Show Message Box When Certain Value Entered Into Cell

Feb 19, 2009

This seems like a very simple question but I can't find the answer that I'm looking for. I have a spreadsheet with a drop-down ( validation) list. Based on what the person selects, I then would like to have a message box to come that would direct them that certain cells then need to be filled in.

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How To Get Automatic Popup Message When Cell Text Is Entered To Column Range

Jul 10, 2013

I have an excel file with many worksheets. I want to get a pop up message providing definitions of different subjects when they are entered from a drop down list in a specific range within a column to improve the users understanding of the subjects.

Worksheet 1
Range (where I want the pop up message to be valid): J85:J385
Subjects from drop down list in specified range: "x,y,z"
Pop up message: "Definitions of x,y,z"

Do I have to make a new module, or write the macro in the selected worksheet? What should be the settings of the macro (general, worksheet, declarations etc.)

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How To Show A Message If A Cell In A Row Is Blank

Nov 19, 2012

I am new to excel vba. I want to show a pop-up message when user tries to save the workbook keeping cell(1,3) blank.

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Show Message Box If Cell Contents Changed

Nov 2, 2012

What i am trying to do:
1) check whether any value in column J, rows 7-18 is changed,
2) check whether the value is above the value in col H, respective row multiplied by 1,25,
3) if point 3 true, clear the contents of cells E24, F24, and show up a messagebox,
4) run another macro by pressing button in cell C24 in order to fill the E24 and F24 cells again.

What happens: Points 1-3 work perfectly well, but then i have a problem in point 4 - the messagebox of point 3 appears again and the work of macro of point 4 interrupts showing an "Application-defined or object-defined error".

The file with the code is attached : Example.xlsm

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Show A Message When Cell Text Is Changed

May 16, 2006

In a range of cells (e.g. B26-B40) I have names (first name and second name or first initial and second name). This data is carried from sheet 1 to the second sheet via formula. Some cells may be blank as well.

A VB code to display a message when the user changes the name in any of these cells with data or adds a new name to a cell that is blank, in sheet2

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Find Text, Go To Found Cell & Show Message If More Than 1 Occurrence

Oct 1, 2008

I have a file that the user selects and when they enter a value (in this case, a job title) into the input box, my macro looks for the value in that file. If the value is there, a msgbox pops up that lets the user know that the value was found and it then goes to that cell, displaying in the next msgbox the cell address of where the value was found. I already have the code down for this part of the macro.

My problem is what happens if the file has the same value more than once. Ideally, I'd like to display a message box that returns the addresses of both cells with the same value and then prompts the user to select one of these values as the value they are looking for. I am not sure if a msgbox or a msgbox and then an input box are most appropriate for this situation. Once the user does this, the macro continues. The rest of my macro is built on the cell where this value is, so it is crucial that I make sure there is at least one value selected. Any help is much appreciated. I have included a sample worksheet of what this situation might look like.

Here is the code I presently have for this part of my macro.

Sub GetOpenFileName()
strFind = InputBox("Please enter the job title you wish to search for:", "Search for job title in this file")

If strFind = vbNullString Then Exit Sub

With Sheets(strSheetsMainCompProfile)
If WorksheetFunction. CountIf(Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(100, 100)), "*" & strFind & "*") = 0 Then
MsgBox strFind & " cannot be found on this sheet"

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Entered Incorrectly Then Display Message

Nov 6, 2009

How do I combine these formulas for one cell?

=IF(H16170,"Check your Entry","")
=IF(I16215,"Check your Entry","")
=IF(J16190,"Check your Entry","")
=IF(K16240,"Check your Entry","")

If any of these four cells are entered incorrectly I just want the message displayed. I put this formula in the cell I want the message displayed:

=IF(H16170,"Check your Entry",IF(I16215,"Check your Entry",IF(J16190,"Check your Entry",IF(K16240,"Check your Entry",""))))

That works except "Check your Entry" is diplayed until all four cells are filled. I don't want the message displayed with a zero value.

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Excel 2007 :: Pop Up Message When Data Is Entered

Dec 19, 2013

2007 Excel spreadsheet. My company currently shares ONE spreadsheet to generate new project numbers (Shown below). My issue is once a new number is assigned, it is supposed to be entered into our accounting software but that doesn't appear to be happening in some cases.

