Formula Referencing Multiple Tabs

Sep 8, 2009

I'm a bit over my head on this one. I want a formula that does the following: Look at the date I put in on the last tab and find the correct date on the other tabs. Using that date as the column I want it to return the correct row for the data.reference.

I am using the HLOOKUP function. I'm not even sure this is the right function. Ont the workbook attached I'm trying to get the data on the Totals tab to come from the Sept Wk 1 through Sept Wk 5 tabs. The formula I tried to use is on the Totals page C7.

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Referencing Multiple Tabs To Rows Within One Master Sheet

Jan 15, 2014

I am creating a spreadsheet to track customer data and need to reference certain cells in individual customer tabs to a master sheet that contains every customer. Each customer will have his own tab, each tab having the same layout, and each client will also have their own row on one master sheet within the same workbook.

My question is, is it possible to reference the specific cells in the clients individual tab to the master list once, and then everytime I copy a new client tab, the referenced cells in that tab are immediately referenced to the corresponding client (new) row in my master sheet within the same workbook?

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Referencing Tabs Dynamically

Aug 24, 2009

Is it possible to access other tabs on my spreedsheet dynamically? =COUNTIF(July!$F$4:$F$200,$H7) not dynamic

A1 = July. =COUNTIF(A1!$F$4:$F$200,$H7) dynamic. but how is this done in Excel?? Is it possible?

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Referencing Sheet Tabs

Oct 7, 2005

Is there a way to use the "value" of a name in a drop-down list to reference a sheet tab name in a formula?

A1 has a drop down list. When a name (Bob's Sales) is selected from the drop down list, B1 shows the value of cell D5 from sheet "Bob's Sales".

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Recursive Formula For Multiple Tabs

Oct 24, 2008

I'm trying to come up with a Macro that once it see's the word "Rolls" in column M, I would like for it to go to the row below the word and divide the information on column K by 30
then for it to perform this formula for the next 17 rows and on the last row have the cell in gray color.

Then for it to keep doing this recursively down the column of the sheet and once finished to go to the next tab and do the same algorithm(there's like 40 tabs !!)

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How To Create IF / AND Formula Draws Data From Multiple Tabs

May 21, 2014

Is it even possible to create an IF/AND formula that draws data from multiple tabs?

For example,

(assume there are tabs named exactly the same as each of the data entries in column A)

IF A2 = "ARI" then D2 = ARI!H3. Is this possible?

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Get A Vertical Lookup Or SumIF Formula To Check Multiple Tabs?

Jul 17, 2006

How can I get a vertical lookup or sumIF formula to check multiple tabs for a given value?

Or - is there a way to specify the tab? For instance, put "Tab A" or "Tab B" in Cell A1, and have the lookup formula reference the value of Cell A1.

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Referencing Selected Tabs To Print Selection & Update Table Of Contents Sheet

Nov 30, 2009

I searched but didn't find exactly what I needed. I have a workbook with 31 sheets. It is a price guide with each category on a separate worksheet. I figured out how to list the sheets on a separate tab. What my client wants is the ability to:

1. select certain categories for printing, the ToC, Cover and backcover pages have to print in every case

2. the ToC has to change depending on the sheets selected.

I'd rather write some code and give him an an easy command button rather then teaching him how to select non-concurrent sheets and printing only active sheets.

What I'm really stuck on is the updating of the ToC with active sheets only (category and starting page which changes depending on pages selected).

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Use The Names Of The Tabs In The Summary Page And Create It Into A Formula To Lookup Fixed Cells Within The Various Tabs

Oct 12, 2009

I have a summary page that includes the titles for each tab within the excel 2003 workbook. I want to use the names of the tabs in the summary page and create it into a formula to lookup fixed cells within the various tabs. Sorry for not uploading an excel doc but I was at work earlier and the thread did not load for some reason, so I am reposting it.

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Create Multiple Sheet Tabs From Multiple Cells

Jun 22, 2006

Is it possible to make multple worksheets from a selection of multiple cells?

