Create New Table (or Matrix) From Exported Set Of Data From Website

Jun 19, 2014

I have a set of exported data from a Project Management SW (activecollab). The result is an excel .xslx file with a table inside with a lot of cells I am not going to use. Additionally, what I would like to do is creating new tables on other sheets that use only the data I want from the export. For example, I have two projects and three employees. I want to create three tables with the names of the three employees. In each table I want the tasks done by them and the time they will spend on them in order to create a Gantt chart. I need a solution that allows me to create new tables with selected data from a bigger cluster (the export). you do not need to give me the exact solution, I only need to know whether it is possible or not and where could I get the info to do what I want.

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Create Matrix From Another Table Of Values

Dec 26, 2013

I have a Table of multiple values. From this table, I need to lookup and match the corresponding value in another table, and return a "X" if the looked up values match.

For example: The table with the data in it is:






The Table I need to create is: As follows: It will have Bob in the Top column, and the rows to the left of Bob will say, Apple, Asparagus, Candy, Cookie, Dancing, Donut, Fame, Figs, Zebra. I need to read the top table and populate with an "X" the values which have Bob.

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Create Matrix Of Data Automatically

Jan 30, 2013

I have 2 types of data: Product & Store

And the data would go like this:

Corn Flakes
Frosted Flakes
Froot Loops

Store 1
Store 2
Store 3
Store 4

The number of entries of course is a lot bigger, that's why I'm trying to make it auto.

So what I need is to have a table created that would mix both data type in 2 columns, like this:


Corn Flakes
Store 1


How would this be done automatically by a formula?

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VBA To Create New Workbook From Most Recent User-numbers From Exported List

Apr 15, 2012

I need to create a macro that can produce a new workbook with the list of the most recent users of my company, so that we can print their membership cards.

From my company's admin I can export the complete list of users with their name, serial number and address. Every time we export this list, the file is saved as "userdata-dd-mm-yyyy.xls", and "dd-mm-yyyy" as today

However, I would like to create a macro that would
1) open the most recent "userdata-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" workbook in the folder,
2) compare the user numbers in this file with the most recent "card_order-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" and
3) produce a new "card_order-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" workbook with the list of all new users since the last "card_order-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" ("dd-mm-yyyy" as today), based on the highest number for user number (this is a continuous list)

Note, the "userdata-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" workbook has name, serial number, address, expiration date and user number as columns.... but the extracted info to "card_order-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" is just of the name, serial number and expiration date.

What is the easiest way of doing so and what code should I use for the macro?

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How To Make Matrix Table Into Data Table

Jun 17, 2002

How to (by vba or whatever):

1) convert the Matrix data into the data table, and;
2) convert the data table into the matrix data

Matrix data (example)
share Ashare Bshare C

data Table (example)
springshare Asell
summershare Abuy
autumnshare Asell
wintershare Ahold
springshare Bhold
summershare Bbuy
autumnshare Bhold
wintershare Bsell
springshare Cbuy
summershare Csell
autumnshare Chold
wintershare Csell

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Fetch Website Data Table By State

Aug 20, 2013

I would like to be able to have Excel VBA pull down the data from the following website.

The first URL will take you to the website, but you then need to select a state shown in bold from the Radio side of the index window in the middle of the screen. Once at the next screen, this is the table I wish to download into excel.

I want to do this for all the states listed. How can I do this or is it possible since you have to select a state prior to the listing.

HTML Code: [URL] ..... I found this code from anothe thread but it did not work.

Sub GetData()
Dim x As Long, y As Long, t As Long
Dim htm As Object

[Code] ....

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Converting Data Table To Matrix Format

Jan 28, 2009

I am trying to convert the data I have to matrix format. I have attached a sample of the data in the file I have attached. The data is in the worksheet "Original" and the matrix format that I am trying to convert is in the "Transformed" worksheet. Can someone please help me with the VBA code for going from "Original" to "Transformed"?

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Locate And Retrivie Data In Table/matrix

Sep 12, 2005

I have a dataset in one work sheet. The data, cells, can be lovated by three identifiers. Each column has an identifier (month) and each row have two identifier that has to combined. Region and Year.

