Listbox Dropdown Returning Multiple Cell Information

Feb 5, 2014

I have this data inputted into excel sheet: [URL] .......

This data is in tab called Shops, that has 8 columns of information. In another sheet called control, I have the shops names from row A in a list box. What I am trying to do is when whatever shop is selected in the list box then output the shop information from that row in 8 different cells in another sheet. I have a list of about 200 shops that I need to input.

So if we pick shop, Abc inc from the list box how can I get excel to look up the information in Abc inc in the shops tab of information and then display them on other cells in different sheets.

I have the same issue with making a list box of people names. I made the list box but I want to make it so it will display there phone number and e-mail address in 2 other cells once you pick there names. I had some luck using the if command on smaller list boxes but I can't figure out how to get multiple cells of information to come out correctly

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Returning Multiple Values As Dropdown List?

Apr 24, 2013

Actually I plan to create an eRequisition Form for our branch sites. My focus would be the consumable items of Lexmark printers. I want to create cascading drop-down lists based on data table (worksheet : All) as per attached. From lots of examples I've seen in this or other similar forums, I notice that in order to allow this cascading to work is by creating column with header name identical with the input in the 1st List. But I'm thinking, if I need to do that, then there gonna be hundreds or maybe thousands columns to create as the number of branches are expanding, so I think tht should not be practical.

I found examples that shows how lookup 1 value can return multiple values but I totally cannot think of a way to allow those multiple values to be returned as dropdown list rather than displaying all in rows of the worksheet.

What I need is that, in 1st list, upon selecting the branch, it'll populate all items related to the branch and when selecting the item, it'll populate brand/model list for the particular item only. The input in the dropdown list should not have duplicates. Been trying using pivot to do this with macro that enables auto refresh once any changes made in the table.

create this cascading drop-down lists just based on the table as per attached? I really want to avoid having to create extra tables to allow this cascading to work.


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Combobox Multiple Selection Or Listbox Dropdown?

Oct 25, 2010

I have a userform where I want the user to be able to select multiple options, but am having a bit of a problem finding the best way to do this. If I use a combobox, I don't appear to be able to allow multiple selections, but if I use a listbox I don't appear to be able to implement a dropdown facility. I would prefer to have a single line sized box on my form, but doing this with a listbox would probably be confusing for the user as it is not very easy to see what has been selected.

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Excel 2010 :: Extracting Information From Multiple Form Control Dropdown Buttons

Aug 23, 2013

My problem is I cannot copy from a Form Control drop down box, and I need to do this for ~10 drop down boxes in about 200 xls files. The files follow a template so the drop down button Inputs are uniform. Here is some more detail:

I’m building an Access Database so that our data (currently in many, many Excel Spreadsheets) can be efficiently queried. The old system was that when asset data was collected, the data would be entered into an Excel spreadsheet, using a Template. So for example:

Project A1234

Main Street Pipe
High Street Pipe

Ref No.

Installation date

X Coordinate

Y Coordinate

We have hundreds of these files, but I managed to get all the files in one folder and Paste and Transpose the data from the relevant Cell Ranges in each file (using a VB sub) into ONE summary sheet. Success; or so I thought.

Unfortunately for one generation of the template (people changed them slightly every year), the template had people enter information into Drop Down Menus. Not a problem when they’re associated with a cell, but these were free floating Form Controls.. so you can’t actually click and copy from them, or call them in VB as you would a specific cell.. afaik.

So my issue is how can I extract the data from those Form Buttons? I’ll try and provide as much info as I can:

Firstly I tried to find some sort of identifier for each Form Button. The dropdowns are called Combo Boxes, (Developer tab > Insert > Combo Box (Form Control) ), and when you select them (by right clicking) and hit the View Code button in Developer Tab > Controls the following shows up in VB.

Sub DropDown44_Change()

End Sub

I’m guessing that the number is related to the button so that’s one useful thing, an identifier of sorts. There’s no actual code there though really from what I can see.. My problem is I have no idea how to extract from DropDown44!

The range of values in the drop down comes from a separate sheet where there’s just a list of the values. There aren’t any cells linked to the drop downs though. If I enter a cell in (Right Click) Format Control > Cell link: then it prints the number (e.g. 4) of the value in the range. So if the drop down options are “Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday” and “Thursday” is selected, the linked cell says: “4”.

