Pulling Information From A Column Based On Information In A Second Column?

Jan 27, 2014

Imagine I have 2 columns of information that look like this:

Column A
Column B





These are my key columns. The letters are initials of people and the animals are the pets they're responsible for.

Now, I have 3 more columns that look like this:

Column D
Column E
Column F

These columns can go on for hundreds of rows.

What I want to do is pull out the information from columns D, E and F where the initials and pet match those in the key list, then paste that elsewhere (say to columns J, K and L).

So, for instance, the first entry would be copied across because, according to the key list, AS is responsible for a Dog, but the bottom entry for AS wouldn't because he was looking after a fish, and that pet isn't listed as one of his animals in the key list (Fish is listed alongside FT). Likewise, the entry for AH wouldn't come across because AH doesn't appear on the key list at all.

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Comments On Column G Based On Information On Column A

Apr 23, 2008

Am trying to put comments on column G based on information on column A. Column A contains a grade eg CDEF picked up from another sheet using vlookup. This grade is suppossed to be the same, but I have cases where I add a different grade say GHIJ to fill up my 99 required grades.Column G is for comments such as "Transfered" (which at the moment am entering manually)How can I use a formular so that each time I transfer from another grade other that the one intended it returns a comment "tranfered" on column G? Is it also possible to indicate the cell from which vlookup picked that grade on the same comment column G.

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Print Worksheets Based On Information In Column

Jun 1, 2006

I have a workbook with many sheets, all of which derive information from the first sheet. On the first sheet, I enter values from say J1:J29. Each of these values is fed into one of the subsequent worksheets. I would like to have some code that would look at my range, determine which cells are used and print the corresponding worksheets. Write now I have a bunch of If statements that say

If Sheets("Worksheet").Range("j8") > 0 Then
Sheets("698-ALY W1222").PrintOut
End If

the problem is that it takes to long as each statement is evaluated and the print command sent.

The values in column J have names in column I and while the names do not exactly match the worksheets, a person could look at the name and match the correct sheet. For instance the name in column I that corresponds to the worksheet name 698-ALY W1222 is 698/ALY.


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Creating New Sheets With Macros Based On Column Information

May 9, 2012

I am new to using Macros and have not had great progress building a macros to make my life easier.

What I am trying to do
-In my main database tab 'FW Telecom' Use column A ( a set of numbers) to create a new tab based on that number, with a 'FW' infront IE ( column A shows 11, i want the tab to read FW 11)
-I want to create one for every number in the column
-Then I would like to copy my 'Template' tab to each new tab.
-From there I would like to fill in the information in the new tabs from the main database tab 'FW telecom'
-Since they will all be copies of the original template, i figure i can just get it to pull from the first column A and then fill in the info.

Not too much in theory going on here, just take my database and move the pertinent information to a user friendly look which I set up in 'template'

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Copy Information Between Worksheets Based On Specific Column Entry

Oct 29, 2008

My workbook contains several worksheets each recording the results of equipment tests - one sheet for each piece of equipment. Rather than open each worksheet to check the date of the last test, other 'overview' worksheets pick up and display the last test date from each equipment record using the formula =MAX('sheetref'!A15:A500). Is there a better formula to do this?

Some items of equipment are tested at more than one frequency, ie Monthly, Yearly, etc. Therefore, the entry on row 15 of an equipment record may be column A 28/10/08 column D 'M' and row 16 column A 29/10/08 column D 'Y'. The above formula will only display the last test date, irrespective of frequency. There is a seperate overview sheet for each test frequency therefore, I need to modify the formula so that the date it copies from the equipment record worksheet to the overview worksheet is the date of the last test for the specified frequency.

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Automatically Color Fill Rows Based On Changing Column Information

Jun 24, 2009

I would like to automatically color fill a series of rows based on like information from a single column. When the information in the column changes then the rows would either stop filling (this would be best) or fill with a different color until the information changes again.

Summary: series of alternating rows would either be filled or unfilled based on changes from the column information.

