Sumif: Return The Contents Of The Respective Cell

Nov 5, 2009

In Column A, in each cell in rows 1-10, there is various text that may or may not include "ABC" and "DEFG" as the first four letters. In Column B, rows 1-10, there is numerical data. What I would like to do in Column C, rows 1-10, is place a formula that would return the contents of the respective cell in Column B, but only where the first three or four letters in the respective cell in column A is "ABC" or "DEFG".

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Return Value Of Specific Date That Is On The Calendar Into Respective Cell?

Dec 14, 2013

Basically, it is a scheduling of approving or rejecting of request dates. whereby, i will receive the request dates from Google doc form and then i will extract the data from web into the excel. The data i receive will include the ID, Date request and Remarks.

With the Information in hand, the data will then be "plot" into a schedule (which is a year calender that i have created on excel) base on the ID requested from the web and the ID in the excel.

After plotting, i also want to check if the number requested date exceed the quota set PER DAY, if it exceed, then i have to reject, if its not then approve.

So here comes the problem.. After all the dates have reflected on the calender, I want to get the information from the calender result(which is whether the date is approve or reject) back on to respective ID and Dates requested.

I have attached a example excel for clearer view of my explanation.

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Return Contents Of 1 Cell Based On Contents Of Another Cell?

Mar 12, 2014

I thought this was a pretty simple formula but I am having difficulty creating it. I am attaching a little test spreadsheet. Sheet 1 is where the data will be entered. The Reimbursed column has a drop down choice of yes or no. The next 2 columns are the cost of registration and the cost of accommodations. On sheet 2 is where I would like the formulas. So in cell A4 I would like a formula that says if B3 on sheet 1 is Yes populate this cell with the contents of Cell C3 only, B4 of sheet 2 would then be B3 if A3 on sheet 3 is Yes and so on with the Not reinbursed if sheet 1 the Reimbursed column is no.

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How To Return Cell Contents If It Contains Partial Text

Jan 2, 2014

Below is a small sample of Column A from a spreadsheet I'm working with. All cells in the column begin with a 6 digit number:


What formula would allow me to enter only a 6 digit number and return the entire cell contents, i.e, search for 115403 and get a return of 115403_WACO ? I have tried INDEX and MATCH, but I'm not getting the results I need.

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Return Pictures Based On Cell Contents?

Jul 25, 2014

I have inlcuded my workbook that I use for tracking the NFL season and I'd like to add in some team logos just to make it look a little cooler.

The attached workbook includes three sheets, the first of which uses a drop-down for selecting picks. The second sheet has the team logos and the third sheet feeds off the first.

I'd like for team logos to populate into the third sheet based on what is selected in the first sheet.

I've already tried a few methods, all unsuccessfully. I tried this [URL] which was a great idea but it didn't allow for the same image to be repeated potentially 100 times. I also tried a method involving named ranges and indirect lookups to the linked picture image but that would require a different named range for every person and every pick which isn't feasible.

if it's possible to just do a massive nested if statement with a vlookup to return an image but I haven't been successful in that either.

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Return Value Based In Contents Of Another Cell With A Twist?

Jan 7, 2012

I would like cell CM2 to look at cell G2 and get the value there. Here is where it gets interesting. I would like it to reference sheet "LookupTables" in column A.

Cell G2 will be a 4 digit number.

Cells in column A of sheet "LookupTables" will be formatted like this: 3 digit number-4 digit number-4 digit number, like this "001-0001-0001".

If cell G2 exists in column A of the LookupTables sheet, (but it needs to ignore the first 4 digits and the last 5 digits of that number) then it should return that value in cell CM2. I would like it to look through the entire column A of the LookupTables sheet and return all numbers that match the above criteria, and separate them with a comma.

So, if G2 is 0001 and column A of the LookupTables sheet contains several values including:

098-0002-4356 (it should ignore this since the middle numbers don't match the value of G2)

then CM2 should display: 001-0001-0006,004-0001-0187,089-0001-0874

Also, if there are no matches, then it should just return a blank cell.

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How To Return Contents Of Last Non-blank Cell In Column

May 7, 2014

I am trying to figure out how to return the contents of last non blank cell in column B, based on the name in column A. So, if I choose "Sam", the result I am looking for is "blue". If I choose "Pete", the result I am looking for is "orange".


