Formula To Incrementally ADD Increasing Number Of Columns

Dec 15, 2008

I have a worksheet where over time I add columns that need to be added in a "Total" cell.

Above example, the cell being added is 10 columns after the previous one.


What formula can I use to automatically pull the value from every 10th cell starting with M3?

Preferably every 10th cell till a value I determine... i.e every 10th cell but only for the first 15 occurrences.

(Is this anything to do with the Series command?)

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Copy Template Worksheet To Multiple Worksheets And Incrementally Number Sheets In Workbook

Mar 25, 2014

I have what is probably a simple request to all the VBA experts out there, and simply want to take a template sheet in a workbook and copy it across to 100 sheets numbered/named 101 -200, and add the name of each sheet as a text reference, e.g. sheet name 101 will have a cell within the worksheet that refers to sheet 101.

I have attached a simplified spreadsheet which indicates what i'm trying to achieve.

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Row Index Number Increasing Automatically

Mar 29, 2007

I am doing a hlookup on a range (possibly over 100 rows). My formula is working but my problem is that it takes too much time to go and manually edit the formula to change the row index number and increase it by one. For example the row index number has to change in order to pull in the right 5,6,7,8 etc up to over 100. Is there a quick way to do this or do I have to manually enter the row index numbers in over 100 rows?

I am attaching a SAMPLE of data. The actual worksheet is much more larger.


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How To Get 3D Sum Against Increasing Number Of Sheet Tabs

Mar 9, 2014

My wife and I run an apartment complex with 2 employees, a manager and a maintenance man.

We use excel to produce a paystub for these employees twice a month.

There are a number of variables including incentives for renting apartments, overtime, variable hours in a pay period etc.

We have a separate spreadsheet for each employee and a separate sheet tab for each pay period named for the pay date... e.g. the first paystub had one sheet named "Jan 15"... the next pay period the paystub had 2 sheets: "Jan 31" and "Jan 15". The third paystub had 3 sheets and so on.

The paystubs have a column with the numbers for the pay period and then a column with the year to date sum (for straight pay, over time, federal withholding, social security, medicare, state withholding, etc.)

Right now I edit the formulas for all these sums for each payperiod. e.g. =sum('Feb 15':'Jan 15'!B35) for the third pay period is editted to =sum('Feb 28':'Jan 15'!B35) for the fourth pay period.

I would like to be able to just copy the prior spreadsheet and not have to find and replace values in 11 spreadsheet cells for each pay period.

I have figured out how to get the name of the current spreadsheet to appear in a cell on that sheet using VBA... but not how to get that cell content to be part of the arguments for =sum(. on the formula bar...

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Increasing Row Number In Regular Pattern

Jun 10, 2014

I want the first 60 rows of column C to be constant meaning C1, C2, C3, C4..C59 and after 60 rows it should start again with C1, C2, C3.....C59 rather than C60, C61, C62. In other words i+1 but after 60 rows i should be reset to 1 and then again increase by 1. how can i implement these changes

[Code] ......

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Row Index Number Increasing Automatically

Mar 29, 2007

I am doing a hlookup on a range (possibly over 100 rows). My formula is working but my problem is that it takes too much time to go and manually edit the formula to change the row index number and increase it by one. For example the row index number has to change in order to pull in the right 5,6,7,8 etc up to over 100. Is there a quick way to do this or do I have to manually enter the row index numbers in over 100 rows?

I am attaching a SAMPLE of data. The actual worksheet is much more larger.

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Printing Multiple Pages With Increasing Cell Number?

Jun 28, 2014

I've got an excel sheet that has a series of successive numbers down the side from 1-15 per sheet. I've done this by putting the cell formulas as previous row +1. (these are being used as unique reference numbers)

I want to be able to print this out multiple copies of this in one instance without having to manually adjust the first number multiple times then print the sheet. I also want it to be automatically saved as the most recent page printed, so that when it's printed the number continues on from the previously printed sheet.

I found a macro online which I have adjusted to increase a cell by 15 each time it is printed (to change the first number of the row). But I've realised that I'm printing the final page twice if I run the macro again. Is there any way to get round this? If I print 1 sheet there is also no adjustment in numbers.

I also haven't got onto the save part.

This is the macro I am currently using:

"Sub PrintSequence()
' PrintSequence Macro
' Macro recorded (altered) 8/16/2005 by Roy Wagner


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Excel 2007 :: Union Of Values In 2 Columns To One In Increasing Order?

Jul 20, 2012

I have to find the union of 2 columns in excel and club those 2 columns into a single column with values in the increasing column 1- 0 2 4.. , column 2- 1,3,5.. final result in column 3 should be 0 1 2 3 4 5...plz let me know the code for this that i can run in VB editor(- excel 2007)

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Excel 2010 :: Printing Spreadsheets With Increasing Number In A Cell

Feb 5, 2014

I have a 2010 Excel spreadsheet where I have a macro set up to print the page. What I need it to do though is to increase a number in a cell and display it each time I print the page.

