Displaying Automatic Dates For Lookup Based On Year Selected

Aug 3, 2014

I would like to automate a sheet to report statistics of projects based on a single cell that is the year that a user manually inserts. I've got a separate worksheet with all dates manually set up for next 10 years and would like it to be read by formulae in a reporting worksheet based on the year that user enters.

So if I specify year 2014/15 (financial year), I would like the cell C1 under "Reporting" sheet to display 1/07/14 predetermined in "Dates" B3, if I specify 2015/16, the cell C1 will read 1/07/15 from "Dates" B6 and so on.

I could do it with "IF" function but there will be too many nested IF functions in a lot of cells (hundreds if not thousands). This may make my file size very large.

Attached is a simplified example of what I mean.

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Automatic Entry Of Dates Based On Month & Year In Cells

May 30, 2007

I want to create a monthly timesheet which contains 9 columns for
(Date, Day, Project no., Activity, Time In, Time Out, Total Hours, OT Hours, Remarks)

I have used IF Function to calculate Total Hours & OT hours automatically. Time IN & Time OUT, Project No., will be entered manually on daily basis.

Weekday function is used in the Day column to return the corresponding day of the date in the Date column.

Name of the Month and Year will be manually entered in the designated cells I3 and I4 respectively.

Now the solution I am looking for is, the dates should be automatically entered in the Date column (in cells A8 to A38) based on the Month & Year entered in cells I3 & I4. Dates of the corresponding month of the year should only be filled in. (If a month is not having 29, 30 or 31st day, the corresponding cells should be left blank. i.e. nothing should be displayed in the corresponding cells). I am looking for some sort of formula to enter in the cells of Date column (A8 to A38) achieve this. I have searched the forum and could not find anything which could at least give me an idea about the kind of function or formula to be used.

Attached here is the time sheet I am trying to create.

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Lookup Value Based On Year In Dates

Aug 7, 2007

How can I lookup the value depend on Which year in the period?. I have prepared clean data attached. I use date calculation to find how many days in the period and then divide by 365 day to count the year. But it doesn't work.

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Displaying Data Based On Selected Worksheet

Dec 21, 2006

An integer in stored in Sheet1!A1. I want a formula in Sheet1!A2 to display data of sheetx!A3 where x is the number chosen in Sheet1!A1.

e.g. Sheet1!A1 store 3. Then Sheet1!A2 will display Sheet3!A3.

e.g. Sheet1!A1 store 7. Then Sheet1!A2 will display Sheet7!A3.

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Sumif Based On Year Value From Column With Dates In Mm/dd/yyyy Format

Dec 27, 2013

I want to sum values in a column only if the year of the date in the adjacent column is <= to the year in cell F61. the column to evaluate is in the format d/mm/yyyy, and F61 is just yyyy. What I want to accomplish but it doesn't work:


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Auto Populate Calendar Days Based On Month / Year And Auto Insert Work Based On Dates / Name

Jul 31, 2013

I am trying to auto generate a calendar based on two drop down menus - Month and Year.

Once the month and year is selected I want to import all work orders onto the calendar based first on the "Labor Name" found in the list of work tab, then assign each work order for that labor name to the respective date on the calendar for the month.

August PM Schedule Demo.xlsx

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Displaying Data By Category By Year

May 1, 2014

DATA: list of films released by year, with box office totals and genre

GOAL: Function to sort data by year, then displaying how many films in each genre were released each year. E.g. horror comedies, romantic films released in 1981, 82, etc

Is there a function, or series of functions, by which I can do this without having to sort through manually?

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Paste A Value Within A Row Based On Column Lookup Containing Dates?

Oct 27, 2009

I'm looking to create a small section of VBA code on Excel 2007 that looks for a specific date on a column and then pastes a value on the correct row.

I have weekly dates in columns along the top of my spreadsheet on row 3:
C3 = 07/11/08
D3 = 14/11/08
E3 = 21/11/08

The row further down the spreadsheet that I wish to use is selected by previous code and could be any row number within column B.

I need a snippet of code that searches for a particular date along row 3, and then once it finds the correct column, it pastes the value in the corresponding cell on my active row.

For example, if my active cell/row happens to be on B18, and the date I'm looking for happens to be on L3, I need to paste a value into cell L18.

I imagine there needs to be some form of HLookup, but I've no idea how to implement this in VBA code.

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Lookup Moving Dates Based On Alphanumeric Codes

May 30, 2012

I'm currently creating a formula to look up the date based on the alphanumeric codes, my problem is if it crosses the year, say 2011 & 2012, the lookup will be distorted because codes for jan. 1 2011 & jan. 1 2012 is the same. Our alpha numeric code is A01= Jan. 1.

to elaborate further:

wanted to get the ageing days between todays date and item manufactured date:
today: May 30 2012

when the administrator enters the manufacturing date code of "A01" I have a look up of the code that equates A01=Jan 1. which will compute the difference of May 30 2012-Jan. 1 2012 and give me the Age date of 150. Now, if I enter H1, I wanted to have it look up at the 2011 not 2012 of Aug. 1; is there a look up formula that looks up the date already past (current date below), not the future date of under the same database?

