Find Date In Worksheet & Return Text Accordingly

Mar 9, 2008

Working with project information which is about 1,000 project. I have two worksheets one has the start date/finish dates for each phase of a project -Define, Measure, I, Analyze, Control. Depending on the date I need it to be read and insert a value in my summary worksheet. The summary sheet contains the 12 months. I need the formula to read two columns start/finish, if the month is the same as the header in the second report return a letter of D, M, I, A, C if not leave blank.

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Find Two Values In Worksheet To Return One Value

May 4, 2006

Attempting to find identical values in cells B3 & B4 located in another
worksheet titled "Density Chart" and to return the value in cell/column D.

The Density Chart values are located in column A & B and the value I want
returned, depending on the criteria entered would be found on the same row
but in column D.


Changeable Value in B3 = A123 (can also be completely alpha value and will
be different values each time the formula is used.
Changeable Value in B4 = 2.00 (always numeric value)

Density Chart information
ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC ColumnD
A123 2.00 55.555 65.555
A123 2.40 55.555 75.555
A123 2.70 55.555 70.555
B123 2.00 45.000 85.000

I have tried =if, I have tried =sum product ... at a loss

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Find Date & Return Corresponding Value

Aug 1, 2009

Need to convert price on transactions throughout the year to different currencies - using historic currency exchange rates.

Entered data in columns A-D:
Date1 | Value1 | Date2 | Value2 |

Required Formula to generate column E for each row individually (to 2dp using d/m/y format):

Date1/Value1 will be prices on certain dates while Date2/Value2 will be historic exchange rates for every day of the year.

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Find A Number And Return Entire Row In Another Worksheet?

Feb 20, 2012

I have a worksheet with about 20 columns of info. First of which is a primary key. Call it "Job Number." I would like to create a macro that runs down the list of primary keys searching for a specific Job Number I ask for in the new worksheet, in A1. It then copies and pastes the entire row where it found that job number into the new worksheet starting at row 6.

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Find And Return Part Of A Date

Nov 25, 2008

In A1 I have a date '01/01/2008' and in B1 I want it to return the year and month which I have acheived with =year(A1)&month(A1) which returns '20081'. This is great but I want the format to return '200801', not '20081'. Also if A1 is blank I want an empty cell in B1. I tried this with the following but have failed.. =IF(A1,"","")=YEAR(A1)&MONTH(A1)

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Find Second '.' From The Right, Return Text After

Jul 29, 2008

I have a bunch of domain names (including subdomains) in column B

In column A i need just the raw domain name...


a1 []
b1 []

a2 []
b2 []

a3 []
b3 []

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Excel 2007 :: Find Text And Replace It With Same Text Only In Italics In Worksheet?

Aug 18, 2013

I am trying to find specific text throughout an excel document (2007) and replace it with the same text but in italics. I tried using the options/format function and selecting italics for the "replace" text but it replaces the entire cell text in italics instead.

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Find Date In Column & Return Adjacent Cell Value

Mar 22, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with a column A of dates April 08, May 08, June 08 etc. Adjacent to each of these dates is a value in column B. I want to select the appropriate value relevent to the current date and use it elsewhere. Therefore if it happens to be Oct 08 when I open the spreadsheet I want the value in column B, adjacent to Oct 08 to be represented.

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Find Text In Column - Return Numerical Value

Dec 15, 2011

I need to create a formula that searches column E for text, let's say "BANANA", and when it finds that text, the formula returns the numerical value of the cell in that same row in column B. Let me know how this can be done.

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Find And Return Text From The HTML Code

Dec 27, 2006

I am trying to log a specific portion of code from a webpage. The line of code looks like this:

View Details

I need to extract the userid protion, the part between "=" and "'target...." and then

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Find Yesterdays Date In Range And Return Row Number To Be Used In Offset

Jul 13, 2014

I'm writing a macro that will import data from one workbook to another, based on yesterdays date. I have the import functionality working, and I've been playing all afternoon, but I can't find a way to find yesterdays date in a range and use that row number as the row offset value in this line:

Rather than having a set row offset value (in this case, 14) I would like to use the find function to lookup yesterdays date in range "B50:B80" in the worksheet I've designated as "sh1" and return the row number of the cell that has yesterdays date and use this value as the row offset value, replacing the hard coded 14 that is in there currently. The date values in the range are formatted as per Date Format.jpg.

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Formula To Find Text And Return Its Cell Address

Sep 6, 2013

Is there any formula to find text and return its cell address? This is like when we use Ctrl+F function to find a text, and Excel then highlight the cell contains the referred text. At the same time, the name-bar displays the address of the cell. Now, is there any formula that can perform such task like this?

