Ranking Values 1 To 100?

Jan 22, 2014

I have a data base of numbers Columns C to K with values from Row 2 to 3766. I want to rank each of these columns by value 1 to 100. However, some of the columns will assign 1 to the highest value and 100 to the lowest. In other columns it will be reverse, 1 is given to the lowest value and 100 to the highest. I can do a rank by percentile but that's not the scoring I'm looking for. Also don't know how to reverse assignment of high or low values. One further note, some of the cells are blank in which case I want to assign a neutral score of 50.

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Ranking Values And Ranking Duplicates The Same Rank

Mar 30, 2014

Ranking values and ranking duplicates the same rank I'm looking to rank a group of numbers that will possibly have duplicate numbers that I want to show as a tie but have no break in the rankings.


The ranking I am looking for is:

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Ranking With Duplicate Values While Ignoring Zeros And Negative Values

Mar 26, 2014

I'm trying to rank the values in cells S32:S38 in ascending order while ignoring zeros and negative values. I also need to rank duplicate values with a unique ranking, so that no ranking value is repeated. I tried the formula below, but the ranking values start at "2" instead of "1" and I can't figure out how to fix it.


[Code] ....

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Ranking Values In Non Adjacent Cells?

Mar 22, 2014

I have a results table that i want to be able to rank into a simple list 1 - 4. However the results are not in cells beside each other.

I tried using a helper column and then the Large function, however cannot get it to work.

I have attached an example sheet, and in column L4 - L7 i would like to put the team names (taken from column B) into the right order from the results shown.

I have to replicate this over a number of different pools in a number of different divisions. This is just one pool.

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Selection And Ranking 10 Highest Values

Jan 29, 2010

I'm trying to let the code described down below to select 10 of the highest values and give them a ranking in the next column using the letters A to J.

My query;

The code gives all 10 of the highest values the ranking letter J instead of A to J, so what's going wrong?

Also, is there a way to simplify this code so it will be easier to maintain and run quicker?

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Ranking Values Until Change In Another Cell

Oct 6, 2009

I have 2 lists.

I want to rank scores/ratings in list 2 and rank against all those cells that have the same value.

I will upload an example.

In the example you will see column A and column B.

I need a Rank for all those cells in B for 17:45, 18:15, 18:45 etc.

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Vertical Ranking Of Unique Values

Feb 20, 2010

I've been trying to figure where I've gone wrong on this one for a couple days. Maybe you guys can assist.

I have a data entry table:

DateAgeGenderPositionSportAthleteBike 5 min (Miles) 1/2 BW Pull Up1/8/200920-26MaleChangerRB_84Brett Nena8351/8/200927-33MaleJackRB_83Sha Pet3381/8/200927-33MaleGasRB_82Mik Malf1551/8/200948-54MaleGasMWR_56Dou New2321/8/200920-26MaleChangerRB_82Cha Avr12401/8/200927-33MaleChangerRB_82Dan Kaid6181/14/200927-33MaleChangerMWR_00Ryan Lang7121/14/200927-33MaleJackRB_83Sha Pet6331/14/200920-26MaleCarrierMWR_00Don Mar9152/8/201020-26MaleChangerRB_84Brett Nena8121/12/201041-47MaleCatchMWR_00Jeff Sea715

I have an area for each exercise where I am ranking the athletes average score. In these ranking areas I did not want the athlete name to show up more than once so I decided to use this formula in the names column below:


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Ranking Values Against Multiple Criteria

Oct 7, 2009

I have successfully been able to rank items using two criteria but I'm unsure of the syntax for adding a third or fourth set. I'm new to the use of Sumprodoct.

I have attached a file. Where column C and E have the same value, I want Excel to look at column F and assign a rank (formula is in column K) in ascending order.

ItemLife LeftTot CostBalRank
signs1 250 250 1
paint curb1 500 500 2
tree work1 2,500 2,500 3
landscape2 9,000 7,200 4
siding2 9,000 7,500 4

Here is my formula:

=IF(ISERROR(RANK(C8,C$5:C$105,1)+ SUMPRODUCT(--(C8=C$5:C$105),--(E8>E$5:E$105))),0,RANK(C8,C$5:C$105,1)+SUMPRODUCT(--(C8=C$5:C$105),--(E8>E$5:E$105)))

I've attached a file.

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Ranking With Only Unique Names Attached To Values?

Apr 1, 2014

I'm making an excel file where I keep track of the scoring in a little competition me and my friends do with betting on sports.

However, I got a little problem trying to automate my ranking.


As you can see in the image, when there is a duplicate score, the name stays the same for every other same value (Joris). The formula I use (also as seen in the image) just takes the first name it comes across (from left to right) and keeps using that one. But I need it to ignore the name Joris the second time, and ignore Joris AND Tim the third time, so that every score/rank (even if the scores are a draw) has a unique name attached to it.

