Plotting On Scatter Graph

Jul 15, 2009

We have a special testing machine in the lab I work in, and it measures reflectivity from reflective vests etc. A special instrument takes a reflective reading and reports back a X and Y value which is used then as a co-ordinate and gets plotted on a graph.

The machine measures for 8 colours, and takes four readings, so for example the first color will be Flourescent Yellow. and then it produces 4 "X,Y" readings, which get plotted onto a graph, and joins all 4 points to create a box as shown in the link >> Graph with joined plots

This is a small capture of the spreadsheet with the values >> spreadsheet

Basically, I need to know how to take the values in columns X and Y, and then make it plot onto a graph as one point, and then join the four points for that one colour,

end result being the grapgh will have upto 8 boxes on it.

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Scatter Will Not Use Given X-values In Plotting Data?

Jun 12, 2014

I'm trying to make a scatter plot from two columns of data; the first, a series of decimals between 0 and 1, the second, a series of percentages between -40 and 140%. Essentially, I'm charting a performance (%) vs. a 'batting average' (decimal between 0 and 1).

However, when I plot these data points, the x-values the chart takes are, I suppose, the relative position of the data within the column (i.e., 5, 9, 32) as opposed to the actual values (.33, .71, .92, etc). I've tried manually selecting the data, copying only the values into different cells...nothing seems to work. Each time, I get points like (11, 61%) instead of the desired (.48, 61%).

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Make A Scatter Graph That Will Graph The Attached?

Mar 21, 2014

I would like to make a scatter graph that will graph the attached. The score would be on the Y axis and the birth date would be on the X axis. This is simple to do by itself but what I would like to do in addition to this is to have the top 25% of the scores a single color, the middle 50% of the scores a second color and then the bottom 25% of the scores to be a third color. And if it is possible to have the ID visible when you move your cursor over a given dot in the graph. Currently when I make a scatter graph the X,Y coordinates show when I hoover the cursor over a dot.

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Graph Plotting...?

Jul 12, 2009

I use spectrometer in my reesearch. The datas are in (a, b) format in single cell. Is it possible to seperate a and b seperately? like a in seperate cell and b in seperate cell?

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Plotting Graph In Excel

Mar 26, 2014


I have attached Excel sheet as above. I wanted to plot graph time vs pic-zenith,pic-azimuth,pic-elevation .

I tried to plot graph but value of point in excel sheet is differ from table value. For single graph no problem,When all put together leading some problem. What kind of char can plotted above reading values.

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Plotting Graph With Text On X Axis

Mar 27, 2014

There is probably a really simple solution to this, but I have a column 'A' of data, with various numbers, and a column of data 'B' with letters from A to Z. However when I try and plot this on a scatter graph, the x axis uses numbers rather than letters, with data points all over the place?? I'd like the X axis to have the letters A to Z, and the data to stack up vertically when there is a few different numbers correpdoing to 1 letter. Specifically, a scatter graph

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Make A Graph Without Plotting Zero Values

Oct 22, 2008

I've two collumns, after some index the values of cells are zero
how i can draw a chart without selecting those zero cells?

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Exclude Blank Cells While Plotting A Graph

Aug 29, 2013

How can i exclude Blank or cells that have a 0 when plotting my graph? Right now everything is very small because i have about 50 cells, some with quantities and some with zero quantities.

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Excel 2003 :: How To Ignore Zero Values When Plotting A Graph

Feb 15, 2005

Using Excel 2003. I have a data range for a graph. The values in the cells are the results of a simple If function - If(m28>0,n28,0). The results are taken from a larger data input exercise. But, the graph line (a simple graph!) plots the FALSE value (0) when I would like there to really be no value & hence no plotted point if the result is FALSE.

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Xy Scatter Graph Average Point With (+) Around It

Jun 8, 2014

I am supposed to make an xy scatter graph like the one drawn of paper. The average point need to have a "cross" around it. So far I can just plot the points. I have added the average point as secondary series. I just need to put the "+ sign or cross around" it.

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Coordinate Lines On Scatter Graph?

Jun 28, 2012

I have the following data points:




[Code] ......

