How To Check If Range Contains Certain Value

Aug 17, 2008

Is there a way to test if let's say range a1:a10 contains a value of cell b1.
I would be thankful to get the VBA code to do that


Check A Numbers In A Range To See If Any Of Them Falls Into A Particular Range

Jan 14, 2009

make this formula more concise and shorter, it was design to check a numbers in a range to see if any of them falls into a particular range.

=IF(SUM((COUNTIF(Fund,">11999")-(COUNTIF(Fund,">12999"))),(COUNTIF(Fund,">21099")-(COUNTIF(Fund,">28729"))),(COUNTIF(Fund,">28730")-(COUNTIF(Fund,">33999"))),(COUNTIF(Fund,">58999")-(COUNTIF(Fund,">59999"))),(COUNTIF(Fund,">82000")-(COUNTIF(Fund,">84999"))),(COUNTIF(FUND1,">11999")-(COUNTIF(FUND1,">12999"))),(COUNTIF(FUND1,">21099")-(COUNTIF(FUND1,">28729"))),(COUNTIF(FUND1,">28730")-(COUNTIF(FUND1,">33999"))),(COUNTIF(FUND1,">58999")-(COUNTIF(FUND1,">59999"))),(COUNTIF(FUND1,">82000")-(COUNTIF(FUND1,">84999"))))>0,"ATTACHMENT E IS REQUIRED","")

and if the any of the number fall into the range it will print the message, "Attachment is Required"

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Range Check..?

Nov 20, 2009

Is there a formula that I can use to check that all the depths are in a range of 1 to 5. If one depth is say 6 then this must be flagged up

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Check If Range Of Cells Contain Certain Value?

Mar 26, 2010

I have a range of cells which contains one of two text values (Ok and Not Ok). I would like to check my range of cells for these values. If this range have one cell that contains the text "Not Ok" I would like the formula to say "Not OK". If all cells contain "Ok" I would like the formula to say "Ok".

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Check If A Value Is A Named Range

Dec 18, 2008

I need some code that will check the valueof a combobox to see if it is a named range. i'm not sure where to start really? i know i probably need to use "ListNames" in there somewhere?

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How To Check If Range Exists

Jan 13, 2009

Hi all, this might sound really easy but I have a Named Range in excel 2003.

Now I'd like to write a VBA code to check if this range exists before carrying on futher computations.

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Check For Presence Of Value In Range

Jun 16, 2009

If I have a named range ("colors") which contains a bunch of different colors, and in a separate cell, I want to test whether a particular color is present in that range, how would I do that? For example:


=if([range contains "yellow"],1,0)

this formula would return 0.

=if([range contains "green"],1,0)

this formula would return 1.

I'm having trouble with the part in []'s.

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How To Check Values In A Range

Jan 20, 2012

I have this code that checks for blank cells and it works fine:

If Range("A15").Value = "" Then

I would like to change it to look in six specific cells, but the following code doesn't work:

If Range("A15:F15").Value = "" Then

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Check If All Values In Range Were Same?

Mar 7, 2012

What would be the best way to check if e.g. all the values in range A1:A4 were the same?

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Check If Range Is Empty?

Aug 22, 2012

I have this code here, which run's fine, if I don't include the red line. The red code, should do the following: If the "D" Column and/or the "E" columns k-th cell have no value then it should increase the k by one. If theres a cell in "D" or in "E" (or in both of them) which have a value in it then it should start the "EXECUTING COMMANDS" part.

Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = wb.Sheets(1)
Do While ws.Range("A" & k).Value ""


But this won't start too after processing the do while line. How this .value command works.

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VBA To Check Named Range On Each Tab

Sep 8, 2009

I have a spreadsheet in which I have named columns. All columns have associated columns in different tabs. Using a toggle button I want to hide or unhide these associated columns on all tabs at the same time. Here is what I have so far:

Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim ws As Worksheet
With ToggleButton1
If ToggleButton1.Value = True Then

My problem is I want to have a single string to hide/unhide the following Named columns on all sheets -- (Sheet 1 (COLU), Sheet 2 (DRCOLU), Sheet 3 (F1CCOLC), Sheet 4 (MSCOLC), Sheet 5 (PSCOLC) and Sheet 6 (POCOLC)

I was hoping to use something like -- Range("COLC, DRCOLU, F1CCOLC, MSCOLC, PSCOLC, POCOLC").EntireColumn.Hidden = True

I receive an error when I try to use it because only one of the names is used for each sheet. It needs to first verify the name exists on the sheet and if so, perform the Hide/Unhide function and if not move to the next name. When all names have been used, move to the next worksheet and perform the same action until all worksheet have been gone through.

