Mapping Account . How To Add Additional Data In To Account#

Aug 21, 2009

I have two sheets. First contains Department # 0002549, and the other one contains 5 more digits(#02001 0002549). I will need to find the exact match for the first sheet to contain all 12 digits. THey are all in different order, so I probably have to match them first then add whatever the first 5 digits number. How should I tackle this issue? I was thinking to use vlookup but how could you use vlook up if only last 7 digit matches and add addtional digits to exisiting number?

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Complex If Statement To Calculate Date Range From Create Account To Stop Account

Sep 7, 2012

Creating a formula that basically has a big IF statement. I hope this makes sense, so here goes. I am looking to find the "age" or "elapsed days" of an ID from when they created an account to when they stopped. This might be very complex and if there's not a way to calculate the Elapsed days (even though that's what I prefer), perhaps there is some formula that can return a value like a "1" or "True" or something that lets me know the statement is true.

original formula from post 3261273

New formulas needed or revised from the above:

Formula 1: If the ID in column 2 are the same, and if there is a value in column 3 (Create) and a value in Column 4 (Suspend) AND there is no value in Column 5 (Stopped), then subtract the dates in column 1 for Create and Suspend. My manual calculation result is in the column called "Elapsed Days (Create to Suspend but NO Stopped)

Formula 2: If the ID in column 2 are the same, and if there is a value in column 3 (Create) and a value in Column 4 (Suspend) AND there is no value in Column 5 (Stopped) OR Column 6 (Unsuspend), then subtract the dates in column 1 for Create and Suspend. My manual calculation result is in the column called "Elapsed Days (Suspend Only, No stopped or Unsuspend)"

Formula 3: The ID in column 2 does not have to be the same, but if there is a value in column 3 only (Create) and there is no value in the Suspend, Stopped, or Unsuspend columns, then place a "1" in the cell. My manual calc is the "Create Only" column.

Event Date
Elapsed Days (Create to Suspend but NO Stopped)
Elapsed Days (Suspend Only, No stopped or Unsuspend)

[Code] .........

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Calculate Profit And Loss Data Based Off Lots Of Account Criteria?

Jun 15, 2014

I'm trying to design a Profit and Loss template that calculates off an accounting software data dump. I will attempt to explain the problem here but I have included a summary in the linked workbook which would be easier.


I have two problems:

The Formula: Basically, I need to calculate every cell in the Profit and Loss statement based on the below criteria: The Profit and Loss item accounts, e.g. Gross Income has 6 accounts. There is a reference table for these - so incorporate index match/vlookup? User selected data from 4 combo boxes.

I am thinking a SUMIFS formula (using the combo box values) and somehow combining a vlookup to pull the items accounts. I'm starting to think that VBA is the best method?

Tweaking: The attached workbook is a small example. The full data dump contains 60,000 rows.

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Index Function - Data Identified Based On A List Of Account Numbers And Return This Data To A New Sheet

May 8, 2007

I have a multiple column spreadsheet (Call it- "Money") whereby I need the data identified based on a list of account numbers and return this data to a new sheet.

In "Money" I have:

IE; columns B, C respectively have cust #A100 & 20.00
columns E, F respectively have cust #B100 & 40.00
columns G,H respectively have cust #C100 & 60.00

(above for illustration-there are 100 lines of data in these columns with varied account numbers and respective dollars)

So what I have now is a new sheet I have named "Control". I have listed all my account numbers like A100,B100 etc. in column A. These are the account numbers for ident purposes.

I need the data entered in "Money" identified by those columns B,E,G with respective amounts from C,F,H and based on the list I have in "Control" whereby in "Control" if A100 is listed in column A then the figure to be returned in column B is all the data bits found in all columns C,F,H from the entire sheet "Money". Tough to explain but ie below....

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Account Reconcilition

May 21, 2006

to write a macro to put the background color where a certain figure sum is zero. Eg. Column A contain as

If one select A1 to A5 and run the macro the color for all cell should be green except for A2. Infact the macro will point out which amount is not deposited into the bank. (All +tives are for Deposits and all –tives are for sales)

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Revenue Summation By Account Name

Aug 15, 2013

Attached is my sample data...Indicative Data_Revenue 2.xlsx

My aim is to populate columns C to G (Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4) automatically via vba against a particular account name(in expected output tab).The account names will have a Key word (listed in the "List Of Account" tab)The Q1 Sum should be a sum of Q1 revenue against all such accounts containing the Key word. Same applies for Q2,Q3 and Q4.Each account has 3 types. viz, BAU, Top Commits and Strong Prospect.