Hope this isn't too confusing. Below is an example except I would want the cells filled, not the text or numbers to change. The highlight is changing based on the changing of the numbers.

ABCD 12345
ABD 12345
ABCD 12349
ABDF 12349
ABCD 12358
ABF 12358

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Excel 2007 :: Make One List Out Of Columns Based On Common Information In Column C?

Oct 12, 2011

Is it possible to take the information below and make one list out of columns F, H and J based on the common information in column C? For example, group all the 18s in a list, followed by the 44s.this is excel 2007

column CColumn Fcolumn Hcolumn J

Option code

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Macro - Select Last Non Empty Column And Paste Information In Another Column?

Mar 25, 2013

I am trying to find a macro that look for last non empty cell in column A and them paste a formula/comment in all cells of column B.

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Pulling Information In Seperate Sheet Based On Data In Current Sheet

Jun 1, 2009

I've got a bit of a quandary here that my novice programming skills can't seem to solve.

Here is the scenario. I work for a photographic library. We have a spreadsheet that contains 5 or so columns, and a couple of thousand rows. Essentially each row contains an imagine code (the number we use to file away the imagine, ie. US_NY_NYC_1 ) in the first cell, and the image information in the following cells (ie metadata, keywords, photographer, date, etc).

so a typical row would look as follows:

Filename | Keywords | Photographer | Metadata | Location |

all the keyword, photographer, metadata, and location information can only be tied to the one image code whose cell begins the row.

Now, here is my dilemma. This sheet (lets call it the master sheet) contains all the images we have in a given batch. However, when a client orders images, we will send them most images in that batch, but not all, and we may send a few additional. So I have a separate sheet that contains only those image codes that the client requested. What I need to do is essentially take a code from the second sheet, find that same code in the master sheet, and copy over all the cells associated with that code's row. If the number does not exist in the master sheet, simply leave that row with only the code in the first cell, and the rest blank, and move on.

so for example, in my second sheet lets say I have the following A_B_C . I would like for excel to find that same code in the master sheet, and then copy over the metadata, photographer, date, etc, associated with that code, and paste it into the second sheet, so that that row in the second sheet now looks identical to the row with the same image code in the master sheet . If A_B_C does not exist in the master spreadsheet, then I would like excel to simply leave that code in its own row, leave the rest of the row blank, and move on to the next code.

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Pulling Information From One Spreadsheet To Another

May 27, 2009

i have this spreadsheet that has 2 tabs titled "master" and "unique". "master" has a list of ingredients (8 each), a number associated with it and a store number associated with it. for example (basil-136-r5). now, each store number has a different number associated to the ingredient. for example (basil-136-r5, basil-235-r6). on the "unique" tab/spreadsheet, im supposed to create a formula that calculates the number of times (ex: basil) is used and what number is associated with it to the store number. here is a pic:

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v105/SeaDonkey/pic1.jpg">

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Pulling Information From Other Worksheets

Sep 3, 2009

I have a worksheet that lists all employees (past and present) (Worksheet A). I have another worksheet that I am sent from our training department that lists monthly test scores (Worksheet B). The worksheet containing the test scores only contains current employees, and the employee list changes from month to month.

Is there any way to have Worksheet A match up employee John Q. Public with the row for John Q. Public's in Worksheet B? I would like to be able to import the test scores automatically regardless of which row the employee in on in Worksheet B.

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Pulling Information From One Sheet To Another

Dec 5, 2013

I have created my main spreadsheet in a form format - one form per student in a row downwards (30 students) and then a row for each of 4 terms.

On a separate sheet I want to pull particular entries. I have done this for Term 1 and can continue and do Terms 2 - 4. However, I have to wonder if there is not an easier way. If not, then I'm good to continue - just takes a couple of hours to create the second sheet section for each term.

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Pulling Information From 1 Worksheet To Another?

Apr 11, 2013

I am trying to create a simple ticketing system, just using the excel with no other PL.

