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Copy/Paste Not Copying Cell Formatting (row Height)

I am having a problem with a excel spreadsheet. There are no formulas or anything, just text that I used excel to get everything lined up. I haven't had any issues before, I was copying and pasting within a document. It was all text with different row heights set. I ran into a problem now where the text copies and pastes fine but the row heights aren't coping into the cells I am pasting into, just the text. What do I have to do so they will copy? I don't want to have to go an individually adjust each cell.

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Conditional Formatting Copy And Paste
i have an equation in A1, and i use conditional formatting for this cell, if the value of C1 is less than 1000, the result in A1 is red

i want to copy the result and the color of A1 to D1, i use paste value, the value and the color are then copied to D1 at first. but when i modify C1, the color of D1 also changed.

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Copy And Paste Conditional Formatting
I am trying to figure out how to copy and paste conditional formatting.

1371908# on hand 16458
ACNF18051 208
ACNF18061 104
ACNF30081 208
1371908 Total416104

1371911# on hand 7053
ACNF18051 208
ACNF18061 104
ACNF30081 208
1371911 Total416104

for instance in the above.. I want to black out any number in the "total" (bold) row that is less than the On Hand Qty (bold and underlined number) and I want to use a running total. For instance for part 1371911 with an On Hand Qty of 7053, the on hand is larger than the the first total of 416 so 416 should be blacked out, it is also larger than 416+104 so 104 should be blacked out as well.

This will continue until the on hand qty is less than the running total. I can conditionally format this one at a time and it could take forever as there are 3000+ lines of spreadsheet. If there is any way that you can tell me how to set the condtional format for one row and then cpy and paste it thoughout the sheet where needed.

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Date Formatting Copy/paste
I have a spreadsheet of donations and the dates on which they were made. I input the dates like so: 1/2/2009, and then I format the cells so they appear like this: January 2, 2009. When I use this date in for MS Word "mail merge" functions, the date shows up in its unformatted formula bar form: 1/2/2009. I would prefer that it show up like January 2, 2009.

My question is this: is there any way I can change the cell formula bar to read like the formatted version rather than the non-formatted version? I want the formula bar to read "January 2, 2009" instead of "1/2/2009". Obviously I could type each date manually into the formula bar, but I'm looking for a quick copy/paste solution since there are hundreds of cells. I've messed around with "paste special" options to no avail.

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Copy Paste Range Without Wiping Conditional Formatting
I need to apply conditional formats a certain range e.g. I8:I1000. Every time my spreadsheet is loaded with new data, the previous cf are erased, and I have to start all over again.

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Copy & Paste Cells Excluding Formatting & Protection
I have the following code from a form. It works just fine copying named ranges from one sheet to another. The probloem now is that I don't want to copy the characteristic of the formating or whether they are protected or not. The originating spreadsheets have cells that are protected. I am trying to copy those values over to the new sheet and paste their values or formulas but not their formatting (background color) or the fact that some of the cells are 'locked'. I want the new sheet to have the values and formulas but not the be lock for the user. Is this possible with the current way I do the code or do I have to rewrite it? How would you approach this?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()


Run "NPA"

Set b = Selection
ad = b.Address

' Local Variables
Dim wkbDataFile As Workbook

' Let user select source datafile
Call UserSelectFile_WOpen(wkbDataFile)
If wkbDataFile Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "User did not select a workbook to open"
Exit Sub
End If

Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Set wb = ThisWorkbook

Application.DisplayAlerts = False

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Finding The Column With The MAX Height In Comparson Wth Othr Columns Of UNEVEN Height
Finding the Column with the MAX Height in comparison with other Columns of UNEVEN Height

I need two things :

1. I have several columns starting from Column B till Column F, each column having values starting from the third ROW.


Lets say Column B contains two values in B3 and B4, Col C three values in C3 C4 and C5, Col D four values D3,D4,D5 and D6, Col E two values in E3 and E4, Column F five values F3,F4,F5,F6 and F7.

So, the answer is F3:F7.

2.I am using 10^{4,3,2,1,0} in a particular portion of a formula, Now the number of elements in the array or in the Curly Braces depends on the number of Columns filled from Column B as explained in the Point 1.

