punch 2'!B$3)/1000,#N/A)

Where the section in bold replaces the part of the address with the date folders (20091091) for example, and instead has a cell reference which is formatted to replace this section and updates automatically each day.

It does not work obviosuly and I wanted to know I'm just not formatting the formula correctly or if this idea is a dead end.

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Amend To A Database Daily
I have a daily log for work that keeps track of purchases and returns among other items and I was wondering if there was a way I could have all this information get put into a log that will amend everything for each week, month and year.

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Simple Daily Interest
does anyone know how to calculate the interest so it matches this? .......

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Sum Daily Data By Month
I have a large set of daily rainfall and evaporation data (see attached sheet) which I would like to sum into monthly data. I have previously been doing this in Access, can anyone show me a quick way to do it in excel?

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