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Creating Account Spreadsheets

I have agreed to create a simple accounts system for a friend of my mothers. I have no problem when it comes to manipulating cells to interact ( sums) and then creating an aesthetically pleasing spreadsheet. However, as with all things excel, there is an easier way to doing something and a person usually doesn't realise that till the end.

I was hoping that somebody might be able to direct me to a resource that would be ideal for constructing a 12 month revenue and expenses account. I just want it to be as simple as possible for the lady that I am doing this for (all I want her to do is enter how much she made for one day and how much she spent), and everything around this I can make interact.

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Creating Summary Spreadsheet From Two Seperate Spreadsheets
I have two spreadsheets. I need to be able to match information from detailed spreadsheet for specific information from a lookup spreadsheet.

The detailed sheet (call it Purchases) has information about what was purchased during a month.

Columns: ...

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Mapping Account . How To Add Additional Data In To Account#
I have two sheets. First contains Department # 0002549, and the other one contains 5 more digits(#02001 0002549). I will need to find the exact match for the first sheet to contain all 12 digits. THey are all in different order, so I probably have to match them first then add whatever the first 5 digits number. How should I tackle this issue? I was thinking to use vlookup but how could you use vlook up if only last 7 digit matches and add addtional digits to exisiting number?

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Creating Separate Reports In Separate Spreadsheets
I have a giant data sheet. I have to cherry pick certain data out of the list and send it to certain associates, in a new spreadsheet.

I want to do this automatically.

I can create the macro to select the data I want, and copy it over (values only), but I cannot find out how to do it in a new sheet with a new name that automatically gets generated with a unique filename (probably using the date).

Essentially, I want to copy my data spreadsheet (post-filter) into a new spreadsheet titled X mm-dd (where X is whatever I pick). I then want to delete several rows from it.

Ideally, the macro would do this (I will put a * next to things I can handle the code for, to save work):Filter Data *
Copy Data *
Create a New Spreadsheet named (Person's Name) mm-dd.xls
Paste Data (values, formats, column widths) to the new spreadsheet *
Delete Several Columns from the new spreadsheet *
Rename the sheet it's been pasted to
Re-filter data (new filter) *
Copy Data *
Paste Data (values, formats, column widths) to the same spreadsheet, only Sheet 2 *
Set the header of the spreadsheet with (Person's Name) and the date
Save the new spreadsheet

There will be as few as 1 sheet (in which case I would only want one worksheet in the new excel file), or as many as 4 sheets. I don't need a fancy way to do this, as it will only be done once a week, and I can just make the various cases required to do it even if it isn't pretty, but I can't figure out how to manipulate other files that haven't been created yet...

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Account Reconcilition
to write a macro to put the background color where a certain figure sum is zero. Eg. Column A contain as

If one select A1 to A5 and run the macro the color for all cell should be green except for A2. Infact the macro will point out which amount is not deposited into the bank. (All +tives are for Deposits and all tives are for sales)

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Formula Account For All Possible + Or - Figures
I am working with percentages, and trying to avoid #DIV/0! Errors at the same time.
Lets assume column A holds last years figures, and column B holds this years figures, column C calculates the difference in percentages.

I am having dificulty where say A1 = 0 B1 = 10 (C1 Should be 100%)
then what happens if A2 = 5 and B2 = 0 (C2 Should be - 100%)

Is there a common formula that will account for all possible + or - figures in A and/or B that will also suppress #DIV/0! Errors?

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Expense Account Lookup
The expense account we work with involves several currencies due to the international nature of the business. With that, each row must show the currency involved and the formula used from one line to the next makes it repeat the currency until changed i.e. if cell B22 has a date entered then Cell H22 will reflect the currency from Cell H21 =IF(B22="","",H21). If Cell H21 showed CDA for Canadian currency then H22 would also become CDA. Once changed manually then all cells below will now reflect the new currency until changed again.

Using the lookup function we collect the individual amounts of each currency and run totals at the bottom. Therefore, if there were three entries in SGD (Singapore Dollars) and two entries in EUR (European Euros) etc. that each row will do a lookup by the three letter currency code and collect the sum of each currency. SGD could repeat later again and when changed manually will be included in the lookup.