The BAU quarter sum should be pulled from "Revenue 1 - Assured" tab where Q1=Apr+May+Jun, Q2 = Jul+Aug Sep and so on. The Top Commits Sum should be pulled from "Revenue 2 - Expected" against all records where "Sales Stage" Column equals Stage 4. The Strong Prospect Sum should be pulled from "Revenue 2 - Expected" against all records where "Sales Stage" Column equals Stage

Currently I am using formulas but there is too much of hard-coding and its becoming difficult to manage as Accounts increase.

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Counter For Transactions Within Account

May 11, 2009

I need to have a running counter of transactions within an account.

Solved with: C2=COUNTIF($B$4:B4,B4)
(and copy down)
100122.50 3
1001 2.00 4
1001 5.00 5
100127.00 6
1013 .50 1
1013 2.50 2
1013 13.00 3

I need to solve for the Trans# I've included it here for clarity, but I need to be able to get that number based on the ACCTNO. Notice the Counter Resets to 1 when the ACCTNO changes from 1001 to 1013.

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Account For “negative” Time

Dec 9, 2009

I’m trying to get the difference between times, BUT I want to account for “negative” time. So if I project that an employee will finish a task at 2 am, and they finished at 2:30 am, I want the result to be -:30, not just :30. If they finished at 1:30 then it would just be :30. Hence, my dilemma. I can get the difference, but didn't think Excel could recognize negative times. Right now I am using =MOD((A1-A2),1) or =(A1-A2+(A1<A2))*24/24 and in cells A1+A2 I am using military time.

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VBA To Fill References ='Account (1)'!$C$5

Feb 26, 2009

I need to produce a grid displaying data pulled from local references within the workbook but Excel will not auto fill the references in the right way.

i need

='Account (1)'!$C$5
='Account (2)'!$C$5
='Account (3)'!$C$5

down to

='Account (498)'!$C$5
='Account (499)'!$C$5
='Account (500)'!$C$5

is there a way to imput these references using VBA script?

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Forumla To Get The Average Per Account?

May 31, 2007

If you Have a list of account numbers and amounts, is there a way in one forumla to get the average per account?

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Expense Account Lookup

Aug 19, 2007

The expense account we work with involves several currencies due to the international nature of the business. With that, each row must show the currency involved and the formula used from one line to the next makes it repeat the currency until changed i.e. if cell B22 has a date entered then Cell H22 will reflect the currency from Cell H21 =IF(B22="","",H21). If Cell H21 showed CDA for Canadian currency then H22 would also become CDA. Once changed manually then all cells below will now reflect the new currency until changed again.

Using the lookup function we collect the individual amounts of each currency and run totals at the bottom. Therefore, if there were three entries in SGD (Singapore Dollars) and two entries in EUR (European Euros) etc. that each row will do a lookup by the three letter currency code and collect the sum of each currency. SGD could repeat later again and when changed manually will be included in the lookup.

At the present we are entering the three digit codes manually i.e. SGD. What we would like to do is automatically have the bottom be able to pickup the currency change when a new currency is entered on the individual rows on the top part of the expense sheet. So if Cells H21:H23 were SGD and Cells H24:H25 were ERU that Cell A58 would show SGD and cell A59 would somehow be able to grab the ERU etc. One of the same currencies may repeat itself and the lookup will capture the additional totals but SGD would only show once.

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Formula Account For All Possible + Or - Figures

Nov 23, 2007

I am working with percentages, and trying to avoid #DIV/0! Errors at the same time.
Lets assume column A holds last years figures, and column B holds this years figures, column C calculates the difference in percentages.

I am having dificulty where say A1 = 0 B1 = 10 (C1 Should be 100%)
then what happens if A2 = 5 and B2 = 0 (C2 Should be - 100%)

Is there a common formula that will account for all possible + or - figures in A and/or B that will also suppress #DIV/0! Errors?

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Creating Account Spreadsheets

May 16, 2006

I have agreed to create a simple accounts system for a friend of my mothers. I have no problem when it comes to manipulating cells to interact ( sums) and then creating an aesthetically pleasing spreadsheet. However, as with all things excel, there is an easier way to doing something and a person usually doesn't realise that till the end.

