Concatenate Column With Adjacent Column In Loop

Sep 27, 2007

I had a problem finding something then deleting the column, I tried to alter the code from that thread to solve a new problem and I am close (I think), but not quite there. I need to find the column "Group" and merge it with the column "Sex" which is offset by 1 column. This code will go through and find the column "Group" and merge for the first cell, but will then get stuck in a loop just concatenating "Sex" to the end continuously. I need it to concatenate both columns entirely together. Any simple fix to what I modified? Previous thread should you be interested:Find Part Text On All Sheets & Delete The Column.

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Nested Loop To Divide Adjacent Row By Column

Jan 18, 2010

I am trying to loop through Column Q2:Q2000, and divide the adjacent Row R2:HS2 by the value in the corresponding Q column.

ie. cells R2: HS2 should all be divided by Q2
cells R3:HS3 should all be divided by Q3
etc until R2000:HS2000 are divided by Q2000

I presume that i would require an initial loop to scroll through the column and a seperate loop to scroll through the row values, but i cannot get my head around how this is done.

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Formula To Pull Latest Date From One Column Based On Entry In Adjacent Column

Jun 6, 2014

Any way to construct a formula in excel that will look at a reference in one column and find the latest date from the data in an adjacent column for that specific reference?

Below is an exctract from a much larger sheet of the columns in question.

The result in the last column should be 21/05/2014 for anything with D.O.001 in the second column and 15/05/2014 for anything with D.O.002.

Date Decision agreed
Disposal Order
Latest Decision date for D.O.


[Code] ........

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Formula To Total Values In Column Matching Text In Adjacent Column

Dec 20, 2013

Formula(s) to do as explained in the attached example.


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Formula To Match Text In Column And Retrieve Adjacent Column Value?

Mar 5, 2014

I need a formula to run down a column DCapture.JPG (starting at 142), when it finds the last entered value it needs to display the corresponding value from column J into cell AA21.

If you see the attached photo, the last entered data in column D would be 1, AA21 would be saying -30 (J205)


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Copy Cells From Column To Adjacent Column If Bold Or Empty

May 20, 2008

I have a worksheet on which the data is already grouped. At the top of each group is a row that contains only the group name. Since the rest of that row is blank, I want to use a blank cell on that row as a reference, then copy the group name to a newly created column, then fill that column down to the next group.

The goal is to create a column that contains the group name, rather than just having the group name as a " header" at the top of each group.

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Sum Of Values In Column If Text In Same Row Of Adjacent Column Matches?

Apr 10, 2014

I need to sum values in a column, but only if the text in the same row of the adjacent column meets certain criteria. Below is a simplified version as an example:

A1 - Apple
A2 - Banana
A3 - Apple
A4 - Banana

B1 - 3
B2 - 2
B3 - 1
B4 - 1

I need a formula that will add up the cells in column B that have "Apple" next to them in column A. Apple would total up to 4 and Banana would total up to 3.

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Average From One Column Based Upon Criteria From An Adjacent Column

Jan 13, 2008

I am trying to get an average from one column based upon criteria from an adjacent column. The number of days to close a case for race columns Black and White are listed in B5:C16 and E5:F16 and H5:I16. I need a formula to calculate the average days taken to close cases for Males and then the same for Females. Sample below: ...

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Remove Duplicates From Column 1 And Concatenate Column 2?

Mar 12, 2014

My issue is that I have 1200+ addresses to make more readable - the first column is the street name, the second is the post code(s) relative to the street - what Ideally I'd like to achieve is one row per street, the street name followed by the post codes... i.e. take this...

A33 Relief RoadRG2 0RR
Abbey SquareRG1 3AG
Abbey SquareRG1 3BE
Abbey SquareRG1 3BQ
Abbey SquareRG1 3FB
Abbey StreetRG1 3AN
Abbey StreetRG1 3BA
Abbey StreetRG1 3BD
Abbots WalkRG1 3HW
Aberford CloseRG30 2NX
Admirals CourtRG1 6SP
Admirals CourtRG1 6SR
Admirals CourtRG1 6SS
Admirals CourtRG1 6SW
Ainsdale CrescentRG30 3NG
Alan PlaceRG30 3BW
Albany RoadRG30 2UL

to this...

A33 Relief RoadRG2 0RR
Abbey SquareRG1 3AG, RG1 3BE, RG1 3BQRG1 3FB
Abbey StreetRG1 3AN, RG1 3BA, RG1 3BD
Abbots WalkRG1 3HW
Aberford CloseRG30 2NX
Admirals CourtRG1 6SP, RG1 6SR, RG1 6SS, RG1 6SW
Ainsdale CrescentRG30 3NG
Alan PlaceRG30 3BW
Albany RoadRG30 2UL

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UDF To Concatenate Column Range Conditional Upon Another Column

Jul 11, 2012

Writing a UDF for VBA as I'm getting frustrated by the concatenate function.