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Find Value & Return Contents Of Offset Cell

Sep 3, 2006

On Sheet2 I have a table where I want M2 to do the following:

1.) Look at cell A2 where the name "John" is and B2 where the name "smith" is.

2.) Look at sheet1 and look in B2 and C2 for "John" and "smith"

3.) Once it matches the name, place the contents of sheet1, cell I2 into sheet2, cell M2.

So in short, match the name on sheet2 to the name on sheet1 and return the number in I2 to M2 on sheet2.

Maybe combining the persons name in to one column would make it easier?

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Search For Text Within Cell Then Return Contents Of That Cell?

Jun 19, 2014

So right now I have a spreadsheet that looks something like this:



As you can see, the stock names are slightly different in columns A & C (CORP. vs CORP, CO vs CO., etc). I need a formula in column D that searches column A for the first word in column C, and then retrieves the contents of that cell. I want to do this because I will then use a vlookup in column E to get the ticker for the stock.

Right now I have: =IF(ISERROR(SEARCH(LEFT(C1,FIND(" ",C1)),A:A,1)),A:A,"")

This formula searches column A for EXXON, but does not return the contents of the cell. Instead, it returns the contents of a different cell in the column.

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Referencing Cell - Populate Another Worksheet With Their Respective Values

Mar 24, 2014

I am working with a worksheet that has some cells merged e.g. A1 and A2 are merged together as 1 cell. I am using cell offset to reference values from the worksheet assign them to variables then populate another worksheet with their respective values. I noticed that cell.offset(row,column).value is not retrieving a value when merged cells are mixed with non-merged cells within a given row. Is there another method/function I can take advantage of here?

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Group Respective Rows Of Text Matching Cell Value

May 1, 2008

I am trying to select all cells in a range whos contents match the contents of a specific cell so I can group the respective rows of these cells. I did a forum search but I am not sure if I have found what I am looking to do. I am a very basic user of VB so keep answers as simple as possible.

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Save All Open Excel Windows After Respective Cell Names

Feb 17, 2009

I am trying to do something which is very slow and manual. What i have is like a seperate spreadsheet from every day and have to save each one down manually in the respective date. so for example column C has the date in already. Can you tell me how to save all the excel workbooks which are open (if i open them all) and then use the date in column C (which is in the format 20090217) and save it as a xls in the format 170209 and then close the workbooks?

sorry this is a huge question, just takes me so long to save them all.

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Formula- To Pull Cell Values Similar To A SUMIF Function (SUMIF(range,criteria,sum_range))

Oct 25, 2007

I am trying to pull cell values similar to a SUMIF function (SUMIF(range,criteria,sum_range)). For example, in A1 I use a data list created from data elsewhere on the spreadsheet. In the data I created elsewhere, there are 2 columns being used. The 1st column is the information that is being used to create the list and the second column contains specific values (number or text). In the dropdown menu I select an available value (text or number) . When I have selected that value I would like cell A2 to show what the cell directly to the right of it shows from the data I have elsewhere in the spreadsheet as mentioned. I have tried the SUMIF function however it seems to exclude certain values (number or text) and I am not sure what else to use.

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Sumif To Return An Intersection

Jun 24, 2006

I have the following data sets


TRANCODES 234568 .........99


003-0018-01 28 10
003-0018-01 40 10
003-0021-00 8 25
003-0021-04 4 63

In worksheet1 I need to compare the part number and the trancode then
return the quantity from worksheet2 -

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Sumif Statements To Return Zero Instead Of N/A?

May 8, 2013

I am trying to use a SUMIF statement to sum values off of 3 seperate tabs. My issue is that the ID's used are not on each tab. Is there a way to return a ZERO if the ID is not found on the subsquent tabs?

=SUMIF(Sheet1B:B, A1, Sheet1E:E)+SUMIF(Sheet2B:B, A1, Sheet2E:E)+SUMIF(Sheet3B:B, A1, Sheet3E:E)

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Sumif Return The Specific Value Based On The Lookup

Sep 21, 2009

I have attached an example. I am wondering how I can get [K2] to return the value 501 based on the lookup.

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Compare Cell Contents With Given Range Of Contents

Dec 30, 2013

I have attached a workbook stating my problem.


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Most Frequent Function That Would Return The Contents

Dec 18, 2007

Is there a function that would return the contents of the most frequent.

i.e. in the example below with the function in cell C2 it would return Red (this been the most frequent entry in the cells A2:A10....

