Delete Last Line In Text File

Jun 19, 2007

I use the Append command to write a line to a text file. I have about 3 excel files appending data to the same text file.

If someone were to write a line in error I would like to have the ability to delete it.

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Delete Part Of A Text Line With Excel?

Jan 29, 2014

I have a text document with 1000 lines. All the lines are in this format

important< %#$ other words
other important thing < %Z$different words
some important text < $# some other words

I want to know if is such a excel filter that will delete all the characters starting from "<" until the end of the line.

So, the output of this 1000 lines will look something like this:

other important thing
some important text

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Read Each Line Of Text File

Oct 26, 2006

I'm using the following code to read a text file that I downloaded from a mainframe file.

Do While Not EOF(FileNum)
Line Input #FileNum, myLine
Debug.Print myLine

It reads and prints the first line, but then drops out of the loop. According to the help file, "Line Input" is looking for a carriage return (Chr(13)) or carriage return–linefeed (Chr(13) + Chr(10)) sequence. I have pasted a sample of the text file below. I'm not sure what the characters are at the beginning of each line, but perhaps I could find a way to replace each of them with a carriage return.


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How To Change Line When Writing To Text File

Feb 9, 2012

Set FSO = New FileSystemObject
Set FSOFile = FSO.OpenTextFile(textfullname, 2, True)
FSOFile.Write ("xx")
FSOFile.Write ("02022012")
FSOFile.Writeline ("Next line")

I am getting this in the text file:- xx02022012Next line

I want this: xx02022012 Next line

How to change line when writing to a text file?? the writeline is not changing line.

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Specific Line Number Of Text File

Apr 6, 2008

I'm trying to do this in VBA.

I open a text file for input, and I want to jump to a certain line # in that text file. The difficult part is that each line has variable length, so I can't use the Seek function.

The data look like this:

... etc.

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65536 Line Text File Exceeds Row Limit

Aug 30, 2006

I wrote a Macro that was running up to now searching for information. Now the text file is bigger than the 65536 limit in Excel. How can you import the .txt file over two or more Sheets using a Macro?

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Write Array To Text File On Single Line

Apr 14, 2008

In VBA, is it possible to write to a text file, on 1 single line (without carriage return or line feed) the values of a dynamic array? For instance, I have the array:

Dim my(n) As Double 'n is changeable
my(0) = 0
my(1) = 1
my(2) = 2

I want to write to a text file, like this: Write #filename, my(0), my(1), my(2) '..... until my(n) but n is changing

I want them on 1 line, because I use the other direction (up - down) for other things).

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Replace Line Feed With Carriage Return In Text File

Sep 11, 2007

If I write a multi-line text in a cell (then go down with alt+enter) and after copy the cell pasting on Notepad, it display before inverted commas and after textual content.

Instead, if I select directly the content from the formula bar, it isn't happen.

Do exist a way for copy and paste directly from the cell without select from the formula bar?

Maybe with a macro?

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Read Pdf Or Doc File Line By Line And Then Parse Data Into Proper Cells And Rows?

Feb 23, 2013

I have the data to import / read in a pdf, in a doc, or in an Excel worksheet whichever is easier to use. I need to import the data, parse it into the correct cells for that row and then repeat the import until the end of the file. Not all the cells are in each group of data to import, so those cells will be null for that row. Some of the data for one cell may be in up to 14 lines in the data file. I have be concatenating these data rows into one cell. There are 48,000 lines in the file to import or I would do this manually. I am assuming that doing this in VBA would be the most efficient method.

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Delete Lines From A Text File

Sep 7, 2009

I'm writing a macro in excel that edits a text file runs another program that uses this text file as its input and then stores the results. Perameters are then changed in the input file and it is then repeted over and over again. One of the parts I am stuck on is I need to delete the last 5 lines in the input file called INPfile.txt. See below:............

This section is always at the end of the file, is 5 lines long and always starts with [DEMANDS] and always ends with [END].

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Delete Unrecognized Character In Text File

Apr 2, 2008

I am trying to read a text file into a variable with VBA. The files I try to read usually have a bunch of unrecognized characters in them and I can't seem to read through them. I am looking for some code that will delete all unrecognized characters until it finds a string I specify.

Example of file

 ¾J Y D Y ³F Y ZE Y ¨B Z ˜6 Z

My code works fine if I manually delete all this stuff before GOOD DATA, but wont work if I dont. My "responseposition" is always 0 unless I delete all the nonsense.

