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Prevent A Character From Been Entered Into A Cell

Is there any neat little way of preventing a character say '=' from been entered in a cell, kinda similar to the validation but for a 'dont allow' function.

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Highlighted Cells (enter A Character And For Each Cell Within The Selection That Value Is Entered)
when i highlight any number of cells what i want to be able to do is enter a character and for each cell within the selection that value is entered.

i know this is possible by pressing CTRL + ENTER but is there a way i can code it onto the sheets module?

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Formula To Prevent A Higher % To Be Entered
What formula can I use to accomplish the following, if it can be done.

If B9 is 100% all the rest of the % cell inputs would be 0%

If B9 is less 100% ,lets say 50% all the rest of the % cell inputs would be less than or equal to 50% until any sum of those cells equal to 100%
in which case if I enter 50% on B9 and 25% on D9 and 25% on F9 their total sum would be 100%.

If I try to enter a % on H9 it should not allow me to do it
because then the total sum on O9 would be more the the original amount on A9

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Prevent Erroneous Data Being Entered
I currently have a monitoring spreadsheet which my staff enter data into each month. There have been some problems with staff entering data wrong so I have decided to build a userform to prevent errors. I have 2 combo boxes one for selecting a month of the year and another for a particular call the user must enter data for. I want the userform to enter the data from the userform into specific cells in a specific area. e.g. If a member of staff entered data into the userform for February, Call 2 then it would appear in the relevant boxes.

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Data Validation To Prevent Use Of A Character
I wish to prevent the use of the " ' " apostrophe in an entire column and I was wondering if this can be done with conditional formatting including a message of some type.

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Look For Character In Cell And Insert New Character - For More Than One
I have a cell which will contain SER01+SER02+SER03

and what i need it to contain is [SER01]+[SER02]+[SER03]

and shocker is i've got this to work for the first instance but not the other two

code as below... be grateful for your help

Sub measure1()
Dim list As String, pos As Integer, refl As String, refr As String, newlist As String
list = Cells(1472, 16).Value
pos = InStr(list, "+")
refl = Left(list, pos - 1)
refr = Right(list, pos + 1)
newlist = "[" & refl & "]"
Cells(1472, 17) = newlist
End Sub

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Append All Digits Before Character To All Numbers Between The Same Character
I have got a list of numeric abbreviations, for instance 10739011/21/31/41. What it should really display are the numbers 10739011, 10739021, 10739031 and 10739041 (the first six figures stay the same). All the numbers in my list are 8 figures long. I want to change the list from the list seperated by the backward slash to the complete numbers. I have uploaded an example of the list with backward slash between the numbers. Is there a way that Excel can automatically change these numbers to the full numbers?

Because all the numbers are 8 figures long, I thought the first 6 figures of the 1st number can be copied and those 6 figures pasted before the other two figures after the backslash. Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;sorry, pressed OK too quickly. The problem is that there are sometimes 4 numbers in the cell, sometimes 6 and once three. I would like Excel to complete all the numbers in the cell and then move on to the cell underneath it and so on. Also, I would like each number to have it's own cell.

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When A Date Entered On A Specific Cell, Automatically Enter A Text In Other Cell
I have 6 Headings in excel named...

"A" in cell A1, B in B1, "C" in C1, "D" in D1, "E" in E1 and "F" in F1.

There are two projects.

Project 1 has phase A, D & F and Project 2 has phase A, B, C, D & E.

My Specification follows...

1). Take Prject 1 - Which starts from cell A2 I will keyin "A". When the phase comes to an end I will key in the end date of the phase. As soon as I key in the end date in cell A2 Letter D should automatically appear in the cell D2 and when Phase D comes to an end I will key in the end date in Cell D2 which should automatically keyin F in the cell F2. and is the same case for Project 2.

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How Can I Check In Cell C2 That Only Let A Value To Be Entered If G2 Is 10 And F2 Is 20
How can I check in cell C2 that only let a value to be entered if G2 is 10 and F2 is 20.

