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Calculation A Total Amount

I am trying to write a calc for a total an amount based on a list choice
Here is the Set up
Fields A1 thru A255 are number 1 to 255
Fields B1 thru B255 are number 255 to 1
Field C1 is a List box set using A1 to A255 and its list
Field D1 is set as the needed Calculation

When you choose a number in C1 the D1 calculation should total the amount of Fields B* to B1, * being the corrisponding B field to the A field from the list

Example C1=100 (Field A100) D1=Sum of Fields B100 to B1

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Iteration Inconsistency: Allow For A Cost Being Added To Loan Amount Where The Cost Is Based On The Total Loan Amount
In a financial environment we have a calculator which uses iteration to allow for a cost being added to loan amount where the cost is based on the total loan amount. Iteration is set to 100 iterations with max change .001

On one PC the first time the calculator is opened it gives a particular (incorrect) result. If the input cells are cleared and the data re-entered, it gives the correct result. This only happens on one particular PC. Is there some other setting , other than the iteration setting, that would cause this?

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Don't Exceed Certain Amount In Calculation
The MS State Tax Credit maximum per person, per year is $500.00. I need to multiply the monthly credit allowance by 12, then multiply that by 25%. This answer must not exceed $500.00. I need this formula for both the male and female. I can't figure out how to make the formula both a SUM and an IF.


(79-D22)*(D20*12*25%max $500)+(83-F22)*(F20*12*25% max $500)

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Combo-box Calculation (deduct 30% From An Amount)
I want to use a combo-box on my sheet to deduct 30% from an amount in cell A1 if 'Yes' is selected in the combobox. For arguments sake the amount in cell A1 is 100.

I want the new total to appear in cell A2

If no is selected in the combo-box, then no calculation is performed and 100 remains in cell A2

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Sum By Name & Hours For Total Amount
I have pivot tables where I need to look through a series of names and sum the hours and dollars charged by that person. When I try to do a pivot I can get it to read

column 1 Column 2
John Doe $4000
Mary Smith $ 500

But if I try to add the hour columns it breaks it out by the week the hours was charged

column 1 Column 2 Column 3
John Doe $2000 4
2000 4
Mary Smith $ 250 5
250 5

I want it to just give me one dollar total and one hour total per employee.

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Formula To Subtract Invoices From Total Amount Available
I have 2 tables, one with invoices, the other with purchase orders. I would like to have a "PO Amount Remaining" column on the invoice table that looks up the PO listed on the invoice with the PO $ amount on the PO table. Once it is matched, I would like to subtract the total invoices to give me the amount of the PO that is left. Basically I would like the "PO Amount Remaining" column right now to have $4,200 listed in each row for invoices 1 & 2.....

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Inserting A Total Amount Field In Each Empty Row
to run a macro that enters a new row after each set of currencies (which have been sorted). I now need to enter a total balance cell within this empty row which calculates the total amount for each currency.

I need to do this using the SUMIF function below:

the above basically lets me calculate the total but as no - and + signs were input it does this by recognising the 'dr' and 'cr' in the column next to the amount.

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Determine Which Values/Cells Sum To A Total Amount
Is there a function, or how would I write a vba to figure out the following.

I have 86 items all with a different price, which come to a total of $348,359.33, is there a way to figure out which combination of the 86 entries will give me a total of $57,673.36

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Formula That Calculates The Total Rent Amount For Particular Dates
I need a formula that calculates the total rent amount for particular dates. Example would be a formula that includes a date starting at the first of the month (October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010) and also would include a date starting at a date later than the first (October 3, 2009 to September 30, 2010). The figures needed would be the monthly rent (ex: $1,000) and a pro rated rent amout for a lease that starts after the first of the month. The pro rated amount would also have to include the years with a leap year. I have been working on this but I know there has to be an easier way.