They didn’t link a cell, then I could call that cell in a VB sub and the job would be done. Unfortunately they didn’t, so I tried Recording a Macro and selecting the drop down form control.. That didn’t really work, except if I right clicked it, I got some more info from the macro VB:

ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Drop Down 19")).Select

So is my drop down an Array? My understanding of an Array is that it’s a list of arguments.. all I get there is the name of the button. I am not experienced in VB so this is as far as I’ve got. Perhaps I can get a sub to select the button using the above line, but I need the info from it, i.e. which value is currently selected in the Drop Down.

(Using Excel 2010 but the .xls files are from ~2005)

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Dropdown List With More Information Than In Cell

Dec 28, 2012

I am trying to create a drop down list that shows the description of different codes. i.e.

1000 - Straight time
1010 - Vacation Time
1020 - Sick Time; etc.

In the spreadsheet, I only want the number to show (1000, 1010, or 1020).

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Selection Using Dropdown - Auto Populate Another Cell With Information Associated Only

Feb 9, 2012

If I make a selection using a drop down, can I have it auto populate another cell with information associated only to the made selection? For instance, if I select January from drop down in A1, I want it to auto populate B1 with 100.

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Dropdown Listbox In Subroute - How To Pass Cell Argument

Dec 19, 2013

I am coding a spreadsheet that makes extensive use of the excel dropdown list boxes. So I have codes such all over and it is not a neat way to code.

With Target.Validation
.Add xlValidateList, 1, 1, Formula1:="1, 2, 3"
.InCellDropdown = True
.ShowInput = True
End With

As many of the dropdown list boxes are similar in nature, with the only exception that the list content is different, I wanted to code a sub routine to include the code above.

My subroutine looks like this now:

Sub listbox(cellref As Range)
Set Target = Cells(cellref)
With Target.Validation
.Add xlValidateList, 1, 1, Formula1:="1, 2, 3"
.InCellDropdown = True
.ShowInput = True
End With
End Sub

The problem is that when I call the subroutine with a

Call listbox (10,10)

It kept giving me a compile error.

I would like to create a listbox at cell row 10, column 10 of the worksheet.

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Returning A Row Of Information

Aug 8, 2009

i was trying to see or figure out if there is a way to bring over information on a row from one sheet to another. I have a sheet with dates in column A and information going across to column h.

as an example i have row 1 that has date in A1, text B1, text C1, nothing in D1 but text in E1 all in Sheet 1.

I want to see if there is a formula that will say if it is todays date then grab that row and bring over the row with the cells that have data

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Returning Two Cells Of Information If

Jun 28, 2007

Joe Cheddar 1 2 1
Juan Valdez 1 3 2
Sam Vidal 1 1 2
Betty Juno 2 4 2

...there is only one "1" in a column. So if column 1 has three ones it doesn't return anything. Columns 2 and 3 though have only one occurance of "1." What I need returned is for column two, "Sam Vidal", and for column three, "Joe Cheddar." Column one would show "No Winner"

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Returning Value From VBA Listbox

Sep 27, 2007

I have a multiselct listbox on a userform displaying names of all the sheets in a workbook. I want to hide all of the selected names in the listbox on a commandbutton click.

The code showing how I'm populating the listbox initially and then the routine for hiding the selected sheet names is below:

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim i As Long
With ActiveWorkbook
For i = 1 To .Sheets.Count
lb_Hide_Sht.AddItem .Sheets(i).Name
lb_Unhide_Sht.AddItem .Sheets(i).Name
Next i
End With..............................

The problem I'm having is that the .Selected() array seems to be in a different order than the .List() array -- that is, if there are 3 sheets in the listbox, and the user highlights just the first one in the list, the program actually hides the last sheet.

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Error 2042 - Returning Row Information

Nov 25, 2009

I have a userform that finds any instance of the user inputted search and tells you which sheet its in and allows u link to them. I also have a number of text boxes that I want populated with the information found on only the activesheet, not both. Currently I get a type mismatch error, and whilst it populates the information in debug mode I also get a Error 2042 on the following
TextBox5.Text = Cells(rngFind.Row, 2)

Option Explicit
Sub locate(Name As String, Data As Range)
Dim rngFind As Range
Dim strFirstFind As String
Dim Find As String
With Data
Set rngFind = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(1).Cells.Find(Name, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart)
If Not rngFind Is Nothing Then
strFirstFind = rngFind.Address

If rngFind.Row > 1 Then
ListBox1.AddItem rngFind.Value.....................