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Ranking Without Zero And Ranking On Multiple Factors?

Aug 12, 2014

I am facing some problem with ranking formulae. Attached is a file illustrating them.

Problem 1: Ranking without zero I have a set of data for products. They have a number next to it. Some of the products have a ZERO value next to them. I want to rank the data in an ascending order while ignoring the products with ZERO value next to them.

Problem 2: Ranking on multiple factors I have a set of data for 50 products. There are 5 factors based on which I want to pick the best and the worst. Each factor has a value which can be a negative number, zero or positive number.

This is what I am doing presently: Ranking the products on each factor in a separate column. Points are assigned based on the ranking, i.e. if the ranking of "product A" on Factor 1 is 32, then it gets 32 points It is assumed that equal importance [weight] is given to each factor, thus average points is calculated based on ranking of each product on each factor. Average points are again ranked in descending order The top & bottom 10 are picked from this ranking.

Number of products and number of factors can be different for each analysis. Presently I am giving equal importance to the rankings for each of the factors, what if I have to give varied importance [weight] to the factors.

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Multiple Ranking: Rank The Values In Column B And Then Rank The Values In Column C

Feb 11, 2009

What I am trying to do is give the rank in column D based on the values in columns B and C. Some of the values in column B will have then same rank, and as such I want to add further criteria on which to rank them. I would first like to rank the values in column B and then rank the values in column C, which should give the rank in column D. For example Dog and Frog have the same value of 400 from the Non UK column. Therefore, rather than having these as both rank 1, I want them to be ranks 1 and 2, so want to add another criteria (UK). As Dog is greater than Frog in the UK (i.e. 10>7), I would like to rank Dog as 1 and Frog as 2. Goat will be ranked as 3 because it had the thrid highest value in the Non UK.

1Non UKUKRank

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VBA Ranking

Jan 7, 2009

I have a sheet name "GP", and the range "A1:A5".

I need your kind help with a code that if the cells in the range become 10, then the cell across in column B will rank the order of the cell that scored 10.

ie: if A2=10 then B2=1st, A4=10 then B4 = 2nd, A5=10 then B5=3rd, A1=10 then B1=4th, A3=10 then B3=5th.

The ranking is placed according to the which cell results to 10 first.

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Ranking Without Gap

May 4, 2006

i need to rank database and get an output of 1, 2, 3, 4, and ect. even if the first 2 had a tie of 1; 1;. So if i have 500 records and the first 3 are tie at 1st place than the next rank should NOT be 4 but instead should be 2 and so on. Is it possible?

# Rank
65 - 1
65 - 1
65 - 1
60 - 2
58 - 3
58 - 3
50 - 4

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Ranking With Two Criteria

May 6, 2014

Formulas for ranking by column "PTS" and then by "DIF" if the PTS are equal for two or more teams...

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RANKing Words?

Feb 9, 2009

The Excel function RANK allows one to automatically rank a number within a given range of numbers. Can anyone think of a way to do the same thing with words?

For example, imagine a list of 20 words in a column, with space to add ten more words (complete range B2 to B31, which include the last ten blank cells). If these were numbers, then in the previous column one could simply put in the RANK formula covering the full range, which would then auto update as you added more numbers to the spare ten cells of the range. Assuming that all the values being ranked are unique, and you would therefore get a unique rank number, to order them in rank order, one would simply have the list of possible rank values a column or two removed and VLOOKUP the ranks and their appropriate values.

But what if these numbers were WORDS? The first 20 words are FIXED and will not change, the next ten cells of the range could have any other words typed into them. There is no RANK function for words so how would you suggest that ranking by words is achieved, that does not require any intervention, and as new words were added to the spare ten cells in the range, then the rank would automatically update? This list of ranked words would then be VLOOKUP’d in the same fashion as above with the final list being used to fuel a drop down box, so the user would have an alphabetical listing of all the potential words in the range.

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Ranking To Ignore 0

Apr 27, 2009

I need the folwing formula to ignore any 0 in column Q, and rank only values of 1 or greater.


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Ranking Query

Apr 30, 2009

I have a spreadsheet which we use to rank scores for our golf society.

At the start of our season it was decided that if anyone of the top 3 scores were tied we would separate them using a second criteria(back nine score). Any scores from position 4 down would still be tied.

From searching this forum i have managed to separate ties using the 'back nine' second criteria(using a hidden helper column) but only for all the ranking positions not just the top 3.

I have attached the file.

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Ranking Formula ...

Jun 10, 2009

I need to rank sales with Nation, Area and Division. I figure how to calculate National rank, Area but have a bit of an issue with Divisional Rank. I need to re-calculate division rank by looking at Area rank and if this individual already .....

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Ranking - Ties

Jun 17, 2009

I've a problem with scoring using the rank formula.

