Separating Data From One Cell To Multiple Cells In Same Row?

Mar 3, 2013

I attached sample file with data I received (more than 50k rows in each file) is contained in 86 files with varying population lengths in each file that needs to be broken down as shown in the attached file.

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Separating Data With Multiple Delimiters Into Columns AND Rows

Apr 8, 2013

I have a column within a spreadsheet that has data separated by 2 delimiters, a "" and a "/". (This data has been extracted from a linux-based file.)

For example: "1100789/3200899/6xlm-sgt-455-0987"

The items of data are from a bill of material (parts explosion) and the number preceding the "" is a quantity and the numbers preceding the "/" is a sub-part number of the main part number that is entered into a column to the left of this data string. (unseen in the example)

I need to take this string of numbers and place the quantity in one column, the part number in another column, then add a row and continue to populate each column until the data has all been separated, then move on to the next main part number row to continue the process.

for example:
1 100789
3 200899
6 xlm-sgt-455-0987

Is this possible with the data tools in a spreadsheet, or will I need to write a macro?

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Separating Values In A Cell Into Multiple Rows?

Nov 14, 2009

I need to separate multiple values separated by comma in a single cell into individual rows. However, I also need that the data in the adjacent columns of the original cell also to be repeated in the new rows. The problem is illustrated in the attached file.

that the table is just a sample and most of the tables I work with contain at least 15,000 rows,

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Separating Data With Spaces And Putting In Two Different Cells

Aug 18, 2009

I need to take data from a cell that has a space "cherry banana", and make it into two cells "cherry" and "banana". I want to duplicate my line on which the data resides, if possible.

What I have is a sheet like this:

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Separating Words In One Cell Into Many Cells

Jun 12, 2014

All words are in Cell A, separated by the ";" symbol. I want separate into different Cells. Example... Lead_ID in Cell A1, Application Data in A2, Date Purchased in Cell A3 and so on.


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Separating Info From One Cell Into 2 Different Cells

Aug 28, 2007

Whenever I get information from or from my job and put it into excel all the information seems to go in one cell and numerous rows. (I think its b/c I am putting information that isnt' meant to be in excel and forcing it to open up there.)

For Example in cell A1 I will have
"AIG , AMER INTL GROUP I , 66.08 , 1:16pm , 169.455B , 16.736 , 2.01 , 9.47 , 0.78"

Cell A2 I will have
GOOG , GOOGLE , 508.9 , 1:21pm , 158.845B , 22.361 , 17.511 , 26.29 , 1

What I want to see is cell A1 as AIG and cell B1 as 66.08 and cell A2 - GOOG and cell B2 508.9. I don't even want the rest of the stuff.

Is there any way or formula I can use to just pull the information out of cell and have it separated for me?

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Separating Text In One Cell Into Individual Cells

Jan 9, 2009

I have a spreadsheet which needs formatting I was wondering if anyone would be able to help with creating a macro to do so. The problem with raw report is that in cell A47 there are five columns worth of data in that one cell, then in B48 there are another two, in b49 and b50 one respectively. I manually format it by first joining the separate cells using

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Separating Data In A Cell?

Aug 20, 2014

I've been tasked with separating data within an Excel cell into it's own row. The difficulty I am having is, I need to keep the ticket number each piece of data within that cell is linked to. For example, I have Column A that has the ticket number, and column I has the serial numbers of each piece of equipment linked to that ticket number. I would like the serial numbers separated into their own row, but still keep the ticket number in which that equipment is connected to.

Here's an example: Column A Column I
Ticket # Serial Numbers on Account
23999866 PAFR06598067 - MOPCUDTAM

Would I need a formula to do this, or is this something I can do using one of the Ribbon commands?

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Pull Data From Multiple Cells And Concatenate In Single Cell Using Multiple Criteria

Aug 31, 2012

I have a worksheet entitled 'Data'. In this worksheet there is a table consisting of 4 columns plus relevant data:


Benefit Type
Delivered or Enabled

Saving of $4M over 24 months.


