Extracting Values From Ax -x In Cell

Sep 3, 2008

Does anyone know of a formula that will take an expression such as
"C1-5" in a cell, and produce five separate values in 5 cells:


Even a starter would help, like how to extract values from "1-5"

Ultimately I'd like to use this for values that can have up to 3 digits following the letter (ie, C99-112.)

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Extracting Specific Cell Values

Feb 21, 2008

I have a spread sheet with following:

Name|Address|Home Phone| Cell Phone| Status|Project Name|

I want to select name and extract only home phone and cell phone nos.

Please help me with a code. I have about 2500 entries.

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Extracting Text String Values From A Cell?

Jul 8, 2014

I am trying to transfer data from some appointment based software into a spreadsheet .
the data comes out as one row For example ,the following is the contents of cell A1: 06/06/2014 09:00 AM - 09:30 AM Patient: John Smith

What I would like to do is extract one column with the date ,one column with the patient forename and one with the patient surname.

I have tried various combinations of =RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)-FIND(".",A1)) etc etc but cannot extract the data I need

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Extracting Values From PDF

Sep 23, 2013

I know that there are programs out there that will convert a PDF into excel, but what I need to know is, is there a way for excel to access values (numbers) in a PDF and then use those values in a worksheet?

So, if I have a table in a PDF file - containing part numbers, descriptions and quantities ordered, I want to be able to extract the part numbers and QTY, and have them populate an excel table?

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Extracting Multiple Values

Oct 20, 2007

I have certain values relating to a single person spread out in various worksheets and I need to get that in one sheet.
eg: For "NAME xyz" I need the values corresponding to "apples" in as many 10 sheets. Similarly for about 20 different things for about 300 names.

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Extracting Values From A List?

Jun 15, 2009

Sample Data:

Col A: Col B:
CV01 01
CV01 01B
CV01 02
CV01 08
CV01 03
CV01 10
CV02 02
CV02 02B
CV02 03
CV02 10
CV02 01
CV02 09
CV03 06
CV03 06B
CV03 04B
CV03 05B
CV03 08
CV03 09

I need to generate/extract a "list" of all the values in Col B. that "belong" to each value in Col A. So, if my criteria is "CV02," I need the list to be 02,02B,03,10,01,09 (with each value in it's own cell)

I've tried the "VLOOKUP" function, but it only returns the last value for each criteria (example =VLOOKUP(CV01,A1:B18,2) returns "10")

I've searched these forums, but I'm not really sure what search criteria to use...

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Extracting Values Within Symbols

Jan 9, 2014

This is my qns

cell A1 having <txt>NEWM</txt>
cell A2 having <txt>RSQ</txt>

I need to display NEWM in B1 and RSQ in B2....

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Extracting The Highest Top 5 Values

Oct 1, 2008

extract the highest top 5 values from one column in a filtered table with hidden cells. How can I do this without using advance filter or a pivot table in excel 2003 that will show only the visible cell values and not the hidden cell values

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Extracting Unique Values ...

Mar 1, 2009

I have fixed amount of columns (6 in example: can be seen at sheet called "llist1", more in real example:"real example of list1") and rows (8 in example, 62 in “real example").
These 6 "analyzed" columns consist 3 type of info, basically there were 3 columns, which were "cut" to 6. In my example those types of info are called "name1"(columns A and F), "name2"(B and G) and "a or b"(C and H). Also there are rows, which should not be “analyzed”.

First, according to example sheet called "list1", i need to extract unique values from some "fixed" rows of columns A and F, more detailed: a2:a4 a6:a8 f2:f4 f6:f8. Probably, a named list should be created. Also it would be great, if these names will be extracted in alphabetical order. This is the first problem.

Then there goes second, the big one, problem: I need to extract unique values from !"rows of fixed rows"! of columns B and G "for" extracted unique values from columns A and F.

It is really easier to understand if you look at the analyzed information structure at the example sheet and what I want have in the end at "ideal" or "wanted" sheets.
By saying "rows of rows" I mean something like this: cell B2 contains this:

1st "row": abc-301
2nd "row": abc-302
3rd "row: abc-303

All this rows, thanks god, always contain 7 signs. I suppose a second named list is needed here, i e: b2:b4 b6:b8 g2:g4 g6:g8

After that I need to count A's or B's, according to rows, already done that myself using asterisks.

how can i attach an excel file? checkick the faq info, the spreadsheet will appear in a couple of minutes...

