Find Differences Between Two Cells Excluding Some Text?

Sep 4, 2013

I have two lists of data as below, and I want to find a match after excluding "Ltd" or "Limited"


If Cell A1 is "ABC Limited", and Cell B1 is "ABC Ltd"

This should show as a "match", otherwise it should show error.

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Compare Excessive Text In Two Cells And Show Differences

Jun 19, 2014

Is it possible to compare code that's in two cells and show the differences? It's possible with Notepad++ and an extension but I have hundreds of pages to examine weekly and it's not efficient to do it manually.

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Average Out Range Of Cells Excluding Text Found In Other Cells

Jul 17, 2014

What I want to do is Average out a range of cells "F4:F343". That's the easy part =average(F4:F343). However I want to exclude any numbers for that average if data in coloumn "Q" = "FMC"

Would that look anything like:

=average(F4:F343)/countif(Q4:Q343, "<>FMC")

I'm also displaying it as minutes in a day so i added *24*60 to the end of the formula and formatted to Number/.00. I've entered the formula and it will calculate but when i enter FMC to the appropriate area the average wont change.

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Compare Cell Text To Set List And Show Text Differences

Dec 5, 2009

I am trying to write a function that will compare the text of cell "A2" to the text of cell "B2" and display cell "A2"'s text characters that didnt match from cell "B2" in column C. Can anyone help me out with writing this formula?

EX: ....

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Find Differences Between 2 Excel Spreadsheets?

Mar 28, 2013

I need to find the difference between 2 excel spreadsheets. They both have the same columns.

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How To Find Differences In A Column Of Numbers

Jan 11, 2014

I've got a list of numbers and want to show the difference between the highest number and each of the other numbers. Here's an example: (The first column is the position, the second column is the number and the third column is the difference.)

1 - 20
2 - 18 - 2
3 - 15 - 5
4 - 14 - 6
5 - 11 - 9

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Find Differences Of 0.06 & Fill Color Them

Jul 16, 2007

I have columns of black data that I manually go through and find regions that have cells with values that are 0.06 or more different.

I then turn these regions into blue colored regions.

Is there any way you can design a macro that goes through the spreadsheet and FILL COLOR YELLOWs a cell who is 0.06 or more less then the next cell down?

This would be so much easier on my eyes, since I usually have 80 columns and 1500 rows of data.

The blue coloring I still have to do manually because my human instinct is sometimes important there.

I would be using the FILL COLOR YELLOW cells as quick markers for my regions of interest.

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Compare Two Employee Records To Find Differences?

Oct 5, 2012

I have been given a task to compare a set of the current months employee records to last months employee records. The goal is to a) find employees who are still in our group but may have changed managers b) find employees who are no longer in our group and c) find employees that are new to our group. Once this information has been compared between the two workbooks, it needs to be exported to a new spreadsheet that needs additional columns added for formatting in order to import the new spreadsheet in a tracking tool.

For example, last months spreadsheet includes the tracking tool ID column and has a row for each employee. For an employee that is currently with the team they would need the tracking tool ID to be put in the newly generated spreadsheet. Additionally the current employee might have changed managers and that needs to be updated. A new column needs to be added to the new spreadsheet that shows that a current employee is "Active". For employees that are new to the team they won't have a tracking tool ID because they are new but would still need to be considered "Active". And for the employees that have left the group, they would also need the tracking tool ID from the old employee record but would need a column that would mark them "InActive" since they are no longer with the team. My last step is that I want to add a column called "Team" that would iterate through each employees managers and assign them to a specific team based on the manager that they have.

My general idea has been that I need to loop through all of the employee names or numbers from this months records for comparisons to the names of employees from last months records. Once a match has been found I need to copy the entire row from the current months to the new spreadsheet. That way I will get the latest info or "row" for a current employee and that would also handle finding if they have a new manager. Next I need to pull over the tracking ID from the last months records, create a new column called "Status" and make the employee "Active" and create a "Team" column showing the team.

For employees that are no longer on team, I need to copy the whole row from the latest employee records, pull over the tracking ID from the last months records, update the "Status" column and make the employee "InActive" and populate a "Team" cell showing the team. And lastly for the new employees, I need to copy over the row from this current months spreadsheet. They wont have a tracking ID (It will populated when the Excel file is imported in the tracking tool) and I need to update the Status column to "Active" and also provide their "Team". After the new spreadsheet is generated I am done. The file can be imported. And the next month I need to kick off this script again.