At the present we are entering the three digit codes manually i.e. SGD. What we would like to do is automatically have the bottom be able to pickup the currency change when a new currency is entered on the individual rows on the top part of the expense sheet. So if Cells H21:H23 were SGD and Cells H24:H25 were ERU that Cell A58 would show SGD and cell A59 would somehow be able to grab the ERU etc. One of the same currencies may repeat itself and the lookup will capture the additional totals but SGD would only show once.

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Forumla To Get The Average Per Account?
If you Have a list of account numbers and amounts, is there a way in one forumla to get the average per account?

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Counter For Transactions Within Account
I need to have a running counter of transactions within an account.

Solved with: C2=COUNTIF($B$4:B4,B4)
(and copy down)
100122.50 3
1001 2.00 4
1001 5.00 5
100127.00 6
1013 .50 1
1013 2.50 2
1013 13.00 3

I need to solve for the Trans# I've included it here for clarity, but I need to be able to get that number based on the ACCTNO. Notice the Counter Resets to 1 when the ACCTNO changes from 1001 to 1013.

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VBA To Fill References ='Account (1)'!$C$5
I need to produce a grid displaying data pulled from local references within the workbook but Excel will not auto fill the references in the right way.

i need

='Account (1)'!$C$5
='Account (2)'!$C$5
='Account (3)'!$C$5

down to

='Account (498)'!$C$5
='Account (499)'!$C$5
='Account (500)'!$C$5

is there a way to imput these references using VBA script?

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Account For negative Time
Im trying to get the difference between times, BUT I want to account for negative time. So if I project that an employee will finish a task at 2 am, and they finished at 2:30 am, I want the result to be -:30, not just :30. If they finished at 1:30 then it would just be :30. Hence, my dilemma. I can get the difference, but didn't think Excel could recognize negative times. Right now I am using =MOD((A1-A2),1) or =(A1-A2+(A1<A2))*24/24 and in cells A1+A2 I am using military time.

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SUM Account For Added Rows
I've created a simple budget sheet outlining various group expenses eg: Fixed, Flexible, Variable, and their totals sums.

How can I add all totals while still allowing for a new row to be inserted in any group?

eg:..............Row E

1........Fixed Expense group
5....Total sum $100.00
6.......Flexible Expenses group
12...Total sum $110.00
13......Variable expenses group
19....Total sum $60.00
21..Grand Total $270.00

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Number Formatting (in Account Numbers)
I currently have account numbers formatted 1.234.5678 and need to convert them all to 1234.5678. how this can be done without manually keying 22,000 account numbers?

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Map Account Numbers From Text File
I receive a large text file each month from a vendor, This file contains account numbers, account descriptions and costs associated with the previous months period. There are 5 separate business units included in this report. I am looking for a way to translate the account numbers pprovided by the vendor to fit with in the account numbers we use. A Vlookup will work by creating a Map that translates their numbers to match ours, but this would need to be copied in monthly and as there are 15k rows or more it will likely take a while to process. I am wondering if others have attempted this and have advise as to what works best.

My plan was to create an Excel file that reflects the account numbers provided with our account numbers and then use a VLookup to match the data received with this master file as it were. ( So I would have a file called AccountMap which contains 4 columns, Cols A & B is the info provided by the vendor and Cols C & D are our codes and descriptions ). Then when the data arrives I would enter my vLookup and go from there.

Presently the steps are:
Open Vendor Text File in Excel
Copy a Business Unit and related Data to new WorkSheet
Insert Vlookup to map the vendor accounts to our accounting system format
Rearrange the data to meet our import requirements
Export the modified range as a Text file
Import into Accounting system

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Drag Formula Across A Row And Still Take Account Of Mixed Reference
1. I have data A1, A2, A3....down a column.

2. I have one value on C2 ( constant value)

3. the formula is a very simple multiplication formula. I want to multiply every single value of column A to C2. But it needs to be in across a row that starts in
D4. So,formula needs to be in (D4, E4, F4) there are other datas in the worksheet

4. So when I input =$A1*$C$2 in D4 it calculates it fine but when i try to drag the formula across the row so [E4=$A2*$C$2, F4=$A3*$C$2...]

it repeates the same fomula as D4 and does not adjust for the increase in column number.

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Mid Function :: Match Account Number With Description
I am trying to use a Mid function to help me in my vba problem.