I have been trying to create a formula that will enable me to pull data from the 'benefit' column(column D) so that the cell contents populate in a single cell in a table in a different worksheet.


Financial - Delivered
Financial - Enabled
Tech - Delivered
Tech - Enabled
Green - Delivered
Green - Enabled


So, as an example, I am hoping that a formula can be created which pulls the text from relevant cells in column D when criteria from columns A, B and C are met e.g. Tech benefits that are Delivered in PJ2 would populate cell E3 ('Tech -Enabled') in Table 2 with:

Continued maintenance of hardware.

Increased capacity.

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Separating From Multiple Rows Into Columns

Mar 25, 2014

I have an interesting problem I've been presented with and rather than try formula after formula I thought I'd propose it to you all (see attached sheet).

I have 7269 rows with 1930 distinct claims. I need to pull out the Primary issue (done that) then across from it put in each and every secondary issue (from col C). The largest # of claim lines is 89 (see E1). So in theory I need to find that claim and put all the secondary issues in the next 89 columns from row 4990 beginning in col H.

I've done a couple examples of what I'm looking for in rows 2, 4 and 5 and 8 but beyond that ...

So every place where there is a value in col F I'd like the list of secondary issues in the same row.

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Separating Information In Cells

Aug 6, 2007

I have rows of cells with the following information..

Row 1, Column 1: Address City/State
Example: 111 Old Creek Road Stanton, VA 25523

Is there any way to separate the Address and the City/State? I would much rather the spreadsheet be in the following format.

Row 1, Column 1: Address
Row 1, Column 2: City/State

or ..

Row 1, Column 1: 111 Old Creek Road
Row 1, Column 2: Stanton, VA 25523

I'm just wondering if there's a fast way to do this, or if I have to go in and do it manually - the reason i'm looking for a faster way to do this is because I have approximately 3000 rows to do it to. :shrugs:

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Separating Cells In A Worksheet

Jan 2, 2009

Set up a worksheet so that it has 2 separate sections in the same worksheet ????? I am wanting to have 2 different sets of information in the same worksheet - and need the columns to be different sizes based on the information i want to put in. Is there any way to have this done - as I know that if you change the column width it does all columns - and i only want to do select columns. For example for section 1 - i would like to have the column widths as follows:

A1 = 20
B1 = 40
C1 = 10
D1 = 20
E1 = 40
A3 = 20
B3 = 40
C3 = 10
D3 = 20
E3 = 40

This is where i want to put details such as names, dates and results.

Then for section 2 - i would like to have the column width as follows:

A6 = 10
B6 = 45
C6 = 15
D6 = 30

This is where i want to have a set of questions to answer.

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Separating Mailing Address Info From 1 Column To Multiple Columns?

Dec 18, 2007

Whoever created my customer contacts Excel sheet prior to my arrival entered all of the contacts address information into one cell and in order for me to put this info into Access, I need them seperated. For example:

10000 X Street Louisville, KY 40291 is in cell E2

I would like it to read:

10000 X Street in cell E2
Louisville in cell F2
KY in cell G2
40291 in cell H2

They also did this with phone numbers (ie. desk# / cell# / fax#).

There are over 1000 contacts in this sheet, so it would take forever to split these apart row by row.

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Auto Separating Groups Of Like Cells

Oct 8, 2008

I am working on this project for work that is pretty large (about 13500 rows) that is filled with items that I currently have sorted alphebetically. What I need to do is if there is a group of cells that have the same code, I need to insert a row at the very end of that group and autosum the quantity. It is becoming very time consuming doing it all by hand so I am trying to find out: is there a function that will automatically insert a row after each group of codes?

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Merging Multiple Data Cells Into One Cell?