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Formula To Check For A Value In A Range

Apr 23, 2006

is there a way to check for a value in a range, and return the value if it is not in the range, else return nothing?

H1 =85

B | C | D
25 | 50 | 75
40 | 30 | 10
12 | 9 | 66

None of the following IF statements will work:


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Check For Time Range

Apr 26, 2006

I have attached a sample for better understanding. First of all, I need to check for the highest value in Col B and lowest value in Col C in the range from Time 0900 to 1100 only. I need to use the check time function (which i have no ideal how) rather than selecting the number of rows to check.

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Check Range For Any Data

Jul 19, 2007

If my cell range in Sheet 2, K2 to K25 is empty/blank, then I want to fill that blank range with the same number/Value. It can be a 0 or a 1 or any other Value as required. But an Error 13. Type Mismatch message appears. Where is the error if I'm trying to fill the range with a Value if blank ?

Sub Macro_2()
If Sheets("Sheet2").Range("K2:K25").Value = "" Then
Sheets("Sheet2").Range("K2:K25").Value = "1"
End If
End Sub

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How Can I Check A 4 Column Range For A Particular Number

Jan 11, 2009

I would like to check a 4 column range to see if a particular number has been added to a range of number.

this is the formula that I wrote but it does not test beyond the 2nd column.


Does anyone have an different way of check for this?

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Check Range Of Cells For A Word?

May 28, 2014

This does not seem to be working and I do not know why.

If Range("T3:T999").Value = "Duplicate" Then
MsgBox "It did work"
MsgBox "What happened??"
End If

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Check A Range Of Cells For Empties

Dec 11, 2008

Upon deactivation of a worksheet I am trying to check a range of cells("B8:M8") for empties. If any cells are empty I want to generate a MsgBox that asks the user to remedy the situation. It is not necessary to tell them which cell is empty but it would be nice. Can anyone help me format this code?

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Check Range Of Cells For Data

Apr 12, 2009

I am using the following code to check data is entered in certain cells...

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Check Range; If Equal To X, Y, Or Z Then Keep Else Delete

Sep 1, 2009

I am trying to search a column for specific values.... if the cells in the column equal X, Y, or Z then I want to keep them. Anything else, should be deleted....and not just the cell the entire row that it is in.

So I'd like it to search column E for a number of different values, if equal keep the data. If not (say E6 is not any of those values) then delete that row (all of row 6)

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Check If Range Of Strings Is Sorted?

Sep 28, 2011

I have a list of strings as such

A1: A
A2: B
A3: D
A4: E

How can I check to see if this range is sorted with vba?

I have searched but havent found anything for strings.

I can only think of adding each cell to an array, creating a copy array, sorting the copy array and then comparing the two arrays. I want it to return TRUE, FALSE or 1, 0

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Check For Colored Cells In A Range

Dec 13, 2011

detecting if a range has colored cells. What would the correct syntax be for the line in red?

Sub CheckForDups()
Dim ColumnNumber As Integer
ColumnNumber = 1
Selection.FormatConditions (Selection.FormatConditions.Count).SetFirstPriority
Selection.FormatConditions(1).DupeUnique = xlDuplicate


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Range Check Across Multiple Sheets?

Feb 7, 2012

If I want to check a range of cells how would I modify this to do that?

Single Cell (working):


Range (not working):


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Check If Cell Value Exists In A Range

May 14, 2012

If the data entered in Column "I" starting from row4, exists in range "X4:X12" then "Pend for audit" should appear in Column "R" of the corresponding row.

below is the coding Iam using.


Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
Dim StateName As String
Dim CName As String
Set Cells_Changed = Target(1, 1)


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VBA Check Name In Range If Not Perform Action?

Apr 12, 2013

If a name is entered in cboRepName combo box, I want to check if the name matches the list of names in the named range "Names" found in sheet repInformation. If the name is not found, then perform tasks.