This would mean a selection of 10 cells would generate 10 sheets titled with the cell conent.

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Referencing Multiple Sheets And Sum?

Mar 21, 2014

There are 4 sheets in workbook.

Sheet name is 3-12, 3-13, 3-14, 3-17.

that 3-15, 3-16 is not because of holidays. But, I want to display in 3-17 sheet sum of A1 cell from 3-12 sheet to 3-16 sheet.

nearly, =SUM('3-12:3-16'!A1)

=SUMPRODUCT(N(INDIRECT("'3-"&ROW(INDIRECT("12:"&RIGHT(A1,2)-3)) &"'!A6")))
is well work.. but

=SUMPRODUCT(N(INDIRECT("'3-"&ROW(INDIRECT("12:"&RIGHT(A1,2)-1)) &"'!A6")))
do not work..

I want to sum dynamic skip error value. namely, calculating to yesterday(3-16) from first day(3-12)...

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Referencing Multiple Sheets In One?

Jun 4, 2014

I am currently referencing data from 20 different sheets (11 columns each, varying amount of rows) all on one sheet. I intend to edit random data on each individual sheet with the added possibility that I will be adding or deleting rows....

So my question is, how can I set up this consolidated sheet so that when I delete/add a column in the referenced sheets, it will automatically add or delete these (additional) rows?

I have it set to the range of rows that I currently have, but all together I have about 1500 rows and I do not want to go through all of these rows deleting anything blank or adding in more. This consolidated data also is also filtered so finding out where to add to any ranges would be difficult unless I wanted to "un-filter" them (which I do not).

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Referencing Multiple Columns

Jan 16, 2009

I have been trying to figure out for quite some time. I searched around the forums, but I believe I am not wording what I need correctly. Pretty much I have an example here to follow:

1 Name....Color.....Number
2 Bob.......Blue.......Five
3 Jan.......Red.......Three

What I want, is a formula that pretty much says search through column A for something, then show me what is in Column C that corresponds, in this cell. So if i have a criteria for "Bob", I want it to return "Five". But I want it to be open, so that I can put bob or jan in another cell that it references.

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Cross Referencing Multiple Spreadsheets

Mar 6, 2013

I have a workbook with two spreadsheets. One contains customer information. The other line items and shipping information. I would like to pull the customer number over to the line items spreadsheet. Both spreadsheets have the order number, but note there is a new line for every item in an order on the line items sheet. How do I accomplish this?

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Referencing Multiple Cells In Footer

Mar 27, 2014

I've tried to a create code from examples in previous posts but I can't seem to figure out how to get what it is that I'm looking for.

I'm trying to reference the value in cell O9 which would be a number.

Preceding this value, I would like to have the word "Rev" displayed. Just underneath those values, I would like to reference the value in O7 which is a date (3/27/2014 for example). I would like the footer to be updated anytime that cells O9 or O7 are updated.

These values would be placed in the right side of the footer of the active worksheet, and be displayed on each page that is printed out.

It's not much, but here's what I have so far:

[Code] ....

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Referencing Cells Not Next To Each Other From A Formula?

Mar 26, 2014

I have a long list of amounts one per day. Sun-Sat repeating. I Total the amounts for each week and place it next to Sun. now i have the total for that billing week.

I need to reference these numbers from a different sheet that only has one row per week. I tried to do ='sheet1'!a2 then next row down ='sheet1'!a9 and ='sheet1'!a16 etc then fill down but when i do it seems to start again and do a3, a10 and a17.

Is there a way I can get it to only use cells with figures in them? IE if cell is empty then move down one else use the amount in cell... or how do I get it to reference 7 cells below each time rather than the next immediate cell.

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Referencing Worksheet In Formula?

Dec 8, 2011

I have the formula:
=VLOOKUP(C10,'[Ticket Out Comparison Report.12.4.11.xls]TO'!$C:$O,10,0)

I want to do something like putting 12.4.11 in cell B1 and change the formula to something like:
=VLOOKUP(C10,'[Ticket Out Comparison Report.B1.xls]TO'!$C:$O,10,0)

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Formula Referencing Another Workbook?