Below is an example that shows the layout of the data.


How can write a formula/macro where I can put the three identifiers and retrive the data/cell into a new work sheet?

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Dynamic Comparative Matrix Table With Data Validation Conditions?

Jul 8, 2013

I have attached a sample data sheet which i am working on . ITs a comparitive matrix trable with Input validation between 0&2 . I also want the table to be dynamic .If i want to increase or reduce no. of rows and clumns i should do it some how . More details are mentioned in the attached file .

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Create Matrix From A Matrix

Apr 29, 2013

Below there are all the information needed to understand my problem.

M(1 to R,1 to C): matrix with R rows and C columns [element known]

M(i,j): elements of the matrix M in position i(row)-j(column) [element known]n

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Data Exported To Word

Jul 4, 2008

I have some monthly sales data (max 200 lines per month). The sales are from numerous suppliers (we sell on behalf of others and take a commission). Each month the sales/commission are reported back to the suppliers that have actually sold something!

The problem I have is that some supplier may have sold one item and others may have sold ten (so a simple mail merge is out of the question).

I can create the data in Excel quite easily but currently have to copy and paste this into Word. I am sure this is quite simple, but I cannot get anything to work.

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Extracting Text (Exported Data) From A Cell

Mar 13, 2014

I have a spreadsheet where the data held in column A is an export from another system and the exported data looks like this:

??????? Stn ??????? ??????? ??

What i would like to be able to do is to split out the data in column A so that the text before the 'Stn' (but including Stn) are shown in column C with text after 'Stn' is shown in column D. i have looked at using =LEFT, =MID or =RIGHT with =FIND but the problem i have is that the text prior to the letters Stn could be one, two, three or four words and the text after could be similar.

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Creating Button To Generate Spreadsheet From Exported Data?

Jun 9, 2014

sample pic.png

I have two spreadsheets of data I export regularly from an outside source. I want to consolidate the data from these two sheets into one large sheet with all the data in a more concise form bringing in only the data related to certain parts I am conducting analysis on. I have a list of these parts already. My first thought on how to do this would be to use the list in an entry for an input box and have that list be the index for a for loop in which i searched for a part code, copied the entire corresponding row, and pasted it back into the master sheet. I have gone through and tried to do this but I am running into problems because sometimes I have multiple rows of data that correspond to a single part number. I have attached a template of the way that the data should look in the master file with the multiple rows of details that correspond to just one part entry.

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Macro- Data That Is Exported Our House Investment System

Oct 27, 2008

i have a spreadsheet with data that is exported to Excel via our in house investment system, the report looks something like below, though real data consists of 2000 rows of data. Where we have O/S in Bank this means these entries are all physical bank entries i.e statement credit and statement debit, and where we have O/S not in Bank these are all accounting entries, i.e. Ledger Debit and Ledger Debit.

What i am after is a macro that will insert a column next to Team and then input SDR SCR on all statement entries and LDR and LCR on all Ledger entries, the final report should look like the second spreadsheet....

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Macro To Create A Statistics Table From Another Data Table (containing Merged Cells)

Apr 14, 2009

I would like to have a macro to automatically generate a statistics table (on the "statistics" tab) with the 5 following fields:
Fragment names / # samples / # of failed samples / % of success / # of variations in the fragment (SNP). At the bottom of this table, I would like to have a cell with the average % of success for all fragments. The data to generate these statistics are on the "gene name" tab (please note that this name will change every time I will work on a new gene). To make things easier, I think the macro should be run from this tab.

1. The Fragment names are displayed in row #5. I use one column per variation per fragment. If one fragment has 3 variations, there will be three columns and I will merge together the fragment name cells. The fact that some cells are merged can be a problem when copy-paste to the stats table (as I would like to get rid of the merging).

2. # of samples corresponds to the number of cells in blue in column A. The number of samples can change from one report to another but is always constant in the same report.

3. # of failed sequences. In the table, I type "Failed Sequence" (if the analysis has failed) and "Missing Sequence" (if the analysis has not been done). When a sample is failed or missing, it is for the who fragment, no matter how many variation there is in the fragment, so I usually merge the cells of all variations for this failed sample.

