Creating A Cell With Running Time

Oct 2, 2007

Create a cell with running time in Hours, Minutes, and seconds, in 12:00:00 AM format.

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Macro Only Running One Cell At A Time

Mar 25, 2014

I am new to the whole MACRO VBA thing and I am desperately trying to learn. So this is the Situation. I recorded a macro of an If statement on a row. very simple. Some of the rows below ( Like 700) need the same formula that I recorded. I would like to highlight the cells that need the formula and run the macro on them. however the macro only runs one at a time. Is there a way that this can be avoided?

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Run Macro Time: Start A Sub Running At A Selected Time

May 23, 2007

how to include a line of code, to start a sub running at a selected time? Given that the workbook is already opened before that time?

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Creating Running Total Of Different Sectors From One Sheet

Dec 11, 2013

I need to create running totals for each year of the Contract Values for each Sector that my Company deals with. There are 5 Sectors - C, M, W, WW and WtoE. Each possible contract has its own Contract Value.

For eg -

SectorContract Value

W € 36,779.33
WW € 20,325.20
W € 246.14
W € 2,168.40
WW € 176,617.00
W € 320.65


In the whole document we have previous year's contracts too - but I want to create running totals for each year - i.e. for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. How could I separate these easily?

Obviously the total depends on which sector we are looking at - I thought about using the IF formula - but realised that there would be a lot of IF's - is there an easier way of doing it? If not - what's the best way?

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Creating A Time Card HR:MM Not As Time Of Day

Feb 8, 2007

I have a time card that is split into sections so there are a lot of SUM formulas. However, I need to include a space for breaks - 10 min.

How do I make everything convert comfortably?

Ex. 5 hours allotted to person A. 5 hours to person B. 1 hour 40 allotted to tasks. And 20 min per day for breaks.

Is there a way to format the cell so that it displays hours and minutes
1:35 = 1hr35min ??
All the formats available show it as time. I need it as a quantity of time rather than time of day so that the formulas will add correctly.

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For Next Loop Running Only One Time

Feb 22, 2014

Here is the image 1 after selecting one of element in listbox and then if I click delete material (commandbutton).

It has to delete the select material in sheet 2 and has to cut the element below and move to 1 row above as shown in figure 2.

At the same time it has to delete the entire respective column and remaining column has to be cut and place in column before in sheet 3 as shown in figure 3

For that I had wrote the program which is below

Private Sub CommandButton5_Click()
Dim i, j, k, m, n As Integer
i = ListBox1.ListIndex
j = Sheet2.Cells(1, 39).Value
k = j - i

[Code] ....

When I click the delete commandbutton5 the result is as shown in figure below

In sheet2

In sheet 3

For loop is running only one time after that it got terminated. If I split the 1st for loop and execute is running nice what I meant to do. If I combine another for loop or If I add msgbox at top it misbehaving. I tried with do while loop also it also doing same thing.

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Running Macro After A Specified Time

Sep 14, 2006

I have a macro that would run once the workbook is opened. This macro would then open another excel file to get updates then close it. Now this file is also being accessed by other persons in the network but just for a split second. Since an opened file would result into an error, what proper codes should I add so that if the file is currently in use, the macro would then run again after 5 seconds and would do the same thing until the file is ready? This is what I have so far. All in the standard module.

Sub Updater()
Dim updatePath As String
updatePath = Worksheets("Entries"). Range("E104")
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Workbooks.Open (updatePath)
On Error Goto Errorhandler
Workbooks("APTupdater.xls").Close True
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Exit Sub


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Running A Macro At A Specific Time

Jun 5, 2009

I want to know if I can schedule a macro to run at specific times?

If so would 6 requests at the same time slow excel down?

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Show Time Of Running Macro

Jul 9, 2007

I have a macro which downloads data from website. But takes some more time to complete a work. I want that a time should display at the bottom bar of excel where "Ready" is written. THe time should be in format.

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Can't Stop Macro Running At Set Time

Apr 28, 2006

I wanted to run a macro at 08:00 each day. I tested the macro would auto start and run, and set the test to start at 13:00.

In the Private module of the Workbook I put

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application .OnTime TimeValue("08:00:00"), "MyMacro"
End Sub

and in a standard module

Sub TestTimeMacro()
Application.OnTime TimeValue("08:00:00"), "MyMacro"
End Sub

Initially I had the TimeValue set as 13:00:00. The test worked OK so I changed the timevalue to 08:00:00.

The macro now runs at 08:00 and 13:00.

How do I stop the 13:00 event?