Here is what I have so far, of course is not working, but I think I am close.

Private Sub cboRepName_BeforeUpdate(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)
Dim repName As String
Dim nRange As Range


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Number To Check Within Range Of 2 Numbers?

May 23, 2014

I need to judge whether a number falls between a range of 2 numbers.

A1=332.024 B1=349.956
C1=335.23 So D1 must give 1 (since between the range) else 0.
If C1=332.02 D1=0
If C1=349.9566 D1=0
If C1=332.024 D1=1
If C1=349.956 D1=1

What formula should be punched in D1?

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Check For Valid Named Range

Dec 10, 2007

I have this formula =COUNTIF(WallA,D35) which works great unless the named range is deleted. Is there a way to check to see if the named range is valid in formula?

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Check If All Cells In Range Are Empty

Nov 3, 2008

I have an if statement as follows:

If IsEmpty(Range(Cells(iCurrentRow, iFirstDataColumn), Cells(iCurrentRow, iTotalCol)))


i did a select to make sure it was selecting the whole range I want and it works fine:

Range(Cells(iCurrentRow, iFirstDataColumn), Cells(iCurrentRow, iTotalCol)).Select
Inside my range I can have cells with 0s in them and cells with nothing in them. What I would like my if statement to do is return true ONLY when ALL cells have nothing in them. At the moment, even if I have 0's in some cells, it's returning false.

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Check If Any Cells In Range Are Numeric

Nov 4, 2008

If I have the following cells and values

A1 = 0
A2 = 0
A3 = ""
A4 = 0

I want a vba if statement that makes A5 = "Numeric.

If I have:
A1 = 0
A2 = 0
A3 = A
A4 = 0

I want A5 to = "Non Numeric"

Similarly if:
A1 = ""
A2 = ""
A3 = ""
A4 = ""

I want a5 to = "Non Numeric"

Is there a way to do this without looping through each cell in the range?

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Check For TextBox Value Match In Range

Nov 10, 2006

I am trying to have a macro to take a value from a text box and see if it is matches a value that is in a specified range. If it comes back true then it shows an error message. This code is working for text values, but if it is numeric it will not find find it.

Sub SearchForMatch()
'Procedure level declarations
Dim rngCell As Range
Dim bMatch As Boolean
' Loop through each cell in the nominated range
For Each rngCell In Range("B4:B50")
'If there us a matching value then set your
'boolean flag to true and exit the loop
If rngCell.Value = TextBox1.Value Then
bMatch = True
Exit For
End If

'If a match was found then alert the user
If bMatch Then MsgBox ("Name already exsists.")
End Sub

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Check Range & Show Blank Instead Of 0

Apr 23, 2007

See attached spreadsheet for example of the sheet I am using.

Problem 1.

Columns C and D show me figures when the number in col A is > 2500 or < 550 when these criteria are not met a 0 is displayed in the cell, is it possible to alter my formula so that nothing (a blank cell) is displayed rather than a 0 - I am wondering if there is something like null which I can use?


Problem 2.

In column E (normal days) I want to display the value of A if it is > 550 but < 2500 - is there a way of doing this in a single formula? Again I would just like a blank to be displayed if the value of A does not meet the above criteria.

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Check For Blank Cells In Range

Aug 25, 2007

I have X amount of cells (formulasheet) , these are used to input data, which is then summarized into a sheet on the same file. I'm trying to find a code that forces the user to fill out all the fields. If the user do not, the "submit button" will not proceed, at least not work. Almost like a forum registrating, where it is required to fill it all some mandatory fields in order to proceed.

The cells datatypes are mixed, some are Integer and some are String.

Is there anyway that are code can be written "if the cell(s) is FALSE (nothing in the cell) then display message.

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Constantly Check Range For Values

Sep 25, 2007

At the moment I have 2 columns, A1:A5 and B1:B5. Normally A1:A5 and B1:B5 are all 0's. Every 5 minutes numbers will show up in column B and I do a procedure outside excel(feedback of DDE's) and they all go back to 0. Now sometimes the cells in A1:A5 are not all 0 after the numbers show up in B1:B5. I can reset A1:A5 to 0 with a macro button. I already built that macro, lets call that macro 'Mike'. So now I have to press that macro button every time when B1:B5 are showing zero's after the procedure and A1:A5 are not showing 0's. Is there a way a macro can constantly check if A1:A5 is non zero and B1:B5 is zero that the macro Mike is called?

