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Macro To Loop A Column To Replace The Name

I want a marco that can "find & replace" in a column, let's say K. Let's just say I want to find "AAA" and replace "BBB" and "CCC" and replace "DDD", I just need the code so I can change it myself. It will be more than 40+ replacement.

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Search And Replace: Loop To Look Up Xxx And Replace It With The Values Consecutively In Row C
I have values in row A and I have values in row C. I want to create a loop to look up xxx and replace it with the values consecutively in row C. Look at example for a better Idea. I found a way to find and replace, but I not sure how to use it with qoutes. I was thinking maybe I dont even need row A and just supply a list and excel could have the chunk of data in the code itself.

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Find And Replace With Loop
I have a sheet with data on it. In column 5 I have adate range and I would like to delete and values which have "01/01/1900". Currently I have created a loop but for some reason it does nothing. I can use the find option and it picks up the cells with the ones on. For some reason it seems that it cant find them cells.

The code is as follows

Sub jdate()

rowcn = 8

target_sheet = "Status Report"
'status_flag = 0

If Sheets(target_sheet).Cells(rowcn, 5) = "01/01/1900" Then
Sheets(target_sheet).Cells(rowcn, 5) = ""
End If
rowcn = rowcn + 1
Loop While Sheets(target_sheet).Cells(rowcn, 1) > 0
End Sub

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More Efficient Alternative To Find-Replace Loop?
I was tasked with looking through a 10,000 row by 20 column spreadsheet for 628 different ID Codes and replacing them with their Descriptions. The ID Codes could appear individually in any of these cells (200,000 cells!).

The list of ID's and Descriptions hardly ever changes, so I decided to create the two-dimensional array as part of the find-replace macro shown below (only a few lines of each dimension are shown).

My question isn't related to that (although if you can suggest a better alternative please do). The main "work" of the macro is the loop at the end of the array declarations, which essentially loops through all 628 ID codes in array dimension 1 and does a Find-ReplaceAll with its corresponding Description from array dimesion 2.

This task, manually, could take days. My macro has whittled the task down to 2.5 minutes on a 5-year-old laptop, but I was hoping one of the gurus might suggest an even better method than 628 loop iterations. If not, so be it, the end users will appreciate what I've done and then have to find something to do with their "free time."

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Loop To Replace Dropdown Clear Code
I have this code on a tab containing a series of dependent dropdowns. There are two dropdowns in each row, Dropdown2 being dependent on the choice in Dropdown1. This code replaces any contents of Dropdown2 with "Select..." if Dropdown1 changes. (Dropdown1 and Dropdown2 are NOT names, those are just the way I refer to them).


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Macro Loop To Extract Specific Values And Min/Max Values From Column/Rows Range
Hi, I'm very new to writing Excel Macro's and wanted to know if I could do the following. Conceptually, I understand what I need done and think it should be fairly straightforward.

There's 2 main events in this loop (I hope that's the correct terminology):

Input 1) User defines the beginning cell to start the loop. In this case, A2.

Input 2) User defines the range of columns/rows to display. The formula for rows that I've thought of is 4r. So if a user wants 20 rows below cells A2, they simply input 5 for r. The number of columns is a constant 5. So if r=5, then I'd want the range to be A2:E22......

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Loop: Macro To Go Through The Table And Preform An Operation In The Corresponding Cell In Column B Depending On The Value In Cell A
I have 2 columns and 10 rows (A1:B10). In column A are certain text values. How do I write a macro to go through the table and preform an operation in the corresponding cell in column B depending on the value in cell A? for example, if A3 = "Complete", overwrite the formula in B3 with the value (paste value)?

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Find In One Column Replace In Another Column
I want to find an instance of a word in one column......and replace whatever is in the adjacent column with a word.

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Loop Column & Display Variable In Other Column
on the syntax of things in VBA. here's a description of what i'm trying to do:

1) loop through a particular column ("N"), and compare the values (if not blank) with corresponding cells in another column ("V"). i.e. - comparing N1 to V1, N2 to V2, etc...