In my first table I have a list of account numbers. E.g. 'ZZ500543'

In my second table I have a list of account descriptions. E.g. 'Denis Morgan ZZ500543 leak from bath'

I need to match the account number in Table1 with the correct account description in Table2. I thought a Mid function would be the best option to pick out the account number in Table2? Is this right? How would I go about using it?

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Repeating Account Codes To Be Deleted If They Hold The Same Value.
I have attached a reduced example spreadsheet.

I have thousands of IDs each of which store a column called IM Limit. The ID is repeated on many rows - for each date that they have come into the system. For each ID over a period of time the IM Limit may change or it may stay the same. If it stays the same I would like all the other rows deleted, if it changes once during the period then I would like only two rows left behind each containing the unique value. So in the end I will have a list of codes where a unique combination of id and the im limit remains behind.

Does anyone know or have a VBA script that would be able to loop through the spreadsheet and delete the unwanted records.

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Searching For Afolder With Different Account Names On C: Drive
I have a loads of folders with different account names on my c: drive. What I want to do is put in part of the name rather than al ofl i.e. Manchester United, would just put in Manchester I have seen the * used but was not sure how this works

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How Do I Hardcode A Formula Into A Macro And How Do I Take Report Size Into Account
Please see attached two books,

The first book is a report that is generated on my reporting systeM (Report I use everyday)
The second report is the one that I have created myself using a macro (macro report)

I have to manually manipulate this report everyday and extract some information from it to

a custom report(macro report) that we use everyday.

I have created a macro for this - please see my code below.

I need some help with some small issues I am having,(Highlighted in yellow)

1) I need to include a Total line, but the size of the report varies everyday from say

around 30 rows to over a 100 rows. Is there a way i can make the total always 2 rows below

the report, please see attached for an example.

2) I need to hardcord a formula in on Column F and G. But again the report varies in size,

the columns do not change but there could be lots more rows. how do i take this into


The formula i need to hard code into column F is



D60 in the above formula is just the total of all the other months summed together.

For Column E the formula is just =F*E But again the size in the report varies.

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Account Numbers In Column A Where The Customers Have Purchased At Least 1 Accessory
I have account numbers in column A where the customers have purchased at least 1 accessory, where the accessory numbers are in column B. If they have purchased more than 1, their account number will be duplicated in column A. I would like to represent the data so that the account number is unique in column A, accessory 1 in column B, accessory 2 in column C and accessory 3 in column D.

Is there any way of doing this?

I'm open to suggestions in MS Access.

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Combine Rows Based On Account Number/product No
I am curious if there is a way to combine the content of rows based on a change in account number(column A). The tricky part of it is that an account number could be in the file once and another could be in the data twelve times. The list is sorted by account number. I want to take the product code and description and keep placing in the combined row for each account number. Attached is a sample of the data.

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Number Formatting :: Show A Variety Of Account Numbers Properly
I am trying to find the right format that will show a variety of account numbers properly.

I have these types of numbers displaying like this right now:

9.04585E+13 (should be 90458524211818)
785656.001 (showing properly)
NRDE1312089 (showing properly)
SCGA 396.00 (showing properly)

The formatting is set to general, which works for all but the top type of account number. I tried setting to a custom format like "#.#######" ...The only problem with that format is that the "." shows up whether there is a decimal in the number or not. What's the way around that?

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Create Cutomer Account Or Information Entering Area? Link To Access?
How to create an area in excel where by if a customer enters an account number all of their account details would be automatically entered into the address fields?

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Index Function - Data Identified Based On A List Of Account Numbers And Return This Data To A New Sheet
I have a multiple column spreadsheet (Call it- "Money") whereby I need the data identified based on a list of account numbers and return this data to a new sheet.

In "Money" I have:

IE; columns B, C respectively have cust #A100 & 20.00
columns E, F respectively have cust #B100 & 40.00
columns G,H respectively have cust #C100 & 60.00

(above for illustration-there are 100 lines of data in these columns with varied account numbers and respective dollars)

So what I have now is a new sheet I have named "Control". I have listed all my account numbers like A100,B100 etc. in column A. These are the account numbers for ident purposes.

I need the data entered in "Money" identified by those columns B,E,G with respective amounts from C,F,H and based on the list I have in "Control" whereby in "Control" if A100 is listed in column A then the figure to be returned in column B is all the data bits found in all columns C,F,H from the entire sheet "Money". Tough to explain but ie below....