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Look Up To Find A Specified Date On Another Worksheet

Jan 15, 2008

I need a formula that will look up to find a specified date on another worksheet, and input the data in the cell that is 4 columns to the left of it. Can this be done?

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Find First Blank Cell In Column & Return Adjacent Date Less Than Or Equal To Today

Apr 4, 2008

how to make the data look like a table with three columns. Other than the date, it is space delimited. I have a tracking spreadsheet where Column A is populated with dates for the year. Column C contains daily values.

I don't always start entering daily values on the first day of the year, e.g., this year the first value in Column C corresponds to March 9. All values in Column C are contiguous - there are no blank cells until the value in Column A is greater than today's date code. I would like to use a formula (rather than VBA) to look down Column C and find the first non-blank entry where the value in Column A is less than or equal to today(). In this case, the formula should return the value for March 9, 2008.


March 1, 2008Saturday
March 2, 2008Sunday
March 3, 2008Monday
March 4, 2008Tuesday
March 5, 2008Wednesday ...................

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Find Specific Date On Worksheet

Aug 25, 2008

Use the FIND Method to locate dates?

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Excel 2010 :: Return Multiple Text Strings From Other Worksheet

Mar 7, 2014

I need a formula or array to perform the following in Excel 2010:

I have 2 worksheets "Master Report" and "Free text comments". The master report will be shaed with individuals but the Free Text comments worksheet will not.

sample feedback report.xlsx

In cells D2 downwards on the "Master Report" I want to show the individual feedback comments from the "Free Text comments" worksheet that have been made by other people for the individual named in cell A2 on the "Master Report" worksheet. So on James' master report it would show the 8 individual comments listed for him on the Free text comments" worksheet.

I have searched the internet and tried various combos of lookups, IFs, index and match but have not come across the right formula yet.

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How To Force TEXT To Return Date In English

Feb 6, 2014

I have a formula as follows:

=TEXT(A1,"Mmm YY")

Where cell A1 contains a date, say 01/01/2014.

For me this returns "Jan 14." However, I have a colleague using a Spanish version of Windows/Excel and therefore it displays this in Spanish as "ene 14."

How can I force the formula to return the English spelling, Jan 14?

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Search For Text :: Return The Last (latest) Date

Nov 11, 2009

I have text in column X and dates in column A...

How can I return the last (latest) date (column A) that "hold" was used (in column X)?

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Find Text In A Worksheet

Dec 9, 2009

I want to find a text "Style#" in a worksheet and return the value next to "Style#". The value is supposed to be returned in, say, column H, for each row I found the text "Style#".

Below is the sample:....

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Find And Replace Text On Worksheet

Nov 11, 2011

I need some vba coding which will find and replace text on a worksheet. This would normally be straight-forward, however some text needs to be replaced by text which already occurs in the worksheet, and without it changing as well (if Find/Replace can perform two Find/Replaces at the same time???).

Here is the detail and what I am trying to accomplish: I have two worksheets each with a table of data.Worksheet 1 has a lookup table with three columns of data (column a and b are lists, with c being a formulated column which is dependent on the user selecting either column a name or column b name). I have done this easily enough using data validation on cell $C$1.Worksheet 2 has a user input table which column 3 is a dropdown validation using the named range "UsedName" from Worksheet 1.

I want the selected dropdown names to automatically change when the user changes Old Name to New Name (and vis-versa) on Worksheet 1.The list of values in the data validation dropdown list change well enough, but not any of the existing returned values. When I tried to use vba coding to Find & Replace, I run into issues because (Substanital and Important) are used in both instances, but at different levels with different matched names Important/Relevant.

Worksheet 1
1 Cell with dropdown list New Names
2 (Old Names, New Names)
4 Old Names New Names Names Level
5 Equal Equivalent Equivalent 1
6 Dominant Critical Critical 2
7 Important Substantial Substantial 3
8 Substantial Major Major 4
9 Relevant Important Important 5
10 Minor Irrelevant Irrelevant 6
formula for column C =IF($C$1="Used Names", A5, B5)
column C is name ranged "Names

Worksheet 2
(Worksheet 2 has another table which has various data. One column which is a drop down list being pulled from Worksheet 1)

1 Bob 25% Critical 19
2 Frank 60% Important 33
3 Ellen 40% Substantial 5
4 Ellen G 20% Substantial 12
5 Gary 55% Equivalent 100
6 Jo 50% Major 8
7 Peter 40% Important 22
8 Kim 12% Equivalent 30
9 Shelley 75% Substantial 15
10 John 75% Critical 90

so I want column C to automatically change from these New Names to the corresponding Old Name of the same level. So Critical would become Dominant, Important would become Relevant and Substantial would become Important.