2) run If, ElseIf statements to display appropriate values in different column ("O"), but on the row that corresponds to the row the values in Step 1 are compared. i.e. - if N1 > V1 then cell O1 = value; if N2 > V2 then cell O2 = value; etc...

here's an example (but obviously not in proper syntax). hopefully someone can help me convert it to Excel VBA:

Function CalculateFR()

Dim Col1 As Column = ColumnN
Dim Col2 As Column = ColumnV
Dim Col3 As Column = ColumnO
Dim Cell As Cell
Dim IndexValue As Integer

For Each Cell In Col1
If Col1 > Col 2 Then
IndexValue = 5
Else If Col1 < Col2 Then
IndexValue = 4
End If
Next Cell

If Not IsEmpty(Cell) Then Col3 = IndexValue

End Sub

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Concatenate Column With Adjacent Column In Loop
I had a problem finding something then deleting the column, I tried to alter the code from that thread to solve a new problem and I am close (I think), but not quite there. I need to find the column "Group" and merge it with the column "Sex" which is offset by 1 column. This code will go through and find the column "Group" and merge for the first cell, but will then get stuck in a loop just concatenating "Sex" to the end continuously. I need it to concatenate both columns entirely together. Any simple fix to what I modified? Previous thread should you be interested:Find Part Text On All Sheets & Delete The Column.

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Replace Column Items
I have a form that will open a workbook and then run a function to replace items in a column based on the column name. The problem is that it only replaces some of the items.

Here is my click event that calls the function

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Replace A Charater In A Column

Company segment


Company segment

how to use Excel macro to change segment Colume with company name " AAA " , segment code from " A1 " to " A9 " ?

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Replace All Non Blanks In Column
I am trying to find a way to code to replace any cell that is not blank with the text "LOA", then after I replace all blanks with "Active"

The Replace blanks is easy:
Columns("K").Replace What:="", Replacement:="Active", LookAt:=xlPart, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False, _

but before this I dont really know how to quickly replace all non blank rows. Only way I know is to loop thru all cells in the column checking for not equal to "" then replacing, but the code above for replacing blanks is elegant, and only replaces in the used data section.

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Replace All Negatives With 0 In Column
I have a column with both positive and negative numbers, is there a macro or a bit of code that will convert all negative numbers in a selected column to zeroes?

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Find & Replace In Single Column
I'm wanting to use VBA to search down a column for a one dynamic value and replace all instances of that value in the column with a seperate dynamic value. My first attempt was this:

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Find & Replace With Column Data
I was wondering if it is possible to perform a find and replace which would replace data from another column. We have a lot of data fields of our inventory that we exported which we are trying to condense for another program.

Example: I have a description column (AV) that has [[Manufacturer]] within the description. We want to find [[Manufacturer]] and replace with our data column (DD).

This is the data that has our manufacturers name in it. We have several find and replaces to do within the description column besides the above field.

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Search And Replace Text In A Column
I want to replace all blank cells in column A with the word "BLANK" but my problem is that I need to tell Excel to stop searching for blank cells in column A once and only once column A is equal to the last data row in the column named "Product Number". I tried this macro but, naturally, it replaces all the empty cells in the WHOLE COLUMN.

I will always have a header column in row 1. The data is below that (data will always start at row 2).

Selection.Replace What:="", Replacement:="BLANK", LookAt:=xlPart, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False, _
How can I change this so that the find/replace macro searches all the way down equal to the last data row in the "Product Number" column?

Below are 2 examples. Example 1 is pre macro and example 2 is post macro.


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Replace Column With Certain Criteria Matches
4 columns a-d. now if i find either 1 of the 2 particular strings "hello" or "bye" in column A, I want to move column b into its place and leave the rest of the columns untouched


dog, circle, blue, 123
hello, frog, green,223
pig, triangle, red, 445
bye, elephant, grey, 322


dog, circle, blue, 123
frog, blank, green, 223
pig, triangle, red, 445
elephant, blank, grey, 322

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Find Numeric Codes In A Column And Replace In Vba
I am using the following vba code to find numeric codes in a column and replace them with the same code along with descriptive text:

Selection.Replace What:="11", Replacement:="11 - GSA"
Selection.Replace What:="10", Replacement:="10 - NYS OGS"
Selection.Replace What:="1", Replacement:=" 1 - Dist Sale"
Selection.Replace What:="2", Replacement:=" 2 - Direct Sale"
Selection.Replace What:="3", Replacement:=" 3 - No Sale: Warranty Exchange"
The problem as you might already see is that when the replacement of "1" happens, Excel will replace the 1 in the 10 and 11. Of course I want to only replace the number 1. Is there a better way to code this operation?