Is there a way that a pop up message can appear when column G is populated (Entered by)? Something like, "please be sure to enter this XYZ".

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"if Any" Function Or Similar: Check A Range Of Cells (B4:B35) And See If Any Of The Contents Are Less Than A Specified Cell (M1) And Then Show A Message

Oct 7, 2006

I need to check a range of cells (B4:B35) and see if any of the contents are less than a specified cell (M1) and then show a message, (the message part I can do). I have tried using For Each but I then get the message for every cell that is below the specified cell (which in theory could be all of them). I have also tried using an If Any statement but didnt work.

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If Space Entered, Show MsgBox

Jul 12, 2007

Users will either accept the numerical entry that is in any cell, or enter a different number or Zero.

I have a few users that have not found the Delete Button, therefore they are typing a Space and hitting Enter, for Zero (nothing).

This is causing alot of problems because there are formulas that work off of these cells, and can't because the "data type is different"

I recorded the below (and also tried the commented out part) but it is not doing what I wish.

The ActiveCell will give the MsgBox after I return to that cell (if I do), but I need the Msg to appear after I leave the cell instead.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = " " Then
'If Target.Cells < " " Then
MsgBox prompt:="Please use the DELETE button or put a ZERO in that cell"
End If
End Sub

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Formula: Show Nothing Until Data Entered

Oct 21, 2006

I am trying to create a simple IF/THEN statement to display profit margin for an order form. I currently have the margin formula set at (1-H14/I14). How should I structure my IF/THEN, to where it displays nothing in the cells, that are empty?

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Show Rows Based On Value Entered In Input Box?

Mar 7, 2014

I would like to present the user with an input box asking him to enter a numerical value greater than 0.

Then I would like the code starting with row 10 and consult the vaues in column O, and only display the rows that have number in it less than or equal to the number in the input box. I was hoping it would involve a filter.

I would also need a macro to display all of the rows again.

If this is too hard, how about copying the results to a new worksheet along with the labels in row 9?

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Show Please Wait Message

Jan 11, 2009

What is the simplest way to display a "Please Wait.." message during the execution of a macro.

Tried the WshShell.Popup but did not work.

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How To Show A Popup Message And A Hyperlink

Dec 9, 2009

we are having a excel sheet which has data in it.

In sheet3:
D |F
Columns: Logic |Field
Rows: market |business
proposed |consumer

In sheet2:
A |B
List of sheet | Field
sheet3 |business
sheet4 |other

In Sheet1:
A |B
List of sheet |Field
sheet3 |consumer

When a user points to the particular cell(f2,f3) in column F of sheet3, it should display a message weather the data in particular cell is in which sheet( Sheet1 or sheet2 or not specified) and hyperlink must be displayed. when we click on the hyperlink it should go to the data particular row of the sheet.(Sheet1 or sheet2)..

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Message Box Show Specific String

May 27, 2009

I need to refer the LAST ROW OF COLUMN "D" to appear in the message box for the below code along with " Receipt number" which is in Sheet2.

Sub saveit()
With Sheets(2)
r = .Range("B65536").End(xlUp).Row + 1
InvN = Cells(15, 4).Text

If Range("c18") = "" Or Range("c20") = "" Or Range("c20") = "" Or Range("c24") = "" Then
MsgBox "Please fill all required fields", vbCritical, " Missing data"

Exit Sub
End If...............................

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Show Message While Links Update

Nov 16, 2006

Is it possible to display a dialog box or msgbox that doesnt have an OK button ?

i.e I want a message that comes up on the screen that says "Links Updating...Please Wait" which then automatically changes to "Links Sucessfully Updated" on completion...I dont want the macro to be interrupted by the msgbox/dialog....

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Show Message If Completion Date Not Met

Aug 28, 2007

I have a spreadsheet where I have input all of my technicians service calls and installations.

In Column C Row 5 and up to the max I assume because I'm not sure how many rows I would use in a year, I have an estimated completion date.

In Column D and the same Rows as above I will input the Actual Completion date.