Example: four players score, 28,17,39,6. The 39 score wins, gets 4 points, 28 = 3points, 17 = 2 points, 6 = 1 point.

The rank formula will work this out fine.

However if you get two scores tied, for example 28, 28, 39, 6, using rank the points score for each 28 returns 2 when I actually need it to be 2.5
(Thats 3points +2points / 2).

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Ranking Assistance

Oct 13, 2009

i was looking for some assistance in regards to a formula i have used for ranking. i have attached a sample spreadsheet of what i have done so far but struggling to work something so thot id try here.

(Sample WB) Currently i have managed to rank in accordance to column E but as i have alot of 0% i would like to be able to rank the 0% in accordance to the number of work done (column C).

For example i have 62 0% answers and Username Q has actioned 316 jobs with 0 Failures so should be ranked 1st as he has the highest number of jobs.

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Non Numerical Ranking

Feb 3, 2010

Is there an equivalent of =rank for non-numerical data? If not, is it possible to sort data (into another column if necessary) alphabetically without resorting to a macro?

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Ranking A List

Jan 21, 2006

I have a list of values that I need to rank in descending order. Usually
the RANK function is OK, but here is my problem. I need the list to use
'generous' rules. If there is a tie for 2nd, lets say, then I need the next
place to be 3rd, NOT 4th as the RANK function does.

Scores Rank(correct) Rank(wrong)
14.04 1 1
12.665 2 2
12.665 2 2
11.725 3 4
0.000 4 5

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Ranking, Ordering

Jan 29, 2010

A number of columns (B to U) contain names, details and scores of players. The A column contains the ranking, e.g. 1 to 100.

If a player (row) is deleted, that ranking number is also gone. Is there a way to make the A column always maintain the integrity and completeness of the numbering, e.g. if rank (row) 16 is deleted, the range of B17:U100 moves one row up and the former 17 is now 16? And if a new row is inserted, the ranking numbers after the insertion move up one row and a new number is added at the end?

2. There are 6 columns of scores, P to U. But out of these 6 scores, only the best 4 count for the ranking. The two worst (highest) scores are dropped. Is there a way to automate the process by selecting only the 4 best (lowest) numbers to be summed into the Total column (C), which in turn determines the rankings in the A column?*

And then can the whole range B2:U100 automatically be sorted according to the ranking in column (A)?

*It is possible that there are 3 or 4 bad scores, all with the same value. In that case only 2 could be discarded, and 1 or 2 would be summed into the ranking cell.

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Ranking And Points Behind

Feb 21, 2007

im doing a excell sheet for a fantasy league that i ahve created. I have a "total" cell to combine the total points for each player. I then used the "rank" formula to rank the highest points to that player. My question is...can i show like how many points behind everyone else is from who ever the "rank 1" is in?

Not sure if you can do 2 formuals in same cell or not. maybe i could have rank and how many points are behind in same cell

Example. lets say
Player points rank
Tim 5000 1
Jimmy 4000 2 -1000
Sara 3500 3 -1500

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Ranking The Employee

Feb 2, 2009

i have two col A and B

In col A name of the employee
In col B there production for the Month

I need in c col to rank them that according to there production for the month like 1,2,3, etc.

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Final Ranking

Feb 12, 2009

I need to do a final ranking for the employees those who have been already ranked on three different segments. And there will be also employees who are not qualified for the ranking in any one of the three different segments. So in the final ranking need to find the final qualified employees who are ranked in all the segments and we need to rank them, and the employees who are not qualified also has to be mentioned.

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Time & Ranking

Jun 19, 2009

I am trying to create a time sheet:

I need to mearsure the time in atleast MM:SS:MS. (Minutes:Seconds:Milli Seconds). what is the best way to do this?

Then once that is sorted out I need to rank the times? e.g. lowest time 1st, second lowest 2nd and so on.

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Conditional Ranking From B6:J6

Oct 17, 2009

[data] ...

I need to be able to rank the numbers in the bottom row above based on the criteria in the yellow above. e.g.

Amoung all m's Phil = _____
Amoung all m's red's Phil = _____
Amoung all m's washer's Phil = _____
Amoung all m's washer's Team1 Phil = _____ etc etc

I began using a series on concatenations and found a nice sumproduct formula that worked well going up and down the column, but how can i do the same going across the columns.

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Reverse Ranking

Jul 28, 2006

I have a column of events,there are 7000 in my sheet.The scores for each contestant in the event are in col.2. In col 4 I have the rank printed for each contestant in each event in ascending order.I want to know how to print them in opposite order i.e highest in each event is ranked 1 etc into column 5.

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Ranking With Tie Breaker

Nov 21, 2006

I'm tring to solve an issue with ranking with a tie breaker. I don't know how to explain it without sounding confusing so I'm attaching a sample, but basicly I want to be able to rank people with certain points and a set tie breaker value.

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