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SUMIF And SUMIF Not - Using Two Formulas In One Cell

Feb 27, 2012

I am wanting to use these two formulas in one cell. Is there anyway to do this? If "AD3" is 0 I want this =SUM(X3:AC3) and then if cell "AD3" is greater than 0 I want to basically use this formula


Is there anyway to merge these two formula's?

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Copy Color Of Column B And Put In Respective Cell In Column A

Feb 27, 2012

I need a code to copy the color of column B and put in the respective cell in Column A. I just need the color to copy from column B to Column A.

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Comparing Subset And Getting Respective Value

Jan 20, 2013

I'm facing a problem wherein i have two tables A& B.

Table A has two columns and 40834 records(rows).first column is userid and second column is activeyn with respective values (0 or 1) for each userid

Table B userid column is a subset of Table A and has two columns and 411 records(rows).first columns is userid and second column is activeyn with respective values (0 or 1) for each userid.

Now I want to get activeyn value from table A of all the 411 records(userid's) in Table B.

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If Formula: Days To Populate In Respective

May 19, 2009

Am attaching herewith one sample file. In the column G are the number of days as at 31-12-08. I want the value corresponding to that those days to populate in respective slot of days in either column H or I or J or K. E.g. stock number e (in cell A6) is having number of days 453, hence the value 110.920 (cell E6) should fall in cell J6. However i am want the single line formula which will validate in which cell the value should fall.

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Autofind & Sum (select The Respective Cells And SUM)

Jun 18, 2009

To fill in the ??? in attached file, I select the respective cells and SUM. Would there be a way to automate as:

For each entry in column D, Excel picks out itself the names in column-A where-ever they come, picks the corresponding values from column-B, sums them and reproduces the summation in column E.

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Splitting Numbers And Text To Their Respective Columns

Jul 31, 2014

Splitting numbers and text separately to their respective columns

Annexed file for reference: SPLIT TEXT AND NUMBERS.xls‎

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Using Conditional Formatting To Find The Respective Remarks

Nov 14, 2008

Anyone can help me? I trying to give remark to my Profits and Loss amount with Poor, Good, and Excellent.

For example if my amount is more than $10000 it should be remark Excellent automatically by excel in the cell beside. How am I able to do this with conditional formatting in Excel 2007.....

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Separate Alphanumeric Value And Get In Respective Column In Excel?

May 9, 2014

Output should be:

.Column A



AB-CD/EF1-AB(4%), AB-CD/EF1-BC(2.4%)

Likewise, I have many combinations. And it is not necessary that only "AB-CD/EF1-AB" combination will come first in a row. In input,Column A values are given. Other columns are empty.

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Combobox Control (change To Respective Given Color)

Jun 1, 2009

I have a problem with combobox,
when an item in a combobox is selected (control tool box combobox)
then the color of the cell in excel worksheet have to change to respective given color

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Compress/Join Two Tables Into 1 Under Respective Headings

Jun 5, 2008

Have two tables of data the first is shown below (the first line is headers)


The second is (again first line is headings)


Need to create code which reads the first table, finds the categories of the first table in the second table and puts these with the original headings into a new table so in this example the end table would look like -


My original has about 150 headings in table A and B hence why I have given an example

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Multiple Text File Content To Respective Cells?

Feb 12, 2014

In spreadsheet attached, column F is populated with file names. I need VB script to import content of each respective file into corresponding cell in column E. I've got over 25k of records and the same amount of txt files that I need to insert into cells. I have found this script somewhere on the forums:

[Code] .....

But need to modify it to do something like this: read cell from column F > find file with corresponding name > Insert content of that text file into corresponding cell in column E > go to next row and do the same.

Attached File : sample_data.xlsx‎

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VBA - Search Unique Code And Enter Data In Respective Row

May 18, 2013

I have a problem to write a VBA code for the following task:

My worksheet has a column that has a unique code in column C (Ex: HR1) which is not repeated throughout column C, and I need to insert the amount of money spent on this specific code.

I would run a userform that has two text boxes, one that I shall enter the unique code and the other text box shall be the amount of money spent. I would like to know of a vba code that can search the unique code of the value entered in the first text box of the userform, then to enter the amount of the second text box into column D in relation to the respective row which the unique code is located.

I would like that the amount entered in column D regarding the unique code could be added automatically by entering any new entries in relation to the unique code selected, if this is possible. If not possible, to go inserting any new date into the next column regarding the same row of the unique code.




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