Excel 2007 :: Too Many Nested Functions

Jan 31, 2014

Attached is a small spreadsheet, my problem is I am using Excel 2007 and it only allows me 7 nested functions and I need to do 31.

Nested Function.xlsx‎

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Excel 2007 :: Nested Formula Limitations

Dec 29, 2011

I'm trying to do a nested formula to automatically assign a region number based on what the County is. We have 88 counties we deal with, split into 7 regions. What is the best way to go about setting up a formula to do this, so I don't have to do it manually? I believe the last time I tried doing something like this, I received an error saying that Excel didn't support a formula as big as what I was writing.

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Excel 2007 :: IF Functions With Date Ranges?

Apr 30, 2010

Is there any formula that I can use when working with a specific date range and if someone's birthday falls in that range a certain text or value would be displayed? For example I want to create a spreadsheet for my soccer players and have them sorted into teams according to their birthdays. So if their birthday falls into the following date range: 08/01/05-07/01/07 a U-8 or U-10 would be displayed in the corresponding cell. I tried working with the IF function.

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NESTED IF And AND Functions?

Jun 30, 2014

I am trying to write a formula that will satisfy the following:

C1 and G1 are number values.

IF (cell E1 does not contain any text) AND (G1-C1-12.5>=0), then output (G1-C1-12.5), otherwise output nothing (""). BUT, IF (cell E1 DOES contain text) AND (G1-C1-13>=0), then output (G1-C1-13), otherwise output nothing.

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Nested If/or Functions

May 7, 2009

IF/OR function below is not working

=IF((OR(B14=1,2,3,12,15,16)),"A",IF(OR(B14=4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,21,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,50,51, 52,53,54,55,56,59,60),"B",IF(OR(B14=20,30,57,58),"C",IF(OR(B14=33,31,32,34,35,22),"E F OR G",IF(OR(B14=36),G,"ERROR")))))

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IF AND Functions Nested

Aug 20, 2008

I recently came across a spreadsheet an ex-employee wrote with an interesting IF-AND statement in it. The only way I've ever written one is:

=IF(AND(something=1, somethingelse>2), do something)

His statement was written in the following manner:

=IF(something=1*AND(somethingelse>2), do something, if(thing3>1*AND(thing4>1), do something)

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Nested Functions Limits

Feb 9, 2009

I have the following formula in a cell:

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Multilple Functions In Nested IF

Nov 9, 2009

I have these 4 functions that i want to be able to "run" in a nested IF where the functions are used in this manner:

=if((funct1 or funct2 or funct3 or funct4);"OK";"")

funct1: =IF(AND(B7=1;D7=1;E7=1);"OK";"")
funct2: =IF(AND(B7=0;C7=1;F7=1;A7<10000);"OK";"")
funct3: =IF(AND(B7=0;C7=1;G7=1;A7<25000);"OK";"")
funct4: =IF(AND(B7=0;C7=1;H7=1;A7<50000);"OK";"")

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Using Nested RANK Functions

Aug 7, 2006

I have a sales ladder which ranks my people by the % difference between budget and sales to date, but not everyone has made a sale yet and the % difference is zero for 6 people. These 6 people all have a rank of 75. Where this happens, I want to then rank only those 6 people, based on their budget figure.

My current formula reads:
where F is the sales value and G is the % difference. Budget figures are in column D.

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Nested Functions On Text

Jun 6, 2009

where: a1=AN03048-12
and its result I wanted is the following: 03048 (great! )
But... what if I'd have ANN03048-12?
Then the result would be N03048...

How can I obtain only 03048 or whatever (but only numbers) avoiding previous letters? How can I only pick numbers without letters starting from the left beginning of the record? I'd like to get only numbers before the "-" symbol. I think I should add a function before or instead of the "3" number (which I highlighted in red) in the second mid() function

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Nested Functions Limit

Apr 1, 2008


I need to nest the above formula within an IF statement. Unfortunately, I am already up to the Excel limit of nesting 7 functions.

Can anybody see, at a glance, how I can achieve the same result with at least one less nested function?

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Nested IF And COUNTIFS Functions

Feb 23, 2010

I would like Excel to look at column A, and if there is a number0, count it and go to the next row. If it's =0, then go to column B and see if THAT number is 0. If it is, count it; if not, go to C. So my data looks like:

0 2 3
4 0 0
0 0 0

I only want it to count one time per row, so right now I am using =IF(COUNTIFS(A2:A30,"0",B2:B30,"0")0,COUNTIFS(A2:A30,"0",B2:B30,"0"),IF(COUNTIFS(B2:B30,"0",C2:C30,"0")0,COUNTIFS(B2:B30,"0",C2:C30,"0"),0)))

I also tried it with a SUMPRODUCT to simplify but both formulas are getting me the wrong answer. I'm using Excel 2007.

