Recognizing Data Copied And Pasted From Internet?

Sep 15, 2013

Whenever I copy and paste dates from the internet I can't get Excel to recognize the info as dates, thus making it impossible to sort by date. It doesn't matter which site I use, I have the problem with all of them.


Using any of the links above, how I can paste those dates and get Excel to sort the date?

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Sorting Pasted Data By Recognizing Data As Dates

Oct 26, 2013

I copy/paste the data from this website [URL] ........

How I can sort all the data based upon the "Date"? The date data is not recognized when I copy/paste.

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VBA To Execute When Data Values Copied / Pasted Into Range Of Cells

Jan 27, 2014

Below is code I have attempted. I am learning VBA and have gathered this code from the internet and this forum. I have data that is in columns B to E and from row 7 down. I want this VBA code to run when data is copied/pasted in these cells. Where the last values stop will vary so I just want to be sure this code is executed after all the data is pasted in these cells. The data will be pasted at one time. When the user removes the data from these cells, I do not want the code to run.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
'Do nothing if less than four cells are changed or content deleted
If Target.Cells.Count < 4 Or IsEmpty(Target) Then Exit Sub


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Data Copied And Pasted With Macro Leaves Residue In "blank" Cells

Jun 12, 2009

I copy and paste large amounts of data using macros. Excel leaves some kind of trace, placeholder or something in the cells that are blank on the original sheet. So all my math calculations are messed up on the destination sheet.

Using GoTo special blanks does not work to select these cells in mass. I know how to loop through all the cells one at a time and check to see if they are "" or have a length of zero and clear them, but these methods take forever.

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Mailing Address Pasted From Internet To Excel And Then Mail Merge With Word?

Jul 26, 2013

I'm trying to use Word mail merge with Excel to create mail labels and letters for each person on the list. For example,

Johnson, Michael
7391 Wilson Street
Van Nuys, CA 91405

I want to create a mailing label for this person. If possible, I'd like to make the top line of the address "Dr. Michael Johnson," however the format that I'm copying from is last name, first name. And I also want to want to create a letter that starts with "Dear Dr. Last name," such as "Dear Dr. Johnson." This is the website that I want to copy the addresses from:

Doctors in Los Angeles, CA | Primary Care Physicians and Specialists

I have done my homework, but I don't know how to properly paste the addresses into Excel and then use Word to create the labels and letter. I have tried many ways, but I have been unsuccessful.

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Check Boxes Copied From Internet

Apr 6, 2008

I copied a list of data from Vendio Counters for pages in my website, which includes a check Box in their 1st column.

When copying the list, you automatically get the check box plus the data.

When I paste it into my counter tracking spreadsheet, the Check Box is also pasted into one of my columns.

The problem is that I only want 1 column which is the actual count.

I have tried everything to delete the Check boxes to no avail. I've even tried to delete the column and it won't delete.

All the other extra columns can be cleared or columns deleted

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Excel 2010 :: Changing Default Chart / Graph Format Copied When Pasted Into Word?

Aug 28, 2012

I work with a team of users that are continually publishing reports in Word that contain charts and graphs copy and pasted from Excel into Word 2010.

We have a custom script that leverages a PDF engine to automatically convert .doc files to .PDF files that we distribute electronically to our clients. This all works great, but only if all my users select 'paste special' and Enhanced Metafile Format when adding their excel charts into our reports. Most of these people aren't tech savvy, and I'm havin ga hell of a time getting them to follow this workflow and am hoping there's a way in Office 2010 to select the default paste from excel into word when the content is a chart.

It seems like the default paste from excel is an embedded chart/graph that you can then further manipulate each component of the chart in Word; the default doesnt' paste an actual image. I am assuming the pdf renderer is using a lower resolution .PNG version of the image and when these are scaled for print and or pdf, they look like crap.

Is htere anyway I can automatically change the default paste format for the chart from excel into word to be an EMF/EMV (enhanced metafile?) Either thorugh the registry or some other saveable setting?

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Recognizing Data In Adjacent Columns

Apr 3, 2009

I am trying to find a formula that calculates the longest period from data in an adjacent cell.
The attached spreadsheet might better explain this

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Recognizing Data Validation Choice In VBA?

Feb 16, 2012

In cell I2 I have a data validation list. If the selection is "2" then I want to copy and paste a value from another cell to another sheet.

I did a recorded macro but the code does not recognize the selection from the data validation celll, I2.

Is there some code I can add to get the macro to recognize what the user selected?

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Parsing Pasted Data

Oct 13, 2008

macro that will parse data that has been pasted in to Excel from a text document. Once the macro is executed the pasted data will be sent to a separate spreadsheet and parsed horizontally with the data residing in is respective cell.