Now, since I have five columns under consideration I have this order as mentioned here {4,3,2,1,0} , I would like to know whether I could make this dynamic, as in if there were only four columns then this would be {3,2,1,0} and if more this array could self-fill and expand..

If that's possible, then how do we use it in the formula, Is it by the virtue of the INDIRECT function?

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Automate The Copying Of Formulas And Cell Formatting
is it possible, after inserting new sheet rows, to automate the copying of formulas and cell formatting into the newly created space, instead of manually copying the formulas and formatting down into each column?

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Locking Conditional Formatting In 2000: Copy/paste Text From Other Cells Or Columns Even Other Workbooks
I have a column "g" with this conditional formatting:- =A2<>A3 Format Bottom Border.
However I will pass this workbook onto someone else who will fill in the text in column "g". They will use copy/paste text from other cells or columns even other workbooks that will not have the conditional formatting.

I have used Cells > Projection > Locked unchecked then used Tools > Protection > Protect Sheet and checked all. There does not seem to be a way to unlock the cell but protect Conditional formatting. Each time I copy and paste from other non formatted cells it wipes out my formatting.

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Copy Method (copy From The Selected Cell And Paste One Cell Below(next Row) In Same Column)
what is wrong in this code, it does not paste.

HTML Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(0, 0).Select
ActiveCell.Offset(-1, 7).Select
ActiveCell.Copy Destination:=ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=(R[1])"

I am trying to copy from the selected cell and paste one cell below(next row) in same column.

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Copy, Paste, Change Font Size, Copy, Paste, Print VBA
I'm using 2003.

1. Copy cells B5 to V-First blank row in Strength Tests worksheet
2. Paste cells into Racks worksheet in cell C5
3. Change font size to 6
4. Sort by Column T descending then by Column C ascending
5. Copy one row (A5-W5 (1Rx23C)) from Racks worksheet
6. Paste row into M1 worksheet in cell D4
7. Print M1
8. Drop down one row on the Racks worksheet
9. Repeat steps 5-8 until there's a blank row.

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Display The Row Height In A Cell
Can I display the row height in a cell

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AutoFit Row Height On A Merged Cell
I'm using Office 2007 professional and I'm trying to format a cell (merged cell) so that when you enter text and it goes beyond the size of the designed cell that it will automatically continue and shift the additional text downward, like a paragraph. Also it shift everything below down with it. Is this possible? I have already tried wrap text field and AutoFit row height. This keeps it within the cell but it is not visible or printable once you tab out. I would like to have it continue like in a paragraph. Like a word doc may do. It’s visible and it shifts everything below downward as it grows, which also allows it to be printable.

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Adjust Cell Height To Fit Text
way to get Excel to automatically expand the cell height when the text becomes to long to display. Is there something I am missing that will accomplish this, or do I need to write some VBA that will make the cell larger once the character limit that will fit on one row is exceeded?

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Copy Data From Cell In One Worksheet, Add Text, And Paste To Cell In Another Sheet
I have the following code in another workbook that is used to populate a cell on the same sheet based on input to cells in column 'A'.

Is it possible to modify this for the attached workbook to select a cell with data (numbers) on the Input Data sheet in column 'E', add text to the beginning, ('CG' in this case), and paste the result to the Import Template in the corresponding cell of column 'A'? I currently have a formula copied to dozens of cells in 'A' but since the number of rows for the Input Template is variable, there are usually cells in 'A' that contain CG but no corresponding data in the rest of the row.

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Copy Cell Contents And All Formatting
I am trying to copy a column of cells from one sheet to another, but also want to keep all the formatting. The origin sheet has times, but when I copy these to the destination sheet they are displayed as decimal numbers (using the code snippet below). I can change these back to times by formatting the cells using the format painter after the macro completes but I would like the VBA to do this for me. (using 2002 SP3).

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Find Value, Copy Adjacent Cell & Paste To Corresponding Cell Of Another Found Value
I have found many posts similar to what I am trying to accomplish, but nothing that I have been able to modify and make work. I need a VBA script that will find a cell with the text data "Difference" and copy the adjacent (to the right) cell's data. I then need to find a cell with text data "Ops" and paste the previous data to it's adjacent cell.