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Extracting Numeric Values From String

Jan 5, 2005

My colleague has a problem where he needs to Extract numbers from alphanumberic strings. Here is the formula he is using:


It works if alphabetic and numbers are clustered together such as scs987
It works if alphabetic and numbers are not clustered together such as scs987dtg

Problem: It does not work when numbers are not clustered together such as scs987dtg1234

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Extracting Values In A Specific Text

Aug 18, 2009

This how it looks like, i used this code (see below) to get the amount if there is a word "ins" (martin's code)


it works pretty great, but when things getting better, i've encounter this data: 12,300 ins 09-10 flood

so what i did, is to put another if function, like this: ..

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Extracting Values From An Text String (URL)

Oct 14, 2008

I was given a worksheet that contains a column (A) containing about 5,000 URLs (A1 to ~A5000). Each URL string includes three parameters that I want to capture the values.

For example =


The prameters are known but the values are random up to 256 characters.

I am trying to pull each of the values into a column for sortability and have been mildly successful using MID and FIND but no joy.

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Extracting Some Data Values From Excel Worksheet?

Feb 28, 2014

I have an excel sheet with data results of samples analysis from ICP-MS the sheet includes the name of the sample and its results, I want to extract for each sample only the ( average value "x" , standard deviation "S" and " %RSD) and sort these values in columns , see the photo and the excel sheet attached ..

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Extracting Data To New Worksheet Based On Two Values?

Jul 11, 2014

I currently have a macro that looks at one value and copies the data to another worksheet.

I'd like to modify it to look at two different values and then copy the data. I've tried modifying the VBA code, but can't seem to get it to work. In the "ETF Report (1)" tab, i want it to look at the "ETF Report" and "PO No" values.

The Final Version tab is what i'd like the results to look like.

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Extracting Alphanumeric Values From Sample Spreadsheet

Aug 3, 2012

Any code that can extract the alpha numeric values from sample spreadsheet below?

Where in col A "SCn" is extracted (or copied) and then pasted in col H?

n = 1 to 99

That is - from this:


[Code] .........

To this:


[Code] ......

There are thousands of rows to extract the alpha numeric values from.

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Extracting Values Of Visible Cells Of Subtotal To Different Worksheet?

Feb 6, 2013

I have a workbook with two tabs, Summary & January. The january tab has total expenses for the month of january that are subtotaled by last name. i.e. (baker total, decker total..). I would like to be able to use a formula on the summary tab to pull the values of each of the totals for each person from the january tab to the summary tab.

I tried on the summary sheet doing =jan and selecting the first persons name and then going back to the summary tab and dragging that formula down but it pulls all of the other data within the subtotal on the jan tab and I just want each persons total.

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Adding Duplicate Values And Extracting New List Without Duplicates

May 23, 2013

I have a name in Column A, and a number that goes with it in Column B. Some of the names on Column A are duplicates. I want to extract a new list that will add the values in Column B of all matching names on Column A, so that my list has only unique names and a total of the numbers in Column B.

SPP-001 2
SPP-002 3
SPP-006 4
SPP-001 5
SPP-008 9
SPP-006 3

Result that I'm looking for"

SPP-001 6
SPP-002 3
SPP-006 7
SPP-008 9

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Excel 2007 :: Extracting And Adding Values From Within Text Strings?

Jun 2, 2013

I am trying to extract values from a text string and add them up in Excel 2007. So far i have been successful in extracting the value out of the text string like this - =MID(I6,AD6,3) where AD6 holds the position number in the text string to start from. So it's working OK for one row but i need to do the same thing on multiple rows where the text string can be in different columns and I'd like it to automatically pick up the non-blank cell.

each row only has one column with text in it and the value i need to extract is always after "$". this is a working spreadsheet so the text string could move from column to column over time and I'd like my formula to be able to detect which column to read from. I then need to add up all the values from each row.

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Extracting Data From File In Directory And Extracting Filename

Mar 20, 2014

I have a directory folder with an active workbook and another workbook id like to copy data from. The Following macro opens up a file in the same directory, copies some data and pastes it in the active workbook. However with this code I have to specify the filename, 'Data.xlsm' in the example code. I would like it to copy data from the only other workbook in the current directory WITHOUT having to specify the name in the code, so just opening it up no matter what filename it has.

In addition I would like to extract the filename from the workbook im copying data from and paste it into the activewoorkbook in sheet 1 Cell A1. I had a look at getopenfilename function but cant seem to make it work for my purpose.

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Macro For Extracting Text From One Cell And Entering It Into Cell Beside

May 29, 2009

In one column (Column A) I have a column of data which contains long descriptive text - i want to extract a specific piece of text from this descriptive text and enter it into the next Column (Column B).