Sub findvalues()

Dim strText As String

strText = GetFileContent("C:currentday.gdbm")

cardstring = "GOOD DATA"
responsePosition = InStr(1, strText, cardstring, vbTextCompare)

MsgBox (responsePosition)

End Sub

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Delete Characters Unallowed In File Names In Cell Text

Feb 14, 2012

How can I delete characters unallowed in file names in cell text all in one go instead of below long macro. (i.e. can you minimize the below vba)

These characters that I wanna delete
"/", "", ":", "*", "?", "< ", ">", "|"

Selection.Replace What:="""", Replacement:="", LookAt:=xlPart, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False, _


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Import Multiple Text Files - Delete Rows Between Lines With File Name

Apr 10, 2014

I have around 50 text files with similar design per attached file. I need to import the text files with criteria below:-

1. include file name
2. let user choose the folder
3. exclude data from "work in process summary" to "work in process cost totals"
4. only have one title in the excel files which all text files is combined "Item, Line ....."
5. If the text files do not have title like "Item, Line, ..." do not import

Is it possible to have all criteria listed above by running a macro?


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Highlight Last Line Of Text And Copy To Line Below?

Mar 14, 2014

I have a spreadsheet where on a weekly basis data is copied in to various tabs. I then have a "formula" tab where I have a single line of formulas which look up the various data tabs and extract the results I want to show.

Currently each week, before I import the new data into the various tabs, I copy the last row in the "formula" tab and paste to the line below it. This contains all the working formulas. I then paste values only on the line that I copied, thus "locking in" the values it calculated with that weeks data. This means that each row then contains the results with that week's data, and this will grow week by week.

What I am looking for is a formula that automates this process. So let's say that row 30 is the final row of data on my formula tab, it contains the formulas I want to use. I would need a macros that does the following:

1. Looks up last row (row 30)
2. Copies last row (row 30)
3. Pastes to next empty row (row 31)
4. Pastes values only to second last row (row 30)

I'm not too great with writing macros, I've found plenty that can find the last row, but I can't get them to work to highlight that row.

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Link Cells From One File To Another And Insert A New Line On The File

Apr 24, 2009

when I link cells from one file to another and insert a new line on the file I am linking to. the file that is linking goes down as follows:


How do I get Cell A5, to link to Cell A5 even if I add a new line in the Safety.xls spreadsheet. Taking the $ away does not work I have tried that.

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Delete A Line.or Rather A Line On A Line

Apr 8, 2008

I have a spreadsheet where there is a white line that is over a row line. No matter what I do I cannot seem to delete it.

I zoom in but I cannot select it.

I change the border of the cells and it will not disappear.

I am completely lost as to what else it could be, no doubt it is a simple answer that is staring me in the face. I inherited the spreadsheet so not sure what was done in the past.

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Looping, Open Text File, Copy Text, Close Text File

Sep 18, 2009

I have an existing spreadsheet with a column of strings (actually VIN numbers). These numbers correllate to a bunch of text files, that can exist in one of three folders (UsernameDesktop1, 2, or 3) on my desktop. What I need the macro to do is:

1) get the filename from A2 (A1 is a heading row)
2) Find the appropriate text file in one of the three folders
3) Put the folder name into I2
4) Scan the text file for some strings, and copy some data that follows those strings into J2:O2 (I can handle programming this)
5) Close the text file
6) repeat above for the remainder of filenames (about 1800 files)

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Delete The Line On Worksheet?

Jan 23, 2009

Need to delete the line on this worksheet and post how they did it.

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Delete 1 Line After Each 65 Lines

Jan 13, 2010

I have 2 columns in Excel wich havn't the same amount of lines.

One colom is 65.000 lines and the other one is 64.000

I am looking for a option to delete 1 line after each 65 lines.

Is this possible?

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Auto Delete A Line

Jun 12, 2008

How would you make a macro that would delete the line if a field in that line say for example K1:K100 had "XX" or "XXX" in it?

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Look For Cell Value And Delete Line

Mar 4, 2013

I have seen so many examples online but none of them give the way to look for a value that I will input on a pop box.

In other words the macro will ask user for what value to look for. Once input then macro will run and delete row if value found if value is not found then return error and stop macro.

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Draw And Delete 1 Line

Mar 7, 2014

I have this Command button that switches on and draws a line. If you press it again then I need to delete that line.

If I push the button multiple times Excel keeps changing the name of the line. I have multiple lines on the same worksheet and text boxes but only this 1 line needs to be delete. I would think that theres a way to assign a permanent name to this line and delete and recreate it but...

ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddConnector(msoConnectorStraight, 319.5, 77.25, 319.5, _
With Selection.ShapeRange.Line
.Visible = msoTrue
.Weight = 1.25


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How To Delete Specific Word From Every Line?