I basically want to create my own function that will concatenate values in column B, if the value in column A is correct.

I've been looking at this link [URL] ......

With a very simple data set as an example, I want the following output in column C:



[Code] ........

I think I need to create a cell based function which takes a conditional range (col A) and concatenate range (col B) as inputs, stores this as a 5 by 3 array and then returns the concatenated output I wish (by referencing the stored array) based on what value is in column A. A "concatenate if", if you like.

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If Column A = 0 Then Adjacent Cell In Column B Divide By .3

Feb 27, 2009

Im wondering if this can be done in excel..

2 columns

if the value in column O=$0.00 then I need to divide the adjacent cell in column L by 0.3 or multiply by 30%

this is the way I was trying to do this...


I have tried it several different ways and cannot get it to work - is it my formula or can this even be done because I can't reference just one cell?

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Find Value In Column And Return Value From Adjacent Column

Jan 30, 2008

I have are two worksheets, "Sheet 1" which is a bill of lading form and "Sheet 2," in which columns A and B contain Part Numbers and Weights respectively.

What I'm wanting to have happen is when a user inputs a part number into Sheet 1 (say in cell B6), it calls a UDF that looks up the part number on sheet two column A and returns the corresponding weight from column B (to say cell C6 on sheet 1).

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Excel 2013 :: Formula To Subtract 7th Column Values From Column Before 1st Loop?

Feb 21, 2014

I have a code that inserts a new column after every 7th column. I want to include a formula where every 7th column value is subtracted from the values present in the column before the 1st, or you can think of it as subtracting 7th column of the present group from the 7th column of the previous group. Example: The range of my data starts from col F, then

F (7th) New Column (G) H (1st) I (2nd) J (3rd) K (4th) L (5th) M (6th) N (7th) New Column (O) P (1st) Q (2nd) R (3rd)

So, New Column (O) = N - F
and the next New Column (W) = V-N ...

NOTE: Column G can be ignored.

I want to add a looping function to this so that it will continue to subtract for the other respective columns as well. How do I incorporate this into the following code?


I'm using Excel 2013.

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Highlight Repeat Cells In One Column If Cells In The Adjacent Column Contain Specific Text?

Apr 14, 2014

I am trying to find a solution for highlighting cells in a column that are repeats, ie. >3. I also need these cells to only be highlighted if the adjacent cell in the next column contains specific text. I have tried using conditional formatting with a countifs formula to no avail.

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Loop Column & Display Variable In Other Column

Dec 6, 2006

on the syntax of things in VBA. here's a description of what i'm trying to do:

1) loop through a particular column ("N"), and compare the values (if not blank) with corresponding cells in another column ("V"). i.e. - comparing N1 to V1, N2 to V2, etc...

2) run If, ElseIf statements to display appropriate values in different column ("O"), but on the row that corresponds to the row the values in Step 1 are compared. i.e. - if N1 > V1 then cell O1 = value; if N2 > V2 then cell O2 = value; etc...

here's an example (but obviously not in proper syntax). hopefully someone can help me convert it to Excel VBA:

Function CalculateFR()

Dim Col1 As Column = ColumnN
Dim Col2 As Column = ColumnV
Dim Col3 As Column = ColumnO
Dim Cell As Cell
Dim IndexValue As Integer

For Each Cell In Col1
If Col1 > Col 2 Then
IndexValue = 5
Else If Col1 < Col2 Then
IndexValue = 4
End If
Next Cell

If Not IsEmpty(Cell) Then Col3 = IndexValue

End Sub

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Concatenate 2 Column

Feb 2, 2010

i trying to merge column A1 (ABC) with column B1(XYZ), B2(LOL), B3(ROF) ..etc

with a simple =CONCATENATE(A1,"-",B1) , i can get "ABC-XYZ" , but when come to column B2 , i only can get "-LOL" , any solution ?

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Concatenate Column With Row Value

Sep 27, 2006

I have created vbscript that references a particular column and row. This cell is referred to many times in the scripting but the row may change from time to time. I would like to know how I can define the row value at the top and reference this row within my vbscript.

Dim row As Integer
row = 1

'vb script coding referring to cell
ws.Range("B&row").Copy Destination:= Sheets("Summary").Range("B1")
ws.Range("E&row").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Summary").Range("B16")
ws.Range("F&row").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Summary").Range("B17")

I tried to concatenate the row to the column but it doesn't seem to work. When I would like to change the row value I would like to only make the change where row is defined rather than within each line of coding.