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Copy And Paste Cell Value
i have 2 sheets.

i want to copy 3 cell values from sheet1 to one cell in sheet2.

what exactly i need:
From sheet1 - value of cell AI4,AK4,AU4
To sheet2 - in cells A5 to An(n cells)
and an "-" inbetween AK4 and AUK
example output:
F from AI4
12345 from AK4
01 from AU4

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Copy And Paste A Cell Value
I have a constantly updated cell (A1) where I log the amount of customer products. I have a sheet where I log the payments on a monthly basis from these customers. What I want to acheive is when I enter the date the money was received in 'B1' for 'C1' to look to 'A1' and paste that value (let's say 29). Then in the next month this number could have gone up to 31, so, when I then enter the date of money received in 'B2', 'C2' will look to 'A1' and paste '31' and so on.

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Macro To Copy A Cell And Paste That Cell In Outlook
Is it possible to do a macro to copy a cell in excel and paste that cell in outlook and return to excel

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Copy The Dynamic Auto-Sum Cell And Paste It To Another Cell
2 Different worksheets to work with

The "Nursery" Worksheet
I already have code that puts the Auto-Sum amount below the last data row in the column named "Nursery Grand Total" in the Nursery Worksheet.

This Auto-Sum amount, however, will always be in a different row because the amount of rows generated from the report is always different as well, therefore, the Auto-Sum cell/row changes with that to be right below the last data row in the "Nursery Grand Total" Column.

I would like to copy (values only) the amount from this dynamically changing Auto-Sum cell and paste it into another worksheet named "Totals".

The "Totals" Worksheet
In my "Totals" worksheet, I have two columns.
"Master Total Description" and "Master Grand Totals".

In the "Master Total Description" column, I have a cell named "Nursery Grand Total" which is exactly the same name as the header row in the "Nursery" worksheet.


In the "Nursery" worksheet/"Nursery Grand Total" column, I would like to copy the auto-sum amount

and paste it into....

the "Totals" worksheet/"Nursery Grand Total" row/"Master Grand Totals" column

Here are some pictures for reference...

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Copy Recent Cell Value And Paste In The Next Empty Cell Down.
I am trying to do is create an invoice log of payments received. For each payment there is a cell value of how many products the customer has which is updated on each payment entry. What I want to do is have a macro that runs when all other data is entered to update this value.

So I have a main customer sheet where it holds the product amount in the same workbook, let's call this cell $A$1 holding a value of 47. I go to enter a payment record on the invoice sheet, once this is complete the macro will run and look to $A$1 on the first sheet and update $B1 on my invoice sheet. On the next entry it will update $B2, then $B3 and so on.

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How To Copy Cell Formatting Accross Sheets
If I wanted to copy a cells formatting and content (Text) to another cell on a separate sheet, what code would I have to embed? I am a fresh neuling, so give it to me straight.

I have attached an example to this post.

I want to transfer the red and bold attributes of the words within the ( ) in sheet 1 to the cells in sheet 2 that I have linked to the cells in sheet 1 with =.

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Copy A Cell And Paste The Formula
If I have a cell lets say A1 with a formula in it say "=A2" how do I copy A1 into A3 so that A3 will contain the text =A2 (and not the formula)?

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Copy Paste Cell Comments
What I need to do is write a Vba code that will copy the comments (I believe thats the right term, the ones that make a mouseover box and put a red triangle in the corner of the cell) of a cell and paste them into that cell.

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Copy Formula And Paste To Other Cell
i pull the formula of o21 to o22

o21 has formula =IF(J21>=U21,1,"")
022 has formula =IF(J22>=U22,1,"")

and basically u21 and u22 are "=s20"

so may i know what formula i should use to simplify o21 and o22 so that i do not need to use u21 and u22

i cant use =IF(J21>=U$21,1,"") because if i copy this formula and paste to other cell, it will always refer to U$21...

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Copy One Cell And Paste Into Next Available Row On Sheet2
I have a live stock quote that refreshs every second (for reference, Sheet1A4), I would like to paste value A4 into next available row on sheet2 of the same workbook.