Here is an example of my data from text:
FIRST: Frank
LAST: Stien
STREET: Halloween
ZIP CODE: 123456
CITY: Scaryville
STATE: Scary Ya
COUNTRY: Transilvania

Here is an example of my desired results:
A2:Frank, B2:N, C2:Stien, D2:APT14, E2:Halloween, F2:123456, G2:Scaryville, H2:ScaryYa, I2: Transilvania, J2:N/A

The data is always pasted in A2 on the first sheet, and varies somewhat in length but the format is always the same.

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VB Script To Arrange Pasted Data

May 11, 2014

I am starting a data sheet that I will be pasting from the internet into my data sheet daily, the problem I have is that the content data is pasting with blank rows between data and also there is one piece of data that is situated on the row below which i need moving to the end of the main data row, the idea is to have single data rows with no blank rows.

I have attached an example sheet showing the layout it repeats with only the amount of data that changes.

I have colored the data as follows:

Grey= Blank Rows
Yellow= Data Move to end of main row
Green= Unwanted Data

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How To Prevent Duplicate Data Being Pasted

Jan 14, 2013

I have a worksheet that you can enter in

Forename, Surname, Area, D.O.B

This has a macro assigned that copies the data and pastes it into another worksheet at the next available row.

Now this works fine, but I want to be able to identify if the data already exists in the other worksheet then prevent it from being pasted and give an error message that the person already exists in the database.

Is this possible?

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Sort Pasted Data Into Specific Columns

Jul 2, 2014

how to sort data pasted from word into specific columns e.g.

I paste: 1,2,3,4,8 into the ref row, and it poulates as such, leaving out the columns for which there is no corresponding value:

Competency: 1------2--------3-------4------5------6------7------8
Ref: -------WR1----WR1----WR1-----------WR5------------------WR1

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Converting Pdf Cut And Pasted Data Into Separate Cells

Jan 26, 2009

I have rxd a pdf file that I need to manipulate I have copied the data into excel and now need it in individual cells:? The data looks like this: 02392950067 19/12/2008 14:33:35 02392950053 Portsmouth 1.9 0.03. this is:

phone number calling | date called | time called | number called | duration in minutes | cost of call. If you're out there I'd be more than happy to hear from you. the cells to cut the data into will be formatted to take the data in the correct form. 02392950067 19/12/2008 14:33:35 02392950053 Portsmouth 1.9 0.03
phone number calling | date called | time called | number called | duration in minutes | cost of call.

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Number Format Not Applied To Pasted Data?

Jan 5, 2014

I have a thoroughly outdated system to keep a log of call centre stats. In order to facilitate a marginally easier workflow, I have rearranged a few things so that a user simply has to copy and paste data from reports into the worksheet.

The worksheet is set up with all the number formats like time and percentage which are extremely important in totaling and averaging hours and availabilities, however the pasted data doesn't match the destination format and it therefore affects the total.

I have tried many different special pasting options to no avail.

The only way i seem to be able to do it is to go into each line and retype my percentages (as 100 becomes 10000% ) and click the tick next to the formula bar so 00:00:16 is calculated as a quantity of time instead of text. With 30 people and 15 stats each day that exercise becomes a little bit tedious and counterproductive.

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Get Data From Excel Chart That Was Pasted Into PowerPoint

Oct 6, 2013

I have a powerpoint presentation which has a bunch of Excel charts embedded as Microsoft Office Graphic Objects, but I don't have access to the source data (plus the links are broken).

how to get the underlying data. I vaguely recall once doing this with some vba that I had found somewhere the net, but I don't have the code anymore.

I have some code that works within Excel however:

Sub GetChartValues()
' this macro will recover the data from a disconnected Microsoft Graphic Object (such as we used to paste
' into PowerPoint). You will need to insert a Worksheet entitled "ChartData" to store the values.
Dim NumberOfRows As Integer


how to make this code work in PowerPoint?

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Data Validation To Work When A Duplicate Value Is Pasted Into A Column

Feb 10, 2009

I have to enter patient's SSN's into my database. The fastest and most error free way to do this is simply copy the SSN from the electronic chart and paste into the appropriate cell in the database. I don't want duplicates. So, I need the database to alert me when I paste in a duplicate SSN. I know you can set data validation to do prohibit duplicates by using a formula. In the attached spreadsheet the SSN is in column B, so:

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Data To Be Ranked Groupwise And Then TOP 5 Of Each Group To Be Pasted In Other Sheet

Apr 27, 2008

I have a data in which I need to do a GROUPWISE RANKING and then to find Top 5 of Each group, which is to be pasted in next sheet.

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Aligning Pasted-in Data To Match Blank Rows

Nov 10, 2011

I have a set of 50 or so large worksheets that need updating each month. My problem is the figures I need to update these sheets with are formatted differently (different alignment of blank rows) to the destination.