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Prorate A Total Dollar Amount By A Selected Number Of Attendees
I need to prorate a total dollar amount by a selected number of attendees. How can I do that with code, I know the formula for excel, but how do I put that on my user form so it only does the math as a new entry is submitted? I do not want to have the formula on the spreadsheet which is my report unless there is an entry on the row, which will only be the case when a user completes the user form. I just do not want the div/# error on the sheet visible if at all possible.

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Total Quantity Calculation
I have a INDENTED list from a cad software that looks like this.
It gives me the quantaty of each position. For instant in the list

I have 5 of 1.1 but because 1.1 is part of 1 makes my total 3x5=15
I have 2 of 1.1.1 but because 1.1.1 is part of 1.1 which again is part of 1 makes the total 2x5x3=30


1 3 3 (=3)
1.1 5 15 (=3x5)
1.1.1 2 30 (=2x5x3)
1.2 2 6 (=2x3)
1.3 1 3 (=3x1)
2 1

My question how to write a formula that automatically calculates the total quantity.

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Total Hours Calculation
I need to calculate below hours

The answer suppors to be 37:30 Hours but its showing total diffrent value. i used sum(E1:E5) Excel formula, but its not working.

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SumIf: Check The Total Budgeted Amount Based On The Values I Enter On The Categories Sheet
I have included my budget so helpers can see it. I am trying creating a formula on mini-dashboard on A8 (Under the total budgeted amount) that will check the total budgeted amount based on the values I enter on the categories sheet. Of course it will be controlled using the drop down menu on A2 on mini-dashboard. I thought I had this working with a sumif function but it seems to have quit working.

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Formula Structure: The Total Fees (H2) Is A Part Of The Calculation
I am attempting to calculate commission (J2) based on the data entered in cell D2
1. The total fees (H2) is a part of the calculation. It represents a value from .5% to a maximum of 3%.

2. If the Loan Description is specifically Ď80/20í then 80% of the Loan amount is used in calculating the commission. (note: Ď80/20*í is also a valid entry). Otherwise the total loan amount is used.

Loan Dsc. Int. DSCNT% Y-S-P% Fees Loan Amount Commission
80/20 7.52.0 1.0 3.0 $137,403 $4,122.09

I attempted this formula and obviously itís incorrect:

Calculating Commission (J2)

=IF(H2=" "," ",=IF(D2="80/20",(I2*0.80)*(H2*0.01),I2 * (H2*0.01))

1. If H2 is blank then TRUE enter a blank
2. FALSE: H2 contains a fee rate then calculate the commission Commission Calculation: If the Loan Description is 80/20 then take 80% of the loan amount and multiply it by the rate fee amount (as a percentage) to get the commission. If the Loan Description is NOT 80/20 then use the whole loan amount in the calculation.

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Formula- To Calculate The Amount Due Based On Cumulative Sales Once A Breakpoint Amount Is Reached
I need a formula to calculate the amount due based on cumulative sales once a breakpoint amount is reached.


cum sales are > 500 pay at 3%
cum sales are >1,000 pay at 2%

month/ sales/ cumul sales/ amount due
jan/ 100.00/ 100.00/ 0
feb/ 600.00/ 700.00/ 6.00
mar/ 600.00/ 1,300.00/ 18.00

and so on...until the end of year.

I tried using an if formula by could not get it to work.

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Reference Cell & Add Amount If Positive & Subtract Amount If Negative
Im trying to set up an active running inventory sheet where: (A)the progressive daily sheet cells reference back to the corresponding master sheet cells fluctuating the master values, (B) the same progressive daily sheet cells reference back to a cummulative totals-cell based on whether I added or subtracted inventory. I want to make a copy of the blank "sheet 2" with all of the formulas and move it to the end of the workbook each day and enter new values which will reference back to the master sheet so that I can click on a date sheet and see an individual day's values or click on the master sheet to see the fluctuating inventory on-hand and the cummulative +/- totals of all days combined. I've got a couple hundred individual cells to reference. I've tried and tried but I can't make it work. Heres what I need to do:

I need to reference individual cells from "sheet 2,3,etc" back to a corresponding cell in a master sheet. But I need the values in each cell in "sheet 2,3,ETC" to increase or decrease the corresponding cell values in the master sheet. For example: If the value in the master sheet B5 is 200. Then in sheet 2, I enter +50 in B5, I need the master sheet cell B5 to increase by 50 to 250. I also need a way to decrease the cell value in the master sheet B5 if I enter a negative value -50 in sheet 2 B5. I also want to know if I can reference the same cell values entered in "sheet 2,3,etc cell B5" back to totals columns C5 for adding inventory or D5 for subtracting inventory in the master sheet where the master totals columns would reflect cummulative totals added or subtracted. For example: if the value in sheet 2 B5 is +50, then the value in Master sheet C5 would add 50 to a progressive total. But if the value in sheet 2 B5 is -50 then the value in master sheet D5 would add -50 to a progressive total.

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Macro Allow To Total The Data On The Total Sheet Depending On What Unit Number Is Selected
This may not be the best way to do this, but I don't know Macros or Pivot Tables.

I am looking for a way with formulas to do the following:
Within a workbook the 1st sheet is the data entry.
In another sheet that will total data from the data sheet is where I want to be able to total columns of data, depending on what is entered in one specific column:

Data Sheet, E2:E2999 is a unit number selcted by pull down tab entry.
G2:G2999 in the same sheet is where the data is.

Q: What formula would allow to total the data on the Total Sheet depending on what unit number is selected in column E on the Data Sheet and the data amount in column D from Data Sheet?

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Total Occurences: Formula That Shows The Total Payments Recieved For A Particular Month For A Particular Product
I have a report which has a list of customers, each customer has 24 columns which represent the payment history over 24 months. If a payment has been made for that month the date and time (formatted correctly) will be populated in this cell.

Each customer has a product name attached to it so a product can appear several times. I need is a formula that shows the total payments recieved for a particular month for a particular product. For example.

I have managed to create the following flag which works a treat, it picks up a date an account was set up but looks at 1 column.

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Add Each Day's Total While Displaying A Positive Number If The Total Exceeds 6000
I'm sure this can be done but I don't think I have the formula correct. What I am trying to do is add each day's total while displaying a positive number if the total exceeds 6000.

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Find Column "Amount". Insert Column Next To Amount
I need some code to do the following.

Look at worksheet 1. Find column "Amount". Insert column next to amount.
For all highlighted cells in column "amount" insert text "R" in adjacent (inserted) column.

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Add Current Total And Running Total
In an excel work shift schedule, I am trying to total the total number of days someone is scheduled for different shifts. I can get a total for the current schedule but I want to be able to have a year to date total as each new schedule is added in. These totals are in the AF through BC columns in the xray shift totals in the attached worksheet.

I don't know if it is possible or not and am working on a pre-existing worksheet.

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Vba To Sum Total Of Column Not Total Of Range
Sub sumbotton()
Dim ar As Range
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Selection.CurrentRegion
Set rng = rng.Resize(rng.Rows.Count + 1)
For Each ar In rng.Areas
ar.Resize(1).Offset(ar.Rows.Count) = "=SUM(" & ar.Address & ")"
Next ar
End Sub

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Make A Calculation(addition) And Use The Answer To Multiply Against Another Addition Calculation
make a calculation(addition) and use the answer to multiply against another addition calculation....

The sum of (Monday!A1:A4) multiplied by the sum of (Monday!B1:B4) plus (Tuesday!A1:A4) multiplied by the sum of (Tuesday!B1:B4) and so on.

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Change Total Formulas For All Tables At Once To Show Either Year-to- Date Or Total Year
I have a sheet in my workbook with at least 180 small tables, there may be more.
I woulds like to be able to change total formulas for all tables at once to show either year-to- date or total year.

For example:
If we have only progressed through the second period of the year, I would like to choose something to indicate period 2. At other time I may want to know the total year whether the periods are completed or not.

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Sum Up The Amount
How can i sum up the amount of all "case" sold in the second month of 2009.. so the output should appear in C11 as i have already done manually.