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Find Last Cell In Worksheet Containing Text

Mar 26, 2008

I have seen a few examples which find the last used cell... but these seem to grab cells that have formulas in them, even though no text has been entered. I need to know how to find the last cell in a worksheet that contains text.

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Error 91: Find Locating Text On Another Worksheet

Oct 31, 2006

I have a single button on a spreadsheet. When clicked, it gives me Error 91: Object Variable or With Block Variable Not Set. This is the button's
Private Sub Analyze_Click()
Dim TextToLocate As String
Dim Searching As String
Dim TechNum As String

TextToLocate = "Mobile Device : "

Fname = Application. GetOpenFilename("@Road Excel Files,*.xls", , "Open @Road Log File")
Workbooks.Open (Fname)

' Error here at cells.find:
Searching = Cells.Find(What:=TextToLocate)
TechNum = Replace(Searching, TextToLocate, "")
TechNum = Left(TechNum, 5)
MsgBox TechNum

End Sub

The purpose of the code is to:Allow the user to open a log fileIn the newly opened log file, find the string "Mobile Device : "Following "Mobile Device : " is a tech number. Strip out "Mobile Device : " and grab the first 5 characters of the tech number.Show me what the tech number is in a message box
If I insert the code into the actual log file (no button and no opening of files), it works fine. I searched this forum and others and used everything I learned to find a solution, but the error remains.

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Find Date Within Text

Jun 15, 2009

I have a cell that contains text,but somewhere in it there is always a date, the text is updated wit web query and the date is always in a diffferent position within the text, I want to take the date out each time and drop it to another cell.

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VB Code To Find Instances Of Text In Worksheet And Colour Entire Row

Aug 21, 2012

I'm trying to develop code that will perform the function in the title. I want to use an if statement that looks at cells across the worksheet and where it finds certain text it should colour the entire row. I would also like to be able to input the text via a user box. I don't necessarily want the code

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Macro To Find Text Within XLS Files And Output Data To New Worksheet

Oct 4, 2012

Need macro to search xls files in folder/directory for common text string "see reference" and then output the file number which is located in cell A1 to new spreadsheet for each file the text "see reference" is found.

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Find TextBox Text In Worksheet If CheckBox Is True / Checked

Feb 24, 2008

I have a userform where the textbox already pulls data from a worksheet. I have a checkbox next to the textbox, If the checkbox is true it finds the textbox value on a worksheet and using Offset it inserts "yes" in the next cell.

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Find Value Matching Multiple Text Criteria And Max Date

Jun 7, 2009

I have the following dataset:

[Date] [Category] [Currency] [ExchangeRate] [.....], etc.
1-3-09 A USD 0,8
1-6-09 A EUR 1
1-7-09 A USD 0,7
1-8-09 B USD 0,9
1-9-09 B USD <formula>

I'd like to have the value of <formula> looked up in older records. Currency and category should match and it should pick the exchange rate with the maximum date.

Which formula and what syntax should I use to have this done?

I use Excel 2007.

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Text Search :: Find A Match When Date Entered

Jan 29, 2006

Here is what I have:

Column J is the date opened. Column T is the date closed. Of course,
column T will have no date if still open.
Column K and O may or may not have text.
Column AF6 has a date, mm/dd/yyyy, that is entered/changed depending on the search.

What I need is a formula in AF8 that will look at the date entered in AF6 and find a match in columns J and T. Then it will look to see if there is text in K and O. If so, populate AF8 with that text.

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SUMIF Or SUMIFS To Find Text And Date Between From Items In A Table

Feb 19, 2014

Figuring out a SUMIF or SUMIFS formula which will clean up some weekly data. I am envisioning a SUMIF formula which looks at the client name in column A in a table and then it will search through the long list of data for all entries for that specific client on another sheet in column "A", for instance. It needs to take into consideration only the encounters which happened between the dates in the table for that client listed in column B & C. The sum will be the column next to the column with each client's name which has a procedure date in between the date criteria's from the table. I have attached an example to better illustrate.

SUMIF Example.xlsx

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IF/Search Within The Text To Find "LS" And Return Number

Jan 21, 2010

I have the following text
BKG 4.0 CL G 3210x2550 LS 28 PKGL NE
BKG 6.0 CL G 3210x2250 LS 25 PKGL NE
FAB 6.0 AB G 3300x2440 LS 16
FOP 4.0 BZ G 3210x2250 LS 28
FWH10.0 WH L 3210x2550 LS 9

I need a formula which searches within the text to find "LS" and then to return the number after it, this would be either 1 or two digits.

I am thinking if there was a forma that searched for "LS " (Note the space) and then returned the next two digits from the left from the found search ("LS ". I have attached a spreadsheet.

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