E.g. Cell A1 = "Hello Buddy, how are you?" - i want to extract the word Buddy and enter it into cell B1

then A2 into B2, A3 into B3, etc, etc,...

Is there a simple macro out there that can do this?

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Extracting Contents From A Cell?

Dec 26, 2013

I have a cell that contains values such as "AAPL" or "0001.HK" (without the quotes). I would like to extract the content to the left of "." (if any). i.e. I want the cell to return "aapl" or "0001". What formula should I use?

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Error Extracting First Name From Cell If Only 1 Name

Jan 1, 2014

I'm trying to extract the first name from each row in column a using:


Joe Smith Joe
Julie Smith Julie
Julie #VALUE!

If the cell does not have 2 names it's giving me an error.

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Extracting Part Of A Cell

Oct 13, 2008

If I have some data in a cell (let's say D1) such as "m-3,s-2,xl-4", what formula can I use in say cell D2 so that if I find the characters "s-" in Cell D1, then it will return the value "2".

Similarly, in say in Cell D3, I would then want to use the same formula but modify it so that if the characters "xl-" are contained within Cell D1, the formula will return "4"

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Extracting Pieces Of A Cell?

Jan 30, 2009

I'm trying to extract pieces of a part number and place each section in another cell. It's kind of like a text to columns, but in a formula and removing part of the data. This is what I'm starting with: Cell 3A: HB149E.505

I'm trying to figure out a formula that will fill the following which are currently blank:

Cell 3A: HB149
Cell 3B: .505

Cell 3A will always have 5 digits prior to the decimal and 3 digits afterward so that is not a problem.

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Extracting Text From A Cell

Jun 25, 2009

Need formula to extract the text from a cell, with which a vlookup will be preformed on? For example if a cell contains: 116PH(604052) I would need to perform a vlookup on the PH.

The problem is that the "PH" in this case can vary where it's at in the string of numbers. Also, some cells may only have a three digit number with the two letters following. See my attached spreadsheet as an example. The current formula I have in column A on the attached spreadsheet performs the vlookup fine if there is only the three digit number followed by the two letters, but as I've outlined above, this isn't sufficient.

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Extracting Information From Cell

Jun 17, 2008

I receive a workbook on a monthly basis and it arrives in csv format. I need to format it and split it into several pages prior to sending to managers. I'm comfortable with the vba for formatting and splitting it into several pages but I have a problem with some cells that always have data in them in the same (incorrect) fashion.

how to go about fixing these cells and then I can get on with writing that into the macro.

Currently looks like:

A || B || C
No requested || No Supplied || Percentage
4 || 4100%
12 || 875%
6 || 350%

Should look like:

A || B || C
No requested || No Supplied || Percentage
4 || 4 || 100%
12 || 8 || 75%
6 || 3 || 50%

I was thinking of some kind of Left() formula to extract the leftmost character and place it into it's new cell BUT realise that sometimes I might need to extract 2 (or perhaps even more) characters.

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Extracting Information From A Cell

May 7, 2009

I'm trying to extract information from one specific cell, and place it into another. This other thread kind of does what I'm looking for. I wish to extract from the following; "20/04/2009 5:42:51 AM". Placing the date in one cell, and the time in another. All spacing within the quotation marks is respective of the cell. Obviously dates and times would vary.

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Extracting Numbers From Cell

Feb 24, 2009

I have a cell containing text and numbers not in same order.. how do I extract only the number out into a cell.

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Extracting Mid Strings From A Cell

Jul 4, 2009

i have in a cell a Text like this..

Chicago (TZGUG)

i tried a formula.. like this..


to remove only ) ..

but how can i remove the ( too ..

and also Chicago

so the result in a cell would be TZGUG

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Extracting Certain Text From One Cell To Another?

Dec 21, 2011

I currently have an issue with sorting data that i download into excel.

I have a list of rows that have text that look something like the below:

redeem: 141BA9835E Colour: Silver

I want to copy only the colour at the end of each of the colours into a new cell. So in theory the formula will pick only the colour out. Below is a list of more rows as an example where it changes slightly:

redeem: C3CC237E3C Colour: Silver

redeem: db56b2177c Colour: Pink

redeem: 7d3fe7eba2 Colour: Black

redeem: EBE56BDA7A Colour: Silver

To summarise have can i extract into the cell next door, only the colours from text

Currently i am having to manually type only the colour into a cell, and it is taking forever when you have 1000's or rows

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