Linking Sheets Into One Major Sheet

Apr 12, 2006

I have a large workbook, split into sheets, with very complex formulas in it.
I want one sheet at the end of this workbook to reflect all the data from the
other sheets, if you know what I mean - so it is ALL the data from the
different sheets, in one "all info" sheet.

I also want it to update automatically so I don't have to re-enter lots of data when updating the
separate sheets. Is there any way of doing this? I have looked at some of the
answers on here but I got very lost.

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Linking Two Excel Sheets To Complete Data On One Sheet

Dec 20, 2012

I have two excel sheets, one has partial information (displayName, title, company, streetAddress, city, state, postalCode, Pager, homephone, fax) the other has the missing information that I need on the first sheet.

Sheet 1 (DB1, has partial info) and Sheet 2 (DB2, has the missing info). I need to somehow link these two, and what they both have in common is name. DB1 has "displayName" which is just First Name Last Name (e.g. John Smith). DB2 has First Name and Last Name, but i'll concatenate that to a new column named "displayName" ( which I assume will be needed to link? ).

The missing information in DB1 is title / streetAddress / city / postal code. DB2 has "Location" (which is a company code, and I want to replace the code with the address, city, postal code) and "Group" (which is title).

To make it easier, I could just do a find and replace on DB2 (e.g. A01-DFW-HWY67) and do it that way right? Or is there any easier way to do that?

Other than that though, how would I link DB1 and DB2, using displayName and fill out DB1 with the information from DB2?

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Formula Error In Hidden Sheets With Formulas Linking To A Sheet Of Same Workbook?

Nov 30, 2012

I am currently working with a hidden sheetname "hide_template" which contains formula linking to another sheetname "rawdata" of same workbook.

In this "rawdata", the contents is updated from time to time.

The problem is when I open this workbook and update the entries in "rawdata", the formulas/results in "hide_template" is not updated and invalid (ie. #N/A, #VALUE..)

This is the overview of process that Im working with:

===> open workbook ===> paste new entries on "rawdata" ==> run a macro to copy range in the "hidden_template" to paste to new sheet of same workbook

I already have a working macro to copy range from the "hidden_template" which works as follows:

===> set to visible the "hidden_template" ===> copy range from "hidden_template" ===> paste to new sheet ===> set to hidden the "hidden_template"

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Linking 3 Sheets To Summary Sheet Keeping Track And Totals Of Categories

Jul 22, 2014

I have a spread sheet for my checking accounts. There are 3 sheets, BW, QW, and Chase CC. In the 1st 2 sheets row D is named "Category" and the 3rd sheet has the same name but is in column C.

How to link the 3 sheets to a summary sheet keeping track and totals of the categories ?

Example in sheet BW I have a category called "Utilities" and the column to the right of that is the amount. Then ect for other categories.

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Setting Major Unit With VBA

Oct 10, 2013

have the following code

With Charts("Chart1").Axes(xlValue)
.MajorUnit = 1
End With

The default is in months. What is the VBA code to change it to years? to days?

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Adding Weight Major And Minor

Sep 15, 2014

I have two columns. One with the major weight(pounds and one with minor with ounces. The first column would have a 1 the second 8 for 1 lb 8 ounces which I need to combine to say 1.5 Every way I do it it is coming up with 10.5.

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Linking Commandbuttons On Different Sheets

Dec 12, 2007

im currently trying to link a commandbutton1 (calckatz) on one sheet to activate another commandbutton2 (megkatz) on another sheet.

the code for commandbutton2 is

Private Sub MEGkatz_Click()
'Meg calcs KATZ

Range("F6").GoalSeek Goal:=Range("F5"), ChangingCell:=Range("D9")
end sub

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Linking Blocks Of Cells Across Sheets

May 1, 2014

I have a master tab that has data grouped as follows

Column 1
title of a section (written once then left blank for the rest of a section)

Column 2
numerous descriptors (each in a new row)

Column 3
The response to the descriptors in column 2

I want to link entire sections from column 2 and 3 into different excel files so that if I make changes to column 2 or 3 in the master tab, the changes are made to all tabs. If there is a way, I'd like it if I add a row to the master, it is automatically added to the others.

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Conditional Linking Between Multiple Sheets

Nov 24, 2008

Okay, now on to the question:

I have three sheets "Contacts"/Sheet 1, "Judges"/Sheet 2, "Sponsors"/Sheet 3. Row 1 and 2 have been used as headers in each of them.