And can create a scatter diagram fine. However, I've been asked if it's possible to show on the graph, for each point a line to it's respective X and Y co-ordinate. For example, for row 4 (in red), on the same scatter graph, I'd like there to be two lines for this point,

Line1 drawn from (0.1, 0) to (0.1, 0.26) and
Line2 drawn from (0,0.26) to (0.1,0.26)

I know it's possible to overlap graphs in Excel, but I can't find how to achieve this with scatter plots

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How To Plot Scatter Graph With Regression

Nov 20, 2013

Given 100 samples, to calculate: numbers of hours spent on study is dependent on numbers of hours spent on social networking site.

x (social networking site)
y (study)



[Code] .......



Regression Statistics

Regression Statistics

Multiple R

[Code] ....

So, I've got the coefficient of correlation equals to 0.57, how can I plot my scatter graph?

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Scatter Graph X Axis Grouping

Feb 28, 2008

I would like to graph the data shown below using a scatter graph. However, when I use the cart wizard it assigns numerical values to each data point and then plots the data accordingly. How can I get the scatter graph to group the assets with the same ratings together? Note, I don't want to have to assign values to assets with the same rating each time. I have attached the spreadsheet so you an see the problem.

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Change All Line Thicknesses In Scatter Graph

Jan 2, 2013

I have an XY scatter with 40 or so different lines displayed.I want to change the thickness of all of the lines. I dont want to have to try and select them individually and change them. Is there any way to do this? Perhaps changing the default thickness of lines for this type of graph?

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How To Prevent Large Scatter Graph Being Squashed

Apr 1, 2013

I am trying to plot a scattered line graph that contains nearly 4000 points on the y axis. The points represent a day. The x axis is the percentage belonging to that day. The problem that I am having is that the graph looks squashed together and the line is very thick because of this. One of the reasons for this is that a lot of the 4000 points have similar percentages so the line just moves a tiny bit. Is there a way that I can make the graph look more presentable?

The following is a picture of how it looks. You may need to enlarge it to see it properly.

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Start Scatter Line Data Later In Graph?

Jan 13, 2014

I am reporting on the amount of certificates issued over a period of time. Basically the government stopped released data on the amount of one type of certificate being issued during this period and started releasing data on another type. I am having trouble displaying this other data which starts around half way into the time period. So all the data starts in June 2010... but this other data starts in June 2012.

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Auto Generate Table For Scatter Graph

Oct 31, 2006

after spending hours searching the forum, I begin to seriously doubt my ability to even formulate a suitable search question. My problem SHOULD be a known one, but I am unable to find any clues. Here we go:

I have made a pretty stright-forward forecasting model. It is used to calculate economics of a coal fuelled power plant (even though that shouldn't matter). The outcome is, among other things, a single number for Profit / MWh in Euros. There are several input data, such as fuel price, price for CO2 emission rights, operational expenditure, capex, etc.

My idea, then, is to lock all in-data parameters except ONE, then let this variable vary incrementally and then produce a new small table with a) the variable data (example: price for CO2 rights ranging from 10 to 50 Euro in 2 euro steps), and b) the resulting net profit in each case. Ideally, I wish to be able to chose which indata to lock and which to vary, i.e. solution need to have certain flexibility.

NB: The calculations are not that simple, i.e. I cannot use a simple formula - I need to use the exising output cell(s) to feed data.

How do I do this?

The outcome should be basically two rows with a suitable number of columns (or the other way around, two columns in X number of rows). The table will then be used to produce illustrative graphs.

I guess I could hard code a table by simply enter data, but heck, that's not the way to use Excel!

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Category X Axis Labels On Scatter Graph

Apr 4, 2007

I have a set of data which I need to plot both unordered and ranked.

For the unordered (as is) data, a line graph is fine, as it gives the category labels along the x axis.

For the ordered data, i have a row with the ranking in, and then plot an xy scatter graph, so the values increase.

This obviously has the rank numbers along the x axis, not the corresponding category labels.

Is there anyway to force this? I know there are chart labelling add-ins on here, but our IT dept blocks the download.

The attched file is a very small example.

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Calculate Maximum Point On Curve From Xy Scatter Graph

Jan 18, 2008

I have put my values into a XY scatter graph but need to find the maximum point i.e when the gradient is zero. I am using visual basic to obtain my data and draw my graph.