I can do the one but not both together

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Block Anything From Being Entered In Cell
I have a log that information gets enter into by rows. When one rows info is entered a "Start" button is to be clicked and a macro runs and does different calculations. I want a way to not let the next rows information to be entered until the "Start" button is clicked on or Is there a way to have the code run automatically when the user has entered the info in the last cell of the row and goes back to the first cell in the next row ?

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Add A Character To Every Cell..
i have a column that is 1900 long and i need to add a "comma" to the end of everything in each cell in that column. How do i go about this? so at the moment it look like this:


But i need to look like this:


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Value Entered In A Cell Based On A Date In Another Cell.
I need a formula that will basically just display a 1 or 0 in one cell based on the date in the cell next to it.

If the date is older than 180 days then a 0 will be displayed in the cell.

If the date is less than 180 days then a 1 will be displayed in the cell.

I have an attachement as an example.

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Getting Value To Change When Value Entered In New Cell Of Column
Not sure if I can do this with a formula or not. looking to change the value of a cell when using a column. Im looking to have the cell to change each time after there is a new value entered in the column but only when a value is entered in new cell of the column.

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Cell Colour Depending On Value Entered
I found the code below to do almost exactly what i want. However, i would like to know if it can be modified to only affect a specific cell range. In my case, the cell range is B9:AF37.

Option Compare Text 'A=a, B=b, ... Z=z
Option Explicit

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

Dim Cell As Range
Dim Rng1 As Range

On Error Resume Next
Set Rng1 = ActiveSheet.Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeFormulas, 1)
On Error Goto 0
If Rng1 Is Nothing Then
Set Rng1 = Range(Target.Address)
Set Rng1 = Union(Range(Target.Address), Rng1)
End If
For Each Cell In Rng1

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Show Message Box When Certain Value Entered Into Cell
This seems like a very simple question but I can't find the answer that I'm looking for. I have a spreadsheet with a drop-down ( validation) list. Based on what the person selects, I then would like to have a message box to come that would direct them that certain cells then need to be filled in.

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Changing The Cell Color With A Certain Value Is Entered
I would like the cell to be red if the value is below 1.5. If the value is 1.5 or greater, I would like for that cell to turn green.

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Call Macro On Any Value Being Entered In A Cell
I'm trying to create a macro that will check that an Swedish corporate identification number (CIN) is correct. Swedish CIN conist of 10 numbers and are always written 123456-7890. The last number is a control digit to see if the CIN is correct. I've managed to get the macro working but I am not able to get it to work automatically. that is I want the macro to start running immediately after you have entered a companys CIN. In my template you are supposed to enter the CIN in cell A1, and I want the macro to check that immedately when you have pressed "enter". I can not get it to work. the macro works when I do it manually, that is Tools>Macro>Macro..>Run. I've read all about it here but I guess I just don't get it

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Check If Time Has Been Or Is Entered In A Cell
Is there a simple function to check if a time has been or is entered in a cell, just like the IsDate function.

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Searching A Cell Value For A Character
I want to test a cell for the type of value as 678/256 or 345/872/098/987 etc. The common character in each would be the "/". First, I need to check the cell for this, then take the first number and compare it to an integer(if it is <> , or = to). I hope I am clear with my situation.

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Adding A Character To A Cell
I have a number in each cell 42189654 and I want to add a period in the 3 place. Example 42.189654. I cannot seem to get the correct formula.

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Ensure Cell Cannot Contain A Certain Character
I enter for example in a cell : 0625-C0/01
sometime 0 is entered as O a letter and not zero.Is there a way to ensure that only 0 (zero) is allowed in that string using data validation rules.

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Check Last Character In A Cell
I am creating a macro that saves a file using the value in X1 as a variable name to save the file. I want to check if the last character in cell X1 is a period ("."), and if it is I want to either remove the period from X1 and continue to save, or tell the user it is not possible to save the name that ends in a period.

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Pull First Character From One Cell To Another
I am using an exported dbf from filemaker pro. This is an established dbf, with over 2,000 sku's in it. Here is what I want to do.