What I want is if the current date is past the estimated completion date (Column C) and there is no date entered in the Actual Completion date (Column D) I would like a MsgBox to pop up saying "Please enter a new completion date on row _"

"_" would be which ever row the estimated completion date has expired without an actual completion date being entered.

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Userforms And Message Boxes Do Not Show Properly

Apr 2, 2014

I am close to finishing making up an Excel tool that takes data input from the user, does some analysis, accepts further input then prepares a report. My coding skills are not what you would call high level, so my code could probably be more efficient, but it works (well, except for this issue).

The tool opens a main multipage userform for data entry, then allows the user to view the data in the spreadsheet tables with the ability to call separate userforms to modify, delete or add records. The user then calls another userform to do some calculations and enter the appropriate results from a separate piece of software, then presses a button to prepare a report. All userforms are called from buttons in a separate userform (I'm not proficient enough and haven't had enough time to create a new ribbon in excel). At various times, messageboxes are used to convey information or prompt the user to do something - these are all simple ones with either only OK button, or OK and cancel buttons.

My problem is that when userforms are called, they sometimes appear but are totally blank (white) - see image.


Clicking anywhere on the screen or pressing any key will bring them up properly and they seem to function normally thereafter.

In addition, the messageboxes sometimes do not appear - pressing any key will make them do so. Other than this they function normally.

The frustrating thing is that these problems occur inconsistently. I can add or change some code and it stops happening, then after testing (entering data and using the tool) starts happening again. Sometimes it just stops happening with no apparent reason, but starts again later after fixing some code or just entering some data. Not all userforms are affected at any one time and not all messageboxes have the problem at any one time.

The problem seems to occur in those subroutines where I access or manipulate data from other sheets before showing the userform or message box (but in most instances, I need to do this manipulation in order to present the correct information in the userform).

Some thought processes I have had, and unsuccessfully tried to fix the problem with (some coming from various web forums):

I thought I may have done "Application.ScreenUpdating = False" without resetting it to true, so I commented out all the "Application.ScreenUpdating = False" statements - problem stopped for a bit then started again.

Some of the userforms were modal, and even though they were not showing were still loaded so thought that this may be impacting on other userforms/message boxes, so changed all userforms to non modal - still had the problem when I opened the tool again.

Tried using "RePaint" and "DoEvents" at various points in the code after opening a userform or message box - no change.

I have tried exporting a form and its code, removing from the tool, then re-importing it. No success.

Tried the tool on another computer and the same problem occurred.

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Show In Message Box Difference Between Two Rows On Same Worksheet

Jul 29, 2014

How to show via a message box the difference between rows 2 and 3 on a worksheet (row 1 is headers).

In the message box per the attached workbook, i should only see something like the following....

Drawing Rev was A is now B
Planner was Joe is now Fred

The attached example is abbreviated, the actual data will span multiple columns (approx. 30 - 40)

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Display/Show Custom Error Message

Aug 31, 2006

I have a userform with a combobox (cmbSearch) , a textbox (textbox1) and a listbox (listbox1)....and a commandbutton (cmbFind). This userform is used for searching records in my worksheet....where user selects a "Search By" category from the combobox and then enters relevent text search criteria in the textbox....and all the search results are shown in the listbox. This part works fine untill someone tries to search a "non-existent" record. e.g. a customer name thats not in the database and it gives an error. I would incorporate in my code to have a Message box pop up on these type of searches saying "textbox1.value Not Found!" insetad of error message.

Private Sub cmbFind_Click()
Set c = Range("a65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0)
'write userform entries to database
Dim DataSH As Worksheet
Set DataSH = Sheets("ComplaintData")

With DataSH
.Range("L1").Value = cmbSearch.Value
.Range("L2").Value = TextBox1.Text
.Range("N1"). CurrentRegion.Clear
.Range("A1").CurrentRegion. AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, criteriarange:=.Range("L1:L2"), copytorange:=.Range("N1")
End With
lstSearch.RowSource = vbNullString
lstSearch.RowSource = "outdata"

End Sub

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Nested IF(AND Formula Error Message) "You've Entered Too Many Arguments For This Function"

Jan 27, 2010

I am entering the following Nested IF(AND statement into a cell and getting a message stating "You've entered too many arguments for this function." Any idea on what formula I can use to get the needed information into this cell based on the fact that there are different inputs that can be entered into the related cell that will trigger the needed respons in the working cell?