I would like to be able to enter a value in A3 of Sheet 1, such as 'judge' (a number would work fine too), and have the contact information in the same row (columns B-M) copy into the next available row of Sheet 2 in columns B-M.

I don't know if a formula exists for this but if I could type anything in the formula box and have Excel be smart enough to figure out what I'm asking I'd type something like this:

"Hey Excel. Follow this formula: IF 'judge' in sheet 1, A3; THEN copy sheet 1, B3-M3 to sheet 2, B-M next available row...Then do the same thing for 'contacts' but copy into sheet 3."

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Simple IF Formula And Linking 2 Sheets

Feb 9, 2009

So I have a list of names, and I need to keep track of whose paperwork I have. There's a column that says Yes/No.

I would like to link everything to another sheet in the file. So for every name that says "No," I would like that name to appear in the next sheet. And when someone updates the first page to put in a "yes," I want it automatically taken off the second sheet.


I have Sheet 1:....

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Linking Two Columns In Two Different Sheets In Excel?

Jul 17, 2014

I have a table in sheet1 in excel containing 10 rows. I want to copy the first column of this table into sheet2 in the same workbook but what I want is that in case I inserted a row or more in Sheet1, I wanted to be copied to sheet2 automatically. How can I do this?

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Linking 2 Sheets With SUMIF Function

Oct 1, 2008

I am trying to link 2 excel sheets together and I am wondering if using the SUMIF Function is the best way to do this. I will try to explain and illustrate my position.

First I have a sheet called Master where I import my companies inventory and prices. It contains ALL our inventory. Looks like this:

(Column A) (Column B)
(Item Code (Item Price
(ROW3) ZPIN $0.30
Now this master sheet is changing all the time as we import new products and prices all the time. So, this is a "list" where I can sort it by Item Code alphabetically.

Now, I am trying to make another worksheet with a list of what each of our kits contain and there prices. I will call this ThumbPiano. Like this:

Column A: COLUMN B:

We have many different kits, that only take a couple of products, and our inventory list is at like 3,400. I want to be able to go into the Master sheet and update an Item price and have it automatically update it in whatever worksheet contains those items. But how can I do this if I add an item into the workseet. Then the cells move and whatever data was in that cell before is not there now.

So, that is why I chose the SUMIF function. Maybe there is a better one? Here's what I tried...assuming the two lists before, and the code Zpin is extra in the Inventory list because we do not use it in the thumb piano hardware pack.

I tried:

It works, but then when I save it and close out of it and then re-open the ThumbPiano sheet it asks me if I want to update the sheet. I click yes, and then all the cell says "#VALUE!" "A value used in the formula is of the wrong data type." Please let me know what is going wrong. I know there has to be a way to do this. I just wonder if the SUMIF formula is not the way to link 2 sheets together...but if it isn't please keep in mind that I have this looking through 3,400 parts and I will be adding to them all the time, so it needs to search through all those parts and display the correct price....

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Linking Data (look At Sheet 1 And Populate The Date Columns With The Guest Name From Sheet 1)

Jan 7, 2009

Sheet 1 contains a column titled "name" and 6 columns to the right of name titled "sat", "sun", "mon"........ the col titled name is not the first col in the work sheet.

In each row I enter the guest name under the name col and I enter a room number (example: 1A, 1B, 2A, etc...) in the column to the right that coresponds with the day the guest will be staying.

Name Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

Mr. Smith 1A 1A 1A 1A
Mr. Jones 3B 3B 3B
Ms. Tiller 4A 4A 4A 4A 4A 4A 4A

Sheet 2 is in the same workbook and looks something like this:

Room # Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

I want it to look at sheet 1 and populate the date columns with the guest name from sheet 1

I tried this formula =IF('Sheet1'!G:G="1A",'Sheet1!$F:$F,"Available")
It seems to work on the first row but I have problems with any rows below that. Basically it acts like there is no data in the rows below.... I think the fact that the names on sheet 1 are not alphabetical is creating part of my problem? I tried a lookup formula but it seems like it has to be the first column in the worksheet and it has to be alphabetical to work like that.

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Linking Sheets To ActiveX Combobox In Excel

Sep 13, 2012

I have a name list on sheet2, column A that will have names added to and removed from. Everytime this list is modified it sorts in ascending order and creates a new sheet named after the name added. These items are added to an ActiveX combo box on sheet1. I need to know how to link the item in the combo box to the corresponding sheet(ex: item: "Jim", sheet name: "Jim").

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Disable Automatic Absolute References When Linking To External Sheets?

May 30, 2014

Would be a massive time saver but can't find anything here or on Google on how to do this.