I am using Indata and InDesign to create a catalog. I need for excel to pull the first character from a cell and put it in another cell. i.e.

I have a dbf where I have author last name, and title of book. I need for excel to pull the first character of each of these fields and put them in their own cell/column. This will allow me to use these new columns to make the " headers" for my InData/InDesign doc.

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2007 (Count Words Entered In Cell)
I'm working on a project and need some assistance. Using Excel 2007, how do I add up the total of the word "apples" to a cell.

Example: If Cell A1,A10,A25,A30 all have the word apple entered, how do I add them up in lets say cell B10.

Also, I need to do it where I can enter multiple words in 1 cell and have it organized according to how many times the word is used.

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Conditional Formating Based A Value Entered Into The First Cell Of A Row
Is it possible to do a conditional formating based on a value being entered into the first cell of a row?

Basically when a date is entered into a cell in column A, I want the cells in that same row (A-J) to have a border, even if B-J do not have any value entered into them.

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Colour Change Cell If Number Entered
I want to incoroprate into my Workbook a sheet with a list of phone numbers, that sheet can be added to and more numbers entered if necessary and will be called "DATA"

The questions is this. If one of those numbers in the "DATA" sheet is entered in any other sheet in the workbook can the cell that number has been written on (not the one on the data sheet) be made to change colour?

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Automatically Tick Cell If Entered Value Matches
I have attached a spreadsheet which, when you enter a matching value in the vehicle column, the cell that matches the vehicle name in both instances (column and row) is ticked. Think I am wanting to use a worksheet_calculate function but cannot figure out how to write the appropriate lookup in VBA. I do not want a formula in the cell.

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Locking Cell Dependent On Data Entered..
In cell D10, there is a drop down menu with choices A, B, C and D. Cells D13, 16, 19 and 22 also have a drop down menu. What I would like the code to do, is when option D is chosen from D10's menu, cells D13, 16, 19 and 22 are locked so that the user cannot choose an option from any of those cells.

So basically, if D10="OptionD" then [whatever the value is to lock cells D13, 16, 19 and 22 from drop down use)

If possible, I'd like this as an IF function, and not a VBA macro. I'm not completely familiar with all of the IF, so forgive me if I ask the impossible. But if the IF cannot do it, VBA code is fine.

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How To Make Sure That Only Positive Numbers Are Entered In A Cell
I am trying to restrict data input to a cell for only positive numbers. Currently, I have used data validation to accept decimals and numbers greater than zero. The cell is formatted for percentage with 2 decimal places. The "error message" alerts you that you have to have positive numbers only. The catch is that when the error message comes up and you use the 'retry' button, the entry is multiplied by 100.

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Separate First And Last Names Entered In One Cell Into Two Different Cells
The database that I'm working on divides patient names into three separate columns: lastName, firstName, midInit. My department has several old spreadsheets that have data my boss suddenly wants included in my database. The trouble is, these old spreadsheets have the patient's last name, first name, and middle initial entered into the same column.

There are at least 200 hundred names in these spreadsheets. I absolutely do not want to go back and separate the names into separate columns by hand.

Is there any way to get Excel to take the names entered into one cell and split them into three cells?

I've attached a spreadsheet example that shows what I need to do.

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Change Cell To CLOSED When Date Entered
I need a script that changes a cell to say closed (uses a drop box) when a date is entered into the date column. I have attached a workbook with the basic options, obviously there will be a lot more columns and information in the original workbook and I will adding the code to at least 2 worksheets.

However to give a basic understanding if I have a drop box in column A with the options Active, Inactive and Closed. When I enter a date in Column B (headed Closed Date) I want Column A to change the option to Closed automatically.

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Locking Cell Dependent On Data Entered
I'm working in MS Office Excel 2003. I have a spreadsheet with numerous drop down boxes and references to named ranges. Here's my current quandary:

In cell I12, I have a drop down box with listed choices A, B, C and D. In cells I15, I18, I21 and I24, I also have drop downs.