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Concatenate Whole Column To Row

May 24, 2007

how to concatenate whole column to a single cell in Excel. I have 3605 cells to be concatenated to a single cell

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Concatenate 2 Column Data To One

May 2, 2014

I need a macro to be prepared to Concatenate serial and case separated by a "-"to find the Number column as shown in attachment ...

E.g. If serial is 27943900. After Concatenating it should be 27943900-001004


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Concatenate Two Different Rows In A Column?

Apr 27, 2006

Can I concatenate two different rows in a column?

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Concatenate Each Row To Cells In Column

Aug 8, 2008

I am trying to concatenate multiple lines of comments into one string and place that string in the comment field corresponding to the start of each record set. I believe the code below is close, but I am receiving this error

Run-time error '91':
Object variable or with block variable not set

Debug points to this line

rngComment = . Cells(intCounter, 5)

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

Option Explicit.........................

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Concatenate Non-adjacent Cells Without Duplicates

Nov 17, 2009

I've been working on a spreadsheet that is used to track the application process of numerous clients. In doing this, I have a row at the top of each client that is used as a sumarry column. Below each cell in the top row, I have up to 30 non-adjacent cells that I'm trying to concatenate in the top cell separated by new lines. I'm also wanting to not display any duplicates, as there are up to only 5 steps that could be shown for each record. I found a UDF that will search an array and return only the unique values, but it accepts the data as an array, and it returns it as an array also. I seem to be having trouble passing the array from the sheet as well as formatting and returning the array with line breaks.

In the worksheet cell: ....

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Concatenate Based On Text In Different Column

Mar 24, 2014

I am trying to get a complete list of applications per device. I have the device list but it is broken down into seperate lines so i would like some sort of formula (not fussed what type as long as it gets the desired results!) that will look in column A and if the text is the same, to concatenate the info in column b, separated by a comma. So for the first device (4d713006) i would get 1 cell that would have the list of all 52 applications in it separated by a formula. This is so i can vlookup the device name from another sheet and pull through all the list of applications.

I have attached the data : example.xlsx‎

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How To Pair / Concatenate Values Of First Column With Each Other

Feb 4, 2014

we want to add/concatenate the values of first column and show the result in next column. The problem is fully explained in the comment section of the sheet attached. But still if you are having in getting the problem

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Concatenate Column Based On Condition?

Aug 13, 2013

I need a formula to be placed in cell Col A, Row 1, that concatenates any and all cells in Col A, with a ';' separating each item. I only want this concatenation performed ONLY IF an adjacent cell in Col B contains the letter 'X.

Additionally, if the cell in Col A is null, then I the formula to ignore it, and not perform the concatenation.

Is there a way to do this formulaically?

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Copy Concatenate Data To Other Column With Value Only

Jun 26, 2014

In my assignment, I need to concatenate data from certain row and column ( The concatenate data will about 200 character). So once the concatenate cell change, it will copy the value to the next column.

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Concatenate Based On Column Number

Jun 6, 2007

I need to cocatenate anything between and including column 4 and col (unkown until macro is run)

is there a way to do this?

Basically need to add all the cells from 4th column to whatever col is. Example if col = 12

then I need columns 4 to 11 all rows together

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SumIf For Adjacent Column

Apr 22, 2014

In the B column i have dates. In the C column i have total hours.

Right now the following code counts how many instances of a date (Dt) are found and makes a decision if it is more than 3.

IVAL = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf(WS.Range("B:B"), Dt)
If IVAL > 3 Then

What i need is to SUM the hours (C column) for each instance of the date (Dt) in the B column, and test if it is greater than 24. so it would be similar to this:

IVAL = Application.WorksheetFunction.SumIf(WS.Range("C:C"), Dt)
If IVAL > 24 Then

Except that this code attempts to sum the hours of the C column and also wants to recognize the dates from the C column which would not work. I need something different than SUMIF. I need it to Sum the C column for the appropriate dates (Dt) in the B column.

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Sum Based On Adjacent Column Value

Jun 20, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with a list of account numbers and values(sheet1) and on a seperate sheet (sheet2) a list of all unique account numbers that appear in the transaction data sheet.

What I am trying to do is get a total sum for the values of each account number. What I am getting well I'm not quite sure what I'm getting. The problem appears to be when the xSubtotal variable is reset to 0 at the end of calculating all the values for the account number.

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Search Column Concatenate Row And Place In New Worksheet?

May 30, 2014

In Column A, anytime a specific "text" appears, I want to concatenate the information in the row, and place it into worksheet Data-list under a specific heading.


The formula I would use (not vba) is =IF(A3="FN",B3,""), then I just copy it all the way down. However there are 27K cells, which is why I want a VBA Code

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