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Smart Filter To Only Show Contract Items That Had Major Impact On Gross Profit

Mar 10, 2014

seeattached data set.

Contract Item
Gross Profit
GP %


It is Gross Profit in Dollars and % for a particular project. Each row is a contract Item. The Overall Gross Profit for the month in dollars is 34,114.86 In preparing a short commentary to discuss this 34,114.86 I need to discuss atleast some contract items. If there were no negative results I have often in the past simply written. The top 5contributors to this Gross Profit were contract items 1 -6, out of 42, delivering 80% of the result. I might also go into what actually those contract items were and why they presented such a decent Gross Margin, ie. Costs came in well under budget(estimate). But with negative results, the bottom 4 contract items represent a large dollar loss of-34k which is 100% basically of the Gross Profit itself. If these had even just broken even we would have a GP double the current amount. So they obviously deserve as much comment.

In excel orsimilarly in say Crystal Reports what is a good way of further sorting these 42records either in a table or chart, whereby say the top 80% contract items that had a major impact on the gross profit are shown and the rest hidden. Ie. All thelittle sub 1000 or sub -1000 amounts.

How wouldother people here write a commentary on this data set? Can you script something to illustrate?

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Linking Cells For Update On One Sheet It Updates My Last "customer Touch" On A Master Sheet

Aug 24, 2009

I am tracking my sales interactions and am trying to link cells so when I update on one sheet it updates my last "customer touch" on a master sheet. Current formula-

On "sheet1" I selected a cell and used this formula... =sheet2!$b$7

The problem is that I want to keep a history of what was in that sheet 2 B7 cell so i insert a row (making B7 move down and become B8) and enter new info into the new b7. if I go back to sheet1 the formula in the selected cell becomes =sheet2!$b$8 I want it to stay to =sheet2!$b$7 no matter what I do... insert rows, delete rows etc...

in short what i am trying to do is have a cell in sheet1 show my last interaction with the customer and keep a history of in sheet2-infiniti.... with the caveat that my last interaction on sheet 2 etc... is listed first (thus the insert row)

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Linking First Column Of Sheet 1 And Sheet 2?

Jul 20, 2014

I want to be able to associate the first row and first column of Sheet 2 to Sheet 1. I need to make sure the data in each row stays next to its corresponding cell in the first column, even with changes in the first column. The data that is not the labels in row 1 and column 1 are different between Sheet 2 and Sheet 1, however.

To clarify what I'm looking for, I attached an example excel file where I manually entered stuff for each cell that describes what I want to have automated:

The first row and first column of Sheet 2 are always equal to the first row and first column of Sheet 1. However, the data in between them is different. When I add the 'bb' cell into Sheet 1, the 'bb' cell needs to be automatically updated into Sheet 2 and a new row is inserted in both sheets. It is important that the corresponding data for each of a, b, c, d stays next to a, b, c, d, respectively in both sheets (i.e. I want a blank row next to the 'bb' cell in both sheet 1 and sheet 2).

EDIT: In the file that I have attached, there are four sets of data all on one sheet. In reality the 'Sheet 1' set would start on top left corner of Sheet 1 and the 'Sheet 2' set would start on top left corner sheet 2, I just put them this way so you can see them all at once.

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Linking Data From One Sheet To Another

Nov 22, 2013

So I have 2 spreadsheets of Car Inventory Data that I want to export into what will be printed out as Addendum Stickers...basically we're offering a new product with all vehicles and need to update the Sticker Price to reflect the change. The main worksheet with all of the data I'm trying to export is as follows:

Column A:
Stock Number
Example: (Column, Row A3) T12345

Column B:
Model Number
Example: (Column, Row B3) 1234A

Column C:
VIN Number
Example: (Column, Row C3) ABCDEFG12A3456789

Column D:
Retail Price
Example: (Column, Row D3) $20,100

Column E:
New Product Cost
Example: (Column, Row E3) $399

Column F:
Model Name
Example: (Column, Row G3) Camry

Now the price of the new product being added in is the same: $399. All data runs in rows (A3-E3, A4-E4, etc.). I AutoSum'ed each row and output the new calculated price into Column F next to each row of vehicles.


I want to take the Stock Number, Model Number, VIN Number, Retail Price, New Product Price and New Updated Total or Columns A-F and output them into multiple sheets:


Company Name (B1-C1)

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Linking A CheckBox To A Different Sheet

Nov 13, 2006

I Am wondering if you can use a checkbox, to update a cell on a different sheet in the same workbook. CheckBox 1 is the box on say, Tab 2. And if it was ticked, would transfer the name to Say Sheet 2, cell B7.