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Formula To Decrease A Margin, In Connection With Increasing Basic Value

Oct 8, 2008

I'm trying to build a formula to form a price-list. I have some basic prices from a supplier and want to build my prices with a simple rule: the higher the basic price is (column A), the lower my profit margin (in %) should be (column B). Example:

Basic value is $50, my price is $75 (50% margin)
Basic value is $100, my price is $130 (30% margin)
Basic value is $150, my price is $172,5 (15% margin)
And so on...

I forgot most of what I've learned on Excel at my university (long time ago...), so I tried to do it by using simple thresholds, with "if" function:

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Decrease One Cells Number While Increasing Another Cells Number?

Jun 10, 2013

i have been working on 2 sheets receiving and selling item and QTY, or in other words i have a Stock IN sheet and a Stock Out sheet

is there some sort of a formula which links 2 cells, columns, together in a way that, if one cell's number increased the other would decrease automatically ?

say iv set 50 in cell a1, i want to set 10 elsewhere and the 50 in cell a1 will automatically decrease from to 40

here's my excel worksheets i uploaded it,

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Code Calculating Incrementally

Mar 4, 2007

What Im trying to do is based on a character level in cell G1 Im looking for Z1 to show the experience need for the next level. For example:


Experience is calculated by 1000 x Previous Level + Previous Experience.
In this above, to reach fifth level experience is calculated as (4*1000+6000).
I know this can be done with a formula, but can a macro or VBA compute this also? For example:

If G1 indicates that a character is at level 5, I want Z1 to show the experience need for level 6. This means I need code to calculate experience from level 1 to level 6 like this:
Thats the formula equivalent of what Im looking for code to do. Can this be done?

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Increasing A Value In A Cell By Adding A New Number To A Connected Cell?

Mar 28, 2009

First I would like to say that I am not English nor very good to explain myself so hope the title is according to the forums rules. Now to my problem

I would like to to put in for instance the number 100 in cell A and then the number should appear in cell B. I would like to remove the number in cell A without the number in cell B to dissapear. Then add for instance 50 in cell A to get the number in cell B to add up to 150 and so on. How can I do this? I would like to add that cell B is already connected to a different cell. And I am using Vista.

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How To Increase Cell Info Incrementally

Dec 7, 2010

I created a small block of cells on my worksheet where i have in separate cells, the day of the week, the days date and the month. I want to design a special memory calendar for my mom in early stages alzheimers.

There are cells with specific info which i do not want to re type for the whole month/year.

I want to be able to copy all the info into another block of cells and have the day of the week and date change also the month.

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VBA To Rotate Image Incrementally Based On Cell Values

Feb 20, 2013

I'm looking for vba code to use that will incrementally rotate an image based on values entered within a cell of an Excel spreadsheet.

I have two graphics, one is the face of a dial and the other is the pointer very much like a speedometer. I can achieve the desired outcome using two excel charts, one overlaid on top of the other, but, this doesn't give me the visual effect I'm looking for.

I'm using the face of the semicircle dial as the background image and I have a separate image for the pointer. When a value between 1 and 100 is entered in cell O3 i would like the pointer to rotate to that position on the dial. The pointer is to have a fixed position and arc left to right where the value of 1 is left-most and horizontally aligned, and for the value 100 the pointer would point in the opposite direction.

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Excel 2010 :: Formulas Increase Incrementally Per Column

Jun 8, 2013

I am trying to find the frequency of lottery numbers that occur within 10-day periods (see row 7). Instead of having to manually write each formula for each column, is there a way I can automate it, so that each column will "advance" 10 days?

Excel 2010


[Code] .........

Array FormulasCell


Entered with Ctrl+Shift+Enter. If entered correctly, Excel will surround with curly braces {}.
Note: Do not try and enter the {} manually yourself

Worksheet Defined NamesName
Refers To

'am (2)'!ball
='am (2)'!$A$8:$A$17

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Paste Formula In One Row To Variable Number Of Columns

May 9, 2014

get this macro to paste the formula across to a variable number of columns? It is falling over at

Range(Cells(5, .Columns.Count)).Paste
Sub Clear()
With ActiveSheet


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Excel Formula For Variable Number Of Columns

Sep 25, 2012

I am looking to place a formula which will look like this:

=min("A2:?2"), where ? depends on "number of columns". If number of columns is 4, then it should be D, E or Z. Number of columns is specified as an integer in range("B2").

I do not want to do it in a macro, want to do it in the formula.

