Copying Cell X Amount Of Times?

Feb 29, 2012

To put this simply, I have a spreadsheet that has 2 columns on it with multiple names and numbers on it. We'll say ABC and 123 as the example name and number. When I type in ABC and 123, I have it where it appears on the next page.

The question is that if I want to duplicate it onto the next page, how do I do it? In other words, I want to create a 3rd column with which to add a number of times I want the numbers and letters to appear. For example, I write| ABC | 123 | 5 | and ABC appears on the next page at a certain start point and is copied 5 times in certain cells. The same happens for 123 at its own start point.

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Copying Columns For N Times Based On Value In A Cell On Same Sheet

Oct 8, 2013

With reference to attached file. I want to copy column D&E for 'n' number of times of value based on B1. If value in cell B2 is 0 then hide cell D&E and if there is any other value, excel to copy E&F to next column (leaving one column blank after each paste).



Product A




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Copying Specific Cell Ranges From A Worksheet Multiple Times To A New Sheet

Nov 9, 2009

I have a workbook with multiple worksheets. Each worksheet corresponds to a certain store fixture estimate. Ont these sheets I have a specific cell where you can input how many fixtures of that type are to be used.

On that sheet also, is a range of cells (ex. Range("A65:F3340")) that needs to be copied to a new summations sheet of total hours to build the project.

If sheet 1 has 1 fixture - the macro should copy the range of cells only once.
Sheet 2 has 4 fixtures - tha macro should copy the same range four times appending each set of data tot eh end of the previous, And so on for each fixture sheet.

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Returning A Value If The Dates/times In Two Cells Are Between X Amount Of Hours

May 18, 2009

I have a spreadsheet used for calculating information based on the dates specific shifts are requested/cancelled by our clients. I have a formula for working out if a date & time of cancellation is less than 48hrs notice of the shift starting. This is because we have cancellation fees based on this.

What I have is this formula: =IF(A16="","",IF(INT(A16)-INT(G16)<2,1,"")) that returns a 1 if that shift is cancelled within 48hrs notice. This works fine but I have to now change the notice periods to the following:

72hrs+ - return 1
48hrs-72hrs - return 2
13.5hrs-48hrs - return 3
0-13.5hrs - return 4

edit this formula to take this into account? I figure it's using multiple IF's and changing the <2 into something else like the number of hours but I'm not sure of the exact syntax.

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Count Amount Of Times / Show Up In Column And Sum It At The Bottom

Apr 29, 2012

I am trying to count the amount of times 4, 5, and "11-5" show up in a column and sum it at the bottom. I tried


As an array and keep getting N/A. So im not sure where my problem is.

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CountIF With 2 Names And Return Amount Of Matching Times

Nov 26, 2012

I'm trying to do a countif that matches 2 names and returns the amount of times the 2 name matches is in the list. Ihave first names in column a and the surnames in column B.

And there are lots like so




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VBA Copying Unknown Amount Of Rows

Jul 15, 2009

I need to know the function to copy an unknown amount of rows. After a certain row it should copy everything.

So like after row A6 it copys every row below it with data in them then I want to paste it in another worksheet. I dont want to just do


If someone could point me to a good site that explains alot of useful VBA commands that would help me alot. Most of my problems come from just not knowing the full function names.

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Reference Cell & Add Amount If Positive & Subtract Amount If Negative

Jun 5, 2008

Im trying to set up an active running inventory sheet where: (A)the progressive daily sheet cells reference back to the corresponding master sheet cells fluctuating the master values, (B) the same progressive daily sheet cells reference back to a cummulative totals-cell based on whether I added or subtracted inventory. I want to make a copy of the blank "sheet 2" with all of the formulas and move it to the end of the workbook each day and enter new values which will reference back to the master sheet so that I can click on a date sheet and see an individual day's values or click on the master sheet to see the fluctuating inventory on-hand and the cummulative +/- totals of all days combined. I've got a couple hundred individual cells to reference. I've tried and tried but I can't make it work. Heres what I need to do:

I need to reference individual cells from "sheet 2,3,etc" back to a corresponding cell in a master sheet. But I need the values in each cell in "sheet 2,3,ETC" to increase or decrease the corresponding cell values in the master sheet. For example: If the value in the master sheet B5 is 200. Then in sheet 2, I enter +50 in B5, I need the master sheet cell B5 to increase by 50 to 250. I also need a way to decrease the cell value in the master sheet B5 if I enter a negative value -50 in sheet 2 B5. I also want to know if I can reference the same cell values entered in "sheet 2,3,etc cell B5" back to totals columns C5 for adding inventory or D5 for subtracting inventory in the master sheet where the master totals columns would reflect cummulative totals added or subtracted. For example: if the value in sheet 2 B5 is +50, then the value in Master sheet C5 would add 50 to a progressive total. But if the value in sheet 2 B5 is -50 then the value in master sheet D5 would add -50 to a progressive total.