Sep 9, 2013

For example, on cell A1 I have 123456 Total, how do I delete the word "Total"? I have abut 2000 lines. What formula do I use?

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Delete All Rows/Data Above This Line

Nov 20, 2008

Let's say I have the following file which is imported via a macro which comes from a txt file. [Apologies it's 7mb zip file]

The way the txt file is that two rows make up one row, but SAP spits the data out into two rows. Now there are specific things that I need from these tabs. The way i can get this data is to perform sort by descending on the tabs. When you sort by a descending you get the data that i need [at the second half of the worksheet]:

Basically what I want to know when i create a macro, how can i get it do delete all the rows above a specific row. In the attached file, go to DataImport2.
I would like a macro to find the word "English" in column C and then delete all the row's above it. I cannot record this because it copy's the specific cells, which i do not need. DataImport3 is how the data comes out, All i do is sort by descending ... and i need help as stated above to delete all unnecessary data.

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Looping Macro (delete Every Other Line On A Spreadsheet)

Jan 16, 2010

How do I write a macro that will delete every other line on a spreadsheet? I can create a macro that delete one line using the Record a macro command but what do I ad at the end of the macro to keep it going until stopped with Ctrl Break?

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Macro To Delete A Line In Inventory If Item Is 0

Feb 6, 2014

I manage an monthly inventory spreadsheet with over 100 various items in the master list. However in any single month there may be only 5 or 10 active items that need to be reported on. How do I develop a macro that will check the "items on hand" column and delete the entire row if the quantity is "0". My report is limited to showing only items on hand and not the entire list of items.

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How To Delete Line / Label Segment Between Two Datapoints

Dec 10, 2013

On this chart, I don't want to display the steep line segment between the first and second datapoints. I only want to display the datapoints. I also want to not display the segment of the label associated with this segment.

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Insert Text To One File - Remove Text From Equivalent Column In Another File?

Aug 13, 2013

Got a slight problem; I am making a "worker-plan", where you should be able to write a name on one file and have it updated (removed) from the equivalent columns on another file automatically. Here's an example with two separate projects:

Project 1 before and after changes:
Attachment 257366
Attachment 257367

Project 2 before and after changes:
Attachment 257368
Attachment 257369

You can see here how I intended it to work. When one worker is moved from Project 1 to Project 2, that worker should also be removed from those weeks in Project 1. The previous worker from Project 2 should also be removed from those weeks (in Project 2).

Are there any formulas that can make this work automatically? All week numbers will belong to the same columns in all files.

Edit: There are 30 files that should be syncronized, not just two.. I could also gather all files into one file with sheets, instead of having seperate files.

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Line Up 2 Sets Of Information And Delete Unneeded Lines?

May 15, 2014

I have 2 lists of codes with values tied to them, columns A & B, and columns C & D. Column A is a list of the codes in use, and column C is every code possible, I need to line up the codes and shorten column C to match column A, while retaining the value that is tied to each code so that I can compare Columns B & D easily.

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Macro In Csv File Only Looks At First Line

Jun 21, 2009

I've download the CSV files from my bank. Somehow I thought they'd import painlessly. I dunno what's happened, these files are bloody ridiculous to look at.

Somehow I've ended up w/ Date, then Amount in the cell under it, then a description of what I bought in the cell below, and then something to the cell to the right of it (a further description sometimes, at other times nothing).

I have about 1500 lines of this so doing this automatically is not in question. I want to figure out how to run a macro to organize this. The logic is fairly simple. Where-ever the cursor is, copy the stuff in there over 2 lines, go back to original starting point, copy next cell, paste it next to where i previous pasted, goto third line, copy, paste next to second place i pasted, and then goto next set of data/dates. So I did that once figuring it could keep repeating the cycle. NOOOO that didnt happen. I did this for one set and then just stopped. Everytime I run the macro it deals w/ the same data. For example I created the macro to start of w/ cells A2, A3, and A4, then goto A6 and stop. I figured once there I could run the macro again, and it would do the same stuff for A4, A5, and A6 that it did for the previous one. Nope, it went back to A1-3.

Of course if someone can give a better idea of how to work w/ CSV in the first place that would also help. It just never made the colums in the right place. I got to choose the variables that would decide when a new column starts but I was never really getting the result I wanted. If this macro works though I wont need to work w/ that anymore.

Here's a sample though of how my CSV looks at the moment. These are three entries. The first one's description takes up one cell, the next 2 have 2 cells each.


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