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Game Points Bank Account (running Total For The Bank)

RSTUVWX5Your PointsPoints Needed To Level UpCurrent LevelYour CreditWithdrawalDepositCredit67

80You Need 18,000 Pts.IntermediateYour Credit is 0 Pts

911,5006,500BeginnerYour Credit is 0 Pts25004000
1010,4547,546BeginnerYour Credit is 454 Pts

45411125005,500BeginnerYour Credit is 1000 Pts200035001000
Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaS8=IF($AB$6$Q$23,"You Are Credited With "&TEXT(X8-$Q$23,"#,##0")&" Pts","Your Credit is 0 Pts")

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

i have a "Game Points Bank Account" that keeps track of the points users earn or spend in the game...what i need help is creating a running total for the bank..ive tried everything nothing works..

(this is actually like a traditional bank account)

each player starts with 10,000 points

*Row 8 is the only row to have formulas*

*Rows 9-11 are typed in to show my desired results*

Here is the point value "Ranking System" for Column T


AGAH5Tier 16Beginner180007Beginner360008Beginner540009Intermediate7200010Intermediate9000011Intermediate10800012 13Tier 214Advanced12600015Advanced14400016Advanced16200017Expert18000018Expert19800019Expert21600020 21Tier 322Elite23400023Elite25200024Elite27000025Superior28800026Superior30600027Superior325000

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Adding Years To A Date (taking Into Account Leap Years)
I have a date 07/28/2027 and need Excel to calculate a date 65 years in the future taking into account leap years.

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To Add Bank Account Number And Sort Code Number In A Box
is it possible to have boxes for numbers to be inserted into

i want the user to be able to fill in bank account and sort codes numers into the relevant individual box for each number

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Conditional String: Repeat The Same Account Number In The String
I need to create a string of all the Acc Number but I dun not wan any repeat of the same Acc number in the String . The number of Acc number to be put in the string may varies sometimes. It may varies from 3 to 1000 or more . Is there a way to write a general formula to create such string?

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Comparison Of Two Spreadsheets
I have two spreadsheets, The spreadsheet #1 has the information of two years and the Spreadsheet #2 is a montly report. The Spreadsheet # 1 hasta on the column A a number of transaction, and at the column Q the invoice number. The Spreadsheet # 2, only has in the column A the Invoice number. I need to find in the Spreadsheet # 1 the Invoice numbers that match the Invoices that I have in the Spreadsheet # 2 by bringin the "Number of Transaction".

For example:
Spreadsheet 1:
Has on column A3 the Number of Transaction # 0123, and at the column Q3 the Invoice number 555. At the Spreadsheet number # 2 I have the INvoice # 555 located on A10. I need to know what is the transaction # by adding a formula in a new column (G) so I want to have the Transaction # 0123 in the new column added G.

If I do this manually it will take me hours since these report and the Master is so big, and right now I am doin it using Ctrl-F

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Combine Several Spreadsheets Into One
I am so frustrated to combine several spreadsheets into all in one, and seperate all in one spreadsheet into several with the same header frenquently. Pls check the attached example excel spreadsheet., could anyone teach me how to program in vba to achieve the result as above?

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Get Data From Several Spreadsheets
I have got a few spreadsheets which save information for each departments, about 8. They contain information on bookings & I am being asked to get information on certain date ranges, mainly monthly reports. (They are being filled in automatically from another excel file.)

Can I have a file which I could call "Master file" which has a macro in that looks up and copies all the relevant rows from each departments spreadsheet into the new master file. I dont think this would be too difficult (still beyond my capabilities though) My intial thoughts were something like (in half code half english).

Create a form where you specify your date range and a submit button e.g. txtstartdate txtenddate

Lookup 'G:FolderGeneral[General.xls] IF in between txtstartdate and txtenddate then paste

ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("master sheet").Activate

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Data In Different Spreadsheets
how do i access data from different spreadsheet tabs in a same excel file..e.g: if tab 1(student) and tab2(teacher), how do i access tab2 let say cell C4

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Linking To Other Spreadsheets
Is it possible for me to link to other spreasheet data, and have the links update (retrieve the data) without those files being opened?

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Linking Two Spreadsheets
I am working with excel2003. I have to different workbooks in which on is a Bill of lading that is used to show the items being shipped. The other workbook has a list of the items that we ship.