I was hoping that somebody might be able to direct me to a resource that would be ideal for constructing a 12 month revenue and expenses account. I just want it to be as simple as possible for the lady that I am doing this for (all I want her to do is enter how much she made for one day and how much she spent), and everything around this I can make interact.

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SUM Account For Added Rows

Jan 4, 2007

I've created a simple budget sheet outlining various group expenses eg: Fixed, Flexible, Variable, and their totals sums.

How can I add all totals while still allowing for a new row to be inserted in any group?

eg:..............Row E

1........Fixed Expense group
5....Total sum $100.00
6.......Flexible Expenses group
12...Total sum $110.00
13......Variable expenses group
19....Total sum $60.00
21..Grand Total $270.00

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Sum Of A Column Based On Different Account Codes

Jan 3, 2014

I am trying to find the revenue generated by different groups of accounts to figure out which group is worth the most, and rank the others.Here is a attached screenshot of what I am working with, cell BK22 is the revenue of all of the accounts coded AADA but i need to find an easier way other than plugging it in for all 3500 cells.

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Number Formatting (in Account Numbers)

Apr 20, 2009

I currently have account numbers formatted 1.234.5678 and need to convert them all to 1234.5678. how this can be done without manually keying 22,000 account numbers?

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Sumif Last Two Digits Of Account Equals To 60

Feb 15, 2012


i need formula that will sum column "B" if the last two digits of column "A" = 50,60 or 70.

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SUMIF To Add Range Of Account Number

Apr 6, 2013

I have account numbers in Col F and values H on sheet1

I want to set up a formula on sheet account classification to add the values in Col H based on a range of account numbers from 3000 to 3017.

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Map Account Numbers From Text File

Sep 23, 2007

I receive a large text file each month from a vendor, This file contains account numbers, account descriptions and costs associated with the previous months period. There are 5 separate business units included in this report. I am looking for a way to translate the account numbers pprovided by the vendor to fit with in the account numbers we use. A Vlookup will work by creating a Map that translates their numbers to match ours, but this would need to be copied in monthly and as there are 15k rows or more it will likely take a while to process. I am wondering if others have attempted this and have advise as to what works best.

My plan was to create an Excel file that reflects the account numbers provided with our account numbers and then use a VLookup to match the data received with this master file as it were. ( So I would have a file called AccountMap which contains 4 columns, Cols A & B is the info provided by the vendor and Cols C & D are our codes and descriptions ). Then when the data arrives I would enter my vLookup and go from there.

Presently the steps are:
Open Vendor Text File in Excel
Copy a Business Unit and related Data to new WorkSheet
Insert Vlookup to map the vendor accounts to our accounting system format
Rearrange the data to meet our import requirements
Export the modified range as a Text file
Import into Accounting system

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Create Ledger Account Based On Cashbook?

Mar 16, 2014

I want to create leger accounts In cashbook there is account head (ex. Hand Loan A/c, Salary A/c, Exam A/c and so on)

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Copy Ledger Account Names And Numbers To Each Row?

Apr 22, 2014

I've been working with ledgers to analyze companies financials in detail mostly using pivot tables and charts.

I usually get the data in a format that has the account name and number as a title on top and then each entry for this account under the title. In order to get my pivots working I need to copy the account name and number to each row until the next title.

Here is a picture to understand what I mean: Makrokyssäri.png

So is there a formula or a macro that could avoid doing the copying manually?

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Drag Formula Across A Row And Still Take Account Of Mixed Reference

Mar 15, 2009

1. I have data A1, A2, A3....down a column.

2. I have one value on C2 ( constant value)

3. the formula is a very simple multiplication formula. I want to multiply every single value of column A to C2. But it needs to be in across a row that starts in
D4. So,formula needs to be in (D4, E4, F4) there are other datas in the worksheet

4. So when I input =$A1*$C$2 in D4 it calculates it fine but when i try to drag the formula across the row so [E4=$A2*$C$2, F4=$A3*$C$2...]

it repeates the same fomula as D4 and does not adjust for the increase in column number.

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Create Ledger Account In Multiple Sheets?