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Formula To Check Date Range And Then Do Calculation?

Apr 7, 2014

I am looking for a single formula I can run along a single row that looks at several columns of data, and then checks if the date range falls between the running row, take it's relevant number, and multiply it by a single rate. The attached probably explains it clearly - I think the solution would be some sort of Sumproduct, but my attempts have failed!Example - Date Range with Calculation.xlsx

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Check Instances Of A Range Of Values In A Column

Sep 30, 2008

I have a column that I want to check if a column contains any instances of particular values. If any are present I want it to return a 1, if not then return a zero.

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Countif? Check If Several Variable Appeared In The Range

Jan 25, 2009

I have attached the jpeg on my question. (attached the excel file). basically, on my selected range, it has number from 0 to 6 in the five columns. how can i set the formula (countif? or which other better formula) to detect if 4,1 and 1 exist in the range?

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Check If Any Cell In Range Contains Value And Copy That Value To Another Workbook?

Jun 9, 2014

I have 400 source files containing (among others) 8 sheets with daily results: "Fri 23", "Mon 26", "Tue 27", "Wed 28", "Thu 29", "Fri 30", "Sat 31 (if applicable)", "Mon 2".

Each sheet contains also:
State - D1
Role - D2
Staff ID - D3
Date - D4

Activity group name in column A (starting from row 8)
Activity type in column B (merged with C and D) (starting from row 8)
Activity time in columns E:GV (starting from row 8). Usually, there is none or only one value in whole range (e.g. E8:GV8). But sometimes there are two values.

Customer ID in row 6 (value appears only if time was reported in E:GV range)
CC Number in row 7 (value appears only if time was reported in E:GV range)

It's all about transferring values from all daily sheets in all files (.xls) sitting in folder C:WADFinal to one simple table (WAD_Consolidation_file.xls, sheet "Consolidated") consisted of 9 columns: Staff ID, Role, State, Date, Activity Group, Activity Type, Minutes, Customer ID, CC Number.

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How To Check If Previous Active Cell Was Within Range

Jun 18, 2014

So the constraints are

1. if there's a value in name or names count => must be at least one value in test1 or test2

2. last value in names count must be equal to the sum of trues in B1:B4 Problem Is it possible to identify once any of the cells in A9:D12 are activated that once that range is deactivated I run the check to make sure the constraints are met, and populate default values in the case they are not?

Is it possible to identify once any of the cells in A9:D12 are activated that once that range is deactivated I run the check to make sure the constraints are met, and populate default values in the case they are not?

Trying to figure it out with a some combination of: checking if the last cell I was in was in the range and I am no longer in that range; using the selection change change event?


Attached File : HelpMeWorkbook.xlsx‎

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If Value Is Not In Range - Error Message Then Check If Duplicates

Jun 29, 2014

I currently have the code below, and it checks if there are duplicates of the entered value on all sheets. I would also like to prevent users from entering a value that is not within a certain range. How to add this to my code? I've tried to add another If, but it just ended up looping.

Maybe it would be good to make something like:
1. first check if value is within range (between 1000000 and 3999999). if not within range: msgbox and delete entry.
2. then check for duplicates

Here is the code I have so far:

[Code] ......

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Check If Value Exists In Range For Worksheet Filtering

Nov 3, 2009

I'm looking to use the value from a series of dropdowns (made via data validation lists).

Cell AM5 is a dropdown of named ranges made form a seperate sheet
Cell AO5 is a dropdown that uses '=INDIRECT(AM5) to lookup the values in the named range.

I need cell AO5's value to be used to filter rows in the current worksheet. The current problem is when i use the first dropdown in AM5 it still displays the last value, untill i use the dropdown to select a new one. This value typically will not be found and i do not want my code to execute in these cases.

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Check If Cells Are Empty If So Delete Range?

Jul 25, 2012

im having a little trouble writing a macro to :

check if a7:t7 is empty, if so delete a6:t7 and change cell colour of a6:t7 to 'no fill'

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