If possible, I would like to be able to copy several cells on Sheet1 and paste them in various sheets within the same workbook. Can you help me out or point me in the right direction to a previous thread.

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Copy/paste To Empty Cell
The following code is intended to copy and paste the value from cell I2 to the first unused cell in column K. There is is header in cell K1. It works fine if there is a value in K2 or K3, etc., however, if K2 is blank (all cells beyond K1 are blank) I get an error 400 when I run the sub.

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Copy Cell, Paste Text
If a cell contains the formula =b1 and the result shows as zero;

Is there any way of getting the text "=b1" in a cell next to it instead of zero?

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Evaluate Cell Value Then Copy Paste
I have a column in excel and I want to evaluate each cell in that column and if the cell.value = a specified value I would like for it to copy and paste it in the cell to the left. Below is the code I am using but it isn't working.

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Copy & Paste One Or More Cell Values To
Tried all day to find a way of selecting text ( from several cells) on one sheet and then having it pasted into the textbox on another sheet. I did originally paste the text to a cell but it makes the row's vary in size depending on the copied text and gets a bit annoying. Seems to be This is the paste to Cell code

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Copy And Paste From Word To Cell
I am trying to copy the the following from MS Word and paste it in one MS Excel cell:

This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.
This is just a test.

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Copy & Paste Cell Size
I'm trying to copy large amounts of data yet excel keeps posting the error message,

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Copy And Paste Into The Empty Cell
I'm have never learnt VB before and would like to try to write one to perform the following: If the next cell isempty, go to the last cell, copy it and paste into the empty cell; Else if the cell is not empty, go to next line and repeat the procedures until reach row =10000

Row 1:Product A
Row 2:
Row 3:
Row 4:
Row 5:Product B
Row 7:
Row 8:
Row 9:......

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Copy & Paste Cell Value With Before Right Click
I have a worksheet with 2 pivot tables. what I would like to do is, when the user right clicks on a name, the name will be copy and pasted to cell B2 of the other sheet.

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Copy & Paste As 1 Letter Per Cell
I would like to copy text into excel so that each letter goes into its own cell horizontally

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Copy Paste Cell Values Only
I need to copy the cell values from one worksheet to another. the code works, just that it copies the formatting as well What should be changed in order to copy the values only?

For outerLoopNum = 2 To Application.WorksheetFunction. CountA(wksNew.Columns("A:A"))
For innerLoopNum = 2 To Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(wksUpdate.Columns("A:A"))
If wksNew.Range("A" & outerLoopNum) = wksUpdate.Range("B" & innerLoopNum) Then
wksNew.Range("AG" & outerLoopNum & ":AJ" & outerLoopNum).copy
wksUpdate.Range("AP" & innerLoopNum).Select

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Copy And Paste Row By Cell Value Criteria
I am trying to copy and paste Row by cell value. It is working fine when I am copying row from one worksheet by comboBox value to other worksheet. But problem is after updating data when I want copy back by cell value, it is showing "Run-time error '1004'" - Application-defined or Object-defined error. the code below is working fine

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim sfind As String
Dim cl As Range
'check for a value & show message
Sheet = "Data"
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
If Me.userIDCombo.Value = "" Then 'the textbox in userform
MsgBox "Please enter a Name to Update."
' show message if no Name Selected
Exit Sub
sfind = Me.userIDCombo.Value.........................

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Copying Conditional Formatting
Cell (A1) is formatted differently from the other cells of the same column. I added to it a conditional formatting (based on a formula) which I want to copy [alone] to the rest of the cells, without getting the other different formatting of cell (A1) copyed as well.

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Automatic Copying Of Formatting
Is there a way to copy the formatting of a cell automatically? For example, if you just do "=B1", then the cell with this formula will automatically update with whatever cell B1 contains whenever it is changed.

But is there a way to do the same thing with formatting? So if cell B1 was bolded, or changed the cell color, or conditional formatting, is there a way the cell that is referenced to B1 would also automatically change to whatever the formatting change is?

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Copying Formatting For 40K+ Rows..
I have to copy the formatting from "rows G&H" for 40,000+ lines. Is there an easier way than doing the formatting then highlighting the first two cells (G4 and H4) then dragging the bottom right hand corner down 40,000 lines?