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VBA Needed To Make Separate XY Scatter Graph For Each Group At A Time And Must Be Unique

Aug 19, 2014

I have 5 different groups for that i have to make XY scatter graphs and my data looks like this


now i want to make 5 different graphs one per each group. Now i am making them manually in excel but it is taking lot of time to format each graphs to get unique graphs. I am attching sample file and graph for better understanding.

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Data Plotting

May 13, 2008

how do I plot the axis data in my graph in an increasing order, when I have my datas in a random order?

In other words, I have bunch of data to be plotted as my x-axis. All numbers are within [0;1], but they all in a random order, like (0.001, 0.923, 0.120, ...). And I want them to be in an increasing order.

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Plotting Voltage Changes

Aug 6, 2008

i have this set of data (d.jpg). each cell is 2ms.

I want to compute how much is spent on each set (shown as one color) until the sate changes. In other word, the values are voltages, so i want to know how often the voltage toggles. then plot the toggling instances.

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Make A Graph That Will Graph Against Time

Jun 11, 2006

How can i make a graph that will graph against time? lets say i have a bank balance like this:

1/2/2000 $500
1/3/2000 $600
3/12/2000 $400

there may be more than one entry on any one given day, or there may not be an entry for 2 weeks. How can i graph the running balance in a way that it will show the timeline just as a calendar year(or however long i selected) and the points are plotting according to their date, not just equally spaced out.

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Avoid N/A With Plotting A Chart

Mar 27, 2014

I have a set of data containing "N/A" in some cells, and when I try to plot the chart using stacked lines chart type, the chart is completely off. if the "N/A" are causing this problem and how to fix this.

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Plotting Data With 35 Points?

Jan 25, 2014

I have a data for sedimentation along a pipe. I measured sediment concentrations at different lengths of the pipe, after different intervals of time. So I have 35 concentration values, take at 5 different points along the pipe, at 7 different times. Is it possible to plot a chart with these 35 points, with depth on y-axis, time on x-axis? These 35 points are percent removals (0-100). .

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Plotting Question - Play Y1 And Y2 Against X

Oct 4, 2007

I have the following data in excel (just an example):

X | Y1 | Y2
-3 | 9 | 1
-2 | 4 |
-1 | 1 | 1.5
0 | 0 |
1 | 1 | 1.5
2 | 4 |
3 | 9 | 1

I want to play Y1 and Y2 against X. Y2 does not appear on the chart because it's not continuous. I would like to plot Y1 (as a continuous graph) and a Y2 as dots (or scattered as excel lables it).

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Chart Still Plotting Zero Value Ranges

Mar 21, 2008

My chart with dynamic ranges still plots empty ranges despite using the following for empty cells:

Use of NA()
Use of #NA
Use of ""
Use of 0

What else am I missing?

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Plotting And Formulas Using Nulls

Feb 24, 2009

I want to calculate various quantities from a set of data and I also want to plot the same data. When I have empty cells in the y-value range, but a value in the x-value range, I do not want these to be plotted, however, unless I insert a #N/A into the empty cell, excel plots them, even if you uncheck the option under Tools->Options->Chart, I guess because there is still an x-value.

I wanted to be able to post an example worksheet, but I'm not allowed to post attachments. Basically as I need to do a lot of these plots for different data sets, I don't want to individually have to tailor each one to account for the empty cells. The only solution I have found so far is to have one column that has blank cells, on which I use functions like Slope() and Intercept(), then I have another cell that has the formula

this column is then used as the y-values to plot from, as this prevents excel from plotting them (if I were to use the #N/A column in the functions, I would just get #N/A returned). I then hide the column with #N/As in and allow the chart to plot from hidden columns. This seems ridiculously complicated for such a simple requirement,

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Charts - Plotting Hypercubes

Mar 23, 2007

if and/or how an hypercube surface can be plotted?

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Plotting 3 Sets Of Different Dates On Same Chart?

Jan 17, 2014

I have 3 different series: S, J, and D. Each series has a list of different dates, and I need to plot the results for each date, while comparing the 3 series. I have created 3 different charts to display the results for each series - list of dates. However, I'd really like to chart all 3 series on one chart, so that you can see how the 3 compare.

I believe my obstacle is that the list of dates are not consistent between the 3. I tried to get around this by creating one table with all the dates, and leaving blanks where necessary (on Sheet 2). However, this created a problem because the blanks showed on the charts as 0s.

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