Oct 24, 2013

I have a spreadsheet where I am trying to add up codes and quantitys, after this I want the repeated info deleted. For example;

12.004RWHB 4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush
12.004RWHB 4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush
20.004RWHB 4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush
24.004RWHB 4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush
4.004RWHBSS4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush S/S
10.004RWHBSS4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush S/S
12.004RWHBSS4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush S/S

So what I want to do is add the numbers up so I can get one value. For example, 4RWHB I want to add them all up so that it totals 68 still shows the code and description but then only shows 68 4RWHB 4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush and not the same line repeated. I want to condense all the information down so where there is same model numbers I can add it up and it doesn't give me multiples but summarises it down into one line per model number.

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Parse Data From One Cell To Multiple Cells

Dec 7, 2009

I need to prepare a lot of data for upload from Excel to a system. Example, In cell A1: I have very long text that I need to parse into B1, C1, D1, etc, depending on the length as each cells can support up to 40 characters only.

It seems easy as I can just find the length of A1 and use mid to parse them to the rest of the cells. But the sales person wants the data to be readable, meaning that I can't just split the data simply based on the character limits.

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Separating Or Sorting Data

Sep 22, 2008

for example:

Column A.

how can i separate all datas by domain without having to cut and paste them manually.

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Separating Data From Days?

Jul 29, 2012

What I am looking for is a macro that can separate the data introduced manually in the left table (see attach file) and order it in the table from the right hand side as I have done it manually in this case. The base of it is to have at the end all the trips separated from days (days going from 0:00 hrs till 24:00 hrs). Maybe is a bit confusing but in the example I have attached I presume is going to be easier.

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Separate Data From One Cell To Multiple Cells On Different Sheet

Sep 10, 2012

I have a sheet labled Parsed and a sheet labled Prices. The Data on the Parsed sheet is in W2:W1000. the data on the Parsed sheet, can have anywhere from one value to up to ten values in it. (again all sparated with a space.)
the data is separated by a space between each number value. I am trying to find a way to take the values from Parsed!W6 for example and separate the data into the prices sheet in to different columns. Some cells may be blank.





[Code] .......

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Separating One Column Of Data Into 3 Based On Its Value?

Jan 16, 2014

I am trying to divide one column of data into three. I can't change the order of the data because it is set up as a schedule at my work.

Here's how the info is sent to me, lets say columnA Row2:


Here's what I need my spread sheet to do.....lets say in column's C, D, and E (all in Row 2)
500001 700002 800003
500003 700003 800001
500002 700001 800002

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Separating Different Data That Resides In 1 Column

Sep 8, 2009

I have several large excel spreadsheets with different pieces of information that appear in a single column and I am looking for a way to seperate the data into multiple columns. I have read many different articles and how-tos and none seem to help with what I goes:

I have a column that has a few thousand lines of info that looks like this:

Acme Stores
Smith, Steve
Reed, Tom
ShopRite Stores
Stadler, Fred
O'Neil, Tim


So, its a repetition of the store name, then a cell that just says 'name', followed by the people names associated with that store.

I am looking to somehow separate out the store names, leaving just the people's names in that column - but keeping the store names in a seperate column so the people names can be associated with the store name. The only thing that I think might be able to help, is that the 'name' field is constant and its always the cell below the store name. I don't know if that is something that is even remotely helpful here, but thats the only thing I can think of if someone knew some type of conditional command that would pick out a previous cell from one with the word 'name' in it.

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Combining Contents Of Multiple Cells Into 1 Cell - Without Losing Data

Jun 5, 2013

Collapsing function: I want to select cells that I want merged, and have them COLLAPSE into the first cell selected calls
Combining function: OR Select the cells I want merged, and allow me to pick a destination cell for the result COMBINE

I would like to add this functionality to all my spreadsheets in the future.