What I'm trying to do is when choice D is picked from I12 it locks cells I15, I18, I21 and I24 so that the choices in the drop down cannot be picked. Also, a popup message is displayed.

I was able to receive help in getting this pretty much taken care of. But the problem I'm having with the code is that the popup message is also being displayed whenever I make a choice from other drop down boxes. So if I choose option D from I12, it locks the other 4 cells and displays the message just fine, but then if I choose anything else from say K12 or L21 then the message continues to come up. Here's what I have...

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Locking Cells Depending On What Is Entered In Another Cell
I'd like to lock some cells depending on what is put in a particular cell. As shown by the file attached, if the first column (Amendments) has a "no" in A4, I'd like to lock out cells B4:D4. (The sheet will be protected). If it's a "yes" then the cells are unlocked. I'd like to then apply this to all subsequent rows (i.e. lock B5:D5 if a "no" in A5 etc.)

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Referencing A Sheet Name Entered In A Cell For Formula
I am working on a sheet called 2005, with "Jan" entered into cell C4. I want to reference cells on the sheet called Jan2005 using a function that points to C4 and adds "2005".

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Referencing Certain Character Places In A Cell
I'm trying to speed up some work on an excel sheet. The sheet converts degrees latitude and longitude to Northing and Easting coordinates, but right now we have to type them in directly.

For example, the degrees would be 81.0056 and I want to reference just the .0056 from the cell that contains the whole 81.0056 degrees. Is there any way to just reference character place three through seven of that cell? All I'll need it to do is copy it over, the rest of the program will convert it for me.

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Macro To Delete One Character In A Cell
I'm trying to use Excel 2003 macros for the first time and am very frustrated by it's recorder function. I've used several standalone TSR macro recorders several years ago and they were much easier but certainly not as feature rich.

I have a spreadsheet that I've been using for a couple of years where I have manually entered data. My company has recently started to dump data into an Excel sheet but instead of pure numeric or date values being used they are extracting the values with the ' character starting the value. I want to strip this ' character.

What I do is select the cell I want to edit and invoke the macro. Then press {F2} to edit the contents of the cell, {Home} to move to the left, {Del} to delete the first character - the apostrophe, and {Enter} to complete the edit and move down one cell.

Using the recorder captures the following. Unfortunately it doesn't simply delete the first character, it copies the value of the previous cell to the next cell when I invoke the macro again.

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Search For A Character In A Cell From Macro
i would like to use a macro to check whether the string present in a cell contains special characters like @,#,$,%,^,&,*. i need to do this using a macro. is there an in-built function to do this or is there any other way to do this.

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Weird Character In Cell Using VbCrLf
In the following code snippet;

strFill = "Query for" & strCommName
strFill = strFill & vbCrLf & strPitHrs
strFill = strFill & vbCrLf & "This query has a rating of"

The cell output is formatted this way;
"Query for SP500
9:30-4:15 EST
This query has a rating of"

And thats how the text shows if you copy and paste it BUT in the cell there is a square box at the end of each of the first two lines. Is the vbCrLf causing that? If so what should I be using instead so the text in the cell shows exactly like the bolded text above

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Count Cell Containing A Specific Character
I have a row of cells that contain a single letter: W,C,O.

I need to provide a count of the number of occurancies of each letter. So I have a cell that shows me the total W's, a cell showing me total C's and another showing total O's.

Whats easiest way to do this?

I know its not ideal, but on this occassion ive no desire to add and hide another column.

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First Character In Cell Is Text Then Delete Row
In a column I have cells where the first character is numeric and the rest text and also cells where the first character is text.

I want to delete the rows where the first character is text.

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Fill Cell With Single Character
I would like to enter an X or O into a square cell so that it completely fills the cell.

I want to eliminate the space between the text character and the cell border.

The character does not necessarily have to be text so long as it can be automatically entered into the cell by a macro and can also be deleted by a sub routine to refresh the worksheet for new data.