Mar 13, 2014

I have CASHBOOK Worksheet and I want to create a LEDGER Account in Multiple sheet

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TRANSPOSE Rows To Columns - Account Types

Apr 23, 2014

I have a huge file with names, addresses and account types & numbers. However, there's a separate row for each account type instead of listing the person's name once and indicating all of their account types on that row as well in separate columns. I've seen several post regarding different Macro codes to use; however, none work for my project since I have several columns that need to be compared beginning on A2:K2 to A24628:K24628. I have attached a small example for your review.

Transpose Needed.xlsx

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Extending Range Function To Account For Different Row Lengths?

Apr 25, 2014

VB recorder in Excel. The macro is designed to process a spreadsheet that will have the same number of columns and same type of data in each column, process this data with a formula (hat tip: AlKey+XOR LX) and then clean up the columns ready for use in another program.

I have got it working but when I alter the row length the macro only works to the final row in the recording spreadsheet. I realize this is because when recorded the macro I told VB to set the range to a given row.

I remember there is a way of setting the Range function that tells VB to always go to the bottom of the rows filled with data but I can't find it for the life of me.

see the attached file the training spreadsheet.

[Code] ......


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Mid Function :: Match Account Number With Description

Apr 20, 2009

I am trying to use a Mid function to help me in my vba problem.

In my first table I have a list of account numbers. E.g. 'ZZ500543'

In my second table I have a list of account descriptions. E.g. 'Denis Morgan ZZ500543 leak from bath'

I need to match the account number in Table1 with the correct account description in Table2. I thought a Mid function would be the best option to pick out the account number in Table2? Is this right? How would I go about using it?

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Offsetting Positive And Negative Values Within Each Account

Apr 13, 2014

I have a sheet which contains credits and debits for several accounts:








What I need to do is match negative and positive values within each account and highlight them. I have been able to put together a VBA code from google and other forums to match within all rows.

Sub matchdata()
On Error Resume Next

For Each cl In Columns(10).SpecialCells(2, 1)

[Code] ........

1. I need to adapt the code so as to do matching within accounts. Example within ABC and XYZ separately.There will be 100s of accounts.
2. If possible, I need to offset a credit (negative value) with multiple debits. Example: ABC -5000 would offset ABC 2000 and ABC 1000. I am not worried about the remaining balance.

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Account For Two Variables - Automating Percentages Calculations

Apr 25, 2014

What I do at my job is schedule production runs for bakery items. these items consist of many ingredients that go into them (Flour, Sugar, etc.) The products go into the run at certain percentages (20% of the run is flour, 30% is eggs, 15% is Sugar, etc) Many times we will have two or more types of a product, sugar for example. between the different types they can all have a different cost per pound, so what we try to do is use the cheapest stuff first to save money. So for part of this excel sheet what I would like it to do is to automate what percentage I should use the sugar based on cost. the total percentage for the sugar would add up to 100%.

for the second half of this sheet, there is another variable to account for. for this product we also need to hit target specifications so the product will be ok to sell. The example is Protein in this situation. we have a target protein that we need to hit per serving of 24.2 grams. I have the file set up to convert the protein percentage to protein per serving in grams, so that is already done.

my problem with this sheet is I can only seem to do one or the other. I can set it up to use the cheapest product first and add up to 100%, but it won't hit the target protein. Or I can have it set up to hit the target protein, but then I won't hit the 100%, it's be above or below. I need it to account for both variables and then give me the suggested percentages.

So is there a way that I can have it formulate what percentage to use something at to hit a target and equal 100%?

tl;dr I need to account for two variables. hit target protein, and have the total percentage equal 100%

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Searching For Afolder With Different Account Names On C: Drive

Jul 13, 2006

I have a loads of folders with different account names on my c: drive. What I want to do is put in part of the name rather than al ofl i.e. Manchester United, would just put in Manchester I have seen the * used but was not sure how this works

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Repeating Account Codes To Be Deleted If They Hold The Same Value.

Jan 17, 2007

I have attached a reduced example spreadsheet.

I have thousands of IDs each of which store a column called IM Limit. The ID is repeated on many rows - for each date that they have come into the system. For each ID over a period of time the IM Limit may change or it may stay the same. If it stays the same I would like all the other rows deleted, if it changes once during the period then I would like only two rows left behind each containing the unique value. So in the end I will have a list of codes where a unique combination of id and the im limit remains behind.

Does anyone know or have a VBA script that would be able to loop through the spreadsheet and delete the unwanted records.

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