I am trying to transfer the other in formation that I have create from 1 worksheet to another. If I input a particular number that I assigned I want that the other info along side with that number will automatically transfer to another worksheet.

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Pulling Information From A Spreadsheet

Jan 5, 2009

Hi folks, I got great help just now on the first part of this project and am hoping to get lucky again. I attached a workbook. This is traffic count data. I need help pulling information from spreadsheet named HourTotals.

The data is in cells H2:AE366, it is 24 hours wide by 360 days long. I need to search that range for the highest number and in addition to the number get the corresponding date from the date_ column and the hour from the corresponding hr_X column and paste that information into another spreadsheet and repeat that process for say 500 values.

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Pulling Information From Different Cells

Feb 10, 2009

My goal is to create a pair of validation lists. The first will allow you to select what craft you are using (i.e. Alchemy). That will bring up the second list which will allow you select what recipe you are using (i.e. Black Ink). From here, I want the spreadsheet to automatically fill out what ingredients are in the recipe, the skill levels needed to complete the recipe at 100% success, and what the yield is each time successfully complete the craft.

The first part is easy, using the INDIRECT function to pull up a second list from the first. I have no idea how to make the other cells fill out, or even how to structure the data to make it accessible.

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Pulling Information From Worksheet

Aug 20, 2009

This is a simple question but I just cant get the right format. I have a userform which saves info entered into the form into a worksheet. I have one cell in anoth worksheet (sheet2) which I would like include in the info from the form.

I already have the column entered in the database I am now trying to figure out how to include this in the save.

I would need to identify this cell in my VBA.

DIM "cell" as ?

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Pulling Information For Comments

Mar 9, 2007

Take a work book, In one spread sheet you have data containing information about a user in the cells going across. In Sheet 2 I need to pull certain information into a comment section belonging to that user. Is there a way to do this?

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Column A And B To Move With Column C When Information Transferred

Mar 18, 2014

All info goes to the master inventory and then if some enters an amount for respray then it is transferred to the respray sheet. when it is transferred to the respray sheet it put the date in Column A and then put 3 days later in Column B.

Every day it will change and the date in A1 changes to tomorrow but if another item is enter as having resprays then it transfers to the respray sheet and will bump down in column C but Column A stays the in the same spot.

I need Column A and B to move up and down if something in Column C moves up or down and it would be nice to always have the oldest date at the top.

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Removing Information From Column A With Associated Info From Column B

Jan 17, 2008

I am attempting to Organize some data; however, I have run into a problem. I will paste a sample of the data that I have and explain the situation....

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Pulling Information From Two Sheets In Same Cell?

Apr 1, 2014

I am trying to tie two worksheets together. If text found in one cell in sheet1, make the same cell on sheet2 different color.*

There is a catch... no formula can occupy the cell in sheet2.*

My question is, is there a way of have a formula in completely different cell that will eventually fill the cell on sheet2 with proper information?

To explain a little better, I am trying to tie the sheets together, same cells and everything so when information gets put inside the cell on sheet1 the same cell on sheet2 will change color or display different information, and vice versa. That is the reason no formulas can occupy those cells.

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Pulling Email Information From Outlook?

Apr 12, 2012

Is it possible to pull the subject and from information from the folder "ESITS" in my Outlook email into an excel spread sheet?

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Update Table On Another Sheet With Information On ACTIVE SHEET Based On Column Search?

May 14, 2014

What I have is a sheet that is copied periodically from some source sheet, and on this sheet is a table. This sheet is called "Onsite Checklist Template" and it's table is titled "Checklist". I also have another sheet called "Loggers and Initial Notes" which has a tabled titled "Record", and then finally a title sheet call "Proj Details".

To clear this intro up - The sheets, in their order, is: "Proj Details", "Loggers and Initial Notes", "Onsite Checklist Template". The tables: "Record" on "Loggers..." and "Checklist" on "Onsite..."