I created autoshapes for a cross and a circle but I have no idea how to substitute these for the text characters in the worksheet or delete them afterwards.

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Remove Last Character In A Cell If Its A Comma
I need to remove the last character in a cell if it is a comma. I can't remove all commas because there are other commas in the text.

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Finding/counting A Given Character Within A Cell
For a given cell, I need to count the number of times a given character (e.g., the letter "a") appears. Is there a worksheet function or formula?

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Formula To Remove All But The Last Of The Same Character In A Cell
I have data in cell A1 and A2 which looks like below

SECTOR - 11, HIRAN MAGRI, - 313001

In cell A1 the number of hypens (-) are 2
In cell A2 the number of - are 3

What I am looking for is a formula which can remove all additional - except the last one. Therefore the result of the formula should be

SECTOR 11, HIRAN MAGRI, - 313001

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Find Specific Character In A Cell
I am trying to put an IF statement together. If the 7th character from the left is 5 it must show M, and If 0(zero), it must show F

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Add Single Character Before & After Each Cell Value In Column
I am trying to do is put an asterisk at the beginning and the end of the Information in a cell for the entire column. Is there a way to make a macro that, once I highlight a column, it will put an asterisk at the beginning and end of the information in each cell in that column until a blank cell is reached where the macro will then stop? This will save me a lot of work. It will work for me if a particular column has to be defined in the macro, but would be better if it is one I can just highlight.

This would also work fine for me if I just had to highlight the cells that I want to use as well. Sorry if this seems to be a stupid question, but I am a very novice excel user

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Prevent Changing Value In Cell
I want to allow users to select a cell in a column, but not allow them to change the contents of the cell. Also, don't want to allow them to select all the cells on the sheet.

I'm guessing that I need to use the Change event, and restore the contents back to what they were before the change.

Is there a better way to do this?

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Prevent Cell From Displaying - #VALUE
Am trying to create a simple spreadsheet with some multiplication functions on it. Using this example:
Cell A1 = 5 (multiplicand) x
Cell A2 = 10 (multiplier) =
Cell A3 = 50 (product)

All is well providing I have a number value in cells A1 and A2. When I don't, I would like them to remain blank, as well as A3, the product. The problem I face is when I remove the values in either A1 or A2, what's displayed in A3 turns to the word - #VALUE!. Which also shows up on the printed page.

My question is, like removing the checkmark for "zero values" under tools and options to prevent the "0"'s from being displayed, is there a way of preventing the word "#VALUE!" from being displayed when the values for the multiplicand and/or multiplier have been removed?

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Prevent Cell Being Dragged
How can you prevent a cell which contains a validation list from being dragged?

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Prevent Deletion Of A Cell With No Cell Protection
I have a worksheet with multiple entry boxes in a row. Depending on the value in one row, another row will either yield the result from a formula, or remain blank, and this cell needs to be locked. I was able to do this by first putting the formula into the destination cell, and then using custom data validation that says the cell value = "". So this prevents anyone from typing in that cell, no matter if it yields the formula result or must stay blank. What it doesn't protect against is someone deleting the contents of the cell. The reason I don't want to protect the cell is because I want people to be able to highlight the whole row past that cell and delete it all at once. So either using Data Validation, a formula, or VB programming I need to not allow someone to do ANYTHING to that cell, even delete the contents, without locking the cell. Hopefully it can be done, thanks!

For example, if E17 = "X", then K17 = INPUT!$M$28*J17. If E17 <> "X" then K17 is blank. Either way, I don't want any typing or deleting of K17. This applies for range K17:K91, and corresponding E17:E91.

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Image Is Hyperlinked To A Cell With Specific Text Entered
Is there any way I can make it so an image is hyperlinked to a cell with specific text entered. After clicking on the image, the cell where the image is hyperlinked to changes text.

For example:

An image of a strawberry is hyperlinked to a cell which contains the word "strawberry".
After clicking on the strawberry image, the cell which contained the word "strawberry" now contains the word "strawberry1".

If you understand that, I would so love the help.

I also posted this is question here

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