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Alternative To Nested IF Functions

Nov 2, 2004

I have 12 teams(rows) and would like a cell(A21) to show the team name after determining the max value of the column(O). Is there another way to do it besides "ifs", I've maxed out the function at 7, but there are 12 teams

If I could get this figured out it would be great, and a seperate question/addition problem I would also like to do is have the cell come up the same color as it is above.

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Multiple Nested IF & SUM Functions/Formulas

May 23, 2008

I am currently having trouble with what I thought was a simple IF statement. As you will see from the formula I want to complete a statement for every month of the year but Excel will not let me go past July. Is there a limit to the number of arguments in an IF statement and how do I overcome this? =IF($A$3="Jan'08", SUM(C7),IF($A$3="Feb'08",SUM(C7:D7),IF($A$3="Mar'08",SUM(C7:E7),IF($A$3="Apr'08",SUM(C7:F7),IF($A$3="May'08",SUM(C7:G7),IF($A$3="Jun'08",SUM(C7:H7),IF($A$3="Jul'08",SUM(C7:I7),"n/a")))))))

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Multiple Condition Nested Logical Functions

Feb 17, 2014

I am having trouble evaluating two conditions with nested logical operators to produce the output I need.

For example Condition 1 has 5 choices (A,B,C,D,E) and Condition 2 has 3 choices (a,b,c).

Breaking it down,
[Condition 1] option "A" always applies and should give "Yes" (No matter [condition 2], "A" always gives "Yes")
[Condition 2] option "c" always applies and should give "Yes" (No matter [condition 1], "c" always gives "Yes")

[Condition 1] option "D" never applies and should give "No" (No matter [condition 2], "D" always gives "No")

[Condition 1] options "C" and "B" only apply if [condition 2] is "b" (if so, the answer is "Yes")

What I need is the equivalent of:

if ((([condition 1] == A) || ([Condition 2] == c)) || (([condition 1] == B || C) && ([condition 2] == b)), "Yes", "No")

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Nested Functions IF, AND, OR, NOT: If A Part Is Discontinued, It Cannot Be Ordered

Nov 27, 2009

using function IF, AND, OR, NOT the following is the description and attached is the photo of the excel file.

1-If a part is discontinued, it cannot be ordered.

2. If a part is not discontinued, is a high-demand part and is currently stocked at less than 75% capacity then its time to order more.

3. If a part is not discontinued, it not a high-demand part and is currently stocked at less than 50% capacity then its time to order more.

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7 Nested Functions Alternative - Substitute Function

Nov 4, 2008

I want to substitute the following "special" characters for an underscore. i need to do 9 different characters!!! is there another way?

as you are limited to 7!!!

excel 2003!

=INDIRECT("_animal_"&SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(C2," ","_"),"/","_"),"-","_"),"&","_"),"~","_"), "(", "_"), ")", "_"), "$", "_"), ":", "_"))

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Array Functions With * And | And . And ; (2007)

Jun 13, 2009

I occasionally see array and/or sumproduct formulas that incorporate symbols that I don't really understand in an array context.

These symbols include:

* (asterix)

| (vertbar)

. (period)

; (semicolon)

Also: are there other powerful symbols that have meaning in an array or sumproduct context?

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Multiple "nested" Functions In A Spreadsheet -

May 25, 2009

I am trying to make a multiple nested spreadsheet. I get as far as the first 2 and then can't seem to get the data validation to work. I tried several different formulas (indirect(vlookup)) ones but must be doing something wrong. I have the "lists" on the second sheet to be referenced for the first sheet as drop down menus.

I do building material appraisals and this sheet will be to help me with the inspections if I ever get it done. It is supposed to work like this - Area - Item - then depending on the item - three consecutive dropdown lists with further information.

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Nested Loop Hangs Excel?

Jul 4, 2014

I have a problem with a nested loop in my macro as Excel hangs every time i run my script. I suspect it is because my sheets have too many elements.

I am doing a software localization, and I need to translate records in column A (english) to column X (slovenian) in the same row. With each new version of the software, the number of rows changes.

I already manually did one translation (44000 rows), and now i need to do a new version translation, so I want to use my old translation (because many if not most of the elements are the same) and insert values into the new excel file.

In the new file in sheet1 I have a full column A with english words and an empty C column with slovenian words that I need to fill.

Into sheet2 I copied the old english in column A and slovenian translation in column B.

On sheet 3 i created a button that when clicked, goes though each row in sheet1.columnA, compares it to sheet2.colimnA, and if there is a match, copies the value from sheet2.columnB into sheet1.columnC. So, this should fill most of the translations I need to do, and the rest I will do manually

I am quite new to VBA so this is what I came up with:


The number of rows is around 44000 in each sheet. How I could optimize or even completely avoid the nested loop, because each time i click the button I need to wait for almost an hour and then Excel hangs.