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Displaying Weeks In Selected Month?

Feb 18, 2014

I have a workbook that needs to display the relevent weeks in month, the dates would be the start and end dates of each wekk (monday to Friday) but also need to take into consideration, partial weeks i.e. only a wednesday, thursday and friday at the start of the month given where the first available date falss on.

see the attached sheet for reference, I am looking to do this with as few formulas.

It also needs to show a list of monday only dates for the selected month.

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Displaying Selected Rows In Excel Report?

Jul 18, 2013

This is easy enough, but I only want to have items listed if every field on the row is unique which I can do, but is it possible to only display these unique lines and have any lines that contain a duplicate not be shown as a blank or anything else?

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Displaying TreeView Selected Items In Msgbox

May 15, 2013

I have a treeview box w/ multi-select enable. My question is how do I display in a message box of all the item I've selected.

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Selecting Entire Date Range To Be Lookup Based On Start And End Dates

Mar 6, 2013

I have an excel sheet where I would like a user to enter a start date and end date(say Feb 1, 2013 to Feb 28,2013). And these dates will be able to change to whatever month the user wishes to look up in a specific date range(column A has 365+ dates). This post is closely related to [URL]... but I cannot figure out how to get it to work from my case.

So working off the same worksheet, I have the beginning date in AC35 and the end date in AC36 in which the user enters. I would like the dates that fall in this entire month, including the beginning and ending dates to be referenced when looking for the specific day that contains a value I have in S35.

In other words, I have data in columns A through N. The dates are in column A and S35 is a value obtained from using Max(L185:L526) where L185:L185 is manually selected each time I want a different month. I don't want this to be a manual process of scrolling down the spreadsheet to get the next month.

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Check If 2 Dates (or Any Dates In Between) Fall In Tax Year

Jul 10, 2009

I want to create a function that will check 2 user input dates (and anything in between) to see if it lies in a defined tax year. I will define the tax year in Cells A1: 6/4/2009 and A2: 5/4/2010 and ask the user to input dates in Cells B1 and B2 to check if any of these dates (or anything in between) falls between A1 and A2.

For example: Tax Year is 6th April 2009 - 5th April 2010, Cell A1 is 6/4/2009 and A2 is 5/4/2010. User inputs 2nd March 2009 in Cell B1 and 10th May 2009 in B2. Because the 10th May falls in the tax year the output should be "True". I can Excel to check one user defined number (Cell B1) using this =IF(AND (B1>=A1,B1<=A2),"Yes","No") but not sure which route to take to check 2 numbers B1 & B2 and anything in between.

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Displaying Some Cells Data Depending On Selected Text From Other Sheet

Dec 31, 2013

I have an excel sheet which looks similar to below and with some more columns.

HTML Code: 

Area1Area1 Branch110Product 110
Area1Area1 Branch25Product 16
Area1Area1 Branch38Product 28

[Code] ......

I want to have data in other sheet With respect to Product details. Where It gives me the count of Product 1 and so on.

I am able to get the count using countif function and it displays like below.

HTML Code: 

Product Count
Product 16
Product 28
Product 34
Product 49
Product 510
Product 68
Product 78
Product 89
Product 97
Product 108

What I want is when I select "Product 1" It should display some selected columns data from sheet where complete data is available.

HTML Code: 

Branch Empolyees Other
Area1 Branch1 10 abc
Area1 Branch2 5 xyz
Area1 Branch5 7 pqr
Area2 Branch5 5 wxy

Which function we can use. I tried Vlookup but was not successfull.

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Change Year But Keep Month The Same Based On Current Year

Mar 8, 2014

I am working on a budget for myself and want it to have running dates so the first data column will have the current month. I was able to succeed with this using the EOMONTH function followed by EDATE functions in the following cells, I then have these columns filled using a nested VLOOKUP MATCH function pair.

The problem I run into is with the months that extend into the next year, in my data table I have month by month listed started on 01/01/2014 ending 12/01/2014 but as soon as the month is no longer January the last column in my budget cannot find the information needed due to it looking for 2015. so what I would like to know is if there is a way to make the data table change the year to the following year after today is beyond that month, so for example on March 1 2014 both January and February would be changed to 2015.

Attached is an example : Budget Example.xlsx‎

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Listbox Displaying Multiple Dates That Are The Same

Feb 22, 2010

I know the title is a little confusing, but i couldn't think of a better way to put it. I have a listbox connected to a combobox. the combobox acts like a filter, allowing the user to change from multiple different selections, which appear in the listbox.

the problem i am having is when two of the items that appear in the listbox are the same, then the data displayed to the right will only show the top most row. i have attached the example.

On this example, the userform is called frmEditData. if you filter claim, you'll notice that since each number appearing in the listbox is different, it will display the corresponding data in the right. If you use the date of loss search parameter, all three are the same, so it will only show the top row.