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Replace Numerical Data Column A, 11K Rows! VBA
Need to sort my data in column A which contains a long list of numerical data. To do this manually using copy and paste would be easy, but not viable because of the large amount of data.

The attached PDF file illustrates the data. I wish to replace each date of dirth entry in column A (one D.O.B. in each cell / row, expressed as YYYYMMDD) with the client identifier number (format 937XXXX) a couple of cells above. And at the same time delete the row containing the client reference (or its contents). The data in column A should retain the same relationship to the data in the other columns (B,C). it may require a short piece of VBA code.

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Column - Row Loop
I am trying to loop through columns and rows to get the sum of each and delete that column that equals zero. I have-

Dim lastrow
Dim r, c As Integer
Dim RowSum
RowSum = 0

lastrow = Selection.Rows.Count

For r = 2 To 80
For c = 2 To lastrow
RowSum = RowSum + ActiveSheet.Cells(r, c).Value ' here I get error Application-defined or object-defined error

Next c
If RowSum = 0 Then
ActiveSheet.Cells(r, c).EntireColumn.Delete
End If
Next r

What am I doing wrong?

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How To Loop Through A Column
I have a worksheet and it has some information on it (ill show an example in a min). will all the information i need is in one column. there is only the name of the item that i need the rest can be deleted. like so ........

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Loop Through Column
The below code is supposed to loop through column a and create a copy of a worksheet change the name of the worksheet to the value found in column A

I need change the loop so it starts at A8 and Ends at A59. I have no Idea how to do this.

Sub AddSheets_FromList()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
'assumes starting macro on first value in date list
Dim ListCount As Integer
Dim NewSheet As String, LastSheet As String

LastSheet = "Weekly Results"
ListCount = 0

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Macro Replace With New Data
I have two sheets, first sheet contain UPDATE LIST PRODUCT
and second sheet contain OLD LIST PRODUCT.

I want to insert and replace all data in OLD LIST PRODUCT

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Looking For Macro To Replace Formula's
I have been having a problem with the worksheet (attached) and was wondering if anyone could give me any help.

I will explain the purpose of the sheet etc first and what it does at the moment:

This work sheet is to record peoples projects, hours related to those projects, and calculate their availability 37.5-(project hours+pto) for Belfast and dublin and 40-(project hours+pto) for chicago, and also their utilization which is =((37.5-Availability)/37.5)*100 for belfast and Dublin and ((40-Availability)/40)*100 for Chicago.

When a project is added I am currently going in and updating the formula for that person to incorporate the new row which their project is on, this is proving to be quite time consuming, and I was wondering if there were any macro’s that could be used so that it would search for a name on the first column and use each of the hours that are in the column for the given week to calculate the availability?

The utilization is not a big problem as it just uses the availability so as long as the availability is correct then the utilization is correct..

If there is not a macro do you know of any way this can be automated so that I do not manually have to add to formula for each cell when a new row is added with a project and hours?

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Replace A Formula With It's Value - Do I Need To Macro?
I have a spreadsheet with 2 columns (let's pretend), the first column uses Data Validation for a dropdown list. The second column contains a formula that references the 1st column and uses lookup:


So as soon as a value is selected in column A, column B changes to display a value.

Rather than just displaying this value, I would like the cell in column B to be completely replaced by this value, so goodbye to the formula.

Is there a way that I can do this? Will I need to go and study how to use macros?

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Macro For Find & Replace
I have a workbook (materials forecasting) that automatically pulls from another workbook (production schedule).

The materials forecasting workbooks are named in regards to the current Monday (ie 02-02-09.xls, 02-09-09.xls, etc). The production schedules are named in accordance with the financial periods and weeks, ie PD1WK1.xls, PD1WK2.xls, PD1WK3.xls, PD1WK4.xls, PD2WK1.xls, etc

The materials forecasting sheet looks two weeks out.

EXAMPLE (pretend that today is the first day of PD1WK1)

Cell C1 will reference PD1WK1.xls
Cell C2 will reference PD1WK2.xls

Each week I copy the old materials forecasting sheet and rename it to the current week (ie I take 02-02-09.xls and rename it to 02-09-09.xls). I have a bunch of macros set up to move my deliveries up a week and what not. One macro I would like to set up, however, is that by putting a value in a cell the find and replace macro will work.