=IF(AND(K1051="Down",L1051<2),"Yes","",IF(AND(K1051="Partially Down",L1051<2),"Yes",""))

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Automatically Lock Other Cells And Should Show Error Message?

May 2, 2012

I need a macro where user choose a value from validation, automatically lock the other cells and should show an error message.

Here is what I am looking for. User will choose Yes or no from cell H15 validation. If user choose "NO" from the validation then all other cells has to be locked in the workbook automatically except Cell H15 and a msg box needs to appear stating: "Select Yes from the validation".

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Show Message If Empty Cells In Pivot Table

Aug 18, 2006

I'm trying to check and prompt a message box if there is a empty cells found in the pivot table.

If Activesheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").NullString = "" Then
MsgBox "No Match Data Found"
End If

I have try out the code caption above but not the result as I want.

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Show Custom Error Message When No Data To Paste

Aug 27, 2007

Below is a macro I recorded to help copy 'Paste Special - values only' data between two spreadsheets that have different colour and conditional formatting in cells.

However, if this is run and there is no data to paste, it throws up the End and Debug error.

Any chance that someone knows that if there is no data sitting on the Clipboard, then a msg box would appear saying "Please select the data you require to be copied" in the message box.

Sub data_input()

ActiveSheet. Unprotect
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
Selection.sort Key1:=Range("B5"), Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlGuess, _
OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _

End Sub

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Prompt Message Of Time Limit When Time Is Entered

Jul 30, 2008

Is it possible to place a prompt message regarding the time limit or return time when entered time is place on the worksheet? Like "Please be back at 8:30 AM" when the user click the Start time button at 8:00 AM.

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Show Custom Error Message If Opening Workbook Macro Code Fails

May 17, 2008

I cannot figure out how to get my error handler to work, or actually, not work. It seems to work fine when there is an error, but the code still gets read even when there was not an error. Basically, I am trying to open a file, which may or may not be there. When it is not there I want a message to pop up informing the user. However, when the file is there and it opens, the error handler still gives the message box. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Private Sub btnOK_Click()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Dim LCSfile As String
LCSfile = frmSelectFile.Listbox1.Value
On Error Goto ErrHandler
Workbooks.Open Filename:=sPath & sDate & "" & LCSfile & "QUANT.CSV"
MsgBox ("File is not quantitated. Please select another file.")
Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub

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Compare 2 Columns & Delete Rows Ouside Scope & Show Formula Result In Message Box

Jan 22, 2008

I have the following code to compare two columns and delete adjacent rows if 1 is greater than or equal the other...

Sub LastReceipt_GT_Confirmed()

Dim intLstRow As Integer

For intLstRow = Range("E" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row To 2 Step -1
With Range("E" & intLstRow)
If .Value > .Offset(0, 1).Value Then .EntireRow.Delete
End With
Next intLstRow
For intLstRow = Range("E" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row To 2 Step -1 .............

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Show The Total Number Of Times "text" Is Entered Into A Column

Apr 28, 2008

I need a formula that will show the total number of times "text" is entered into a column and when sorted by year that would only show the total for that year. The COUNTIF formula i'm using only works for the total, not when sorted by year.

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Macro: Show A Message Box Instead That Says "File Not Saved!"

Feb 17, 2010

I use the following macro to save my worksheet. However, if I click cancel when the save box is open, then I am presented with an error. How do I get it to skip the error and show a message box instead that says "File not Saved!".

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When A Date Entered On A Specific Cell, Automatically Enter A Text In Other Cell

Jul 10, 2006

I have 6 Headings in excel named...

"A" in cell A1, B in B1, "C" in C1, "D" in D1, "E" in E1 and "F" in F1.

There are two projects.

Project 1 has phase A, D & F and Project 2 has phase A, B, C, D & E.

My Specification follows...

1). Take Prject 1 - Which starts from cell A2 I will keyin "A". When the phase comes to an end I will key in the end date of the phase. As soon as I key in the end date in cell A2 Letter D should automatically appear in the cell D2 and when Phase D comes to an end I will key in the end date in Cell D2 which should automatically keyin F in the cell F2. and is the same case for Project 2.

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