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Convert Excel To PDF With All Functions

Dec 11, 2012

I've made one calculator.

Offertkalkulator Freihandlabor GmbH.xlsx

I want to convert excel file with all functions in PDF.

So I want all functions and formulas that are in excel to work in PDF.

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Disable All Excel Functions?

Oct 19, 2011

Is it possible to disable all Excel functions? not as in disable calculation, but actually make Excel's standard functions not available in a workbook.

My reason for wondering if this is possible is that I would like to write UDFs that perform special actions in addition to the typical Excel functions, but give them the same name as their Excel counterparts... essentially create polymorphisms / overloaded Excel functions.

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Excel 2010 :: Sumproduct And Min / Max Functions

Mar 5, 2012

How to add Sumproduct and Min/Max functions? Using Excel 2010

I am looking for the minimum, or maximum number within a range while using the Sumproduct function.


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One Click UPDATE Using VBA Or Excel Functions?

Jan 5, 2014

Is is possible to Update the master sheet with data from sub sheets in one click? Let us say we have one Master Sheet and Three sub sheets with name A, B, C. I would like to have excel function on Master sheet or Update button on Master sheet by which if i click on that it should copy all data except labels from A, B, C to Master sheets and also while copying one column should get auto filled based on from which sheet the data been copied. For example- If 10 data copied from A sheet on column X should show A, if data is copied from B, it should show as B...

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Excel 2010 :: Use Nested IF Formula To Color Cells?

May 16, 2014

I am trying to use the IF formula or a similar VBA/Macro to color certain cells. We deal with 16 different sand types that come in on rail cars. I want to put in the sand type in a cell; EX: C11 has text "30/50BH" if this statement is true to color cells A11-D11 yellow. If it is not a true statement to check for the next sand type, "20/40BH" and go on from there. If I can get an example of what to do I can build it for the 16 sands we have.

The formula I have in mind would be something like

=IF("30/50BH",[colorA11:D11,Yellow],[IF("20/40BH",[colorA11:D11, Purple], .......

I'm sure there is a less brute force method of doing this, but my knowledge of programming and excel is limited. I am using the 2010 version of Excel.

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Excel 2010 :: Logic Error In Nested If Then Statements

Oct 15, 2011

Using Excel 2010.

I extracted data from .pdf to Excel using Able2Extract. Now I need to scrub the output a bit.

I see commonalities in the data for the start and stop of each set of data that I can key in on.

Once I find the start and stop points for each set of data I would like to fill all rows in-between the points and then discard anything that remains outside of these boundaries.

I have something wrong in my logic, way too many rows are deleted.

Option Explicit

Sub GetLineSets()
'Purpose: Identify relevant line sets, delete all other rows
Dim wbBook As Workbook
Dim wsData As Worksheet
Dim strFormula As String
Dim lngRows As Long
Dim C As Range
Dim blnFlag As Boolean

[Code] ......

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Excel 2010 :: If Statements For Date Ranges (Nested)

May 18, 2013

I have got a table with data from 2005 to date, (for example) For the purpose of what I am doing I need a column which shows date ranges between September 2005 - August 2006 to show as 2005/2006, then September 2006 - August 2007 to show as 2006/2007. I have done some research and seen that, Potentially, a nested 'IF' can be used but it can only be used 7 times which would cause a problem going forward....

Is this the only way or is there a better way (without using VB)?

I am using Excel 2010

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Excel 2010 :: Maximum Number Of Nested IF Statements

Jul 29, 2014

1) What's the maximum limit of IF statements in a formula for MS Excel 2010?

2) I have 8 nested IF statements, but I am having trouble with the False part of the argument. I was able to get the False part to work for the 4th argument (because I simply put a comma and closed it's respective colored parenthesis) but the following 3 I can't seem to get and the following message pops when I hit enter "The formula you typed contains an error."

For the False part of the remaining 3 nested statement which is at the end of the formula I just type:


And close it's respective colored IF statement argument. I tried putting a comma at the end of each False part for the arguments but it pops with the message "You've entered too many arguments for this function."

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How To Control Individual Functions In Excel Chart

Apr 13, 2014

All of the functions' X Axis were given the same data (12,24,36,48), except ROULETTE and TOURNAMENT which were also given (60) for the X axis.

Why do the NORMAL bars aren't located on the place they should on the X axis?

For example, the 1st bar (from the left), should be a little more to the right. The others should move to the left.

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General Excel Search Tool For All The Functions?

Jun 30, 2013

Is there any excel-addin which offers function in which you could search any excel function (not just formula) so that you could access any function in a seconds, just like google desktop search for windows.

Right now you could use quick access for most common functions you use and shortcuts for functions in different group. But if there is universal search for all the functions, it is going to be faster for any access!

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