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How To Automate Copying Of Range Of Cells Into Same Row 365 Times

Feb 1, 2014

I am trying to capture data for statistical analysis, but have hit a snag. As shown in attached sheet I have each day for the year broken down into hour time slots into which data will be added. As I will need to come up with a number of similar sheets in the future I was wondering if there is a way to automate through vba, a quick way to copy down the hour slots for each day, 365 times, rather than the laborious task of copy and paste manually.

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Copying Work Sheet Into Multiple Times

Nov 2, 2008

I have one Excell Book with two work sheets. The 1st sheet (Sheet Name : Data ) contains the data... and in the 2nd sheet (Sheet Name : Rekey) i have a specific form in Rekey sheet and some data in Data sheet. Now i have to copy Rekey sheet into multiple times .... with different sheet names... and the sheet name are in Data sheet from cell A2 to end.....

For e.g. in Data Sheet cell A2 contins work1 and cell A3 contains work2 and A4 contains work3..... and so on....

Rekey sheet contains some form....

I need to paste Rekey sheet multiple times with sheet name work1, work2, work3..... and so on....

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Copying Sheets Multiple Times Using VBA Causes Error

Aug 5, 2006

There is a Microsoft VBA bug currently outstanding where if your VBA replicates a sheet too many times, it throws a run-time error. I read MS' statement that, to get around this problem, what one can do is to save and close the file, and re-open the file once in a while.

Doing this certainly helped, where it used to crash after copying only a few times and now it goes on until 40 ~ 50 times. But it still crashes. Has anybody been able to get around this problem? Currently I am having VBA save, close and re-open the file every 7 or 8 times or so...

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Subtract Amount From Cell Until It Reaches 0 Then Move And Subtract From Next Amount?

Apr 28, 2012

I am trying to subtract an amount from a cell until it reaches 0, then move and subtract from the next amount, and so on.

AmountFixed BudgetedResult53.50Subtracted 5 tell it hit zero1.30Subtracted remaining amount until zero43.8Subtracted remaining amount until zero3.8 was left over without hitting zero is good. Is there formula for this?

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Formula- To Calculate The Amount Due Based On Cumulative Sales Once A Breakpoint Amount Is Reached

Jan 28, 2009

I need a formula to calculate the amount due based on cumulative sales once a breakpoint amount is reached.


cum sales are > 500 pay at 3%
cum sales are >1,000 pay at 2%

month/ sales/ cumul sales/ amount due
jan/ 100.00/ 100.00/ 0
feb/ 600.00/ 700.00/ 6.00
mar/ 600.00/ 1,300.00/ 18.00

and so on...until the end of year.

I tried using an if formula by could not get it to work.

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Copying .xls File Numerous Times And Rename Each File From .xls Spread Sheet

Nov 24, 2009

I have an excel template that needs to be copied multiple times and each sheet needs be named according to a list in an excel spread sheet. I also have a formula in the template that needs the value copied instead of the formula.

I got this script from an site and tried it. It runs but I don't see any spread sheets.

strComputer = "."
Set objWMIService = GetObject ("winmgmts:\" & strComputer & "

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VBA - Copying And Pasting Unknown Number Of Values Each Different Number Of Times

May 28, 2014

I am trying to come up with a macro that selects values from one sheet and inserts them into another sheet. The number of values will change each time based on the user's entry, as well as the number of times that each entry should be pasted.

For example:

Entry: X | Y | Z
Number of Times to be Inserted to New Sheet 3 | 2 | 1


I have spent a while trying to figure it out, however the best I can come up with is using an array, but I can only get one value from the array to paste multiple times:

(*Note: In my testing, I didn't insert into new sheet or set up the array to handle different values, I was just trying to get the basic idea to work)

Dim A(1, 3) As Variant
A(1, 1) = Range("C3").Value
A(1, 2) = Range("D3").Value
A(1, 3) = Range("E3").Value


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Macro For Base Amount And Net Amount Calculation

Nov 20, 2012

For the below macro.

CodeTotalBaseNetA1 = 20%
A110083.3316.67A2 = 10%
A2350318.1831.82A3 = 7%
A3220205.6114.39A0 = 20%

A1 is the code, take the total(B) and calculate the base(C) on the percentage given in the G, net = B-C. for A2 and A3 it is the same process.

For A0 the total (B) is equal to Base(C) and calculate the net on the given percentage in G.

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Formula To Create Blank Cell Based On Dollar Amount In Another Cell?

Jan 7, 2014

Ok, basically C3 is a dollar amount. The default total for C3 is $0.00. If C3 is $0.00 then this formula cell will display a blank cell. If there is any other amount in C3 then the formula C3-C2 will run.