4. % of success: this is quite easy #sample/#of failed+missing sequence for this fragment

5. # of variation is equal to the number of variations for this fragment (can be 0, 1, 2, etc.). When there is no variation in a fragment, I put '-- in all cells of the corresponding fragment on the "gene name" tab. Fragment 3 on my file is an example of 0 variation.

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How To Create A Risk Matrix

May 1, 2014

I'm trying to create a risk matrix like the attached example. I want to be able to enter a value and to have it to appear in the right quadrant.

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How To Create Block Matrix

Feb 12, 2013

I'm struggling to find the right Excel functions to fill up a block matrix. Here are all the details of my problem.

I have a list of firms and relative products. Each firm can produce either 1, or 2 or 3 different products, for instance

firm A produces product x
firm B produces products y and z
firm C produces product j
firm D produces products k, h and q

Suppose the data appear on a sheet in column order, that is, one column for the firms and one for the products with a space between A, B, C and D when one firm is a multi-product producer. I need to create a 0-1 block matrix in Excel setting 1 when the product is produced by the same firm and 0 otherwise, i.e. for the above example

x y z j k h q
1 0 0 0 0 0 0
0 1 1 0 0 0 0
0 1 1 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 1 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 1 1 1
0 0 0 0 1 1 1
0 0 0 0 1 1 1

I can do this in VBA but not in Excel, and unfortunately I need to provide an Excel solution.

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Create Auto Updating Price List Using Part Number And Website

Jan 3, 2014

I'm trying to create an autoupdating price list using a part number and a website. I've tried Excel's data import wizard.

Website: WebFLIS - Public Search
Sample data Category
Chaplain Kits
Chaplain's Kit, Consumable

Also called the ReSuppply Kit

VBA Code that allows me to automatically open the page.

Dim IE As Object
Sub submitFeedback3()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

[Code] ......

Ideally, I'd like to click a button that says "Update Prices" and it will search WebFlis for the NIIN listed and update the price. I have 717 items on my list so updating would be by click only (I think I can write that portion).

If that is not an option, I'd like to be able to click on each item row (think hyperlink) and be able to see the results for that individual item.

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Create Matrix Of Pricing By Conditions From Tables

Aug 21, 2008

i have many tables for many carriers with the same format, and i need to create a unified table of them, the tables look like this


so let us consider that these are the prices for X company and i have another ten tables for other 10 companies, what i need to do is to create a unified table that includes all the companies prices for all the destination depending on the Country_Code as it could be considered as a primary Key and without any duplications and to include the all the data in all the tables as some destinations and prices are not available in all the tables, so the tables contains different data, the unified table should look something like this

----Destination-------Country_Code-----X Price-----Y Price----Z Price----
2------USA---------------1148------------0.300-----0.876------ ---
4------India---------------9198-----------0.345----- -------0.564--

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Auto Refresh Table (Import From Website)

Jul 12, 2014

I import a table from a website and its work fine.

My question is, Is there any macro or formula to highlight the cells after the update process (only if the value changed) ?

Also i need new entries to add automatically at the bottom(below the last row).

Sample table:



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Macro To Access Website Page & Copy Table

Jun 27, 2008

I'm doing some extremely repetitive work with a web tool at work. I need to import about 1800 tables for my first assignment and 5000 for my second. I did a search on the forum and found out that Excel and vba is able to import tables from a website's chart which is amazing. I recorded a macro and got

With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:= _
"URL I can;t give out this information" _
, Destination:=Range("A1"))
.Name = "index"
.FieldNames = True
.RowNumbers = False
.FillAdjacentFormulas = False
.PreserveFormatting = True
.RefreshOnFileOpen = False
.BackgroundQuery = True
.RefreshStyle = xlInsertDeleteCells
.SavePassword = False.....................

For each session I have to go to my site, log in with a username and password which is the same everytime then go to a specific page select the right drop down and import chart. The Chart under the drop down is the chart I need to import. The macro I recorded has no problem doing this but however it keeps grabbing the same chart, how do i fix that, so it knows to select the right drop down then import the right chart?

