Count A Range Coupled With Vlookup

Apr 29, 2009

I have a data sheet, say in sheet1 as per table given below :

Sheet5 *ABCDEF1Sr.No.PeriodCAF / Account No.New MDN No.UserMonthly Charges23101/03/09 to 31/03/09180414408611111AA299.004**1804144086 Total**299.005101/03/09 to 31/03/09180414438122222BB299.006**1804144381 Total**299.007101/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759533333CC299.008201/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759544444DD299.009301/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759555555EE299.0010401/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759566666FF500.0011501/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759577777GG500.0012601/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759588888HH299.0013701/03/09 to 31/03/09281495759599999II299.0014801/03/09 to 31/03/092814957595100000JJ299.0015901/03/09 to 31/03/092814957595111111KK299.00161001/03/09 to 31/03/0928149575951222222LL299.00171101/03/09 to 31/03/0928149575951333333MM299.00181201/03/09 to 31/03/092814957595144444NN299.00191301/03/09 to 31/03/092814957595155555OO299.00201401/03/09 to 31/03/0928149575951666666PP299.00211501/03/09 to 31/03/0928149575951777777QQ299.0022**2814957595 Total**4887.0023101/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077031zz10.0024201/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077032xx5025301/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077033vv2026401/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077034cc4027501/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077035bb8528601/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077036nn8929701/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077037mm8430801/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077038kk2031901/03/09 to 31/03/0928204077039jj4032**2820407703 Total**438.00Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaA3=+A2+1F4=SUM(F3)F6=SUM(F5)A8=+A7+1A9=+A8+1A10=+A9+1A11=+A10+1A12=+A11+1A13=+A12+1A14=+A13+1A15=+A14+1A16=+A15+1A17=+A16+1A18=+A17+1A19=+A18+1A20=+A19+1A21=+A20+1F22=SUM(F7:F21)A24=+A23+1A25=+A24+1A26=+A25+1A27=+A26+1A28=+A27+1A29=+A28+1A30=+A29+1A31=+A30+1F32=SUM(F23:F31) Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

I need to look up the CAF No. in Sheet2 table and count the MDN Nos. against the corresponding CAF Nos. from sheet1 as per table below.

Sheet4 *ABCD1Sr.No.PeriodCAF No.MDN Nos.2111/03/09 to 10/04/09180414408613211/03/09 to 10/04/09180414438114311/03/09 to 10/04/092814957595155411/03/09 to 10/04/0928204077039Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaA5=+A4+1 Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

I tried using vlookup formula but unable to get the right syntax.

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If Statement Coupled With And

Apr 18, 2008

I am trying to write what I believe would be an if/and/or statement and seem to be not getting anywhere. There are about 8000 lines of data.

Basically, Cell C7 could have text values A, B, C, D or E.
Cell C8 could have text values A, B, C, D or E.
Cell C7 would never have the same value as C8.

In Cell D7, I would like a statement that says: If C7 = A or B and C8 = B or A, then Ok. If C7 = C or D and C8 = D or E, then ok. If not,then “not ok”.

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How To Lookup Last Date Coupled To Serial Number

Jul 28, 2012

I need to lookup the last date coupled to a serial number but with vlookup it takes the first serial number from the top of the database. Is this at all possible?

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Count.if And Vlookup (show The Count Of Records That Belong To Group 1 (C5) With Category 1 Value="1")

Jul 15, 2009

I attached a print srceen of the excel worksheet.

In E5 i want it to show the count of records that belong to group 1 (C5) with category 1 value="1"

In F5 i want it to show the count of records that belong to group 1 (C5) with category 2 value="2"

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Using VLookup And Count Together?

Sep 10, 2013

I was trying some vlookup and if functions in different columns without success:

I am trying to make a report where I can paste a data file every week in one sheet and get some specific data in another sheet without manual counting (more than 1000 lines)

What I would like to do is to count the number of meetings Jim and John have had during a month but not counting the meetings that were rejected.

I know it might take a couple of columns and different formulas but that is OK as long as I end up with something where I can just paste data into the first sheet.

