List Duplicate List Values

Aug 24, 2008

I have an excel spreadsheet that is several thousand entries long. There are cases in which duplicate entries will spring up on that list.

What I want to do is come up with a formula that will find the first duplicate entry in that list and then display that entry in cell on another worksheet. If it was at all possible, I would also like to have the row that the duplicate entry is contained on display as well, in a different cell of course.

I do not want to highlight them using conditional formatting since I have used that to perform other tasks on that sheet and that wouldn't display the entries in a different cell for me, and I would prefer not to use a macro to perform this function it that was at all avoidable.

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Find Duplicate Values From A List

Apr 8, 2014

I need to generate a form letter from values on another sheet. I'm using vlookup and as you know, for duplicate values, only the first reference is given. I have several duplicates and need to pull the correct row data for each instance. I would need to replace each vlookup with the proper formula in my letter.

sample file.xlsx‎

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How To Remove Duplicate Values Of Last Name List

Apr 24, 2014

So for a project I need to put together a list of Portuguese-speaking last names. So I have various sources where I copied from, so I have one column in excel where I put all that data. I sorted the data to be in the correct alphabetical order. But when I try to remove the duplicate values in that column is says it removed them but it didn't and when it does it leaves many behind. I have tried the trim function, and even formatting but nothing works. I attached the non-formatted and non-trimmed list, because it doesn't seem to be making a difference.

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Validation Rule Dropdown List Without Duplicate Values

Feb 9, 2012

How to get rid of duplicate values in validation dropdown menu. I am using a range for the list that has a lot of repetitive values. I want to have only unique ones in the list.

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Adding Duplicate Values And Extracting New List Without Duplicates

May 23, 2013

I have a name in Column A, and a number that goes with it in Column B. Some of the names on Column A are duplicates. I want to extract a new list that will add the values in Column B of all matching names on Column A, so that my list has only unique names and a total of the numbers in Column B.

SPP-001 2
SPP-002 3
SPP-006 4
SPP-001 5
SPP-008 9
SPP-006 3

Result that I'm looking for"

SPP-001 6
SPP-002 3
SPP-006 7
SPP-008 9

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Unique Values From List Of Many Duplicate Values?

Jan 31, 2014

how to get this with formula:

Column A - - Column B
a - - - - - - - a
a - - - - - - - b
b - - - - - - - c

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Named List: Data Validation To Restrict The User To Only Selecting Values In A List

Jun 15, 2007

I'm trying to use data validation to restrict the user to only selecting values in a list which I create. Right now, the list is a named range. I'd like to get rid of the range and just use a named list. I create a name using the following as my list.

Insert > Name > Create
Name: Fruit

Refers to:

When I try to use the name Fruit in my data validation, I get the message "The List Source must be a delimited list, or a reference to single row or column." I thought my name "fruit" was a delimited list.

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List 3 Different Values To List Of List Of 3 In Combobox?

Jan 12, 2014

how I can list 3 different values to a list of list of 3 in a combo box, is.

combo box

select high = 35
select middle 30
select low = 25

I have the names in the box I just need it to add a value (which I have listed 1 in each separate cells) to each selection

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Obtaining List Of Unique Values From List Based On Some Criteria?

May 28, 2014

The function below should return the value in a cell IF the string in the cell two cells to the left of it is "Nemo" Omitting the part highlighted in blue, my function returns a list of unique values...but when it's included, nothing is returned at all. Perhaps, there is an error in the syntax that I'm overlooking?

Function listUnique(rng As Range) As Variant
Dim row As Range
Dim elements() As String


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List Values From Multiple Columns In A Dropdown List

Dec 17, 2012

how to list values from multiple columns in a dropdown list based on lookup value of 1st column as below.

This is how the table looks like.

4" AB1 AB2 AB3
6" ZA2 zd4 -

This is how the dropdown list should look like for Product 4"


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Use Values From One List To Remove Rows From Another List

Feb 24, 2007

I have two lists in the same workbook:

List 1) Contains customer contact information, including an account number. These account numbers may be duplicated in the list.

List 2) Contains account numbers of customers who wish to be removed from the first list.