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Displaying Data From Lookup Table Using Dropdown

Apr 5, 2013

I am looking to find the best method of pulling data from a Lookup Table I would like to set up a drop down with all the relevant Steel Sections we make it work and have it access the information and display just that information a separate face page. The information I have set up on the lookup and have named ranges fro them all But how do I get the drop down to trigger the process.

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Indexing Dates, Blank On One Sheet Displaying As 00/01/1900

Feb 12, 2010

I am indexing dates from one workbook to another.

There are some blanks in the list that I am using, and I need to the blanks to stay as blanks in the sheet that I am indexing to, however they are displayng as 00/01/1900.

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Automatic Email On Expiry Dates

May 29, 2009

I have an excel sheet which contains user details and date of expiry of a particular service. I would like to send an email to user when the date of expiry is met.

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Manually Do The Dates Each Year?

Jul 13, 2014

i am using excel to create 8 groups that does night shifts for 4 days then another group does it afterwards and so on. instead of putting the dates manually and adding 4 days after the start of each night shift, is there a way or a formula i could use to just make it easier so that i wont be able to just manually do the dates each year? i've put a screenshot copy of the excel file that i am working on.

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Conditional LOOKUP: Automatic Report To Be Generated From A Given Dataset

Nov 12, 2009

The attached file contains the brief but in short I'm looking for an automatic report to be generated from a given dataset. Conditional Lookup functions could be useful, but I'm getting lost in the middle of the large data. I've tried to summarise the requirements on the file. Based on the given data the output table should show which product, which SKU have zero value in which Class by Area?

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Lookup Table That Shows What The Sun Is Doing For Each Day Of The Year

Jun 6, 2009

I need a lookup table. I have a table that shows what the sun is doing for each day of the year. Now I need to input longitude and time zone, add or subtract if the sun is fast or slow on that day

I need it to work off one formula not make 365 copies

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Automatic Function For Names Or Dates On Spreadsheet Book

Apr 22, 2013

Is there a command/formula that will automatically put the progressing date in the tabs of the sheets? Like if I am doing a spreadsheet containing 52 sheets for all the weeks of the year, is their a way I can label the first tab 1-1-2013, and then excel will auto label the remaining 51 tabs when I hold the control key, click/hold cursor and drag the sheet to make another? otherwise I am going to have to manually enter around 1000 dates for the tabs.

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Change Dates To Current Year

Feb 9, 2009

I imported a large amount of data from another program. The data is in one column and is in date format (02/24/57), for example. The data is made up of my clients birthdays. I want to import those birthdays into my outlook to create reminders but the dates are years past. I need to change the birth year to the current year in order for the reminder to activate going forward. If I dont update the year, the dates import back to the date they were born. In some cases 60 years back.
I am hoping that I dont have to manually change each date before I attempt to import into outlook.

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List Of Working Dates For Year

Apr 30, 2013

I want a list of working dates for the year in excel. Wanted to have it so that there was some flexibility in the table too, but cannot get it to work 100%.

For some reason in the below example, in December, 26th shows up (despite being in the list of holidays) and the 29th (Sunday) shows up too.

[URL] .....

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Put Dates Into My Spreadsheet Depending On The Year

Mar 22, 2007

I'm trying to put in dates into my spreadsheet depending on the year I enter in. in cell A1, I put in the year (2007). In cell S2, I want to have the first day of the first month to show up, so my formula is =DATE($A$1,COLUMN()-18,1). That works great, it shows up as 1/1/07, which I want. Now my question is, is there a way to copy the formula over to the right, leaving three blank cells and having 2/1/07 show up in cell W2, 3/1/07 in cell AA2, and so on. Right now when I copy it over, what shows up is: 5/1/07 in cell W2, 9/1/07 in cell AA2, and so on.

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Calculating Dates In Year And Month

Jan 24, 2008

I trying to find a formula to give the difference between two dates in year and month.

For example, the start date is Feb 1 2006 and end date is Jan 1 2008.

The formula should result in 2.11

I tried the following formula from a previous thread but it gives the answer in text but I need it to result in 2.11.


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Pull Month & Year From Dates

Oct 1, 2009

I have Month/Year dates in Column A. Eg. A7= Aug-2009.

I need this to be separated as follows:

Cell C7 must only show the month name in full eg. August
Cell E7 must show the year only eg 2009.

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Check Month & Year Of Dates

Aug 20, 2007

I am trying to calculate the number of days it takes to complete a project when the project ends in a specific month. If it is July 2007 I want the number of days for each project completed in July 2007. The number of days is not the problem it is reflecting the number when a project takes longer than one month to complete. To add to things the users sometimes have "open" or "00/00/00" in E (for never close).

I have a spreadsheet with dates a project begins in column D and dates the project ends in column E and a start and end date for each month going across rows 1 and 2. When the project starts and ends in the same month life is good and my original formal of greater than and less than the dates (courtesy of this website) is effective. I tried the following formula in F34. Each piece of the formula worked but when I combined it I either broke it or have too many nested formulas.


I created a work around by putting formulas in B and C and row 3 that would answer some of the nested if and working off the results. I was hoping someone might be able to help me make this a little more effecient.

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