Sheet 1: (This is where I want to paste data every month)1
Start Date


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VLookup And Count If Command Or Any Other

May 20, 2014

I have two Columns A AND B.AND 5265 ROWS

In column a I have Trx of customers and column B I have customers name. One customers have make many trx in a month. So I want a total that One customer made how many trx in a month. File is attached.

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VLookup Combined With Count / Sum Function

Jul 12, 2014

I am attempting to create a vlookup formula that will count or sum a series of data so that I can pull it over into a summary sheet on a report. The vlookup formula that I am using is

=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP($A34,'Jan 14'!$N$2:$AF$36,12,FALSE)),0,VLOOKUP($A34,'Jan 14'!$N$2:$AF$36,12,FALSE))

It seems to be working I just cant figure out how to incorporate the count or sum function into it where I need it.

Test Sample File.xlsx

I have attached a sample of the file I am working with.

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VLookup To Three Values Then Get Mode According To The Count Of Recurrence

Jun 16, 2014

formula to bring the MODE value according to its count recurrence if some conditions are met .

I have two sheets : Calc & Analysis

in Calc sheet i have one table with 6 columns

Country -City - Speed- count of quotes- MRC Min- MRC Max- MRC Mode

in Analysis sheet i have 3 cells as search criteria ( Country ,City & Speed) ... then i calculate the min, max, & mode
here is my question: how can i get the mode value according to the [count of quotes] value beside to have same country ,city,speed?

This formula is not working:


i am attching a sample of my dataset so you can have a view.

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Can't Use Vlookup To Count Multiple Occurences In Same Collumn?

Nov 7, 2009

I've been tying to get the vlookup function to not stop when it finds the 1st occurence and actually find all the occurences in that collumn and then sum them together, can this be done? Or by using a different function? Example......

So when vlookup looks for blue it should return 5 which is sum of 1 + 4 rather than stop when it finds 1.

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VLookup - Find Duplicate Accounts And Get Count?

Apr 24, 2012

I have a workbook where i am trying to find duplicate accounts. I need to get a count of these duplicate accounts and i need to find the accounts as well. One last thing the workbook covers an entire year and i would like a formula that will cover the 12 sheets to provide the results.

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Count Number Of Cells > 0 While Using VLookup / Index-Match

Aug 22, 2014

From the highlighted cells at B17 to B19, while using some kind of lookup or indexing method, I want to count the number of cells in that specific range that's great than zero. This list is just a sample, the list will be much bigger and order may not be the same--that's why I need to lookup the project name.

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Countif Or Vlookup: Get The Total Count Of New And Active-to-date

Oct 15, 2009

I have two columns - Employee and Status of Deal. Now, I need to get the total count of New and Active-to-date but on a per employee basis. Am I making any sense? To clearly put it, I need a formula that will answer the questions below:

How many New and Active-to-date deals does Michael et al have? I tried to use Countif but that gave me the total number of deals, not on a per status basis. Will VLookUp work or a combination of both? If so, how? I'm using Excel 2003.

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Vlookup Countif Nest: Count Of Sizes By Position?

Oct 25, 2009

On attached Spreadsheet, we are using Vlookup to create Team pages for coaches. Works great for giving coaches a team sheet when they leave draft. I have been aasked if we can cultivate the info a little differently for ubiform screenning. Company wants a count of sizes by position, that is everyone in position 1 will get number 40. How many #40 AS, AL, AM do we need.

There are 157 teams. SO I need to loop throgh each team, pull each size for each position and put it on Size sheet. I was thinking a vllookup/countif or sumif combo would work but have not been able to come up with it.

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Count Days In Set Range Of Dates From A Range

Aug 7, 2014

Trying to count how many days from a set range of dates are within another range.