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Dollar Amount
How can I display the $xx.xx into a statement?

I have these $ amounts in column A:

Have the result in column B as:
Please Pay Exactly$00000xx.yy
(where xx is tenth, hundreds, thousands and yy is the cent)
00000 is to prevent forgery

and to have the results in column C using same column A:
Please Pay Exactly$0000xxDollars and yycents
For example like Please Pay Exactly$000099Dollars and 12cents
or Please Pay Exactly$000014500Dollars and 99cents

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How Do I Get This Amount To Show Up In The
I have a total amount of $52,000 and I want to show an equal amount in twelve
columns which represent 12 months from sept 2005-sept 2006. My calendar goes
for 3 years, jan 2005- jan 2008. How do I get this amount to show up in the
correct columns.

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Add Amount In Column
Trying to add a formula in my spreadsheet that will add every amount in column AQ8:AQ200 if the date in AQ8:AQ200 is march.

The format for the date is 3-12-09.

Here is what I'm trying.


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Replacing $ Amount With X
I need a formula that will replace a dollar amount with an X. In other words...I have 10,000 cels and half of them have dollar amounts in them...I would like to replace them with the letter X without having to manually do it...

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Cap Calculated Amount
I've written a custom function that calculates commissions (as a %) based on three variables.

I wanted to know what code I can use to cap the amount of commission paid out to a specific % amount. Something like "as soon as X exceeds 3 times the amount of Y, payout 3 times Y as the maximum".

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Alert In VBA If Amount Exceeds 100%
If I already have lets say 90% on B9 and I try to enter 15% on D9 it wont allow me because of the total being over 100%, but how can I have an alert to say Please enter 10% or less.


If I already have lets say 50% on B9 and I try to enter 20% on D9 and I try to enter 50% F9 it wont allow me because of the total being over 100%, but how can I have an alert to say Please enter 70% or less (the sum of B9+D9).

Can this be done using VBA?

I've attached the file that has the data validation.

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Current Amount Of Time

how do i use current date and search the above list to see how many hours a employee has to current date?

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Getting The Amount From Between Text And A Date
a1: "house $350.000 11/2/08" or "house 350.000 11/2/08"

should retun in b2 -> 350.000

anyone here?

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Amount To Borrow Function
what function can i use to calculate how much i should borrow when i know what the interest rate is, the length of the loan and the max amount i can pay back per month?

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Amount To Words Conversion
I am using excel for invoice making...In the end i have a total amount. I need to type it in words for every invoice at present.
How can i convert it to words automatically? Is there any formula to it?
Or is there anything else? Please suggest me friends.

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Rasterize Displayed Amount
I have a column with dates in the following format: dd/mm/yyyy h:mm
but im doing an XML export and excel only exports in text format. I would like to somehow resterize or only use the displayed amount instead of the text which is exported (ie- 37805.1640277778)

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Subtract X Amount Every Y Years
I am building an investing strategy model and am looking for a fomula or combination of formulae that would subtract an amount (lets say a 100) every so many years (lets say 10). Data is set up horizontaly, i want to be able to set how much will be subtracted and how often in a "control panel" next to other inputs and variables. I am not proficient in Macros and most often have trouble with them so if its possible to solve this without using any that would be great.

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Split An Amount Into Different Cells
Is there an "easy" way (a formula) to split an amount into different cells (periodes) (see the example under)?:

Amount Periode Jan Feb Mar
900 USD 01.01.10-31.03.10 300 300 300

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Dollar Amount Inventory
I have a total inventoried product dollar amount in a cell. I have 4 other cells with different dollar amounts in each for product I inventory out! In the seperate balance column, as I use a letter ...

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IF Formulas With Minimum Amount
I have this formula that is not quite working...
this works fine =IF($B$1

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Capping Amount In Formula?
is there a way to create a formula that caps at a certain amount?

i am trying to create a spreadsheet for a group of doctors and their insurance coverage. i want to display that a certain amount of coverage caps at a certain price over the course of a number of years.

so basically, can i create a formula that automatically adds the data and max's out at a certain number?