I have done this before, but can't quite remember. I have tried:

=min(range(cells(1,2),cells(1,2+B2))), but does not work.

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Insert Formula Across Variable Number Of Columns With VBA

Jun 19, 2014

I have two variables - the number of stages, and the number of people.

The stages will start in say C22 through G22 (if there were 5 stages). The number of stages will vary upon a user-inputted number in A1.

The names of people will start inB29, so I'd like to insert the simple formula (=Max(C23:C28)) across cells C29-G29 (again with my example of 5 stages), with relative references to the columns, of course.

Ditto for the next name in B30, etc, so that I get the max value for Person#1 in Stage 1, 2, 3...Person#2 in Stage 1,2,3...

Inserting the formula over the dynamic ranges.

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Increment Row Number Within Formula When Copying Across Columns

Mar 16, 2009

to copying a formula from one column to the next adjacent column and also incrementing the 2 numeric values inside the formula. Please see attached sample.

One value increments with each new column whereas the other increments with each new row. Please see attached sample.

And in the last row there is the average formula which must copy the new column and average the new column.

I tried to create a Macro in attached but it did not work with formulas.

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Increment Formula Row Number Filling Across Columns

Aug 24, 2007

I am trying to increment a row when i copy it across columns. I have searched for a couple hours on how to do this, but I have not come up with a solution that I can understand that works for my situation.

I found this page, but I guess I am too novice to comprehend it. [url]

I would like the number in this formula to increment when i copy it to the adjacent column.

This formula is in B178.


So in C178 I want it to be


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Increasing Rate Of Value?

Mar 27, 2014

I have to pay 190000 $ in 180 months. I need a formula to establish an incresing rate for every month. I have a simulation on a paperwork, but I can't figure out the formula. On the paperwork the first rate in the first month is 875,21 $, the second one is 876.99 $, ..., and the last one in the last month is 1258,97 $.

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Increasing A Cell Value By +1 Every Day

Oct 22, 2007

I'm just fiddling around with excel at the moment and have a created a cell with a value of 16. It represents the number of days an event has been running for.

I'm not sure how to make it increase by +1 every day without me having to open excel and change the value in the cell.

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Increasing Cells By 1/3 With Autofill

Jun 11, 2014

I'm trying to find a formula that increase a cell by 1/3 that will work with auto fill.

For Example if auto-filling a column:

Or if auto-filling a row:
3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5

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Increasing Numbers In Each New Cell

Nov 26, 2008

in a1 I have a number 1, a2 is a number 2. I want to keep on counting down to number 7691. Just do not know how to do this.

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Increasing Value Of Cell On Save

Sep 21, 2009

I have a worksheet that I need a piece of code for, Cell E1 is an amendment number that increases every time a new one is put out,
so they can be tracked.

Every time the sheet is saved the value in cell E1 needs to increase by 1.

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Increasing Value In Spreadsheet By Set Amount Monthly?

Jul 31, 2014

I need a series of cells to increase by varying amounts after each month, however this needs to happen automatically so if I send the spreadsheet to someone else, it will update for them automatically. I'm hoping that I can set up a function that will ONLY increase the cells after 4 weeks after they select a date from ANOTHER drop down menu (i.e they select the starting date from cell A1 - then input their starting numbers into other cells which then increase on that same date, 4 weeks later).

The cells that need to increase already have a formula in them as well; as this number is their predicted 1RM based off formulas in other cells.

I will attach a screen shot when able.

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Increasing Value Of One Cell Based On Another Incremental Value

Feb 20, 2014

I should know this and I'm sure its something very simple that just wont come to me. I have two cells, one has "total billable hours" in a month, the second needs to calculate how many days based on that number. So it needs to increase by 1 for every multiplier of 24 in the first cell.

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Macro To Print Rows That Keep Increasing?

Jul 31, 2009

I'm searching for a macro that will allow me to print rows that are constantly changing in number. Attached is a sample of my workbook. The workbook has worksheets by month. There are data from five sales people on each sheet so each sales person has his own section. I have a print button within each section so he can print only his section of the page. No problem creating that macro.

However, at least twice a week the sales people are adding rows or moving a row of data from one month to another month, so the print area is constantly changing.

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Increasing Value Of One Cell Based On Another Incremental Value

Nov 4, 2008

I have cell F15 which is blank by default, and cell D14 which pulls a value from another sheet (D14's value is =Info!X20). For D14's properties I have it set to show thirds (Custom Property "# ?/3"). I want to make D14 increase by 1/3 for every increment of 60 that F15 contains. For example, let's say D14 is 12. If F15 is 59, it won't change. If it's 60, D14 will be 12 1/3, and if its 180, it'll be 13. I think I'm close, but just can't quite get it.

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