Mar 20, 2012

I'm having an issue with a formula that references another workbook, and I'm not sure what the culprit is.

The formula is this: =IF(ISERROR(E4/VLOOKUP(D4,'C:Documents and SettingsusernameMy DocumentsRoom Capacity Master List.xlsx'!Table2[#All],2)),"",E4/VLOOKUP(D4,'C:Documents and SettingsusernameMy DocumentsRoom Capacity Master List.xlsx'!Table2[#All],2))

It works just fine on the initial pass. When I reopen the book and it prompts if I'd like to update the data, and I select yes, everything goes away. Cells E4 and D4 are both part of a PivotTable, not sure if that is important or not. This is happening on Excel 2010 running on XP.

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Referencing Cell Value In A Formula

Apr 16, 2013

Here is what I have

1. Have a COUNT value in a cell (counted the number of rows with values in them).
2. A formula that needs this value (sums another set of values in another column that has the same number of rows).

Example: the COUNT value is 12, and is located in cell G5.

For simplicity sake I have a formula in cell I5 SUM(F1:F12).

Instead of directly referencing F12, I want the formula to be SUM(F1:F(G5)).

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Referencing Variables In Formula?

Oct 24, 2013

Just got a problem with auto-populating cells with a formula that is made up of variables. My formula references the cells on another sheet, but this will be dynamic.

I'm trying to get the formula to reference e.g. cell A1 in the Calls Taken sheet, with the column held in the srtshortname variable and the row held in the formularow variable.

set rng = range(cells(introwdate, formulacol), cells(introwdate, formulacol))
rng.formula = "='Calls Taken'!" & strshortname & "" & formularow & ""

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Formula Is Referencing Different Sheets

Nov 16, 2006

I am having trouble with the following formula in my workbook with many sheets: ="='"&MONTH(A6)&"-"&DAY(A6)&"'!"&"$B$13". I entered this formula into B6 of the current sheet. Cells A6:A33 contains a date (02-Jan-07). So what I'm trying to do is retrieve the value in B13 of the sheet corresponding to the month and day in A6. If I hard code this formula into B6 ='1-2'!$B$13 it works but I don't want to edit each of the formulas in column B to correspond to the correct sheet. When I type in the above concatenated formula it just returns text (='1-2'!$B$13). Is there a way to do this so the formula will actually execute?

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Sum Across Multiple Tabs, Multiple Criteria

Aug 26, 2009

Excel 2007

My workbook contains 13 tabs - 1,2,3,...12, and Summary

My data starts on line 4 of every sheet but varies in length - so far the longest goes to line 30.

Rows used on all 13 sheet are as follows:
A - contains facility names
B - contains a two or three letter code
C - contains hours
D - contains dollars
E - contains adjusted rate

On the Summary tab I have listed all the facilites and two or three letter codes. I need to sum column "C" on tabs 1-12 when they match columns A & B on the summary tab. I have tried the following but can't get them to work:

=IF($A5=""," ",SUMPRODUCT(--('1:[12]12'!A$4:$A$50=$A5),--('1:[12]12'!B$4:$B$50=$B5),'1:12'!D$4:$D$50))
I did not put the [12] excel added that automatically I had 1:12

I just seen the THREED for the first time today and am not sure if this was the correct place to try but it didn't work anyway

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Referencing Multiple Cells From Inside A Single Cell

Dec 31, 2008

I have 4 cells with simple data in them. In another cell, I would like to make a phrase and include all the data from the 4 cells in that phrase.


="Jackpot: &G2 (&G1) / &G3 = &G4 each"

I already tried this:

="Jackpot: "&G2" ("&G1") / "&G3" = "&G4" each"

Am I missing something? I'm pretty sure this is doable, I just don't know what's missing.

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Formula Referencing Cells That Contain Another Formula?