When the user wants to make a new site visit, he/she fills in the requested date and then selects a button on "Proj...". When this button is selected, it copies the table data on "Record" and puts it on "Checklist", then inserts a new worksheet tab, always in the 3rd position (the title is based on the site visit date in which the user entered), which is a copy of "Onsite...". Now we have another sheet with a table called "Checklist1", and upon another new site visit, there will be another worksheet with "Checklist2", and so on.

On the "Onsite..." worksheet, there is a button on it which also gets copied with the worksheet so that every new worksheet has this copied "Checklist ???" and this button. I'm looking for a macro that, when the button is selected, will bounce the active sheet's table "Checklist ???" off of "Record" and make changes as needed.

"Checklist ???" data range is B11:M20 (the header is on row 10); "Record" data range is B29:Q78 (the header is on row 28); Column headers are titled the same, just that "Record" has 4 extra columns, 3 in the middle and 1 on the end. "Checklist ???" columns 1-12 to "Record" columns 1-7, 10-12, 14-15. The search criteria is the 4th column in both tables ("Trk #").

I need the macro to do the following:If it finds a match, then update "Record" as needed with data from "Checklist ???", changing whatever cell is different in the row that contains the matching "Trk #", so long as the cell on "Checklist ???" is populated (i.e, if a cell on the target row of "Record" has a value, but it's blank on "Checklist ???", then "Record" wins; if it's blank on "Record", but populated on "Checklist ???", the Checklist wins. If both populated but different, then Checklist wins.If a "Trk #" exists on "Checklist ???" but is not on "Record" then add the line to "Record" (the 1st empty row, table size remains)I see no need for any "delete" at this time.

My concerns: The last column on record (column #16) is the filtering column for the worksheet copy event and needs to be left alone (it's formulated to produce a "Yes" or "No")I would like the ability to adjust table sizes if needed without modifying the macroThe table rows on "Checklist ???" will not be changed, deleted, or altered in any way by the macro.

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Pulling Information From Master Sheet Onto Subsheets Automatically

Mar 27, 2009

i'm have a master spreadsheet of contact details and categories. i want to be able to pull contact information onto other sheets within the same workbook, based on category. example attached.

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Information From A Row To A Column

Jan 17, 2007

Iím looking for a formula which returns me the information from a row (for example in C2,D2,E2 etc.) to a column. So the information in B3=C2, B4=D2, B5=E2 etc.

Does anyone know how to do it with a formula?

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Move Information Down A Column

Jul 7, 2014

I Have a table in Excel that current look like this:

Name 1
Item 1, Item 2, Item 3

Name 2
Item 1, Item 2

With 650+ Rows. What I need it for it to look like this

Name 1
Item 1

Name 1
Item 2

Name 1
Item 3

Name 2
Item 1

Name 2
Item 2

There are about 20 Items that could be assigned to a name, They are fixed.

Is there a way to create a macro or series of macros the car make this change, as doing it by hand is going to take way too long.

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Column Information To Cells In Row

Feb 25, 2009

I have column A full of test numbers, and column D is revisions the tests show up in (4 different versions). I would bring this spreadsheet down from 1800 rows to around 500 rows by making the info on D appear on one line in columns E,F,G,H, rather than four rows.


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Convert 1 Column Of Information To 3

Jul 25, 2014

I have an address list that I need to convert to 3 columns. How do I do this?

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How To Put Information In A Range In Just One Column

Feb 1, 2008

I have information in range A1 through z100, how do i put all the information in one column?

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Totaling Column Information

May 19, 2009

What I want to see is, is it possible to total up the number of times a specific phrase appears in a column using a formula?

I have a column of information generated from an outside source. The information in each row of the column is either "TRUE" or "FASLE".

Say I have 200 rows, I want to count the total number of times "TRUE" appears in that column out of the 200 rows.

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Return Information From Column Respectively Into Another Worksheet

Mar 9, 2009

If column F, G, H says PAP then I want it to return information from column A, B, C, D, E respectively into another worksheet. I have attached a sample

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