I need to remove the rows from the customers list (List 2) where the account numbers match, and also copy those to another list for review. So far, I can manually choose and run some code to remove one particular account number only (eg 123):

Set FoundCell = Range("A:A"). Find(What:="123")
'Locate information to remove
Do Until FoundCell Is Nothing
Sheets(" Deleted List").Select


ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select..................

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Remove List Values Not Present In Another List

Dec 5, 2007

I have two worksheets, one which contains a list of workstation numbers, and another which contains all of the workstation numbers and additional information on the workstations in the company.

I want to remove all workstation numbers and their information which are not present on the first list from the second list.

In the first w.orksheet each workstation number is in a seperate row, and in column one (seperate cells).

In the second worksheet, each workstation number and its corresponding information is on the same row, and each different workstation is on a seperate row with its information.

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Drop Down List Which Returns Values Based On What Has Been Selected In The Previous Drop Down List In The Adjacent Cell

Mar 19, 2009

I'm trying to create a drop down list which returns values based on what has been selected in the previous drop down list in the adjacent cell, e.g. if 'Apples' is selected in the previous cell then you should only be able to select from 'Gala, Granny Smith', or if 'Oranges' is selected you should only be able to select 'Seville, Blood Orange'. Is there a formula which would do this, or can I use a pivot table somehow? I'm totally stumped.

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Remove Duplicate In List

Sep 4, 2013

I used to have a macro that did this for me, but the layout of the exported data has changed and now the whole macro has had to be rebuilt.

I've got a list of two pieces of data: Material (Column A) and Order (Column B). I'm putting a spreadsheet together and populating it with VLookUps. This spreadsheet will list the materials and the Orders after each, but then I also want to list the second Order in the next cell if there is a second order.

For instance, in the below, Material 10880873 has two different Orders. The first VLookUp grabs Order 513792568. I need the second VLookUp to grab the next Order 513792569.


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Drop Down List Which Displays A Different Set Of Values Depending Upon The Value Selected By A Previous Drop Down List

Oct 26, 2009

I need to have a drop down list which displays a different set of values depending upon the value selected by a previous drop down list. ie. (drop down box 1)= x, y, z. (drop down box 2)= either x1, x2, x3, or y1, y2, y3, or z1, z2, z3. I can produce a single drop down box thats not a problem but linking several drop down boxes is beyond me .

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Prevent Duplicate When Entry From List

Oct 9, 2012

How prevent duplicate when entry from list?

Attachment file : testing.xlsx

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Create List That Has Duplicate Entries

Oct 18, 2007

I am trying to create a drop down list from a named range that has duplicate names listed. I cannot delete any of the duplicate rows. Is there an easy way to create the list with each name represented only once?

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Creating List Of Duplicate Names

Jan 18, 2012

I want to create a list of names where the name is multiplied by the number on the second column. See below example.

NamesTickets EarnedMark5Hazel2Art4

On the other sheet's Column A

What macro can I use?

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Find Last Duplicate In List Of Data?

Feb 7, 2012

I have a list of data that currently has a conditional format on it of =COUNTIF($F$2:$F2,$F1)>1 so that it will highlight the duplicate but keep the first entry blank. I wondered whether there is a way to identify the last duplicate in the list. i imagine this could be done in a column say with an "L".

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Deleting All Duplicate Items In A List

Jul 24, 2007

I am a tax auditor, and I am working with excel and I have two lists. One is a complete list of items, both taxable and non-taxable, the other is a list of just non-taxable. I highlighted the non-taxable sales and copied and pasted them under the main list, and I want to delete all the non-taxable items. Basically, the only duplicates in my list are non-taxable, and I need to delete ALL of them.

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Formula To List Duplicate Items

Jan 16, 2007

I have a long list of work items that is referenced by a unique 7 digit number. I need to create a formula to identify the specific work items that is being duplicated in the list and generate that number. Example is as follows

Work Item#


Based on the above list, I need to create a formula that generates all work items that is being duplicated.In the example above, the formula should generate the following work items:


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Look Up List Values Between Two Values; List Row Contents

Feb 24, 2009

Sheet2 contains various data, including one column of dates.

What I would like to do is populate Sheet1 with functions that search Sheet2 for date values between two separate date values on Sheet1 (cells F1 and G1). When a match is found on Sheet2, row contents from Sheet2 should populate on Sheet1.