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Differences With Find Method In 2000 And 2002

Jun 15, 2007

I am using the following code which works in microsoft 2002, but not in 2000. When I run it in 2000 it says " Named argument not found." The debugger highlights the line Set C through delete.

Sub DeleteRows()
Dim c As Range

With Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1", Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))
Set c = . Find(What:=" ", After:=[A1], LookIn:=xlValues, _
LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByColumns, SearchDirection:=xlNext, _
MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False)
If Not c Is Nothing Then c.Resize(12).EntireRow.Delete
Loop While Not c Is Nothing
End With
End Sub

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VBA To Extract Text Differences

Jun 9, 2014

How to find the text differences between old and new values. I am looking for excel function or vba to extract all new texts added in new values.

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Find Min In A Column While Excluding 0 Or Errors

Nov 1, 2008

I am having trouble figuring out a way to get around this situation:

I have a to find the minimum in a range. I have used =Min(range)

However, i wish to exclude 0 values and n/a errors in the case no data figure in one or more cells of the range.

Could you please help me figure out a way?

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Excluding Certain Columns With Find And Replace

Mar 22, 2013

I am writing a macro that will find several different values in sheet1 and replace them with values from a table in sheet2. It currently does exactly that but I realized that there are instances when replacing hyphens isn't appropriate and will ruin the upload of my data. I need to replace it in the rest of the columns though. The headers will always be the same, such as "MST" , so I could use that as a conditional statement I just don't know how to go about it with the replace function.

Sub FindAndReplace()
Dim LastRow As Integer
Dim i As Integer 'Counter to loop through all the rows found in the table

'Finds the last row used in my replacement table and sets that as the searchable range

LastRow = Sheets("Sheet2").Cells.Find(What:="*", SearchOrder:=xlRows, SearchDirection:=xlPrevious,

[Code] ..........

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Find Minimum/Maximum Excluding Zeros

Apr 5, 2009

I have inherited some legacy templates (Standard, Leave and Exception) which cannot be changed. I need to summarise them (Total) selecting the earliest start and the latest finish. (Sample attached). The templates are 90 columns wide and about fifty lines deep so named ranges isn't practicle (I think). I'm running 2003.

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Find Text Within Cells & Place Same Text In Adjacent Column

Apr 10, 2008

I want to search for a word in column A and when I find it I want to copy it to column B.
Column A is a description that can be 6 or 7 words long. Column B is a single word.


Col A
Engine Kit, V-8, 306, forged.
I need to copy the word Kit to column B.

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Excel 2003 :: How To Show Differences And Count Between 2 Columns Of Text

Aug 5, 2012

Have Excel 2003. I have

List of email addresses in column a
List of email addresses in column b

** I would like a formula that will take all the values in column A and compare it to the entire list of entries in column B.
Would like it to show in Column C any entries in Column A that ARE NOT in the entire column B.

*Would like it to repeat for entries that are in Column B, but not in Column A and show in D.

*Then would like a count of the differences for each column (that is pretty easy).

It needs to look at the entire list of entries in the column as these will be email addresses. We want to know what is missing from Column A that is not in Column B and what is missing from B that is not in A.

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Calculate Value Excluding Text

Feb 11, 2014

On the attached spreadh sheet I have production costs that I wish to calculate. There are certain courses that are a constant each month and they are input via a data validation list, however there will be courses that are run that are not on this list.

on the cell with 'Other' I want to total the costs for the courses that exclude the normal monthly courses.

Ive managed to use the formula below to exclude certain text but I cannot do it for multiple keywords, or maybe there is a simpler formula.

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SUMIF Excluding Text

Dec 28, 2005

I am trying to sum data in a column based on the absence of a character in a related column.

That is to say I need to be able to exclude rows that contain an "m" (there may be multiple characters in the criteria cell)

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Copy Cell But Excluding Text

Jul 19, 2014

Is there a way of Copying the Characters in a Cell but excluding the text from the copy.


305 GP
1,328 GP
10,250 GP
1,337 GP

But i only want the numbers and not the GP.

GP is Always at the end.