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Userform Listbox - Returning Selected Items

Feb 28, 2014

Returning items selected from a ListBox. I have a Multiselect Listbox with 15 items. Additionally, I have a worksheet with 15 columns (each one corresponding to the 15 ListBox items). I'm looking for code that will do the following:

After a user selects values from the ListBox (can be more than 1, thus the Multiselect), I would like for "TRUE" to appear in row 2 of the worksheet for each column. (IE: Column A is for Bikes, if a user selects "Bikes" from the ListBox and hits a CommandButton, I would like for A2 to say "TRUE".

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Displaying And Returning Different Value In Dropdown List

Apr 22, 2010

I know how to create drop down list but I have a problem to Return different value then is displayed in Dropdown List. For example: On the workbook I have two wokssheets: one with empty cell and secound with list created for dropdown list.

On the secound woksheet I have created: column A namebox "Country" - cointains full name of countries (Great Britain, Australia ...) and column B namebox "CountryCode" - contains country codes only (GBR, AUS ...) When I click on dorp down list on first worksheet, I would like to my drop down list display me list with columnA "Country" but when I choose one of that it would returns me cell from columnB "Country Code".

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Getting Column Information To Show In ListBox

May 12, 2009

I am having trouble getting my search information to show under the column headings in the listbox. My search reference is column E and I want to show the information for column F, I and A of the same row as the search match. Here is my code and a copy of the file I am using.

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Returning Multiple Cell On The Basis Of Minimum Value

Apr 8, 2013

i have the sheet which have the table which look like

Person task done

A 5

B 4

C 1

D 1

now i want is there is any way to find minum value in task done colium and return the person name and like in this exapmle, 2 person have done have done minium work.. it tell me both those name

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Returning Multiple Values With Duplicate Cell Reference

Jul 11, 2014

From the following example:

A1 TAG B1 mileage
G10-1622 15246
G10-1622 15246
G10-1583 15246
G10-1622 28659
G10-1195 28659
G10-1622 28659

desired results

Enter tag in cell

I would like to enter a particular TAG # in I5 and return all the mutiple associated data

See attached : tire2.0.xls‎

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Returning String From One Cell Based Upon Multiple Cells

May 22, 2013

I need to return the specific text of a cell based upon the text in multiple cells.

Worksheet as follows:

Asphalt Sub:
BLDG1-Backwash 1
BLDG1-Backwash 1 OverEx


I have three columns thus far. I need to add another column and search all items in Column A using the criteria in Columns B and C. For instance I need to search for BLDG1-Backwash Sub: and place it into column D using the criteria in Columns B and C.

If possible, I would also like to remove both the words, BLDG1 and Sub from the result so then it only shows "Backwash".

My spreadsheet is much larger than this and I have muliple buildings I am dealing with, sometimes 30-40.

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VBA Returning Cell Range From Multiple Rows And Columns?

Apr 24, 2014

I'm attempting to match a name with the row and column numbers of data that is laid out in a grid format. It looks something like this:



This works just fine, except for the fact that once in awhile the same name will appear in the grid twice, and the row and column returned will be off (it will return the row for one of the Smiths, for example, and the column for the other).

I know why this is occurring so I'm looking for a better way to do this. The good part is that I don't necessarily need both locations returned for each "Smith" ; I just need the correct row and column for at least one of the instances. I'm looking for a better way to do this.

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Distributing Information From One Cell Into Multiple Cells?

Apr 22, 2009

I imported a CSV file into Excel, and the data from the CSV file all ligned up into one column. For example: I have (date, price) both in one column. I need to separate these values into two respective columns.

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Split Information In One Cell To Multiple Cells?

Jan 13, 2014

I am receiving a new report from an external system. Unfortunate the system delivers many information within one cell, and it is not possible to reconfigure. These information are separate by a semi-colon or a semi-colon + space. separate the information in separate cells?

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Certain Dropdown Items Filling Different Information Into Cells?

Oct 25, 2012

Wasn't sure what the easy way to do this is. I'm trying to have a drop down menu where choosing a certain item triggers specific information to fill multiple cells. For instance, choosing Work Contacts in a drop down menu brings up four different people's names in cells B43-46 and their phone number in C43-46 and email in D43-46. Choosing another item for instance, Personal Contacts, would reveal a different set of four names and information.