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Fill Without Copying Formatting
I use excel 2003. To improve readability, I have formatted each line to have a slightly different background color (white for odd ines, light gray for even). Sometimes when I edit, I use Control + D to fill down a column with the data or formula from the 1st cell. However, when I do that the background formatting is copied too and it messes up the alternating colored lines. Is the a way to fill down only the data/formulas and not the color/pattern?

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Copy Single Cell Paste Range VBA
The following does paste the formula into the dynamic range, however, it doesn't move on to the next step in the code. It seems to get stuck on the last line. I let it run for 5 minutes and it still did not move to the next set of commands ...

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Copy & Paste Values In Adjacent Cell
i had data in html format.i want the data to be splitted into columns in excel.

Employee name
Emp id

johnabraham wesley peter neiljohn and so on....... 254800 254801 254802 254803

i tried copying the data from html to excel. Then applied text to columns but i m getting incomplete names from this step.

My problem is how would i get the full name in one Column(Column B) & the emp id in the next Column (COLUMN C).Column A will have the data copied from html page. The length of the employee name differs. The only saving tip is that the employee name will suffix with sno like

Johnabraham -1

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Copy/Paste If Cell Equals A Word
I am trying to figure out how to go down a list of words and copy/paste a row if it equals a specific ring of words. For example, if want to go down a column and copy the word "Dog" if the word is "Dog" and paste it to the second sheet in a certain column... The thing that I can't figure out is how to step down to the next row until the cell is empty.

Sub Cats_and_Dogs()
For i = 1 To 100
If Range("i, 1") = "Dog" Then
End If
End Sub

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Copy And Paste A Row When A Cell Is Filled With The Color Red
I would like the users to have the option of filling in the cells with "RED" by any means.

Here are the conditions or pseudo
If (any cell in Column X is RED)
Then (copy the row to Copy Rows Filled With Red)

If ( the cell in Column X is not longer RED)
Then (remove the row from Copy Rows Filled With Red)

In plain English, if the cell is filled with RED, it is copied over to sheet Copy Rows Filled With Red. Or if the cell is no longer filled with RED, it is removed from Copy Rows Filled With Red.

Please see attachment for explanation.

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Copy Paste Cell & Link To Source
I would like to copy cells from one worksheet to another, but have the cells that I paste link to the original document. Is there an easy way to do this?

So if I'm pasting from worksheet A into worksheet B, I would like worksheet B to link to worksheet A.

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Copy And Paste A Row When A Cell Is Filled With The Color Red ..
I am trying to create an conditional statement using this code

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Copy, Paste Cell With Spaces But Keep Integrity
I am trying to copy form sheet1!A1 into sheet2!A1.

Now, I want the data in sheet2!A8 to be what is in sheet1!A2 in the same order. So sheet2!A15 will have data from sheet1!A3 and so forth.

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Copy And Paste Multiple Cells Into One Cell
I have the following VBA code in Excel that looks in sheet called mri.txt for a cell called “AcquisitionMatrix”, Then goes one cell down and two cell to left and copy them all into Application.Workbooks(imgMain).Worksheets("Sheet1").Activate cell “AC2”, But for some reason it copies the field’s name as well such as:

AcquisitionMatrix , 0, , 256, , 256,.

Is there a way to avoid copying the filed name into cell AC2? Such as :
0, , 256, , 256,?

here is the

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Macro To Search, Copy Then Paste Cell
I am trying to write a macro that is able to take a "Part ID" from a column on Sheet "Temp", search sheet "Parts" for that "Part ID" in Column A, copy the corresponding description (listed in next column B) and paste that description into a third sheet "Sheet1" Column D. I would then need to repeat for all lines in sheet "temp"

I could most likely use an IF statement to do the search, but I was hoping to use excel's search function to make it quicker as there are over 1000 parts. For example:

Dim partID = String

Selection.Find(What:= partID, After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, LookAt _
:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:= _
False, SearchFormat:=False).Activate

What I am getting stuck on is once the search finds my text in Column A of Parts, how to copy the Description in Column B into Column D of "Sheet 1". A sample file is attached. The output in Column D of "Sheet 1" should say in this example:


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