On the BOL I want to be able to type in the "L" number (or I.D. number) in D14, D19, D24, D29. By typing in the L-number I want it to automatically bring up the product name into cells E14, E19, E24 and E29. With the exact name of the item it will help prevent employee error. I want it to also bring over the exact weight over from the flavor list in cell range C5:C28.

I have the FlavorCodes range with all the L-numbers on the BOL in cell range U9:U48. I thought I had it set up correctly but when I select the L-number in the drop down list in cells E14, E19, E24 and E29 I get error code #NA. I thought I defined the cell range but it is still not working.

The workbooks are attached below.

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Changing 503 Spreadsheets At Once
I have been handed 503 spreadsheets containing system data for multiple business units in my company. Each spreadsheet is identical in structure (same column headings) but just varies in the number of rows of data

Ive now been asked to add (4) additional columns to each of the 503 spreadsheets. The (4) new columns are to be called:

OpCat Template ID
Last Occurrence

And added in columns L, M, N, and O.

Is there a way to do this automatically instead of having to manually enter this data 503x?

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Turn The F1 Key Off In Spreadsheets
I'm going to turn the F1 key off in my spreadsheets so that I do not hit it by accident so manytimes, but how do I bring up help without it?

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Merge 2 Spreadsheets?
I want to macro or be like "Hey...were going to match up column information based on the first column, there exists both the same data in both you can see in A3 and A2, now, I want to be able to add the information that is in book1, into the "DBL approved", so like...the 2nd row, I want columns B-G to be filled via book 2 because its saying,

"okay, A3 in DBL has the data 00-120-01, but there exists no data next columns over...but oh look, A2 in Book1 does, let's fill in that missing information!" so now it'll fill in the bullet points, brand, segment, etc."

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Joining Two Spreadsheets
I have two spreadsheets, A & B. A can be thought of the master spreadsheet and has one record for every employee giving personal information, including a personel number. B has 0, 1, or 1+ records for every employee in A. Each of these records has a personel number. I want to copy the value of a specific field from B to A.

For example:

personel number1
personel number2
personel number3

personel number1, 'sally'
personel number1, 'john'
personel number3, 'pete'

merge A & B:
personel number1, 'sally', 'john'
personel number2
personel number3, 'pete'

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Shared Spreadsheets
I have a spreadsheet which needs to be shared by 10 people. The spreadsheet is fairly simple but I don't know the best way to do this. I have heard of public folders or to share the .xls.

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Comparing Two Different Spreadsheets
I have three different spreadsheet, Spreadsheet A with the name of all the clients of the company. Spreadsheet B with the name of all the clients in Toronto and Spreadsheet C with the name of all the clients in Montreal. Now i have to create a fourth spreadsheet to lookup the clients who are not in the Spreadsheet A (basically trying to find new clients). How do i search for the new clients in all the three spreadsheet?

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Countif With 2 Spreadsheets
Im using this code. My data is in column A from Cell A2-A65000, and the data I want to compare against is in a different sheet col K cells k2-k65000. I need it to compare column A on "Sales Reps" against Col K "Data Sheets" and count how many times whats in cell A2-A65000 occurs on in Cells k2-k65000. So if 689 was in cell A2 and was listed in cell k3, k4, k5, it should return the value 3 in Cell B2. My formula is not working. Getting an error.

For Each ce In Range("a2:a" & Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row)
ce.Offset(0, 1) = WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Sheets("Data Sheet")(Range("k:k"), ce.Value))
Next ce

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Linking Spreadsheets
I have sucessfully created a spreadsheet which links to another using a vlookup and an array. I now need to reverse the process. My requirements are this:

I have individual spreadsheets which represent individual projects/quotes for our customers. I'd like each of our sales staff to have a summary spreadsheet which summarises all their ongoing projects in one spreadsheet, dynamically.

when a new project is created on a new (projects/quote) spreadsheet, it looks to the summary spreadsheet and looks to see if that project exists in the summary, if not, it creates a new line and writes the summary details to it. then as the project spreadsheet evolves, it updates its details on the summary sheet dynamically.

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Creating A Range After Creating A Different One
I am trying to build a selection for a procedure to use.

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Copy From Multiple Spreadsheets
I have a workbook to collate ratings for staff, there are three sheets, one is a summary of data, and two are sheets that can have data entered into them, called "Eligible" and "Ineligible".