In addition, I would like the functions only to match listings in which the value in column E on Sheet2 is greater than zero.

I have attached a sample workbook that illustrates the structure of the worksheets and the desired results. Looking forward to finding a good solution.

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Countif In Multiple Worksheets With Duplicate List?

Jan 8, 2014

I need to lookup & count the number of cells from column I to BH with values greater than 0 in sheet 2 and return the results to the corresponding list of items in sheet 1. However, the data in sheet 2 have duplicate list of items and may have duplicate values as well from Column I to BH which I wanted to be counted as 1 only. I'm attaching a file as a reference.

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Detecting Duplicate Cells Using Info From The List

Feb 5, 2014

I have a sheet containing lots of information (lists of flight information to and from all countries). So entries are duplicated in the entire sheet. For example LITHUANIA, USA, CHINA... appears lots of times. I only need to highlight particular countries.

I would just use conditional formatting, but maybe there is a quicker way to do that?

So there is a list of 50 countries in one sheet and in another sheet I got all the info. I need those 50 countries from the list to be highlighted in the info sheet (sheet has many columns and rows).

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Can't Remove Duplicate Rows From A Combined List

Aug 4, 2013

I have 2 lists, A and B. The lists were Obtained by different methods. However the information is now static and It seems that they have compatible information and format. But when I cut and paste A to B to make a single list, and I try to delete duplicate rows in the single list, I'm unable to do so. What can I do? Attached are the lists.

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Find Duplicate Keywords, And List Maximum

Feb 13, 2010

I have rows of 10 keywords. I want the macros to compare the first row against all the rows except itself, then compare the second row against all the rows except itself, the third row against all the rows except itself, basically looking for duplicates...It will then record in a column for each respective row, the max # of duplicates found with another row..

For instance lets say I was looking at the 15th row, and it looked for duplicates elsewhere. It only found duplicates in the 4th row and the 5th row. In the fourth row, there were 5 keywords common, and in the 5th row there were 7 keywords common. Therefore the max # of common words is 7 for the 15th row, and that is what is recorded.

In addition the number of rows will probably vary it could range from 1 to 500. I included an excel spreadsheet that has visually speaking how this could work, maybe using COUNTIF. Basically it counts the # of common keywords for one row with all the other rows, pastes the count #s to the right, then finds the max of those count #s, copies the max into another column, then clears the count #s, and looks up the next row, repeats the same process. It is easier probably if you look at the attached spreadsheet to get an idea of what i am talking about..

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Find Large Value If List Is Having Duplicate Data?

Dec 30, 2011

I am facing problem in finding the second large value while my list is having duplicate data.

For Example

my numbers are:-

if I want to find out the top four value by using the formula:-


the result is coming like: - 90,87,87,65

instead of this I want the result as: - 90,87,65,45.

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Counting Duplicate Files And Comparing To List

Mar 22, 2013

I am trying to make a Macro that will search through a folder on my PC and look for file names with a string such as shown below:

The issue i am facing is that many of the files have duplicates.

I need it to check to see if the number of duplicates in Column E for each file name have the same amount of duplicate files in the actual folder... and if they don't I need the rows(s) highlighted Yellow.

Example: Say I run this macro.. and there are only 2 files in the folder that start with "BH1003".. as there is 3 instances in column E.. the 3 rows that have "BH1003" in them should all highlight..

I have added my code so far below also, but it only highlights each row Yellow if it finds an instance of the string in column E.. I don't know how to get it to count and compare....


Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()
'Search Folder for files - Highlight Yellow if Exists - Highlight Red if NOT Exists.
Dim r As Long, lastRow As Long
With ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet
'get last row


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Data Validation List & No Duplicate Entries

May 23, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that needs to have a validation drop down list in three cells in every row (D, E, F). There are three items in the list, say, "One", "Two" and "Three".

My only problem is that there can only be one entry of "One" in each row.

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Creating A List Excluding Duplicate Data

Jan 18, 2008

In A1 to A10 I have numbers 1 through 10.

In B1 to B10 I have some of the numbers listed from column A, but not all, and in no particular order.

In column C, I would like to list only numbers from A that are not listed in B.

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