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Convert Matrix To Table

Jun 4, 2014

I need to convert a Matrix to a Table. Something like this:

Input file:

Output :

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Conditional Formating Between A Matrix And A Table.

May 25, 2006

I have a matrix that has been imported into excel from access. The column header is product number and the row header is name. I am then importing the data from an access query that puts the product/name matches in a small table to the right of the matrix (will be hidden when completed). I need to shade the corresponding cell in the matrix if that name has a match for that product. I tried =AND(MATCH(name details),MATCH(product details)) as my formatting equation, but that does not account for whether the matches are in the same row or not, so any combinations of products and names that appear in the whole table are shaded. I am not sure what other commands I can use to get the formatting equation to make sure that the matches are in the same row. Below is an example of my setup, "S" means it would be shaded.

------ 1----2----3----------------Name-------#

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Copy Ranges From Matrix/Table

May 14, 2008

The "Sub Shortcut()" line is throwing the error.

Sub Shortcut()

Dim CellString As String

Dim BString As Boolean

Dim StrShort1 As String

StrShort1 = "Copy"

Sheets("Office - Generic").Activate


For Across = 1 To 12

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How To Create 2 Variable Data Table

Nov 25, 2013

I am trying to create a 2 variable data table. I have the variables in a different sheet from the datatable sheet, and I read here XL: Error Message: "Input Cell Reference Is Not Valid" that if I link these variables to the active sheet where the datatable is located it should work, but the table is showing the same result in all the fields.

When I put the put the variables value in the same sheet as the datatable and link to these values from the other sheet the table is working fine, so I know that my design is correct but it has to do with referencing or something else that I need to set but I am not sure what it is

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Create Chart From Table Of Data?

Jun 19, 2014

Trying to create a chart from a table of data, however my column of data has zeros throughout. How do I insert a chart with just the data that are not zeros?

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Gather Data From A Table To Create A Tombstone?

Jul 6, 2012

They sent me a workbook with a lot of information including Employee Name, Position, Supervisor name and Organizational Unit (in columns A, B, C and D respectively). With this data, I need to create a "Tombstone" for each supervisor with his/her name, organizational unit, and the name and count of each position he/she manages. For example:

John Smith
Analyst - 10
Programmers - 15

Now, I was able to easily get the names of all the supervisors and their respective organizational units in the tombstones. However, I'm stuck trying to find a quick way to enter all the positions each supervisor manages and their count. And with more than 300 supervisors in my company, doing this manually would take too long.

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Automatically Create List / Table From Data That Changes Often

May 30, 2013

I have a client list/table that gets new data each day. (ALL) - see file

I need to create separate lists/tables on new sheets from the main data sheet (ALL) base on certain conditions/criteria...

On the (ID) sheet I need all the clients that have ID numbers to display, on the (Reg no) sheet I need all the clients with Reg numbers to display... etc.

Like I said that the main data sheet grows each day and the lists/tables on the other sheets needs to automatically include all the new clients that's entered.

Is there a way to do this using formulas or do I need code to do this?

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Macro To Create Table From Spaced Data

Aug 26, 2009

I’m trying to do is create two tables from data evenly spaced throughout columns A to I. To make the screenshot easier to view I moved the second table under the first. The data is arranged so that each “Subject” has 42 columns and is arranged by “Type” and then by “Subject.”

The tricky part is that the number of subjects will vary so everything has to be done in some sort of loop. From the little I know about VBA I was able to record and edit a macro to add spaces every six rows and average the “MaxResponse.” (that’s what stage the screenshot was taken at) To make the table I think I need to write some sort of Dim statement but that is way beyond my comprehension.

Here is a link to a photo of the table

Excel 2003
VBA 6.5
Win XP Pro

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Determine The Source Data That Was Used To Create The Pivot Table?

Sep 7, 2009

Given a pivot table, is there any way that I can determine the source data that was used to create the pivot table?

I suspect that the pivot table was created using only part of the data, but I'm not sure.

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