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Display Information Based On Dropdown Selection?

May 21, 2014

I'm wondering how I could display information based on the user input through dropdown selection. I know how to make a dropdown-list already.

Example: A1 has a dropdownlist with Apple and Banana in it. If I select banana then I want B1 to display "8" and if I select Banana I want B1 to display "4".

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Change Location In Dropdown So Information Is Not Lost?

Aug 27, 2013

I created a drop down in a file that contains a list of locations. The people that run these locations have to input data (mileage) in other areas of the worksheet. Is it possible to have the data in the cells change as someone changes the location in the drop down so the information is not lost or overwritten each time?

I am really trying to avoid making a workbook with several tabs.

The cells that are colored blue are the cells that the people will have to put input into. I would like to be able to keep the data from all the cells that are blue each time they change the location. The rest of them are already set to change with the location change via a formula. Those are all based on data that I pulled and was able to provide.

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Alternative To Listbox - Dropdown List

Apr 9, 2014

I have a list of 150 names and I am looking for the best options to select between those. I will generally type part of the name and expect for the closest match to appear.

I have tried listbox userform, it does not work, even though it's locked and formatted not to move, its size changes all the time causing Excel to crash and lost hours of work done on the sheet.

I have tried also a drop down list, but it's very hard to search for names manually.

What other options do I have? I think the best would be some kind of search box but I can't find any in the insert userform tab.

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Copy The Information On One Cell On A Sheet To Multiple Sheets?

Oct 2, 2013

I have excel from windows 8 and I am trying to copy the information on one cell on a sheet to multiple sheets. I tried the click on one tab hold shift and click on the last tab and type the information or press F2 or paste the information. Well, nothing works.

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All Information In One Cell Instead Of Multiple Cells - Sorting Dataset

Oct 17, 2013

I downloaded a massive dataset in .csv format to work with. My first problem is that I'm having trouble sorting the dataset. When I open the .csv-file every bit of information comes up in the A-column instead of having INFORMATION1 in the A-column INFORMATION2 in the B-column and so on.

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Displaying Dashboard Information With Validation Dropdown List?

Jul 5, 2014

I have a project I'm working on that requires me to display information from various sheets on a dashboard. I have created a data validation dropdown list with part numbers. When one of these part numbers is selected from the drop down list I need the rest of the fields to populate with the appropriate information from various sheets in the workbook. How do I tell the dashboard to display this information per part number?

see the attached workbook.

Mini-Project Wally Mart (B212-10).xls

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Use Two Dropdown Lists With Two Set Of Information To Automatically Update Fields

Jan 29, 2013

I would like to Use two drop down list with two set of information to automatically update fields.

I have Job Titles (1-6) and Step (1-5). Each Job Title has a new pay rate and each step is an increase in pay. What I am trying to do is set up a drop down list where some one can drop down Job Title and step and have the rate automatically fill in.

I am able to get the Job title to auto fill the rate field, but am having trouble incorporating the step into the formula.

Here is what i currently have:

=VLOOKUP(H6,'Pay Rate'!$B$2:$G$12,3,FALSE)

H6 = Job tilte field on 'WorkSheet' (Sheet1)
'Pay Rate'!$B$2:$G$12 = Sheet2 and Step increases per Job Title
3 = the current column I was working with in order to make the rate appear
False = for exact info

I do not want to combine the two columns but keep them separate drop down list.

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Multiple Selections From Listbox To A Single Cell?

Aug 9, 2013

how do I save multiple items selected from a userform listbox to a single cell on a worksheets? How do I have those values display in a listbox on a userform for editing data sets?

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Storing Multiple Listbox Values To One Cell

Feb 4, 2010

I am setting up a multiple listbox and trying to store the chosen values in one cell. I found a good reference on here but can not get it to work.

On my tab named "input" I have a listbox named "AppListBox"
When the user finishes choosing, I want all the values to go to one cell (H40) with a comma separating them.

Here is what I have within the Input tab code.

Private Sub AppListBox_LostFocus()
Dim s As String
DIm i As Integer
With AppListBox
For i = 0 To .ListCount - 1
If .Selected(i) = True Then s = s & ", " & .List(i)
Next i
Range("H40").Value = S
End With
End Sub

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