Excel-Forum-Data Collapsing sample.xls

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Separating Data From One Column Into 2 Separate Columns

Apr 10, 2013

I have a glossary with 400+ rows in column A. See examples below. I'd like to separate them so that the term is in column A and the definition is in column B. Once Done I will not need the . Normally instead of that tag I would have a hyphen separate the term from definition but the fact that some terms have a hyphen like "D-VHS" was throwing me further. In the end I will not need a separator because everything will be in separate cells.

DSL Digital Subscriber Line is a technology for bringing high-bandwidth information to homes and small businesses over ordinary copper telephone lines. A DSL line can carry both data and voice signals and the data part of the line is continuously connected.

D-VHS Connects a digital audio/video cable for use with some D-VHS digital VCRs.

E-Mail Messages sent to a customer's receiver that are viewed on their television screen. Pending messages are indicated by an icon on the on-screen status display (channel marker) and by having the Power button flash. (Not all receivers have a blinking light.)

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Separating Words In A Cell

Feb 26, 2013

I have a cell containing text like this

Ph(Off):* 5754112-5750441 ,* Cell:*0300-8406693*******,* Fax(Off):* 5712685*

I want to separate them into different cell though which every word or number contain his own cell

A1 = Ph(Off):* 5754112-5750441 ,* Cell:*0300-8406693*******,* Fax(Off):* 5712685
then i want it in this way
B1 C1 D1 E1 F1 G1
Ph(Off): 5754112-5750441 Cell: 0300-8406693 Fax(Off): 5712685

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Separating Information In A Cell

Sep 26, 2011

I can’t seem to work out how to pull data relating to a particular title from one spreadsheet, to another, separating the information on.

For example, column A lists names, and column B lists tests scores for each person. However each person has done several tests, and the tests are listed in one cell, separated by a carriage return (not comma etc, so can't do a delimited function).

I want to create a new spreadsheet with names still in column A, but the test scores separated. So Column B = Test one, Column C = Test two, Column D = Test three, etc. In each column I would like only the test score listed (so not the test title - I will put this in the first row as the column header)

Is this possible?!

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Separating Data Entries Of Different Lengths All In Single Column

Jan 20, 2008

a way to separate out data that has been all entered into a single column

code .....

The above information is a sample of the data. The data has been entered into 1 column, column A.

I want to separate the entries in to 1 column each for vehicle ID, full journal description, actual journal, EE code, Report total and equipment description.

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Macro That Will Auto Color Multiple Cells Based On Data Displayed In One Cell

Jan 7, 2013

I am trying to find a way to write a Macro that will auto color multiple cells based on what data is displayed in one cell. The cell I want to reference is a vlookup cell.

Basically this is a part label. And depending what part is selected from the list my vlookup will display its position on a vehicle(i.e.. FR, FL, RR, RL, Etc..). So if vlookup comes back with FR I want the various cells on the label to be orange, etc..

ALSO: if there is a way to embed it so it does this automatically (rather than run the macro each time).

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String Separating Single Cell

Feb 3, 2010

I am trying to write a simple code for some project management/scheduling spreadsheet in my office. We have projects with multiple people working at one time.

I store all names in an array and compare those values to the cells containing the various names. It works when only one person is named, i.e. only [CR], but with multiple people, it doesn't read the data, i.e. [CR, NS, MR], that is separated by commas.

Is there a command to recognize the first two characters and compare them to something, then characters, 5&6, and 9&10, so forth....?

I tried to use the with characters command that help says will take the "3rd character space and make the font bold" but it doesn't recognize my inequality.

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Separating Digits Of Number In Each Cell?

Jun 1, 2012

as you can see in the picture;

it is possible to separate numbers from Column A into each column of B and C?

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Separating Numeric And Alpha Cell Contents

Oct 10, 2008

I have a set of text strings that have some number of alpha characters followed by some number of numeric characters. I need to separate the data into two cells.

Example in A1-A5


Desired results in B1 - C5

ABC 123456
AB 12345
A 123456
AA 12345
DEF 123456

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