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Running Module At Specific Time

Jun 24, 2006

I have a module which runs behind a command button which creates a table and outputs it to an excel workbook. Is it possible to cause this module to execute at a specified time, say 9.00 pm or when the database is closed. It is not necessarily the case that the database is closed every day.

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Running Date And Time On Userform

May 30, 2007

Here is the code for my user form.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

TextBoxDate.Value = Now
TextBoxDate = Format(TextBoxDate.Value, "dd mmmm yyyy hh:mm:ss")

End Sub

This is a form to have employees punch in/out. The form is designed to be running all the time. The TextboxDate is disableed so the user can not change it.

I would like to know if it is possible to get the time to be displayed on the form constantly? Right now it only updates when the OK button is pressed on the form.

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Running Clock In Excel With Different Time Zone

Nov 28, 2013

Need running clock in Excel... in A1 I have put running clock which is taking current system time. However, I want to add running clocks for EST in B1 - CST in C1 and PST in D1.

VB code I used to display current system running clock

Global clockOn As Boolean
Sub runClock()
Range("A1").Value = Now()
If clockOn = True Then

[Code] ......

Attached File : Time.xlsm‎

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Macro Running With Time Application Is Not Flashing?

Jun 6, 2014

I have macro running with time application. when msgbox pops up, excel tab on windows taskbar should flashes, but it doesn't.When switch to excel, didn't even see the msgbox until I click on any cell.

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User Dependent Running Time Errror (9)

Mar 3, 2009

I wrote a macro that worked for a long time but now a running time error (9) popped out even though the code didn't change at all. If I run the same macro on the same computer but logged on as a different user it runs smoothly. Tried it in other computers and in some of them it will also run in only some of the users but not all.

I'm running Excel 2003 on windows XP, on a pentium 4 PC but found the same in othe computers running Vista.

When I click the debug button the highlighted line is
close to the end of the following code.

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Getting Run Time Error 1004 When I Am Running This Macro

Aug 26, 2009

I am getting a run time error 1004 when i am running this macro. I got this macro to my earlier thread. As i am a beginner in a macro, I am unable to identify the problem. I have attached the workbook for the same

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Stop Macro Running After Specfied Time Period

Oct 17, 2007

I'm opening a workbook and then running the macro in the workbook. The problem is I would like to build a "timeout" feature if the macro is running too long (as some of the macro's this will run can take days to complete) but I don't know how to run the macro asynchronously. Also I need to know if i can get it to run asynchronous is there an event that will tell me when the process is finished. The calling application of the macro is written in VB6 and opening excel workbooks to run the macros out of. also the "timeout" feature must be done from the VB6 application it cannot be edited into the the workbooks containing the macro.

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Decrease Macro1 Running Time (Copy And Paste Values)

Aug 20, 2014

1- Open enclosed file.
2- Run Macro1.
3- Wait some time completing running Macro1.
4- Run Macro2.
5- Wait some time completing running Macro2.
6- Look MessageBox to see that what is Macro2 running time. (Note: My Macro2 running time is 06 minutes and 49 seconds)

My question is how can I decrease Macro2 running time ?

I am open all ideas like copy data to NotePad and paste again excel etc.

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Runtime Error -2147417848 Running User Form A Second Time

Mar 28, 2007

I have a user form that builds a workbook from one template sheet and information in a SQL Server database. The template sheet contains 4 charts that are copied to every new sheet in the workbook, then their data ranges are set through VBA code. For a while the code was working wonderfully. All the necessary sheets were being generated and correctly populated.

Yesterday I added a new module to generate another sheet and pull data from the same SQL Server tables. Now if I run the userform it will work fine once and create all the needed sheets, and set all the charts to the proper ranges. However, if I delete all the created sheets and run the form again, I get:

Runtime Error '-2147417848 (80010108)'

Automation Error
The Object Invoked has disconnected from its clients

The error consistantly occurs for the following line of Selection.Copy Destination:=Worksheets("Master").Range("D1")

After the error the selected range still shows up as surrounded by a selection box, but if I change sheets, the box moves to the new sheet. Also I cannot select any new cells in the work book. In order to get Excel to work again I have to End Task from the Task Manager just to get it to close. When I restart Excel and go back to my work book I get the same results, i.e. The form works great once, then Excel dies.

I have tried qualifing all of the objects that can be qualified. I have tried setting all possible varriables to Nothing before exiting my macros. Nothing I have tried, or found suggested so far in the forum works.

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Coping Userform To Worksheet Cells And Running Multiple Time Without OVERWIRTE

Feb 13, 2014

I have created a software on a userform and have copied contents of this userform to worksheet cells. However when I run it for the first time everything works and all contents goes in C4 - C8. However when I run it for the second time the contents in C4 - C8 deletes itself and new data appear i.e. the cells are overwritten.