So for example, the first two dates, 7/29/2014 - 8/5/2014 would be 6

7/31/20148/6/2014 are the set dates

Count Days Within Range.xlsx

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Count If Value In Range 1 Greater Than Value In Range 2

Nov 24, 2009

I have two ranges that show parts of a question to be answered and those parts already answered (aa6:aa55 and ab6:ab55). I would like to count those elements where the value in column AA is greater than the corresponding value in column AB, showing questions with parts still to be answered. Currently I have a formula comparing the two and am counting the occurrences of true or false. This seems to be overkill and I am sure that there is an array formula that can do the same thing more efficiently, unfortunately I cannot figure it out.

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Vlookup Between Range?

Dec 3, 2013

I have a spreadsheet with columns A B & C

So in Column A would be the beginning range (E.g. 2000000) and B would be the end (3000000) with a description in C.

I have another spreadsheet which contain results between Colum A & B, e.g 212000 and would like to do a lookup to return the description in C?

Start End Description
10000002000000Result 1
20000013000000Result 2
30000014000000Result 3

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Sum Range Using VLookup?

Aug 1, 2013

suming a range, always staring with the "1" and then to what ever the vlookup is. so if the lookup value is 15 in column A, it would sum the %s from B1 to B15.






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Using Vlookup In A Range

Jun 11, 2014

I am trying to use a vlookup for two cells whose data are in a range of cells. The grid is in a range for weight and miles.



For the example above, I have miles ranges in columns and weight ranges in rows. My output for the example should be 1025 as it falls in the 201-250 Mile and 1300-1399 Range. Is there a vlookup or a match/index that could find that output without looking through the grid?

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Date Range VLookup

Apr 10, 2014

It's a quick formula question that I have trouble solving..

See attached : LookupSample.xlsx

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VLookup Using Named Range

Jan 14, 2014

I am trying to do Vlookups across multiple sheets but cannot make it work. My result is #VALUE!

When I look at the Function Arguments it says the Table Array is Volatile.

My named range "Centers" has 19 tabs listed.


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Vlookup Value That Falls Into Specified Range?

Jun 12, 2014

I have a list (a) with distances and another list (b) that gives numbers to certain distance ranges. For instance:

[Code] ...........

Now, if I have a value of 4.5 in list (a), I want to look up the respective zone. For 4 classes, this can be done with an if formula (=if(4.5>50;Zone 4;if(4.5>25;Zone 3;if(..and so on))).

What can I do if I have lets say more than 100 ranges with respective zones (ranges not of equal size) because an if formula will not be feasible anymore?

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VLOOKUP: Range & Return

Jan 10, 2007

Q1: In the range for the lookup I'm performing, the column with the possible match is the 2nd column. I've tested my function with this range, but it fails (range is $A$x:$K$x, with possible matches residing in column B). If I change the range so the 1st column has the desired data ($B$x:$K$x), it works. Can I modify the function to search using the 2nd column so I don't have to rearrange the columns in my worksheet?

Q2: Can I return an entire rold of data? If yes, how? I only know how to return one cell.

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Vlookup Over Range Of Dates

Feb 2, 2010

I am making a spreadsheet using excel 2003 to calculate sales and tax. Column B is formated for date (1/1/2010). Column D,E, and F are formatted for currency with column D=Total Price, column E=sale price, and column F=tax. In column B I type the date the transaction took place and in column D I type total price. Columns E and F are automaticly filled in with the formulas for same. In column H,I J row 9 I would like to calculate 1st Quarter Total Price, Sale Price, and Tax. Row 10 would hold 2nd Quarter info and so on. I searched for info but can't come up with any thing that works.

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Looping For Vlookup In A Range?

Jun 16, 2014

I have a 2 X 44 range of text cells in one worksheet. The first column includes the same array of variables that are found on a second worksheet. In the second worksheet I want to run a looping vlookup to check if the column in the second worksheet is empty, if it is not I want it to lookup the element in that column in that row from the first worksheet and return the 2nd column item to the adjacent column in the second worksheet.