Cell A1 will reference PD1WK2.xls
Cell A2 will reference PD1WK3.xls
Cell C1 will reference PD1WK1.xls
Cell C2 will reference PD1WK2.xls

Then I would have the macro find all instances of whatever value is in cell C2 and replace it with whatever value is in cell A2. Then likewise fore C1 and A1 respectively. (If you think about what I am doing here... all I am doing is moving the schedule up one week so that I am forecasting using the right schedule).

I can manually do this but I would prefer a macro based on a simple user input for when people fill in for me.

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Macro To Find And Replace
I had written a macro about two years ago that replaced longer company names with common abbreviations. I store it in Personal.xls, and it has been relatively fast (2-5 sec for most projects with < 2000 rows). However, I tried it on a file with 15,000 rows, and it choked Excel - i.e. it wouldn't run and had to be force quite (Excel XP on Windows 2000).

Here is a portion of the macro (I have about 40 companies that need to be abbreviated, names here have been simplified to protect the guilty ). I stepped through a couple of these lines to see what would happen, and each line took at least 1-2 min.

Sub ChgCompNames()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Cells.Replace What:="Company AAAA", Replacement:="AAAA", LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows
Cells.Replace What:="Company BBBB", Replacement:="BBBB", LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows
Cells.Replace What:="Company CCCC", Replacement:="CCCC", LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows
Cells.Replace What:="Company DDDD", Replacement:="DDDD", LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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Macro For Find And Replace
There are 1000's of XML tag with values.. i want a macro which should replace all the tags(the value which is in between angel brackets should only be removed and angel bracekst also should be removed) with or without space and tag value should remain unchanged.

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Macro To Replace ONLY X's With Blank
I have a customer data file in which some cells have been completed with x's and I need to replace any cell that contains x's with a blank.

I can easily do this when the cell contains a single x by using find and replace within the macro, but some customers have completed fields with xx or xxx or xxxx and so on - these x's may be in upper or lower case.

I can't just replace all instances of x (or X) with blank on partial cells as there will be company names or address details that will contain an x.

What I need is a way to identify cells that contain ONLY x character(s): so "x" would be replaced with blank as would "xx", "xxx" etc., but "XYZ Limited", "LOXX & Co." or "Essex" need to be left as is.

I can't even think where to begin on this. Anyone got any bright ideas or can point me in the right direction?

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Selecting Column To Loop Through
I have created a macro that loops through column 4 and gives the value of 2 other cells acording to what is found.

The problem comes when the macro only works sucecefully if i click on a cell in that column. Therefore i think the macro is not doing this.

Im sure that i have used the right code does anyone know what is wrong.

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For Loop (check The Value In Column)
how to write a for loop for this coding.
considering x as row,
i want to check the value in column1 for n rows.

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Loop Through Column Values?
What the easiest way of looping though the values in a column in a macro? How to you "call" the cells in the macro?

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Loop Down Column & Across Rows
I need to create a loop within a loop. First loop works fine as follows:

x = 0
Dim DirArray(0 To 80) As String
Dim intI As Integer
For intI = 0 To 80
DirArray(intI) = Range("start").Offset(intI, 0).Value

For x = 0 To 80
lob = DirArray(x)
Range("lob") = lob
Sheets("WBB LOB Summary").Select
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True

At the 'start' point, first loop works downward through rows. Second loop would work across columns in each row within the first loop. I will have to use a variable for 'y' (the across value) b/c the number of cells containing data can vary between 3 & 9, but I have a COUNTA in each row setup to use as the variable.

So spreadsheet data would look like this with A being the 'start' cell:
A 1 2 3
B 1 2 3 4 5 6
C 1 2 3 4

I need to pickoff A1, A2, A3, B1, etc, picking up every sub-category on the sheet.

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Find And Replace Script / Macro
Find and replace script / macro?

I'm not sure what type of function is needed for what I'm describing below. I'm thinking it is a script or macro? I don't know anything about writing scripts or macros and I am quite new to excel.

I'm trying to learn chinese and am making chinese flashcards for myself.

The fact that some of the cells have chinese characters probably doesn't matter, but I just want to be thorough in my description....