I would like to write a macro to search cells in "Eligible" that contain a staff number, and copy this data to "Summary". If excel encounters a blank cell, i.e it has no staff number in it, it will move to she sheet "Ineligible" and perform the same operation, pasting the data below that which has been copied from "Eligible"

To further complicate things, every time the macro runs to populate "Summary" I would like it to clear the existing data in "Summary", to allow for deletions in "Eligible" or "Ineligible".

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Formula Link Across Spreadsheets
I created a summary page for some reports I do and I'm having trouble keeping them linked together as my original data has rows deleted and inserted. There are 30 spreadsheets worth of information and I have them linked to a summary file. Each month I insert a new tab to each spreadsheet. I set up all of the formulas last month but see a problem this month when I copy and past the formulas to the new tab. On the 30 spreadsheets my data moves up and down so the row referenced in the summary formula is wrong. I am looking at having to type "=, click on original spreadsheet, select cell, enter, repeat" all over again. I pull 5 numbers from each sheet, and have multiple formulas to double check the math so I would be repeating this process over 300 times.

After all that, my question is...Is there a formula I can use that will pull this for me without needing to be edited each month. One idea I thought would work is to tell the formula to equal the first cell in Column B that is in red text and I could just change the font color on the orginial spreadsheet. But, I don't know how to make a formula say that or if excel can even do that.

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Filter Data In Spreadsheets
I have some data that looks like this:


and in another sheet, corresponding data like this.

I want to be able to filter out the rows from the first sheet when a symbol (kanji) from the right hand side is included at a number higher than that of the second sheet.

For example, appears as a number 6 in the first sheet but doesn't appear until 54 in the second sheet. Therefore I would like to delete the row with in the first sheet.

Is there a simple way to do this? If not, can anyone suggest a way to program this? I was thinking of writing a little VBA code that reads the the characters and then compares them to every number above and if it doesn't find it, deleting that row but I have 2 problems.
1. How can I tell VBA to actually delete a row (not just the contents preferably)
2. These are asian characters which I'm not sure are well supported in strings which I would need for comparison?

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VLookup Multiple Spreadsheets
I am trying to find a vlookup formulae for multiple spreadsheets in excel.
I have the below data that i need to lookup, test and produce an output.

Main Spreadsheet:

Column B...........................Column C
A 0000564235.................... <Desc> <---- Desired output is Coumn C from searching all part numbers in each spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet 1:

Column B (Part No.) ..........Column C (Desc)
A 0000564235................................Hose

Spreadsheet 2:

Column B (Part No.) .......Column C (Desc)
A 02315645646 ............................Clamp

Spreadsheet 3:

Column B (Part No.) .......Column C (Desc)............

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Two Spreadsheets Open Check
I need VBA code to check if two spreadsheets are open at the same time. One is named OMD.xls and the other Report.xls

If they are not, then I need the current sub-routine to stop and exit, followed by a message box that informs the user to open the two spreadsheets at the same time.

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Modify Multiple Spreadsheets At Once
i have admit forms for multiple patients, about 200 or so already done, and its set up to make an upload sheet, which we then add all of them to one big file to import to access. i am in the process of cleaning things up, but we need to add a formula to a cell to determine length of stay, and several similar things, but i'd like to not have to go and do it file by file.

is there any way to update all the files at once? some kind of automation? then changes would be in the same cell for each file.

or maybe some way to do a batch modify or something, so it can make the change, and run the two macros, one to make upload for file, one to dump it in the file that goes into access.

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Merging Content From Two Spreadsheets
What I am trying to do is take the data (all columns) in Spreadsheet 2 and put that data in Spreadsheet 1 with all the companies matching up, how do I do this, is this possible?

I tried using VLOOKUP but I don't know if I was doing it right and I don't even know if it's the right function to use.

In sheet 1, column A I have a list of about 30,000 companies
In sheet 2, column A I have a list of about 10,000 (pulled from sheet 1), I have other info associated with these companies in columns B and C.

Basically I want to take column A, B and C from sheet 2 and match them up with the same companies in sheet 1. So there will be 10,000 matches and 20,000 N/A's. This is how I set up the VLOOKUP but nothing happened.

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Consonlidate 100 Different Spreadsheets Into One Workbook
How I can pull over 100 different spreadsheet files into one workbook? I have many diffent files saved in one directory and need to consolidate all of them into one file? Any better ideas to do it via VBA instead of opening up so many times to manually copy them?

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