I tried this but it's not working:


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Increase That Amount By A Percentage Identified In Another Cell And Display The Value Only Without Any Formalas In A New Cell

Jan 19, 2009

If a cell is not blank, then increase that amount by a percentage identified in another cell and display the value only without any formalas in a new cell. To this end I wrote this IF statement:


Observation: I see a FALSE in CS9 where this IF statement exists, however, CP9 does not display the required value.

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Amount In Cell Is Greater Than A Value, Change The Text Color Of Cell.

Oct 22, 2009

is possible to have a cell's text color change if the value of the cell is greater than a certain amount. For example, if the cell is $200 or more the text would change to red.

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If The Sum Of A Cell Is A Certain Text Then A Dollar Amount Populates Another Cell

Sep 5, 2009

Attached is an example. Office 2007 & 97 versions attached. If a drop down menu on one sheet selects a certain word, then on another sheet based on that selection a dollar amount is entered. I am guessing this would involve some if commands, I am really weak on making those.

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Cell Value In A Column Less Than Specified Amount

Sep 29, 2009

I just need a warning box that indicates a user has entered a cell value under 200. Here's what I have but it's not working.

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Amount Of Days In A Cell?

Dec 13, 2012

figure out the amount of days in a cell.

I have dates in "A"

and need the amount of days to show up in "C"


12/13/12 18

So i need the code to have the "18" show up when I enter the date in "A"

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Zero Amount If Cell C14 Is Blank AND Add Cells

Apr 15, 2008

I need a formula that will give a zero amount if cell C14 is blank AND add cells C14 & C13 if cell C14 & C13 are not blank AND add Cells C14 & C12 if Cell C13 is blank but cell C14 is not.

I tried this formula but it will not work: ....

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Limit The Amount Of Characters Per Cell

Feb 10, 2009

Is there a way of limiting the amount of characters you can enter in each cell?
Also is there a way to apply this to an existing sheet that has cells with more characters in it than I would like? ie. If an existing cell has 25 characters in it, could i cut it down to the first 10?

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If Statement To Accumulate An Amount In A Cell

Sep 10, 2009

In a cell I have a description, say "FOOD" then another cell with amount say 2, then in another cell I want it to be looking and if it sees "FOOD" entered, it takes the amount 2 and adds it to a running balance.

Cell A1 = Food
Cell B1 = 2

Cell H1 = (looks and if Food) adds 2 to cell

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Putting In A Minimum Amount In A Cell

Sep 25, 2009

I have a row that is a percent of sales with this:


"I4 will either be 1.0 or 0.5"

Now I want to have it so if this equation equals less than 100 with I4 being 1.0 to equal 100 OR if I4 is .5 then it should be 50. I have looked all around and I am no excel wizard so this is troubling me significantly.

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If Cell Contains Character Then Use Amount With + Or - Sign

Apr 4, 2013

I have a spreadsheet where column E needs to be filled with an amount depending on whether another cell in column F has either a + or - sign.

For example:

F2 has "+ ACH PreAuthorized", G2 has "322.1". I would like to have cell E2 fill in the amount "+322.1". So in cell E2, if F2 has a plus sign, then put in the amount in E2. If it has a - sign, put in the amount from G2 into E2 but put a - sign in front of the amount. If there is no sign at all, put a zero or leave blank.

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Cell That Doesn't Reach The Desired Amount

Jan 14, 2006

function that add to any cell that doesn't reach the disired amount.

If the required number is 14 and a calculated cell comes up with 13 or less; I need a funtion to take that number and add a penalty number to it.

For example: For arguements sake the penalty is $150.00. Suppose cell 1A has 5 and cell 1B has 5; cell 1C adds them for a total of 10. I need cell 1D to realize that the number in 1C did not equate to atleast 14 and therfore 1D should show $150.00 and for every cell selected that falls short of 14 should add an additional $150.00 to 1D.

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Userform - Adding Amount To One Cell And Subtracting From Another

Jul 10, 2012

I'm decently competent at VBA but no real experience with userforms. I have a very simple 3x2 table:

Type $Amount
Cash $xxxxxx
Product A $yyyyyy
Product B $zzzzzz

I want a simple userform that moves money between the products, ie the user selects a money amount in the form (ex: $1000) and that amount is added from one product and simultaneously subtracted from the other. Note that the amount selected would be subtracted from one product's current balance and added to the existing balance of another product. No new money is coming into the system.

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Formula To Add Row Of Numbers And Then Subtract If From Another Cell Amount

Dec 1, 2013

I have a row A through N. In cell A1, have a dollar amount. In cells C1 through N1, I have different dollar amounts. In cell O1, I want to have a formula that will take the dollar figure in A1 and subtract from that amount the total of all the amounts in cells C1 thorugh N1. But I don't know how to write that formula.

Let's say I've got $100 in A1, and then in C1 through N1, I have $2, $3, $4, etc. for a total amount of $94 in cells C1 through N1. I'd like to have a formula in O1 that would show $6.

How to write up that formula in cell O1.

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