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Harder Find/replace Macro
way to find/ replace some null values in a range of selected cells in a column. I would like to select a first and last cell, and replace the value -999.25 with the average of the cells that are above and below it. If there are more than one -999.25 cells, I would like to do the same thing with the average of the cells that above and below the first and last -999.25.

I would also like the same macro to replace any value that is over 200 with the average of the cells above and below it...

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Macro To Replace Part Of A Formula
I'm trying to create a macro to replace a link on a formula.

The formula is as below
='[Players Report 31121999.xls]Player1'!$AK$23

Where 31121999 is the date. there's a workbook everyday with different sheets for every player

I want to have a macro that gets the date I inputed in another cell and changes the date in the formula I displayed above (just changing the date).

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VBA Macro To Find And Replace In Word
The error is a Run-Time 450 (Too many arguments or invalid property assignment), when I click debug it highlights With Selection.Find

Sub TestTemplates()
Dim s1 As String
Dim s2 As String
Dim s3 As String
Dim appWD As Object
Set appWD = CreateObject("Word.Application")

s1 = ActiveSheet.Range("Name")
s2 = ActiveSheet.Range("Add1")
s3 = ActiveSheet.Range("Add2")

appWD.Visible = True
appWD.Documents.Open Filename:="C:UsersRemy LabueDocumentsCareCore WorkTest Letter TemplatesTest Letter 1.DOCX"

Call DoFindReplace(FindText:="(1)", ReplaceText:=s1)...................

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Find Replace Macro Stops After Row 37
Here is the find / replace vba I am using.

Sub Replace()
Cells.Replace What:=Chr(19), Replacement:="-", LookAt:=xlPart
Cells.Replace What:=Chr(24), Replacement:="'", LookAt:=xlPart
Cells.Replace What:=Chr(145), Replacement:="'", LookAt:=xlPart
Cells.Replace What:=Chr(146), Replacement:="'", LookAt:=xlPart
Cells.Replace What:=Chr(160), Replacement:="", LookAt:=xlPart

End Sub

It makes the replacements up to line 37, then stops. If you then delete the first 37 rows and re-run the macro, it again performs replacements, but only on the next 37 rows.

I would like the macro to do the whole sheet...

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Macro Find&replace Only Exact Value
This macro finds and replaces multiple values found on another sheet. however, it does not only take the exact value, also others.

If i want to change "Example 1", "Example 2", ... "Example 10" into "One", "two", etc. Example 10 then changes into "One 0" because it changes the Example 1 (without the 0 in 10) into One. Is there any way to alter this (or do you have another macro to replace multiple values?

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Find & Replace Across Two Workbooks - Macro
I have two worksheets in two separate workbooks. One contains only two columns - a list of codes and the corresponding name of an institution. The other workbook contains a column with the codes. I want to replace the codes in the second workbook with the names from the first workbook.

I found this code on [url] here: Find & Replace macro

Sub DoIt()
Dim rRange As Range, rCell As Range

On Error Resume Next
With Workbooks("Personal.xls")
Set rRange = .Sheets(1).Range("A1", .Sheet1.Range("B65536").End(xlUp))
End With
For Each rCell In rRange.Columns(1).Cells
Selection.Replace What:=rCell, Replacement:=rCell(1, 2), _
LookAt:=xlWhole, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False
Next rCell
On Error Resume Next
End Sub

This is exactly what I need, but like the last person who asked about it, I can't get it to work. I've gone through Dave's instructions a number of times, and now I'm stumped.

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Macro To Replace Formula Reference
I have created a workbook that generates new worksheets with unique identifiers as tab names. I.e. On a "Create New Sheet" worksheet, input three pieces of data, click "Create New Sheet" and this data is applied to a template sheet, macro continues running to copy the template and rename is with a unique SKU.

My problem is as follows: I have yet to figure out how to generate an Index page that is updated as each new sheet is added with the following:

a) Cell containing the SKU and a hyperlink (or some other link) to that particular tab, and
b) Beside this cell, pull the contents of certain cells from that SKU's tab (such as description, but also the contents of calculated fields on that SKU's tab like current quantity and current price).

I would like the Index to be live so that if data is changed on the SKU's tab, it flows through to the Index......

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Run A Loop And Search In Column B For A Certain Name (cut And Paste)
I am trying to use a code to run a loop and search in column B for a certain name and if it finds it I want it to then look at column P and if it finds that the result in column B is less than $1000 then I want it to cut the entire row and paste the row in another sheet. Here is the code.