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Subtract Cells And Add Up Differences In Last Cell As Total

May 30, 2014


Cell with total should contain 15

These are mileage numbers. At the end I need to know the total miles driven as miles are added. I need to be able to see the total miles driven as mileage is added. At the end of the week, I need to see total miles driven.

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Compare Cells In Different Workbooks & Highlight Differences

Dec 6, 2007

I am trying to find a way to compare the cells (example: D4:D12 to the same cell range in another workbook. If the value in D4 is less than D4 in workbook 2 highlight it red and if it is greater highlight it green. I also want a loop to go through the specified range. Of course, the scale of the worksheets is much greater.
Another issue I foresee, is that the workbook name that I am comparing to changes every week, so is there a way to handle this change easily?

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Excluding Text Inputs For Attendance List

Jul 29, 2014

I'm making an attendance list that calculates regular hour and overtime hours for days in a month on rows. Besides the number of hours, there's input for v and s, which stand for vacations and sick days. I'm using the "if" function to separate hour and overtime, and when I put v or s in a cell it messes up my totals. Is there a way to make it so that the cells with v or s don't affect my other columns?

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Calculating An Average But Excluding Boxes With Text

Sep 25, 2009

I'm trying to get excel to calculate the average time spent on appointments by officers in a small team. Each of them sees people each day, and as we're very busy I'm eager to get the time spent on each appointment down, by giving them a target of the number of people to see each day. At the moment we gather some stats on this, which show how many people are being seen by each officer.

The attached example sheet shows for one week a list of columns with officer's initials at the top, and says how many people were seen by each person each day during that week and then a how many people overall for the week.

I'd like to be able to generate statistics on the amount of time each officer has spent on average with customers, and base this on the fact that people have 360 minutes per day (they do 6 hours of appointments and another hour for admin) to see people.

I think the spreadsheet attached gives a good idea of the system and what I want to do.

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Count Column Of Text Excluding Duplicates?

Dec 5, 2012

I need to count a column of text excluding duplicates, but only if they are duplicates of the cell directly above them in the column. Example:


I want this to return 6 instead of 4. Is this possible?

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Clearing Data Excluding Text & Formulas

May 4, 2007

I need VBA code that will do the following:

1) Clear all data in Column F , excluding formulas (eg =sum, =F9+F10) & Text

2) Where a value begins with an equals sign for eg = 18000+50000-15000, this must also be cleared

3) The Data must be cleared from row 9 onwards in column F.

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Highlight Differences Of Cells In Multi Column & Row Table

Mar 20, 2009

- A record is created
- The record is modified once/several times
- Only the original record and the last modified record needs to be kept

- The differences between the original and the last record need to be highlighted in the spreadsheet.
- This has to be repeated for a whole bunch of rows

Currently I am manually deleting the rows and eye-balling the changes. I'm using Excel 2002. I have ASAP Utitilities as well. Although macros are cool, I was hoping I could try with an Add-in or software.

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Excluding Cells

Feb 3, 2009

I have three columns that i've called 'active period' and 'Date/time' and 'value'

The the value of the cells in the 'active period' column depend on the value and time.

I want to create a cell that; when i can enter a date, this date will be excluded from the 'active period' column

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Date And Time Differences With Blank Cells And Monthly Totals?

Jan 30, 2014

see the attached workbook with two different sheets (same data) using different formulas. Each has problems (red text) preventing me from moving forward.

I need to calculate time in level 1, time in level 2 and total time for each row and then be able to sum for the month. Unfortunately, sometimes there is missing data, but I still need to calculate everything possible using a consistent formula that can be applied to the column/row universally.

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Min Value Excluding 0 For Non-contiguous Cells

Apr 2, 2009

I can find the min value excluding zero in a range of contiguous cells, but how can I do it if the cells are A1, A3, A25, A67, etc?

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Sum Of A Range Excluding Cells Containing #N/A

Jan 5, 2007

I want to sum a range of cells that are referencing another spreadsheet using a vlookup function, eg:


i dont want to delete the formulas that are returning the #N/A but i want to be able to sum only the numeric values from the six cells.

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Find Cells With Certain Text

Aug 16, 2007

The word " Total" can exist in any row only in Column A. How can I find the cells that are in the same row as the word "Total" are in. Also, the word "Total" can exist more than once in Column A.

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