I'll try to illustrate, this is the sheet I need to add data to on a monthly basis... (you'll need to imagine the numbers in column form as I'm no HTML expert)

May June July
23 34 45
65 34 45
34 23 23

[Code] .......

The blank rows need to remain uniform. When I need to paste in August's data the blank rows in the raw data extract are aligned differently and it's a laborious job deleting and inserting cells to get them to align (the sheet has hundreds of rows).

I'm capable enough of recording a macro to replicate the delting/inserting of cells BUT of the 50 or so sheets I need to update there's no uniformity of where the blank rows occur. To further exacerbate, there's no uniformity over where the blank rows occur in the data that needs to be pasted in, either. The blank rows already in the worksheets HAVE to remain and can't be deleted or altered.

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Worksheet Format Macro Not Affecting Pasted Data

Mar 31, 2007

I'm currently using some pretty extensive conditional formatting macros on a worksheet (this functionality is working fine when data is directly entered into the sheet). But when i paste data from another worksheet into my "formatted" sheet, the formatting does not take affect. is there any way to "refresh" a macro?

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How To Copy Row To Last Row And Paste Copied Rows Directly Below Copied Contents

Oct 20, 2013

with a macro. I am looking to copy row 2 to the last row and past the copied rows directly below the copied contents.

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Macro And Conditional Formatting: Formats The Data That Is Pasted Into It From An Access Database

Dec 2, 2008

The macro firstly formats the data that is pasted into it from an access database, then it does some calculations to determine when 10 working days from a specific date is, and when 20 working days from the date is (these go in new columns at the end of the data). The macro will also add new columns which say "Not resolved" if there is no date in the Resolution column, "Yes" in the "10 working days met?" column if the condition is met and the same for 20 workings days in a different column. As the colouring etc takes a long time I really wanted to add as conditional formatting to the macro!

how to attach a spreadsheet here then I can show you what the outcome we want is. A point to note is that there is not a set number of rows each time we do this, and I don't just want 1 cell to be coloured - I want to specify which cells in the row are coloured depending on the results in another cell on that row.

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Can Retrieve Data From Internet Using Excel / VBA

Oct 27, 2012

I have a list of zip codes in excel, which I need to pass to store website and retrieve all the store locations in that area..

For example:

[URL] .... "choose my store on the left"

or [URL] ....

Is it possible to do this in Excel/ VBA?

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Display Live Internet Data

Jun 19, 2009

eg having a live rate of intrest or exchange rate from the internet that is updated live whenever you load up excel and you are connceted to the intenet.

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Vlookup Issue With Data Downloaded From Internet

Jun 12, 2009

I am trying to use vlookup function with web query data and some of the data has embeded characters I can not see and vlookup does not work (can not match even though numbers appear to be the same). I have attached a test file with the data and formula and a detailed explanation.

Found this ....

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VBA - Download Excel File From Internet And Then Extract Data Out Of It

Dec 20, 2012

I'm trying to download an Excel file from the internet and then extract data out of it. The problem is that I don't get any errors, yet the file downloaded is only 1kb in size. The extraction bit works, but the file is empty. The actual file is size 350KB.

Sub ExtractDataTest()

Dim FileNum As Long
Dim FileData() As Byte
Dim MyFile As String
Dim WHTTP As Object

On Error Resume Next

[Code] ....

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Copy Data From A List Then Paste Into Another Workbook And Save As One Of Data Copied

Jun 15, 2014

I am trying to create a macro to copy a set of datas in a row , paste into another workbook (specific sheet),then save it as one of the datas that was copied over.



Test 1

Test 2

Workbook2 - sheet (ABC)

Copy row 2 from Workbook1, paste to row 1 in Workbook2 sheet(ABC)12345
Test 1

Saveas Workbook2 - ABC - "12345" - Ticket #

Copy row 3 from Workbook1, paste to row 1 in Workbook2 sheet(ABC)

And so on. I will have a set of data to trasfer to Workbook2, each row different workbook.

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Nested IF (data To Be Copied From Jan To Dec )

Aug 2, 2009

find the attached sheet. I want advice for the VBA Code I used in this sheet. I am simply using nested if. advice me any other solution for the same as I want data to be copied from Jan to Dec ? I am beginer in VBA coding.

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Keep Formatting Of Copied Data

Mar 2, 2007

I'm attempting to copy some data from one spreadsheet to to a workbook in another spreadsheet. However, when I do my copy, I lose all of the formating of the intial data. Does anyone know if there a way that I can keep the the format of the original to the new spreadsheet?

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Data Table Is Pasted In For VLookUp - Not Have To Redo Table Name Each Time

Jun 2, 2013

I created a lookup table that works quite well. It even has if statements in the LookUp Formula. However, I have to update the table it pulls the information from each day. I wind up recreating the range each time because the table always has more rows each time. Is there a way I could just paste the table in each day and not have to change the range? The columns never change.

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