In cell C3 i have the date and I have managed to put this date in the next empty column everytime the software is run. I do not understand why the dates can go to the next empty column without it being over written but cells C4 - C8 cant!

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Creating If / Then Formula With Time

Dec 4, 2013

I am trying to create a formula that subtracts 1 hour if the value of cell E3 equals 11:00 PM.

This is what I've tried:

=SUM(E3-D3), IF(D3=11:00 PM, -1:00)

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Creating A Graph Over Time

Feb 13, 2009

Hi i have alot of values that i would like to display in a graph over time.

The problem is, is that there are many different times (irregular intervals) that the value is recorded during each day.

whenever i create a graph and choose the x-axis format as the date i get a spike at each day, which is no good!

value Date Date Time
0 22/12/2008 12:33:35 22/12/2008 12:33:35
0 22/12/2008 20:53:25 20:53:25
9 23/12/2008 00:48:48 23/12/2008 00:48:48 ....

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Creating A Time Mask

Aug 4, 2006

I need the users to be able to enter the time using either a . or a colon :,

So: 13:30 would give 13:30 and 13.30 would give 13:30. They have end up in time format too since I will be performing calculations on them. When that decimal place is entered I would like it to be turned into a dot

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Creating One Hyperlink At A Time In Vba

Jan 14, 2007

code that creates hyperlinks by the column or row. I Have a spreadsheet with some code which archives data into a summary sheet and creates a backup sheet of the detail. This all works really well. In the summary sheet, I have a column that is named with the name of the new worksheet.

What I want to do is to be able to create a hyperlink from this name in the column to the new, backed up worksheet. I do not want to create a list of hyper links, I only want to create on link at a time, each time I run the code.

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Creating A Time Zone Userform

Jul 29, 2008

I would like to add something to my workbook which, when called, gives you current time in Tokyo, Australia, USA, London, Europe (for example).

I am trying to work out what would be best.

Would it be possible to create this on the Status bar?

Alternatively, i guess a Userform shown as modeless (but i am not sure if the controls holding the times will update.

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Creating Outcomes For Normative Values Using Time Hh:mm:ss

Aug 6, 2014

I seem to struggle with excel formulas when time is involved. I am trying to create a spreadsheet that reviews outcome measures (walking tests in this case) to outline firstly if someone has improved or not (Outcome in the blue columns) which seems to be working alright. This takes into account the 2 aspects of time taken to complete the test and the walking aid required.

What I would now like to be able to do is compare each individuals 'After' score with a normal range for that test. I have put a list below the table of the ranges I am looking for. I have tried to put time formats into a long IF formula to try and get the ranges covered for the TUAG test, but doesn't seem to be working.

The 10 metre walk test is a little trickier as this is looking at change in velocity between the before and after scores. I think I need to be able to work out the velocity for each test and then do a comparison, but again bit stuck with the time formatting.

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Creating New Suffix For A File Each Time Code Run

Jun 17, 2014

I have a piece of code that runs and creates an output Excel sheet that currently has the run date as a suffix for the automatically generated file name. However, I now sometimes have to run this report multiple times in one day, which currently means overwriting the previously run spreadsheet (whereas I would like to keep both versions of the ruin output).

Is there a way that I can create some kind of counter for the number of times the report is run and add that as a suffix for the file name? At the moment the only way I can think to do this is to set up code that looks at the file name containing the date field and adds 1 to every number that is added as a suffix, but this doesn't seem very efficient...

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Getting Run Time Error 5 When Creating A Pivot Table

Jun 11, 2008

I am creating 10 pivot tables for data in one worksheet and putting them in a separate work sheet. i used the macro recorder but the cod eit worte stop at this line ...

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Creating A Purchase Order Form That Will Reduce Time Spent Adding?

Apr 18, 2013

I'm creating a Purchase Order Form that will reduce time spent adding in contact details.What I'm looking to achieve is a form that will be printed with a few formulas allowing sections of the form to be filled out automatically once a singular company name (chosen from a drop-down list I created, currently with a 'Combo box ActiveX') then the rest of the form is filled out accordingly.

At the moment it's a bit of a mess, not too sure where I'm meant to put the ranges.There are currently 2 sheets - Sheet 1 with the form, Sheet 2 with all contact information.

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Creating A Log That Logs The Last User That Saved The Workbook Including The Date And Time

Mar 16, 2004

Is there any way of creating a log that logs the last user that saved the workbook including the date and time. I would like the log to be a sheet hidden in the workbook. Not many people will be saving the workbook.

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