When I run my program in its current form two problems happen. The first row in the range of the column I want the data returned in is empty, and for the rest of the rows the same value is returned, when it should in fact vary. I think part of the problem is that in my vlookup my entries are:

vlookup(CrudeType, Range("Sources"), 2, false) where crudetype is defined as Range("c2:c" & lrow). This is the C column on the second sheet, I want my output in the D column. Range("sources") is on the first sheet and covers D2:E45.


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Vlookup On Dynamic Range?

Aug 20, 2014

I'm trying to find a way to perform Vlookups against a dynamic range of data, where the number of rows/values in Col B is always subject to change.

The way that the workbook is structured is as follows:

Sheet1: Except for Cols A & B, this is a blank sheet. This is the sheet in which the vlookup values will need to fall into based on the number found in its' Column B

Sheet2: The sheet that contains the data that will be passed into Sheet1 via vlookup, and all of its Columns contain data.

So, basically, Sheet1 is a shell that needs to be filled with data copied over from Sheet2 based on vlookups against Col B.

The vlookups will need to be shifted back 1 column.

And examples of how the Vlookups need to work is:The value in Sheet2 [Col E], needs to get passed into Sheet1 [Col D]Along those lines:

The value in Sheet2 [Col F], needs to get passed into Sheet1 [Col E]

The value in Sheet2 [Col G], needs to get passed into Sheet1 [Col F]so on and so forth

So basically, all of the values passed into Sheet1 from Sheet2 need to be shifted back by 1 column until we reach the last Col (Col M in this file).


The value in Sheet2 [Col M], needs to get passed into Sheet1 [Col L]

The number of columns will remain fixed, but again the number rows will vary week to week in both of the two sheets, so I would need to have a way of creating a Vlookup through VBA that accounts for the dynamic range in Col B.

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Named Range In VBA Vlookup

Oct 31, 2007

Chik wee (as Borat might say),

I'm wondering? is there any way that you can use a named range for the array in a vlookup that is done in VBA?

my named range is "Lists" and here's my

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VLookup Using A Date Range

Feb 2, 2009

I am hoping to do, is change a table's information based on a date range that is specified by the user. I have attached an example workbook below. In the example, on the Data sheet, there is the raw data information, showing user name, the date in question, and finally a number that refers to employee productivity on said date.

What I am hoping to do is to incorporate a vlookup function in order to change the data recovered on the Chart sheet by having the user select a date range. So that if you wanted to view the statistics for just Dec 15, 2008, it would only poll the data from that date, and if you wanted to view the statistics for any dates between Jan 1, 2009 and say Jan 30, 2009, it would do the same.

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VBA - VLOOKUP In Dynamic Range

Oct 14, 2011

The workbook I'm working on has several sheets: Totals, Monday, Tuesday, etc set into a SheetArray.

The problem is that I'm trying to perform a VLOOKUP on data in worksheet "Monday" against column A in worksheet "Totals". However, the size of column A will change as the codes iterates through the days. Therefore, I need the range of column A in the Totals worksheet to be dynamic.


'Find any new projects in the daily data that are not in the Totals.
DayProjCount = Range(Sheets(SheetArray(A)).Range("AA2"), Sheets(SheetArray(A)).Range("AA2").End(xlDown)).Cells.Count
ProjCell = 2
With Worksheets("Totals")


During this process, the code should only find 1 error in ValidProject. But, each are throwing errors. I think it's because the VLOOKUP isn't searching through the correct range, but I don't know how to check it.

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Dynamic Range In VLookup

Apr 10, 2012

I have a workbook with 100 worksheets. Each worksheet is setup the same way with dates down column A, and data in column B. In another sheet, I need to run a vlookup on the dates and data, but I need it to adjust for whatever spreadsheet name I give it. Is there any way to have the vlookup table array change as I change the worksheet it should reference?

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VLookup IP Address In A Range

Apr 12, 2012

I am attempting to categorize IP Addresses. My lookup table looks like this:

Begin End Category 3 2 5

I have a list of IP addresses that need to be categorized.

IP Address Category 2 Null 3

The category column needs to be populated. The ranges in my look up table are not end to end (there are gaps).

Function Lookup got close, but assumed there were no gaps.

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