Mar 3, 2014

I've come across a problem I can't seem to solve. I have a cell that contains =AVERAGE(D8:AH8) which was working fine. I made some changes to my sheet and now D8 through AH8 contain a number arrived at through a formula ( for example =D6/D7 ) instead of just a hard number, and my average formula no longer works.

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Referencing Value Of Cell Not Formula To Use In Another Formula?

Jun 3, 2014

I want to use the values in a range of cells in a sheet for a formula in another sheet. The problem is that these range of cells already has formulas and when I select these cells for use in another formula, the values doesn't get picked up and my formula doesn't work. for example -

cell L4 in sheet 1 has a formula - ='H:VK_2011_onwards1_ACC_BJS_SAA6
and it has a value - 34.76

cell L5 in sheet 1 has a formula - ='H:VK_2011_onwards1_ACC_BJS_SAA6
and it has a value - 47.09

Now I want to use this two cell to calculate an average in sheet 2. So if I use the formula =AVERAGE(Sheet1!L4:L5). I get no result.

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Copying Formula Referencing Another Spreadsheet?

Feb 23, 2012

Im using the below formula to paste information into a new spreadsheet based on the if then statement. However, as i paste the formula down the sheet, it doesnt reference all the cells. The formula stays on the cells it referenced initially. How can I make the formula reference all the cells as i drag it down?

=IF('[All Cases ATL.xlsx]New_All_Case'!$C$2="DA1",IF('[All Cases ATL.xlsx]New_All_Case'!$T$2="A",'[All Cases ATL.xlsx]New_All_Case'!$E$2,""),"")

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Drag A Formula Referencing Different Cells?

Apr 26, 2012

I have data in every cell within a column. I want to pull data from every 7th Cell.


Cell CP7 needs to reference AG10
Cell CP8 needs to reference AG11

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Array Formula Referencing A String

Mar 11, 2009

I'm having a problem with the below array. The column heading in cells E7:H7 Never change and i would like to sum up the appropriate data below those headings according to the what is in cell D4. The formula in cell A9 works but only if the string is exactly the same as what is listed in cell D4. Is there a way to reference cell D4 like i have in cell B9. I'm looking to get the formula in B9 to work, but i'm missing something.


ABCDEFGH2Assumptions 3Collateral Sample 1{60;90;FCL} MACRO Populates 4Collateral Sample 2{90;FCL} {60;90;FCL} 5Collateral Sample 3{FCL} 6Collateral Sample 4{60;90;FCL} 7 Current6090FCL8 990 123410200 658711360 4682212
Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaA9{=SUM(IF($E$7:$H$7={60;90;"FCL"},$E9:$H9))}B9{=SUM(IF($E$7:$H$7=$D$4,$E9:$H9))}A10{=SUM(IF($E$7:$H$7={60;90;"FCL"},$E10:$H10))}B10{=SUM(IF($E$7:$H$7=$D$4,$E10:$H10))}A11{=SUM(IF($E$7:$H$7={60;90;"FCL"},$E11:$H11))}B11{=SUM(IF($E$7:$H$7=$D$4,$E11:$H11))}Formula Array:
Produce enclosing { } by entering
formula with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER!

Excel tables to the web >>" target="_blank"> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Formula Referencing Previous Sheet

Jun 29, 2009

After a formula to copy the contents of a cell in the previous sheet in a workbook, so that if I was to copy the last sheet in a workbook the formula would automatically reference the cell from the copied worksheet and so on if I copied tht one.

Hope this makes sense I have a lot of formulas referencing the previous sheet and everytime I copy this sheet to create a new sheet I have to change the sheet number in the formulas.

eg, in sheet 8 this formula get info from sheet 7 cel J30 ='7'!J30 when i copy the sheet to create a new one (Sheet 9) I would like the new formula to automatically be ='8'!J30.

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Formula To Referencing Future Worksheet

Aug 19, 2009

Reference a worksheet that has not yet been created, avoiding the #REF! result?

The formula I have is correct, however the macro generates new worksheets throughout the month in which the totals sheet is referencing. The problem being that the totals sheet is referencing worksheets not yet created.

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