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Automatic Linking On Excel Sheet

May 18, 2013

How do i do the automatic linking on the excel sheet like the one done on the following example


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Linking Between Sheet Dropdown Menus

Oct 19, 2012

I need to link this summary sheet projects to this plant and equipment list sheet to show each project numbers separate weekly cost hire on the summary sheet.

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Dynamic Linking To A Cell On Sheet

Mar 4, 2009

inthe above quoted formula last part "Sheet2!$A$2:$A$11" is the data for Jan in sheet2, if I need Feb results I need to change it to "Sheet2!$B$2:$B$11"

Is there a way to make it dynamic by linking this to a cell on sheet1? Example if sheet1 A1 cell contains name of month, by changing that the results should also change?

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Crashes When Linking To Other Sheet Or File

Jan 13, 2010

my excel has developed the nasty habit of crashing when i try to link to another sheet or file.

i tried to copy the sheets to another file, and that worked.... for a while. i just cannot think to see what i do that causes this....

i am running excel 2003 (cheapskate company) and windows xp

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Linking Copy Onto Hidden Sheet For Backup

Nov 15, 2012

I have a database (attached) that has data entered into the "Progression" sheet. This data is continually updated, and once each row has a section date, I have a macro that moves the data from "Progression" to the "Complete" sheet (and from there, into a specific month sheet). I AM REALLY CONCERNED with data accidentally getting deleted (especially when/after getting moved to "Complete"). I know that you can link cell values from one worksheet to another, but since my data is continually changing in the Progression and Complete sheets, the linkage wouldn't maintain the correct cell values from day to day. Is there a better approach to creating "backup" data in excel than this linkage option? Preferably something that runs in the background without my input?

An option could be that I move my data from Progression into both the Complete sheet and then a hidden "Master" sheet when I run the macro. If I chose that route, how would I modify my coding to include transferring to the Master sheet as well?

Lastly, a simple linkage between the Master sheet and another sheet in a second workbook should be sufficient as a backup method?

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Summary Sheet Linking To Multiple Files

May 6, 2009

I am trying to create a summary sheet that automatically gets information from files in a folder.

Lets say I have two folders - Data and Summary. Data folder has many files. Files are added regularly. The files are named in systematic way in following format:
[Unit Number][Type][Job Number]

Exampleas of Unit Number: 75845, JBKU238547-6, T-546
Types: ae, hydro, noret, refurb
Examples of Job Number: 96789, 96780, 95847

The example of a filename will be like this: T-546refurb96780. Each file has a field called test date and up to 13 rows of information in tabular format.

Now, in my Summary file in folder Summary, I would like to automatically get values from all the files that are in the folder Data. If a file is added in the Data folder, the Summary file should automatically know that. The summary has to be sorted based on the test date.

I would like to assign 13 rows for each unit.

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Linking Cells To Unique Text On Other Sheet?

Apr 4, 2007

I'm trying to link values from one worksheet to another (in same workbook). I'm nearly there, but falling down on one area. Say on sheet2 I have these values(in columns A and B):

C1 100pf
C2 100pf
C3 100pf
C4 100pf
C5 100pf
C6 100pf
C7 100pf
C8 do not fit
C9 do not fit
C10 do not fit.............

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Linking Pivot Table Data To Excel Sheet

May 26, 2014

I am trying to link data from a pivot table we have in excel to a separate excel sheet.

The pivot table contains an up to date list of our inventory, however, we want to take that data and put it in a cleaner looking excel that we can e-mail to customers and publish on our website. Going individually, through every product takes too much time to have an up to date stock every day. Its even difficult to manage if we want to update just once a week.

When I link the cells of the pivot table to the new excel sheet they are constantly changing values as people are constantly editing the filters of the pivot table to look up various things.

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Linking To A Cell On Excel Sheet - Subscript Out Of Range Error

Jun 18, 2013

I have the folloing Sheets("Monday").Select.

I would like to link this to a cell in my excel sheet.

On Sheet 1 i have a folmular which gives me yesterdays day I would like to like this to the cell so i tryed this

Tabname = sheet1.cells(12, 9)

And I have change the above to Sheets(" & Tabname & ").select.

Its giving me a Subscript out of range error.

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Linking Sheet Data To Auto Update With Inserting New Rows

Jul 2, 2006

I have found this sales forecasting template from the Microsoft excel template section on the web, however, when i insert the new rows, it does not automatically update the "linked" sheets. It is the "detailed sales pipleline management sheet".

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