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Vba Copy & Paste Within A Loop Down A Column
I want to make a vba (macro) for excel that will look at the column to the left of an active cell and if there is a formula there drag it over to the right into the active cell and if there is not a formula there copy and paste value of what is in the active cell into itself deleting any formulas that may have been there. on top of that if the cell to the left of the active cell has no boarding I need to copy it and paste format to active cell. I need it to continue a number of times to be decided in cell A1 and just go down the column doing this. Please help, I know it sounds hard but I need it for 10,000's of lines of code and really cant do it by hand ...

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Finding Max Column Width Without A Loop?
I have a range of cells which I wish to print to a .txt document. However, I would like these cells to stay aligned, one on top of the other. I am currently doing that by finding the cell with the widest piece of data for each column, and storing the width that each column needs to be to an array of integers. Then, when printing out the range, I simply add spaces to each piece of data its width is the same as the max column width. I am finding the max column width using the following loop:

'find the width for each column and store in col_width()
For cur_col = 1 To total_cols
'skip the tag switches column
If cur_col <> 3 Then
max_data_width = 0
For cur_row = 1 To total_rows
cell_data_width = Len(Find_String_Diagnostics(diagnostic_range.Cells(cur_row, cur_col)))
If cell_data_width > max_data_width Then.................

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Loop Through Cells On 1 Row Of Column Range
I am trying to create a loop in which the code "reads" ... lets say... cell F5. Determines if cell F5 = 1. if not, it moves on. only, instead of moving to cell F6, it moves to cell G5. so i need to add one to the column letter. How is this best achieved? having trouble with this. adding a letter to it concatinates them, and adding numbers, well its a mismatched type so that simply does not work.

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Macro Will Not Run Find And Replace With The Contents Of A Cell
I want to have a macro that will look at a few cells say A1 & A2 and then use the contents of the cells say 1Q07 & 2Q07 respectively to do a find and replace find 1Q07 and replace it with 2Q07. I want it to use the contents of the cell and not just the text because the contents of the cell will change each time used. I tride to do it here but I dont have it yet. It doesnt seem to pass the value to the variable and the variable doesnt seem to do the find and replace.

Private Sub Update_Click()

Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Dim quarter As String
quarter = CStr(txtquarter.Text)
txtquarter.Text = CStr(quarter)

Sheets("Income Statement").Select
Dim oneq As Single
Dim twoq As Single
Dim threeq As Single
Dim fourq As Single
Dim fiveq As Single

oneq = ActiveSheet.Range("A2").Value
twoq = oneq - 1
threeq = twoq - 1
fourq = oneq - 4
fiveq = oneq - 5

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Macro To Replace Cells And Subsequent Rows
I have a list of values of sheet titled "exclusives" column B Row 2 to Row 250.

Hence, if any of these values are found in sheets "1", "2", "3" and "4" in column C (of each sheet) replace the existing value with "Brand".

In addition after this bit I then need it to look up every new "Brand" and for the eight columns preceding (after) the new value I need to be cleared (any entries in those columns in that specific row of the "Brand" value deleted).

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Macro To Replace IF Statement That Compares 2 Cells
In cell M32 there will either be an O or the cell will be blank. In cell T51 I had placed an IF statment like this:


Now that works ok but there is a glitch on my part. If T51 is blank because of M32 containing an "O" then the user will also enter a number into T51. Because I was using an IF formula in the cell it gets overwritten because of the user needing to enter data in the cell because of M32 containing a O. How do I write a macro so that a similar formula is used but still able to enter data manually without overwritting the formula?

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Macro To Replace 0s With Blanks In Large Ranges
I've been looking around to find something like this for a while and I'm pretty new to VBA, so I haven't figured it out myself yet.

Basically, I need a macro that can take a 7-column range and replace the values in all cells containing 0 (but not 10, 20, etc) with a blank cell so that a count function in another column can function.

When I just select the range and use 'Find and Replace' to remove the 0s, it alters 10s, 20s, 30s, any number that even ends in zero instead of just the value of zero itself,

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Replace Keyboard Shortcut For Macro Dialog
I would like to replace the keyboard shortcut for the macro dialog box
The standard Alt + F8 is on the right side of the keyboard

I would like somethine of the left side such as Alt + Q

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