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How Do I Discount By % (percentage) Not The Amount
how to get the discount to work the way I need to. As is, It requires a person to put in the actual amount that I will discount the product for each product sold. I would like to simply key in the discount percentage. EX: 10% or 13%

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MAXIMUM + SUM + IF: Max Amount Collected In One Day.
I have some data that i would like to sum up. In my sheet I have columns for VEHICLE, DAY, HOUR and AMOUNT. The DAY can repeat itself. I would like to know the max amount collected in one day. I don't know how to build the formula but I believe an array formula is the most adequate way of doing this

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Show Zero If Amount Is A Minus
I need a formula that that will show £0.00 if the amount is under zero, i have a formula k15/o15 that gives me a amount but if this is under zero i need this to show as zero not -£70 for example.

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Amount Of Cells In A Range
I need to come up with ways to work around this. Say I have a merged area of A1:A*, what I would like to know is how many columns are actually used in this merged area. A1:A4 would return 4, A1:A8 would return 8, A1:C8 would return 8 et cetera. Now I've played a bit with MergeArea.Address and although it returns me the correct range, I'm stuck with actually using it further.

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Discount Based On Amount?
I need to create a price list a we give a discount based on the price of the product for example:....

All products over £100 have a 10% Discount, how do this and also at the sametime round the value up to 0.99p. ie Product ZXY123 is £123.99 10% off is £111.59 we need the calculated price to be £111.99.

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Cell Value In A Column Less Than Specified Amount
I just need a warning box that indicates a user has entered a cell value under 200. Here's what I have but it's not working.

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Annual Amount By Month
There are two tabs in my workbook right now. The first is where users will input information and annual budget number for consulting fees. The second tab spreads the annual budget by the 12 months. I donít want the users to see or touch this tab containing the spread. Once the annual budget number is entered, I would like them to use a combobox to choice how they would like to spread the budget monthly. One choice is evenly which is the default and the other would be manually. If they choice manually I would like a userform or something where they than input each monthís amount that will total the annual budget. See attachment, this is all I got so far.

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Match Amount And Colour Row
I am trying to match by amount with 1 column to another in a different sheet. If Data in column A in worksheet 1 matches data in column b worksheet 2 then color the entire row in column A worksheet 1 red, I am matching by amount so it(amount in column a) can be within 1 $ of amount in column b worksheet 2 also color item in column b(worsksheet2) red if matches with column a in worksheet 1 both can have a threshold of 1$ difference

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VBA Copying Unknown Amount Of Rows
I need to know the function to copy an unknown amount of rows. After a certain row it should copy everything.

So like after row A6 it copys every row below it with data in them then I want to paste it in another worksheet. I dont want to just do


If someone could point me to a good site that explains alot of useful VBA commands that would help me alot. Most of my problems come from just not knowing the full function names.

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How To Add Values For Amount That Are Higher Than Same Row In Another Column
I have two columns (let's say column A and C), i would like to add the values in column A only if they are higher than the ones in Column C in the same row... how could i do that?

The sheet looks something like this, i would like to add the values in the first column only if they are higher than the ones in the third column and then of course get the sum of them... i would also like to know how many were there in total, but i guess i could do that with a count formula i just need the parameters

$ 67,100.00 $ 110,000.00 $ 165,100.00 $ 146,034.00 $ 239,400.00 $ 220,100.00 $ 90,184.69 $ 147,843.75 $ 168,500.00 $ 51,011.25 $ 83,625.00 $ 95,100.00 $ 89,860.32 $ 147,312.00 $ 198,200.00 $ 159,121.36 $ 260,854.69 $ 26,000.00 $ 129,941.44 $ 213,018.75 $ 235,700.00 $ 88,869.38 $ 145,687.50 $ 95,600.00 $ 27,772.54 $ 45,528.75 $ 43,000.00

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